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“Decent enough brewpub. The beers are kind of bland, but the steak was good. Friendly staff.“
Ktwse 1036 days ago
70 /100
Elmer’s County Market (Grocery Store)
“Surprisingly decent selection with a ton if local stuff as singles which was a pleasant surprise. Managed to snag some Odd Side and Old Nation, plus a range of lesser known MI stuff. Also a ton of Bells, Founders, Dark Horse.“
Ktwse 1036 days ago
88 /100 3525 AIRPORT ROAD
“Open about a year. My only beef is no public WiFi in a place where cell coverage is very spotty. Small tasting room with a small bar. Decent sized patio. Brewery visible beyond the tasting room. The tasting room itself seemed like a cube, similar dimensions all around, walls and ceiling of lightly stained wood. Decorated with some old-school breweriana. Bartender was EXCEPTIONALLY friendly, and super helpful. This place is getting a rare perfect score for customer service. 6 beers on tap. 4 regulars, 2 seasonals (a wheat ale and a DIPA). 2 bucks per 5 ounce taster. Beers are not earth-shattering styles or super-complex, but they are all clean and very well executed. Easily the best Escanaba brewery (though that’s not saying much).“
Drake 1463 days ago
58 /100
Elmer’s County Market (Grocery Store)
“Standard grocery store. I added this because tt’s hands down the best singles selection I’ve seen in a grocery store outside of a Whole Foods. 8 or so four foot sections of singles, cold, priced individually. I managed to fill three six packs. A smattering of bombers, including one or two less common. There’s a walk-in beer cave, but I didn’t check that out. Prices were solid. No customer service in the beer section. In all other ways a standard grocery store.“
Drake 1463 days ago
“Big downtown brewpub, kinda slow, but not empty, on a Saturday afternoon. Bartender was friendly, but a little slow. Did not try the food. Not many Ratebeerians get here, as I was rating beers last rated in 2008! Flight of 8 beers (4 oz) ran $10. Beer quality was below average. A couple were solid, but many showed flaws, and one was undrinkable, full of dms and diacetyl. Easy parking. Maybe swing by before hitting Upper Hand, but not worth a stop on its own.“
Drake 1463 days ago
“Pretty busy on a Thursday night. Ok atmosphere, bar area was pretty small but had a nice view of the brewhouse. 10 taps when I was there (9 in house and 1 guest tap that was Dark Horse Raspberry) Patio is also so small as to not be worth mentioning. Did not see any hand pumps or advertised cask beers. Growlers were available. Service was friendly if a bit slow. Food was decent and well priced for the most part. Beer was average to above average from what I tried.“
Trev 3557 days ago
“It’s not a dump, but it’s not Gibby’s either. Beware if you order a pizza as they may be out of cheese.....caveat emptor. Or not.“
vomit 4071 days ago
“i visited 4 times over 3 days while in the UP on business. I stopped by for two beers per night after dinner, and one night we had dinner here and i returned to sample later. i took part in the all you can eat wings and they were average. the beer was a real disaster. i sampled their belgian saison first and it was drinkable and had some interesting fruity esters from ’5 yeasts’ as i was told they used in its brewing. i sampled five more beers over the coming days -- each and every one had the same exact strawberry note (even the schwarzbier, not a good mix). their brewhouse was fully infected and the wild bugs have gotten into each and every one of the beers on tap i sampled. and all of this for a below average saison. at one point i ordered the whitetail ale. i asked what the style was and iwas told ’its an ale’. the bartender elaborated ’its a full bodied ale’ and finished with (im not making this up) ’it has some hops’. my last night there i watched another patron eating a burger and squirting ketchup onto the eaten part of the burger right before he bit into it. no doubt he had poor taste - my own is questionable but i blame the train wreck syndrome - but it spoke well for the service food and beer available at H&H. what a mess!“
satan165 4124 days ago
“We were greeted by an enthusiastic UP native, who chatted about home and lent us her cheat sheet - a list of beer descriptions issued to all staff. non-smoking areas either don’t exist or aren’t well-defined; ask the hostess before you are seated which area has the least smoke. Open grill for cook-your-own steak still exists here and appeared quite popular. Live music some nights.“
kitschy 4258 days ago
“Well, here I am half-drunk in this brewpub. It’s pretty typical, but pretty Yooper. The bartender and patrons prattle about predictable small-town chatter. The high school football player waiter and weathered slot jockey waitress serve me poorly. The pizza was weak. The beers were mixed. It looks fine, the brewpub showing through the plateglass windows. This IS Escanaba. What can I expect. Regardless, I’ve conquered the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’ve been to all the brewpubs and breweries this fractured sub-state holds. Some were good, some were bad. Not much was exceptional. People in the UP need to develop some more taste for beer. The landscape here is appropriate for beer. There’s land to be explored, lakes to be sailed, fish to be caught, sunsets to be seen. And this demands exciting craft brew. Generally, it just sneaks into a corner and satisfies the woodsy-folk that it was brewed for. Affordable at least. And it takes some time for brewing refinement and tastes take a little longer to develop in remote regions. And honestly, I’d rather have acceptable, clean, fresh beer and wilderness than suburbia and excellence. And for that, I’ll always be grateful for the craft brewers of the Upper Peninsula. Prost!“
auerbrau 4735 days ago
“The setting is quaint along the main drag in town. The bar itself is clean and spacious. Not very meany seats at the bar. There were some cool vintage wooden beer crates. A nice little place to visit if you are in the area.“
heemer77 4757 days ago
“Love this place. My grandparents are from Perronville and we stop by here each time we go visit them. Good food and good beer. You can only eat so many pasties and cudagees! Now, we need to rate the Perronville Pub and the La Branch Tavern.“
VeniVidiVici 5502 days ago
“Located on the one and only Escanaba main street in the National Historical Landmark Delta Hotel. Apparently this is a local Michigan favorite for dinner, so if you go at night (espcecially on Fridays during football season) it could get busy; when I was there at noon on a Wednesday, it was fairly empty. Dark wood appointments and a black marblish bar make this place feel very classy and old world. The brewing aparati are viewable through plexiglass behind the bar. The bartender was incredibly attentive, and the brewer(s) would come out every once in a while and chat. They have a bad habit of pouring into frosted glasses, but if you request a room temp glass, they’ll remember for the rest of the session. A couple of regulars to my left informed me that the original brewmaster was an ex-military guy who spent most of his overseas time in Germany, where he formed an appreciation for brewing. This was evident when I was there as three of the six beers on tap were German styles (Maibock, Schwarzbier and Hefe). As for the food, my bleu cheese burger with sauteed mushrooms was outstanding. A very welcome beer-lover’s oasis in the UP, eh?“
arjoseph 5798 days ago
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