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80 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Finally getting around to rating this place after finally eating here. A cool old-school brewery with an addition (The Atrium) nextdoor. Beer is solid and the food is delicious. Ambiance and service are good too. Definitely worth a stop if you're vacationing in the area or just passing through. Just come hungry, as the food is a bigger draw than the beer, at least for me.“
b3shine 1263 days ago
86 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“I decided to make a stop here on my way from Chicago to Benton Harbor, Michigan. It’s just a couple minutes from I-94 and real easy to find. I’m glad I stopped. There is a nice range of well-crafted brews and some pretty good bar food to go with it. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and there is plenty of room for customers. You can order beer in just about any volume you want from tasters to growlers. A real nice place.“
marcus 2304 days ago
72 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“This place is awesome with one small problem, it is way too loud. Almost unbearable at times. Otherwise the beer rocks and the food is top notch.“
Hopper8 2558 days ago
90 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“We were very fortunate to have met a bartender in Ann Arbor who told us Greenbush was a must add to our Michigan craftbeer tour (it was also very nice that they convinced us to stop at nearby Journeyman’s Distillery in Three Oaks). We got there on a beautiful early Saturday afternoon. This place is very nice looking...with lots of wood and cool decorations. There is a patio...but even better...across the street an outdoor area for drinking...and eating from the smaller menu there that includes a lot of grilling (the brewery store is across the street there too). We opted to eat at the bar in the main taproom from the full menu. The food was plan a visit to include some. As for the beers...really great...some of the best we had on the trip that were all in one venue...especially loved the Juicebox Hero Pale Ale, the Star Chicken Shotgun IPA, the Closure Pale Ale, and the Anger Black IPA. I think Greenbush is really doing this brewery right...great beers, food, and venue. This is now a new must visit for Michigan...but being so close to can easily include this in a Three Floyds trip (not far from Chicago either).“
PRBeer 2714 days ago
80 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Re-rate after visit one year later after very bad service the year before. Service had VASTLY improved. They have learned how to properly staff busy summer weekends. Beer selection even more improved. On par with some of the best beer destinations in the state. Food was very good, excellent BBQ.“
drdisque 2762 days ago
88 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“The sampler is excellent and generous - give it a try. The food is good also. A nice retail store for the beer and Greenbush memorabilia also (nice tulip glass with the Greenbush logo). The beer is good, but not great. Greenbush definitely goes for the "extreme" beers. A good brewery f you like the heavy duty style of beers. But the restaurant/brew pub is definitely worth a visit; the ambience is very good, though hard to describe. Probably helped by being in the middle of nowhere (though not like Shorts in Bellaire MI).“
smroush 3311 days ago
86 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Great food, great beer. If our final destination was not Three Floyds, we would have finished the evening here.“
Arcanor 3490 days ago
92 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“I have been here several times and it is almost always packed. The ambiance is a great take on industrial with exposed bricks and piping. The recent renovation and expansion has significantly increased seating capacity. The service is always quick and friendly. Selection is constantly changing but almost all of their beers are delicious.“
AndrewOD 3709 days ago
72 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“I’ve stopped in twice when in the area. Sun. afternoon, very quiet. Sat. night, very crowded, noisy, fun, party atmosphere! Food was ok, but not much of a selection. House brews that I tried were very good. I really enjoyed the Dunegras IPA! 2 thumbs up for that one!“
Harley_Biker 3725 days ago
84 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“A terrific, comfortable, dining and drinking option in the Harbor Country area. The room is fun and comfortable, the beers (all Greenbush, I believe) are good to very good, and the food solid (my smoked brisket sandwich excellent). A must stop for visitors to the area, and easily in the upper echelon of dining/drinking spots. (Skip Fitzgerald’s door!)“
jstraw 3761 days ago
88 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“I cannot say enough about this place. To put it simply, Greenbush provides very good beer and food without the pretentiousness of 3F. This place is both comfortable and conversational for the craft beer lover“
BringOnTheBigUns 3776 days ago
92 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“This place never fails to deliver the goods. Beer outstanding. Food above average. Service good. With an overall ambiance and vibes as a place with a great beer culture. It is so nice to have a place like this so close to the Chicagoland area Just a casual drive on a nice sunny day to grab a few brews and enjoy a trip to the lakefront.“
JGaldikas 3776 days ago
82 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Casual laid back atmosphere, With a friendly staff, and big windows. Located just across the Indiana border off of I-94 (exit 12). Great beer selection with a dozen Greenbush beers on tap and six bottled beers for sale. The menu consist of a range of delicious flat bread sandwiches, salads, and soup. Very cost friendly. We took an hourlong excursion from Chicago here for lunch! Highly recommended.“
pablo951 3984 days ago
92 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Happy I found this place, visited Saturday night, decent crowd, had a taster or 6 and 2 other beers between the two of us, beers ranged from good to really outstanding. Total taps was 12. A great porter, and excellent american strong ale and a fantastic blueberry imperial cream stout. Good pale ale and ipa. Bought a snifter and a t shirt I liked the place so much. Great brewpub, excellent work by the brewer/owner. I’ve been several times now and great beer on draft the bottle beer I’ve tried is more variable.“
KPD 3986 days ago
82 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“A cozy little place in a quiet area. We went on a Sunday at it was packed, which isn’t hard to do because it is so small. We sat at the bar and the bartenders were attentive and nice, even while they were rather busy. The food was awesome. Get the brisket! The wife got the ham and cheese and that was great as well. The menu is small though, but as long as the food is this good I can overlook that. The beer selection was good, not great. Their bottles were a little pricey imho. Anytime I am passing that way I will plan on stopping in for sure.“
ICEatALAMO 4019 days ago
100 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Easy to find location and found a parking space directly out front mid afternoon, later? Small location with bar in middle with a few tables along window. Freindly service but they got very busy as the hour went on. Good selection and quality of beer. I will make a regular stop mid - day when in Michigan. #1144“
Tmoney99 4191 days ago
82 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Eclectic, cool joint. The people there are very laid back and friendly. Kid friendly. Small but diverse food menu. Great selection of house beers (house beer only) I’d say they probably had about 10-15 things on tap. Liked every beer i tried. While nothing really blew me away everything was well above average. The only bad thing is you need to be a bit forward to get service. You could be missed even at an off peak time.“
JoePeesie 4200 days ago
90 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“This was one of my favorite finds on my trek to Michigan and back. I just went here on a last minute whim to split up my drive a little. It’s located so close to the interstate it’s perfect for that. Sawyer is a tiny little town with apparently nothing in it, but this Brewery is serving some top notch beers in a trendy environment. They have several styles from which to choose, anything from Belgian styles to hoppy Americans, to German styles. The beers I had were both excellent. Six packs and growlers are available to go as well. I love their packaging, very pleasing to the eye. They just happened to play "We Own the Sky" as part of their house music. That song was stuck in my head all week and that definitely earned extra points for me. There are definitely more than 8 taps here, btw. I’d say at least 12“
NachlamSie 4204 days ago
84 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“A new brewpub in the great state of Michigan, sign me up. This place serves fantastic beer and had enough on the tap list that I had to bookend visits on my way to GR. Service was stellar, the food hit the spot though was only sandwich fare. The place is small but had a nice atmosphere to it, this is the new go-to on the way to GR/KZoo for me.“
esjaygee 4213 days ago
80 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Really nice new brewpub off 94. Good ambiance with helpful service that can be overwhelmed during busy times. Food is good but not great. They seem to be struggling to keep up with demand lately but good selection of solid beers. Prices are quite competitive.“
deyholla 4236 days ago
60 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Small serving room in the brewery. Seating very limited, and you need to be aggressive to be served. Beers are nice, but sometimes feels like they are trying too hard to be extreme and eclectic. Hopefully they will expand their pub with more seating (although this may prove to be very difficult) and more staff and it will be great.“
shrubber85 4237 days ago
86 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Did not try food but the beer kills. Small cozy overly friendly and the flight is massive“
mikem409 4240 days ago
84 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“I think their beers and variety is great. I’ve had hit or miss with staff. One visit, if I hadn’t been there before, I never would have returned from my experience with the 1 staff working that day. Anti social and rude. That’s not who you want working when you’re a start-up. I haven’t had a chance to have their food yet.“
Mzalenski 4332 days ago
90 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Stopped in at lunchtime on a holiday Monday and the bar was nearly full, including a couple of staff eating there on their day off - the first sign that this place was not just your average brewpub. The interior was just a modular wooden brewpub-in-a-box plunked down into one corner of a warehouse brewery. That worked perfectly, because you could watch all the activity in the brewer as batches were transferred from mash tun to fermenter onn wheels. The beers ranged from above average to outstanding. They’re poised for an expansion, so I hope they keep their quality up. Food was limited to soup and sandwiches, but those were sourced locally and very tasty. Service was solid, and both staff and locals were friendly. This is a place going well out of your way to try, and it’s worth keeping an eye on.“
Travlr 4338 days ago
22 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“May be a good bar for locals, but as an outsider my wife and I could not get the bartender’s attention to place an order. Walked to both ends of the bar and waited while he served those seated at the bar. It was not crowded, tables available and bar seats were open. Waited over 10 minutes while he talked to the locals. Since we wanted a sample of the brew, I asked for a beer menu and he laughed saying that the board had everything that they served. Then after my wife & I decided I asked for selection A on the board. He gave me a pen & paper saying very rudely that I had to fill this out. After the tone of his voice, not saying hi or welcome, not explaining the order process, the laughing and the long wait, my wife & I left. The owners need to send this bartender to customer service school. “
joejoejoejoe 4345 days ago
82 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Given the size and remoteness of the town of Sawyer I would say this place is pretty awesome. 10-12 downtown businesses and one is brewery with a taproom? Pretty sweet. Walked in and place is very clean. Nice selection with about 10-12 beers on tap and all available to go in growlers. Service was good while I was there. They had 4 of there 12oz bottled beers available to go as 4-packs or singles. Had some nice brewery swag for sale too. Definitely worth a stop if driving through the area.“
msante79 4354 days ago
62 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“small clean tap room, cozy with a cool view of the brewery so you can watch what’s going on, very neat glassware and shirts to guy, great idea of a small kids area with toys and desks for them, cool old school beer memorbilla on the wall... decent selection 13 taps of their beers, 4 of them to go too, 3 experimentals...overall beer quality was disappointing, I had a few before that were great, everything I had was average... too pricey for $6 oz pours, not easy to tick... service was subpar, the bartender was super slow, apathetic and aloof“
chibuck 4365 days ago
90 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“This place is seriously a gem! Easy to find location and great looking on the inside. The beers are fantastic, and the regulars are just good people. If Greenbush wasn’t on the other side of the state, I would visit ALL the time. GO TO GREENBUSH. Get a growler. You can bring other breweries growlers as well, they will fill them.“
RudiNicole 4379 days ago
68 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Mostly Good ....Waitstaff is excellent and knowledgeable. Brewers are not approachable at all.. SMALLEST beer is around 6%, most are between 7-10%. Very limited menu, but what they serve is very good quality. Great beer, although Ursa had a diacytel problem. Recommend stopping in; right off of I 94.“
79MPH 4386 days ago
74 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Interesting place, 2 minutes off the interstate in an old building right next to the tracks - small town USA. The bar area is literally the front corner of the brewery with open walls. Very personal service and fresh beer, including spending time chatting with the brewer himself. No IPA, which I always think is the measure of a brewery, so a touch disappointing (the barkeep mentioned was sold out at some tasting the prior day). Hard to beat the freshness and personal touch, and the personality of the brewery around you in the building and Americana right outside the door. Tough place to sell a lot of beer out of, but they seem to have good flavors/prices/charm, so hopefully they will succeed.“
AWISLguy 4423 days ago
48 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Occupancy is 32, and a quick head count when we first arrived proved over occupancy at 40+. Music was cranked up way too loud. Food available was minimal. Service was abysmal. I had to stand at the counter trying to get someone’s attention to place our beer order. I was ignored while others who came in behind me were served ahead of me, and finally had to get snippy. Beer was ok and growlers were very reasonably priced.“
queenholly 4436 days ago
76 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“Small place (max occupancy 32--and we had 25 on a Sunday afternoon). Surprising number of taps though, maybe 10 or 11, and they added a new one while we were there (PAIN!). Quick service and friendly people--got homebrewing advice and demonstration from brewmaster, which was really cool. They had no IPA which was disappointing, but the black ipa was tasty. While there, two guys were clocking their speed against the police radar that was set up outside. Ah, small town America! Great place and I really hope these guys do well, but I am not convinced that they will“
ck1 4442 days ago
84 /100 5885 SAWYER ROAD
“A new brewery located just off I-94 in the small town of Sawyer. Not really big nor has much interesting visually (unless you count look inward towards the brewing operations) that is not the important thing... the beer is. The beers are constantly rotating as the most popular ones are always running out. This is a good thing, they are fresh and well priced. I must visit for any beer geek passing through Barrien county on I-94.“
BBB63 4493 days ago
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