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34 /100
Dooleys (Bar)
“Only 3 craft beers, the rest was piss water, however the prices were really good. Only 3 bucks for a pint of Great Lakes Edmond Fitzgerald Porter. There was a fun live Irish band here, as this is generally an Irish pub. Seemed to be a middle aged crowd, no annoying teeny boppers or hippies distracting you from your beer.“
Petkus331 3954 days ago
50 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Lots of old beer, a consequence of their absurd prices. But the temperature is too high to properly age some of these beers they have laying around, beers that are probably long past their prime unless they’d been stored at 55 degrees stably. Their prices are ridiculous. They want $12 for a Rochefort 10 that I’ve never seen for more than $9, or as low as $7. Their singles of a Bell’s Hell Hath No Fury ale were $5 apiece. I could go on but I’ll leave it at that. Their selection is pretty awesome, and yes, you’ll find stuff here that’s long gone elsewhere. But you’ll pay for it if you want it, and there’s no guarantee it’ll be drinkable.“
RyanMM 4016 days ago
46 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“A lot of really old inventory at this store -which is fine, if that’s what you’re after but I’ll never go back again due to poor inventory management, relatively high pricing and exceptionally poor customer service. Here’s the exchange, as I’m buying over $100 worth of beer, on my first visit: Me: "Nice selection, but you have a lot of out-of-code beers" Cashier lady: "What do you mean?" Me: "You have a lot of beers that are past their expiration date" Cashier (overly assertive now): "Well we have a lot of foreign beers!" Me: "And many past their expiration dates..." Cashier (leaning forward over the counter and sternly reprimanding me): "Foreign beers don’t go bad!" Me (taken aback at her ignorance, poor customer service and general bitchiness): "Yes they do - I’d be glad to show you ten different foreign beers on your shelves that are at least two years out of code per the labelling" Cashier (in a condescending tone): "Well...we’ve never had anyone complain before!!" Me: "Maybe they don’t know beer". Follow-up: At least a third of the ones I bought (that didn’t have expiration/best-by dates) were crap since they were so old...and I never went back again!“
FlandersNed 4088 days ago
56 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Pretty good selection and has a lot of beers that have been aging for a while. Service is pretty poor, very little knowledge from staff. Prices are very high compared to any place I have seen, but you can get some beers that you can’t get anywhere else (likely due to no one wanting to pay the price). The one bright spot is that it is convenient, since it is at 12 mile, right off I-94.“
dmschefke 4454 days ago
72 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Good size store with Wine, Liquor and Beer stacked high, you have to be careful in some aisles that you do not knock over any of the boxes. They have a lot and then some, many beers are available that have have discontinued for years as noted by others. You do pay more but some of these bottles have sat around years and have the age on them already if you prefer that, store clerks may give you a look and ask if they can help you if you spend more time then usual looking over the shelves, this place is worth a look if you want to take a view of beers from the past.“
BigBeer45 4510 days ago
54 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Excellent selection of beer. However, the people that "run" that place don’t know shit. They have WAY to high of prices, no knowledge of their products, and act like it pains them to help you when you ask about their beer. They wanted $30 for a Lindemans gift box containing 2 12oz bottles and a beer glass. $20 for the Budweiser Brew Masters Private Reserve. I can keep going, but I wont. And I wont be going back.“
jimmack34 4531 days ago
78 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Huge selection of local and international beers, stacked in neat rows effectively to the ceiling. This store is huge, and their claim to fame seems to be the fact that they’ve got who-knows-how-much vintage stuff in the back that they cycle out to the shelves in bits and pieces. Picked up some rare Bells beers while I was there (Cherry Ale, Wheat 2 and Wheat Love), and they had plenty of other cool things available (Oatmeal Stout, Susies Sweet Stout, etc.), we were just out of room. Six-packs of the rarer items can get pricey, $20-30, but it’s hard not to be very thankful that you can even buy these things in the first place.“
kmweaver 4622 days ago
60 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“One of the best selections you will ever see! But take your credit card as most of the stuff is way over priced! I always feel like the staff is watching me, and if you walk out without buying anything they ask you about it. If you are looking for something hard to find than this is the place.“
saber2th 4646 days ago
62 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Insane selection, they have everything. But they are ovepriced. $24.99 for a six-pack of Bells Expedition Stout, which is $12.99 at Champanes. $9.99 for a 22oz Stone Imperial Russian Stout, which is $4.99 at Champanes. You get the picture. But if you want that tough-to-find beer, this is the place to go.“
mattmc1973 4787 days ago
68 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“This place has an outstanding selection. If you want it, they probably have it. They do overcharge on many beers here though. I picked up a 12 pack of Leinenkugels and they wanted 19.99 for it. Everywhere else it’s 9.99-12.99 tops.“
jerrytimes 4794 days ago
84 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Came in here due to a recommendation from the "other" site. The selection was astounding, after a quick grab at a batch 7000 six pack only to see my friend grab a batch 6000, we moved on to all kinds of vintage bells stouts, some retired arcadia offerings, vintage bigfoot’s, vintage great divide. And all kinds of other rare hard to find offerings. This will be a must stop for me every time I’m in the area.“
sliffy 5071 days ago
80 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Crowded over stocked store. Very nice selection. One of the better selections I’ve seen anywhere. Lots and lots of singles. Very nice array of English, German, Russian and other European beers including vintage stuff. Excellent selection of Michigan brews. I was really hoping to find Bells Batch 6000 here but they had both 7000 and 5000. Although I don’t remember seeing the older one. Scored a Great Divide beer I’d never seen, Maverick Series Imperial Stout 2003. The vintage beers were a tad pricey but I figure that’s to be expected. The rest of it was on par with Bello Vino I was at this morning in Ann Arbor. Champanes Wine Cellar remains the best prices I’ve seen in the Detroit area. But if you want singles then Bello Vino and Embassy are a much better choice. A must stop on my next visit to MI.“
Ibrew2or3 5128 days ago
66 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Crazy line-up of beers that you won’t find elsewhere in this part of Michigan (perhaps elsewhere, but I haven’t been). Plenty of retired Bells stuff ($$ expensive) and Unibroue La Gaillarde (cheap, but OLD). Lots and lots of selection of regionals but mostly in six packs and very costly. $30/6-pack of Bells >2 years old is a little bit nutty and lots of imports were >$15. I wouldn’t go here regularly but if I really wanted something special I know I could stop by here and find something reasonably rare. Plus it’s only a 1-minute detour off of the I-94.“
mds 5400 days ago
80 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“impressive, like a smaller midwest hi-time cellars (without the massive amount of wine) but better, overpriced a bit, but where are you going to find bigfoot 2000-05 in a store in michigan? same for the bells batch beers 3000-7000, lots of gift packs too definitely check it out in between gratiot and I-94 on 12 mile“
lunaticharness 5424 days ago
78 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“Pretty ridiculous selection here. Best I’ve seen, by far, in Michigan. Most U.S. available Cantillons, though they are horribly overpriced ($20 for a 750mL). Rodenbach Alexander, and old Grand Cru. All of Bells (including retired stuff, batch 4k, oatmeal, susies, etc), Dark Horse, Founders. Tons of six packs of retired Michigan brews. Old Colorado stuff, Three Floyds. Tons of old chapeau, cherish, st louis fruit lambics. Chapeau faro and gueuze from the early 90s. Abbaye des Rocs bottles from early 2000’s. Tons of Canadian micros, including St. Ambroise pale and oatmeal. Chinese beers and all sorts of crazy pale lagers. Tons of other lambics and just tons of old Belgians with Best Before dates in the early-mid 90s. Prices are incredibly high, but sometimes, it’s worth it.“
ClarkVV 5643 days ago
78 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“A great selection although prices seem to be a little on the high side. Tons of belgians and lots of other imports along with a huge selection of local michigans and other american brewers.“
SuIIy 5758 days ago
70 /100 29010 BEACONSFIELD ST
“The best liquor store I have come across in the Detroit area so far. Vintage beers can be found if you just dig around a bit. Old Bell’s stouts such as Susies and Harry McGills are still on the shelves.“
Eyedrinkale 5871 days ago
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