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78 /100 105 S SAGINAW ST
“Semi Irish bar in downtown holly. Food is above average and had a Greenbush tap take over with 22 taps.“
mikem409 3302 days ago
46 /100 6410 GRANGE HALL RD
“Good greasy food. Decent selection of some craft brew, but $1-$2 more than other places. Why the low score then? Every beer that has some hype the person who makes the prices gauges hard, real hard. Greed is all that is. Example: double crooked tree: $17.99 at the high end for a 4-pack other places, but at Alex’s it was labeled $9.99 per bottle! Sam Adams Utopias: just $400. He’s a crook and I won’t support it, unless I want an extra greasy piece of pizza.“
BlowOffTube 3873 days ago
98 /100 105 S SAGINAW ST
“Checked this place out at lunch time today. Being a Saturday, it was nearly empty, but the bartenders acted like it was busy. They were attentive and busy, and we felt like our patronage was truly appreciated. The bartender who took care of us was knowledgeable about the beers and food, and was able to make recommendations in both area. We got a flight of five and, at one point, one of the other employees asked us what we had ordered and how we liked them. Wow! Not only is the selection great, the service went beyond the call. Will be there again. 9/29/12 Update: Stopped in again (after fleeing from Fenton Winery & Brewery as fast as we could) and kept wondering why we don’t get here more often. Once again, the bartender was delighted to talk to us about beers, including those he had and those he hadn’t, and we compared notes on lots of styles and experiences. Beer, of course, was great, but even the french fries (how excited can one get about french fries) were GREAT! This is clearly one of my favorite beer stops. Just wish it were closer.“
liebs105 4078 days ago
80 /100 105 S SAGINAW ST
“This is a great addition to downtown Holly. It does have some good and bad, though. First, the good news. The beer selection is excellent. They have a great list of bottled craft brews, many of them unique and aren’t available anywhere else in the area. And their $3 dollar bottle list is great - many unique brews, even high ABV brews that would easily cost 2 or 3 times that anywhere else. Now the bad. I have been here 5 times since they opened, 4 with food involved. 3 of those times I have had either poor quality food, extremely small portions (sent it back), and otherwise poor service. If not for these issues, I am sure that I would visit more often. However, if I am at all hungry when deciding to go out, I cross this off the list. If BP can get the food and service under control, they will have a truly great thing going.“
sparty123 4321 days ago
90 /100 105 S SAGINAW ST
“I am a big fan of this place. The food is awesome and affordable, the staff is very friendly, and the beer selection is great! They are very craft beer forward and have done 3 tap take overs before their 1 year anniversary. (DFH, Shorts, Lag.) They have the same acoustic problem as the Clarkston Union (high ceilings/LOUD) but it is worth it.“
RudiNicole 4375 days ago
80 /100 6410 GRANGE HALL RD
“Pass this gas station many times without knowing their beer and wine selaction. I found the selection fairly decent and their prices maybe a bit higher but it was easy to get to. My only major complaint is that you have to purchase a six pack instead of mixing to try as many beers as possible. Perhaps they should learn from Oliver T’s.“
kjeldahl 4379 days ago
86 /100 105 S SAGINAW ST
“This is a major find in an area that has relatively low population. In other words, no crowds! Awesome selection, owners are very cool. Worth the trip to pay them a visit!!!“
jlulensk 4527 days ago
70 /100 6410 GRANGE HALL RD
“True enough that this gas station has a great beer/wine/booze selection and lots of gourmet goodies, but you will pay 25-30% higher prices than standard. Buyer beware.“
paintedmaple 4532 days ago
94 /100 105 S SAGINAW ST
“WOW...a labor of love in downtown Holly. Completely renovated 1885 brick building restored in fine fashion. Truly, a new destination in northern Oakland County. 20 micro taps and tons of bottles and an outstanding $3 bottle beer list when we where there. Nice food selection as well, but with $3 IPA2 and Tripals who cares about mere solid food?. If you are tired of waiting in line at the French Laundry or the Clarkston Union (although both are well worth the wait), then head over to Holly for a pleasant suprise. Update - I finally tried the food last night and it was even better than expected - French Laundry you have serious competition here!“
paintedmaple 4533 days ago
94 /100 6410 GRANGE HALL RD
“Ambiance? ha! it is a gas station!! But, an amazing gas station. Every time I walk in, I am amazed at the selection. Tons of MI brews, and the biggest selection on Short’s I have ever seen. I wish you could make your own 6 packs here, like you can at Oliver T’s which isn’t too far away. Alex’s also has gourmet food, and the place is very clean. If you are heading Up North on 75, or going skiing on Mt. Holly...STOP at Alex’s!!“
RudiNicole 4602 days ago
64 /100 6410 GRANGE HALL RD
“(Visited 03/2009): Mike’s Mobil is on Apple Valley Rd on the north side of Bear Valley Rd not too far off I-15. It is a gas station so there are only a few parking spaces. The inside is your typical convenince store layout, with nearly all the beer being in coolers in the rear past the registers. Yes, this is a gas station and I was skeptical when the bartender at Oggi’s told me to check it out, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise as far as the selection goes. Many regional craft brewers are represented, such as Lagunitas, Stone, Rogue, Nectar, Sierra Nevada, North Coast, Strauss etc. A decent selection of imports too, such as Hofbrau, Spaten, Maredsous, Chimay and Cucapa. Service was about what I expected, in other words a friendly greeting at the cash register. However according to the Oggi’s referral, the owner Mike will try to track down requested beer for his customers. Overall this place is not going to give Bevmo a run for its money but it is a welcome oasis in the desert.“
Dogbrick 4917 days ago
80 /100 6410 GRANGE HALL RD
“Great place.....Huge selection of michigan beers. Plus alot of cold twelve packs as well. Not a huge place but all about quality here. And the owners is very freindly. If you on you way up north it is right on I-75 and Grange hall road(exit 101) stop in and find some good stuff. It is a great deli and specialty store as well. Billed as the worlds finest gas station.“
nefarious 5332 days ago
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