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76 /100 777 W. ANN ARBOR TRAIL
“Visited during the week shortly after they opened, then tried to visit again on a Friday and couldn't get in (as expected, really). A nice enough place, more "upscale" than the other two locations, but lacking in some charm due to that. Excellent beer, of course, and some very good food.“
flatmatt 1588 days ago
98 /100
Belly Busters (Beer Store)
571 S. MILL ST.
“Tons of domestic craft, and imported, beers. As well as normal domestic. Great, friendly, and helpful service. Good food selection, typical "pizza place" variety. Was told the menu will be expanding soon. Good food, with good prices. No dining in though. Take out or delivery. There is a small patio out front though. They not only deliver the food from their menu, but will deliver anything else in the store; beer, liquor, wine, milk or juice, snacks, etc. “
IBUTeam24 1975 days ago
76 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Visited later on a Tuesday evening. Located in the cool older part of Plymouth, street parking in front and throughout the neighborhood. Smaller room, with maybe 8 bar seats, a few tables in the main room and a small patio out back. Bar has a nice feel to it, well worn with character. 11 house beers on in a variety of styles. Good service, was friendly about getting me a pint right before last call. Appeared to have popcorn and a variety of seasonings. Additional seating upstairs. I enjoyed my quick visit.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2636 days ago
76 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Small bar atmosphere with an upstairs & a lower deck. Pretty good selection of beers, above average for the most part with a couple tankers as well as a couple awesome beers that show up every now & again. The mainstays are decent, too. Have been here millions of times but have never had the food aside from the popcorn. Good service, good place to hang out & have a few pints.“
tectactoe 3382 days ago
84 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“GREAT place to go to talk, have a pint, and play a game of Scrabble or Apples to Apples. Two floors--downstairs tends to be a bit louder, since more people congregate there, although they occasionally have shows upstairs. Beer is good and well-priced. $1 bottomless popcorn with hot sauce is great, with some decent pizzas and appetizers (though the food’s a bit overpriced for what it is). Can order food in from other places.“
firstsip 3709 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Pretty cool place, love the decor and setup. Solid beers and a good time. Place is packed with musical acts and lots of fun. No TVs though.“
JPDurden24 4030 days ago
76 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“this is a hidden gem in off beaten olde town plymouth. well made beer and cider. usualy 6-10 beers. food is just small bar grub“
mikem409 4162 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“A nice little brewpub with a nice ambiance and crowd. Gets a bit crowded on weekend. A good selection of beer with a cider or two at times. Samplers available. Service can be a bit slow when busy. Minimal food but they allow you to order in.“
deyholla 4214 days ago
76 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Pretty nice place. Decent beer (even though everything I was hoping to try wasn’t on tap when I visited). Friendly staff, I was given the "It’s pretty bitter!" answer when I ordered the IPA---so what? Who cares that I’m a girl! I probably won’t visit again because of the weird location, but I’ll still try their beers when I see them around MI, even if they are bitter.“
RudiNicole 4377 days ago
70 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Small brewpub with an upstairs that I did not venture into. Sat at the bar and had 5 sample and a pint of C-Monster. Beers I had were pretty average overall. Pizza was nothing was nothing special and service was decent. Real nice building and cool little pub. Located in cool little downtown area. Has potential but an average brewpub at this point. Still worth a stop though.“
msante79 4380 days ago
86 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Always great service when I’m in. Knowledgeable and friendly bartenders. Great beer - I’m especially fond of the IPA. The owners/brewers are frequently present and engaged with the patrons. This place has a great "neighborhood" feel to it. The main taproom is small, intimate, and well-adorned with dark wood. There’s an upstairs open on weekends which houses a larger number of people and has live music. Food selection is limited. I haven’t tried it, so I didn’t rate it, but if the menu isn’t diverse enough for your tastes, you can have outside food delivered from neighborhood restaurants. “
bruwery 4399 days ago
28 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“I really want to like this place but can’t. We checked it out shortly after it opened and were disappointed, so we waited several years and went back again last night hoping it would have matured. It has not. The ambiance is very nice and it’s obvious that they want to do things right, but the product is just not drinkable. Maybe the problem has something to do with cleanliness of the yeast that the brewmaster is using, but all the beers have a sour, harsh bite to them that is not due to hoppiness or roasting. I was especially disappointed in the Pub House Brown, which is credited with having won an award, although they don’t say from whom. It is described as having "plenty of malt character and lower hop presence" and I was hoping for a good session beer. It was sour and harsh. The same for the Stout. And the Amber. The only beer I would even consider ordering a pint of would be the American IPA where the nice helping of hops helps to drown out the sourness. The food was no better. We ordered the Chicken Tenders, which were cold and mushy. Lastly, the service was no reason to come here, either. While the bartenders were attentive, they were obviously unenthusiastic about what they were doing, and showed little interest in talking about the beers or anything else, for that matter. I’ve also marked it down in value, not because it’s expensive (which it’s not), but because nothing had I had (with the possible exception of the American IPA) is worth paying anything for. I don’t expect every Michigan brewpub to match the quality of New Holland, Bell’s, Arbor or Short’s, but this place can’t even touch Royal Oak Brewing, whose beers are quite serviceable, if not daring. It’s a shame, because Liberty Street seems to have so much potential, but it clearly has the worst beer in the area, IMO.“
liebs105 4463 days ago
72 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Nice place, have been a couple of times and had four different beers that were all pretty good. Staff were nice, makes for a good stop if around the area.“
KPD 4519 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Been here many times and overall a nice place with friendly staff. The beers are all good, but they generally have their standards with 1 or 2 different beers that generally do no stray too far from their standards. I enjoy the place and it is close for me, but if they could just have a few more "seasonal" beers I think it would help a lot. They have a lot of small batches and events for mug club members, but I feel they should have a little creativity in some of their beers that they offer for longer than a day or two. “
swegles 4887 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“My local place, solid beers, nothing too challenging, but I realize they are a bit on the new side.“
camjack 5036 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Good overall place, beer was pretty good (20oz std), friendly staff.“
strongpieman 5038 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Great place. Beers are complex. clean and good examples of their various styles.“
groggu 5044 days ago
76 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Stopped in today. Very nice interior with exposed brick and lots of woodwork. We sat at a table in the bar area downstairs; there’s also seating upstairs, though we didn’t take a look up there. I believe trivia night was going on up there. The downstairs was uncrowded when we arrived, though a couple other tables were taken while we were there. The food menu was better than I was expecting from the website, with some pretty nice pizza rolls as our choices. I tried the Foreign Stout and the American IPA. The stout was really good, and the IPA was interesting, though a little more along the lines of a nice APA. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the ciders that were available were from our local Northville Winery. We talked with the brewer for a while and got a couple of interesting stories about the place out of him. I’m pretty happy to have a place like this within ten minutes of my house.“
flatmatt 5300 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“Nice little taproom with a small (I’d guess 5 bbl brewhouse). Menu was more for snacks than a meal but what I had was good. The barkeep was very helpful. The ’regulars’ were also rather friendly. Beer-wise: I tried a their IPA, Mild Brown, Genius Stout and Extra Stout. All but the IPA were good examples of their styles. I liked the Brown and Extra Stout the best. The IPA is listed as an American IPA and so I would expect a bit more agressive aroma flavor and bitteness out of an American IPA than what I got so I would consider this an average IPA. “
greco 5321 days ago
78 /100 149 W. LIBERTY ST.
“I had a couple of their beers. Both tasted mediocre at best, lacking body and any real thrill. I will give them a break though, since they are so new. It is a great location, and a great building and music. I will definitely check back once they get rolling.“
rudyed 5324 days ago
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