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78 /100 360 W WESTERN AVE
“Kind of a confusing but pleasant mess: separate pizza place and coffee shop, a stage for live music, big outdoor seating area, random various tables-booths-sofas, tiny bar area and punk rock background music. beers are solid and the people are nice. It's a choose your own adventure taproom.“
DialSquare 1465 days ago
62 /100
Ghezzi's Market (Beer Store)
“Took some searching to find a bottleshop in Muskegon... this was it. Mostly booze: beer, wine and liquor - with a few typical convenience store isles. Relatively small selection of local bottles/cans: odd side, perrin, shorts, etc. Also had jai alai, which was funny.“
DialSquare 1465 days ago
62 /100 746 W LAKETON AVE.
“From a little bit ago, but thought it was a pretty good place worthy to stop in for some Midwest bottles and a decent selection of European and Canadian beers too. Clean, good service, yup, it’s do-able.“
Bulk_Carrier 1905 days ago
82 /100 500 W. WESTERN AVE, SUITE 1
“Nice looking place in what looks like a quiet part of town. Medium size taproom with nice patio area, looks like food is available from the restaurant across the hall, and some great ice cream bars available. A good number of beer, mostly lighter styles. Prices are fair, I’ll stop by again the next time I’m in Muskegon.“
bigtaster 2598 days ago
72 /100 360 W WESTERN AVE
“Nice place by the Lake Michigan shore. The brewpub has s pizza place and coffee bar in the same building in downtown Muskegon. Pizza was good, staff were nice, you order at bar. Beer was solid if not spectacular. Easy drive to see the sunset over the lake. Nice brew pub well worth a stop.“
KPD 2697 days ago
76 /100 360 W WESTERN AVE
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon, very relaxed atmosphere, was not very busy, a band was setting up to play for the night. Didn’t seem very family friendly at the time. Smaller bar area with lots of tables to sit at. Beer was good, there were not a huge selection of styles but enough choices to make me happy. Worth a trip to check it out.“
bigtaster 2754 days ago
80 /100 360 W WESTERN AVE
“Nice bar and Great beer.“
edgallow 2808 days ago
16 /100
Ladd’s & Co. (Beer Store)
4230 HENRY ST.
“The owners wife is ruining this business! Very mean and rude person. Don’t waste your time or money at this place.“
user111 3468 days ago
34 /100
Ladd’s & Co. (Beer Store)
4230 HENRY ST.
“Ower is very nice, but wife is an alkie with a big mean mouth! Ask any of us around there!“
Shellybw 3800 days ago
68 /100
Ladd’s & Co. (Beer Store)
4230 HENRY ST.
“Nice little place. Special for this area. Helpful staff, good local/regional selection, and decent national array of offerings. Still, far from a well-stocked bottle shop, but a nice little place.“
gorditoabd 4021 days ago
82 /100
Ladd’s & Co. (Beer Store)
4230 HENRY ST.
“A large selection of local/import brews. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable. A nice clean store.“
sm0key 4500 days ago
84 /100 2155 APPLE AVE
“Good place for pizza or sub and a drink.“
digitaljdr 5211 days ago
86 /100 746 W LAKETON AVE.
“It’s a good place to get deli food and just relax, offers tons of liquor and beer and foreign and local wines as well, cigar selection is minimal.“
digitaljdr 5211 days ago
78 /100 950 W. NORTON AVE.
“Very kid/family friendly. Great food, good beer selection including Delerium Tremens, several offerings by Bells, Chimay Grand Reserve, Rocheforte #8, and numerous others I’m forgetting. Many are available by either pint or quart, and decent prices, too. They were also very accommodating for a very large (~25 people) party.“
BenDover 5528 days ago
76 /100
Ladd’s & Co. (Beer Store)
4230 HENRY ST.
“Stopped here on the way to business lunch. Easy to find location with large parking lot in the front and side. Service was freindly. Selection is held on shelves and coolers with bombers and six packs. I found new beers and two very good beers. Beer store food and large selection of package liqour. Great place for good brews in a Bud Light area.“
Tmoney99 5548 days ago
74 /100 950 W. NORTON AVE.
“Easy to find location past Henry Street with a good parking lot. Nicely remodeled building with a clean brick and wood interior. There for a business lunch and had soup and half pretzel sandwich. This is a good location, with very freindly staff and an above average beer selection for area. This was a nice visit for business and I will stop when I am in the area.“
Tmoney99 5549 days ago
80 /100 950 W. NORTON AVE.
“if you are ever in muskegon, make sure to check this norton shores restaurant/bar out, outstanding food, great service with some proper glasses, great scotch menu, excellent bloody mary, the beer list is great for the area above average for the country - beer list doesnt list everything on tap or in bottles - ask the staff if you dont see it on the list, lots of michigan seasonal beers and some rare kegs coming in, lots of tv’s for sporting events, a nice patio for drinking in the michigan rain or sun, if you are a local they are open and willing for request to carry beers, overall a great place with open minded staff that is willing to serve the customer“
lunaticharness 5668 days ago
76 /100
Ladd’s & Co. (Beer Store)
4230 HENRY ST.
“Having recently relocated to Muskegon from Grand Rapids, I am very happy to have found this store. Ladd’s boasts a selection of over 300 different beers on their roadside sign. Ladd’s has a great selection of Michigan micros: Founder’s, Bell’s, Arcadia, Dark Horse, New Holland. Decent selection of imports. Virtually all beer is sold cold. The only drawback is they do not sell singles...yet. (I’m still working on that.) The owner is very freindly and accomodating. If you don’t see it, he will be happy to order it if he can get it. Best selection by far that I’ve found along the lakeshore. Saves me running 45 miles to G.R. A great beer store and a must stop place for anyone traveling to the Muskegon/Grand Haven/Whitehall area.“
charliev 6115 days ago
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