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82 /100 2615 WOLCOTT STREET
“Expansive, modern place just a few minutes driving from Schramm's and B. Nektar. A dozen or so taps, orderable by the 5 oz. pours. I had 3 IIPA's (both west coast and hazy), an English IPA, a scotch ale, and impie stout. All were of absolutely stellar quality (they cost between $3-4 per 5 oz). Exceptionally friendly bartender. This was a top spot in town. Their IPAs really blew me away. Mandatory visit.“
mcberko 1371 days ago
80 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Large, comfy place with different rooms that you can sit in. When I visited, they had 3 of the higher-ABV still meads available, 6-8 session meads, and another 5-6 ciders. Flights available, pay by the beverage -- the strong meads are available in 1 oz pours for $2.50-3 and the sessions for $3.75 or so for a 5 oz. Bottles avaiable to go. Friendly, reserved service. Prices can be high but worth it for the wuality. No tips -- if you do tip, the $ goes to charity -- nice touch. Mandatory stop when in Greater Detroit.“
mcberko 1371 days ago
82 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Visited during week, late afternoon hours, June of 2018. Quite busy at that time. Many taps with interesting beers. I dont know about the bottles. Food was good. Service was good.“
rouhlas 1811 days ago
68 /100 1511 JARVIS
“a good place if you like fruit sweet meads and ciders. and not of you dont. up there with kuhnhenn and the like. prices more reasonable than the tier of schramms is on.fun stop and owner knows everyone in brewing.“
Sammy 1943 days ago
74 /100 2615 WOLCOTT STREET
“Located in an old warehouse with, by Ferndale standards, abundant parking. The relaxed, intimate vibe makes seem like a good place to hang out with friends. i just missed that night's food truck but they also had a couple of cheese trays to nosh on. Both the beers and service were solid but not extraordinary.“
DiarmaidBHK 2020 days ago
82 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“One Eyed Betty's is a large place just off 9 Mile in Ferndale, a couple blocks from Schramm's. They have a good brunch and lunch menu. The tap list is extensive, divided up by style and representing a lot of regional and national crafts. Prices are a little on the high side but not outrageous. Parking is a little tricky, as the paid lots on either side of the building are small. The service was good; we had a really good waitress. I could definitely see this being a regular spot for me if I lived nearby.“
phaleslu 2113 days ago
86 /100 1511 JARVIS
“A large space with picnic table style seating and a decent sized bar at the back. Bartender was a bit cold but knew about the mead. They had 16ish meads, cider and braggots available with flights an option. No food on site. Prices were competitive. Well worth a stop if you are in the area.“
deyholla 2215 days ago
50 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Lively inside, seems more like a sports bar than beer bar. Lots of drafts but very common stuff, nothing I needed to try, which was very disappointing.“
chibuck 2479 days ago
82 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Stopped by early afternoon on a Saturday. Street parking was easy but it might get tricky if they get busy. Nice tasting room, slightly upscale but comfortable. Staff were friendly and helpful. Sample prices might seem a little steep but they include gratuity. No tipping here, but they are currently fundraising for meals for poor kids if you feel the need to hand over some extra cash. Lots of variety on tap. quality overall very good. Bottles to go, most common but a couple unusual ones. Prices decent. Overall a worthy stop“
Drake 2824 days ago
80 /100 1511 JARVIS
“They’ve recently expanded into an actual full scale tap room with a lot of seating area. Much better layout than before. They usually have their normal offerings, bottles to go, and several meadery only meads on tap. Service is always great. Worth a stop if you are doing a mead tour around Detroit.“
Dfonorow 2874 days ago
88 /100 1511 JARVIS
“I love B. Nektar’s mead so I made it my first stop on my Michigan tour, literally going there directly from the plane. They did not disappoint. Yes, it’s a typical converted warehouse, with mismatched tables, but I wasn’t there for decorating tips, so who cares. I think I tried everything they had on tap that I couldn’t get locally and a few they let me buy a day early, because I was so obviously enthusiastic about there mead. Really lovely stuff. Anyway, I arrived in the early afternoon, so I could chat with the bartender and not be a pest about it. They have a few things on tap that are only available there, so that was exciting. They also gave me a heads up about there future plans so I could stock up on meads about to go out of circulation. I had an awesome time and hope you do too.“
magsinva 2896 days ago
86 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Definitely the prototypical warehouse brewery with a cool dive bar vibe, really nice and kind staff, and lots of good mead, beer, and cider to sample. this is a must visit if you’re in Michigan.“
DiarmaidBHK 2896 days ago
74 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“This place seems to have changed since the last reviews from two years ago. Now the WAB does offer samplers: $7 for five 4 ounce samples, and they bring them out on some nifty fake vinyls cut in half. There were 8 of their own beers on tap, and they were all pretty average. My favorite was probably the sip I took from my wife’s Vanilla Porter. My wife and I each had a sample of the Hefty-Weizen, but I noticed right away the waitress mixed them up with the IPAs. The waitress was nice enough and attentive, and the food was excellent. I ordered their Wabanh MI pizza (apparently a Korean specialty and not an obscure town in Michigan). The toppings were fresh and the pizza dough/crust was tasty. I’d go here again, especially for the food.“
chucklemation 3027 days ago
82 /100 1511 JARVIS
“An interesting Michigan spot. Located in an industrial park with a small parking lot. You will probably be surprised as you walk in to the extremely runned down look. A few random non matching tables and chairs haphazardly set around. A wide array of different items from bar stools to folding lawn chairs to leather study tables. Looks like they shopped for furniture on trash day. Yet it’s funny and puts off a very laid back relaxed vibe. They make it work. Very small place. Adding to the look brick walls with crayon and marker covered walls with drawings and shout outs. A nice selection of taps and bottle pours. Always a great selection of bottles to go along with glasses and other things. A very friendly and laid back staff. Very cool people to converse about mead and whatever really. Always quick to give a free tasting of what you’re wondering about. A lot of cool events like special bottle releases. They often bring a projection screen down for movies. Devils Night they had a Devils Juice bottle release (good stuff) along with a horror movie marathon. Overall a cool place with good mead.“
SpongeRuiner 3229 days ago
86 /100
The Emory (Restaurant)
“Stopped in here on a Friday mid afternoon for lunch. Has a definite old world charm. Lots of woodwork, long bar on the left side of the building with tables and booths to choose from for larger groups. The tap list did seem somewhat limited, but I was able to find a beer I had not yet tried that sounded good. They carried a lot of Michigan beers. I didn’t pay much attention to their bottle list unfortunately. The food menu is really what caught my eye here. I ordered the duck burger and added get and a fried egg and a side of the regular fries. They offer truffle fries with a mushroom aioli that my wife ordered and that was delicious. My duck burger came out cooked to perfection and my regular fries were really good. Everything everybody ordered was awesome. We also ordered a feta patti appetizer and it was also great. For beer this place is nice, but for an awesome meal at a decent price, this place is about as good as it gets. Highly recommended!“
JStax 3251 days ago
80 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Stopped in later in the evening on a Friday just after they opened. There is a small dedicated parking lot. There is a small tasting room set up when you first walk in the door. They had about 8 taps available, but only about 5 were active for my visit. They were also pouring anything that was available in bottles. The service was excellent, the brewers were the ones actually pouring the beer and meads and it was fun to talk shop with them. Behind the bar you could see hundreds, maybe thousands of barrels of mead fermenting. It was quite the unique setup. My only complaint is that it was kind of cold in there. Pricing was fair. I would definitely come back given the opportunity.“
JStax 3251 days ago
70 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Stop #2 of our tour. Interesting little place in an industrial park. Little bar setup with a small tap selection, including a collaboration and a few of their beers. Staff was cool and liked to talk beer and mead. Definitely worth a stop for a flight.“
zach8270 3288 days ago
88 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Very nice place. Lots of sours featured. Flights available, and for a very good price considering some of the awesome things they have on tap. Food was excellent as well.“
rumproasts 3310 days ago
86 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Alas, the place where I was finally able to try Schlenkerla Fastenbier on tap! Cool place, friendly service. Nice tap list, constantly rotating. Really good food, too. They often throw brewery specific events with food pairings that are outrageously good & lots of fun. Prices are a tad on the steep side, but given the location, that’s to be expected. Overall a must-stop for people nearby.“
tectactoe 3339 days ago
72 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Visited: 9.20.14 Ambiance: A dirty industrial park look/feel to the place...been to similar but B Nektar doesnt cover the dirt with paint Service: Both bartemders were very friendly, knowledgeable about the beers/meads and took the time to talk with you. Selection: Had 9 meads, 5 beers, a slushie and 3 still meads, nice selection plus their bottles Value: Minimum price of meads/beers was $6...decent for the quality but who wants a bunch of 10oz meads, even for B Nektar. Overall, a decent place for meads but had very few that was not available i. Bottles, beers only had one, and it was average.“
merc7186 3362 days ago
86 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“One of my favorite places in Detroit. It’s a nice cross between a drinking hall, a pub, and a sports bar with an excellent beer selection and tasty food. It’s more often than not busy, regardless of the night of the week - so much so, that parking can be a royal pain - but it’s almost always worth the wait. Sometimes, the servers can get a bit behind when it’s busy, but what restaurant doesn’t have that problem? I guess the minor complaint is that by 8pm, it’s always busy.“
ARH 3368 days ago
74 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Industrial in the questionable part of town, odd music and videos with a worn down industrial look. Service was at a tiny bar but by people who knew what they were service. Tasting flight was in plastic cups. Lots of taps of mead and some of their new beers. Prices are good with a discount if you purchase qty. Good beer, odd space.“
Ferris 3368 days ago
84 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Ambiance is like a hipsters basement. Looks more like a warehouse, crappy tables (& very few) with unfinished walls. Hard to identify this place as a meadery. HOWEVER, the bartender(s) are always nice as hell & they love to give you samples & just BS with you about the mead itself or otherwise. I enjoy most B. Nektar meads, they always have good stuff on tap, & bottle sales are usually nice as well. No food. Aside from the run-down look of the place, everything else is awesome.“
tectactoe 3435 days ago
88 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Really enjoyed my visit here. Big front room with lots of tables, but our booth was tucked away in the back, so it was quieter. Lots of rotating taps with an impressive variety among them. Great soup, good food. Also some good scotch.“
flatmatt 3504 days ago
74 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Very friendly, good selection, just wish it wasn’t a garage. Need more tables, met some good people a few rowdy’s but nice. I’m sure sometime in the future they will have a sitting area.“
Learninbeer 3516 days ago
92 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Great place, a little unexpected. Really good and large tap list. Great food and a great atmosphere. Not much more to ask for.“
salvaticas 3536 days ago
86 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“It was really crowded when I went (a couple nights before Christmas) and as such it took awhile for the bartender to get my drink order. Also had to wait quite awhile to be seated at a table with a few friends. However, the beer selection was superb and the food was top notch, so I can forgive those other minor complaints, which hopefully were only specific to that particular night.“
mikejonze 3622 days ago
68 /100 1511 JARVIS
“So this place is in an industrial neighborhood. The bar is in the middle of their warehouse with random seating. Good service with samples. Decent prices and selection of meads. They are started to get into beer which will be interesting.“
charule 3635 days ago
80 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Pretty cool beer bar in Ferndale with a ton of taps with some great brews. Food is tasty and a ton to TVs.“
JPDurden24 3635 days ago
62 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“We were told to check this place out by a guy at B. Nekter. The beers we had were hit or miss. The food was also a bit hit or miss. My sandwich was good but my buddies pizza looked like a frozen supermarket pizza. The waitress was OK but seemed to hate her job and we stood there for 5 minutes before someone told us to seat ourselves. They do fill growlers but they calmed that it was illegal to refill a growler. So they want you to surrender yours for "recycling" and they give you a new one. Basically leave your fancy growler in the car.“
OPIE788 3648 days ago
76 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Very fun place up North suburbs. Great selection in numbers, basically local stuff. Sunday night we had free pinball. friendly, good trivia going. One of the best Detroit places to go.“
Sammy 3655 days ago
84 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“solid beer bar in ferndale. love the food and pinball machines“
mikem409 3913 days ago
78 /100 1511 JARVIS
“This place was not hard to find following directions. Plus they had a sign out pointing the way =) The place is a warehouse so the ambiance wouldn't even register except for the most amazing comfy, rocking, spinning, barrel chairs ever! The prices aren't fantastic either. I'm just putting that right out there because if you want a bottle that's on the market, go out to a store and get it. The reason to go here is to sample the meads, maybe find a special release, talk to the very friendly staff, ask questions, and basically get to know B. Nektar. They do have the best mead I've had (out of many).“
Wolfencharm 3928 days ago
74 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“I really had a good time here, had dinner on a weekend had a great southwest salad and some homemade tortilla chips. Very good. Really comfortable pub atmosphere with friendly patrons and staff. Nice place to hang out and have a few. They had 9 taps, 2 guest beers I didn’t have. They had a session able blond, a roasty "custom" porter, a dessert vanilla porter with moderate vanilla, a nice moderately hopped ipa, and a really excellent imperial stout. They don’t do samplers but will let you taste all the beers before you order.. Solid brewpub. I’ll be back for sure.“
KPD 3929 days ago
88 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Visited on a busy Saturday night, nice open space with tables and a decent size bar where we sat. TVs had also pinball machines in the back. Staff were nice and had reasonable beer knowledge. Good tap list, I had three Victory beers I hadn’t had before. Good mix of internationals, Michigan micros (hop slam) and US micros. They do flights. Good beer destination in Metro Detroit.“
KPD 3929 days ago
86 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Stopped in for Brunch and Beer, this place had lots of TVs and wood décor, great selection of beers, on the wall, there were two lists of beers, a list of Michigan beers and a second list of all of the non-Michigan beers, there were many beers to choose from, and the food was good, service was great, I would recommend stopping in.“
BigBeer45 3990 days ago
92 /100 175 W TROY AVE
“Great place. Huge beer selection of constantly rotating taps and bottles. The best part is that you can view all of the current taps and bottles on their website at any time. Tons of tv’s for watching any sporting event. I’ve only ate here once and it was decent. Menu looks really good so this number might go up as I try more items. Beer and food prices are reasonable. Overall, I highly recommend this place. Would come here all the time if I lived closer.“
umich03jm 4082 days ago
70 /100 1511 JARVIS
“In the back of an warehouse with a driveway and parking lot that needed to be redone 10 years ago. You are able to sample all of their year round meads and they had one small batch to try for free. The yalso had the two ultra small batches to sample for a price. The person that poured the mead was friendly and knew a bunch about mead. It was nice to try the meads and I picked up a bottle of Ch! Ch! Ch! and might have bought more if the prices were in line with what I saw down the road at the liquor store.“
esjaygee 4087 days ago
56 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“Mexican faire on the menu and a half dozen or so beers but there was no sampler. I guess I kind of expect a brewpub to have a sampler these days. It was happy hour so my wife and I got a pint and the beer wasn’t that good. I was going to eat here but no sampler = no dinner. The bean dip appetizer was pretty good though and service was ok.“
esjaygee 4087 days ago
82 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Not too hard to find, small brew area with a larger store/work area in an industrial estate. Chatted to Brad and Paul and the guys, just generally looked around, great set up for what they need and it’s nice to see a bunch of guys so enthusiastic about mead. Would definitely tell people it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.“
PaulUnwin 4089 days ago
64 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“did not eat but beer was great but selection was sparce“
mikem409 4138 days ago
70 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“This is a fun brew pub, and even had the beers next door for a concert. The ruby lager is a good red beer. Food is pretty good, regular bar fare. Enjoyable place to hang out.“
JPDurden24 4202 days ago
98 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“I love the WAB. My favorites are the vanilla porter, raspberry blonde and ruby lager. The atmosphere is great. Food is great.“
beermaven 4236 days ago
82 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“I’m honestly surprised by the low reviews for The WAB. I visited for my first time during lunch on a friday afternoon, and I really enjoyed myself. The beer is decent, and the bartenders were very friendly. The food was EXCELLENT. I love the decor, but I didn’t like that you have to walk upstairs for the bar. I’m sure I’ll visit again.“
RudiNicole 4380 days ago
78 /100 1511 JARVIS
“Stopped in during their most recent free tasting. The meadery is located in Ferndale in a small industrial park. Not too difficult to find as they had signs up pointing the way. You enter through a back door and walk straight into the brewing area. A small table was set up with several bottles opened to try. We tried several varieties and bought a couple bottles. We had just come from a store where Zombie Killer was being sold for $6.99 and at the Meadery it was $9.99, yikes! Friendly staff.“
kbutler1 4390 days ago
80 /100 1511 JARVIS
“very small and hard to find but a very cool little place only open friday and saturday“
mikem409 4414 days ago
22 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“In town for the weekend told I had to check this place out. Wish I didn’t. Big open spaces huge, bar, sport centric but in general pretty plain. The tables are annoying because the chairs have super low backs making them hard to sit in. The food was good bar food, above average. The brews suck. They are all generic watery and boring. They have no clue what they are doing. These beers are clearly tailored to drinkers who don’t know much. Its a slight step above a macro brew and that’s who they cater too. About 8 beers by them, 2 guest taps. Avoid this place.“
chibuck 4632 days ago
68 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“Very hip 35-45 yr old crowed - kind of interesting. When I visited they had great live music the place was pretty happening. The beer is average. Simple styles for the most part. Food is good - salads and sandwiches -- including loose meat sandwiches. Worth a quick stop if you are nearby. Great service.“
MikeF 4724 days ago
64 /100 22646 WOODWARD AVE
“the only thing that sucks is the beer. oh, and the food. i don’t go there often, but every time i do i see people i know. if you’re looking for a decent drink, go elsewhwere, but if you just want a comfortable bar with interesting regulars, stop on in. oh, and the patio is nice, seasonally. “
JarredWFM 5165 days ago