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52 /100 21034 MACK AVE.
“Has a decent selection of mostly Michigan brews, but could use a lot of work in this area. Prices are slightly high and staff isn’t very knowledgeable. With Woods nearly across the street, you are better off there.“
dmschefke 4597 days ago
72 /100 20787 MACK AVE
“Overall a decent store that is close for eastsiders. Selection is fair, with a decent few belgians, locals, and other european (mostly German). Prices are better than most.“
dmschefke 4646 days ago
66 /100 20787 MACK AVE
“Good selection of locals. From bells to arcadia to dragonmead. Some random US beers. small selection of belgians including rochefort and st bernardus.“
SuIIy 5969 days ago
70 /100 20787 MACK AVE
“I really shouldn’t have gone to this store since it caused me to get lost on the way home, but that was mainly my the store isn’t to blame. Small narrow store. A pretty solid selection of imports along with various regional micros in packs and some singles. I didn’t really find anything too rare there but still a decent jaunt if you’re in the area. Prices were fair.“
mds 6041 days ago
80 /100 20787 MACK AVE
“I should have added this myself, but was too lazy, so thanks for entering it. The closest good beer store to my house for a long time. Part of the Merchants Fine Wine Triad (Dearborn, here and Royal Oak). I like all of the guys that work here, and they are actually very good at recommending beers to try. Plenty of good stuff in stock, especially for the small size of the store. Stuff like De Dolle Oerbier Reserva, Fullers Vintage Ales, Gale’s Prize Old, J.W Lees Harvest and a plethora of good locals. Lots of random belgians as well; Westvleteran, Rochefort, St Bernardus and every now and again they get Cantillon. Pretty fair pricing. Also a good selection of wines and cheeses. Now they’ve massively scaled back the beer section, and they have only your basic michigan goodies, like bells, founders and arcadia. Belgians seem to have taken a major hit too, though it’s still a great store.“
ClarkVV 6277 days ago
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