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88 /100 52033 VAN DYKE
“went 5/23/2017. went with my wife and another couple, nice place, had some high top and some low tables for us old folks, seating at the bar, server was knowledgeable. I had the new England IPA very good my wife had the palapa porter very good, the other couple had the peanut buddy porter and the spoonful another good hit. Nice place to go“
walleye 2387 days ago
84 /100 52033 VAN DYKE
“Nice suburban strip mall brewpub. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Good solid brews.“
bpar73 2598 days ago
70 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Decent place in a strip mall, doing what it can on the inside not to look like it’s in a strip mall. Decent beers and ok food,“
bpar73 3096 days ago
88 /100 47980 VAN DYKE
DEAN4378 3214 days ago
68 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“A brewpub in a strip mall that is quite geared to locals. Long and big with some TV’s this place has no real identity. Service was good and there is a decent beer flight available. Beer was very mediocre with some that were just not good at all. It’s a questionable stop at best.“
Ferris 3276 days ago
74 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“I’ve been here a few times and what I mostly get out of it is that it’s a pretty chill place. Pretty nice inside and probably a good place to watch a game with some buddies. The beer is average for me personally. A nice range of styles including wine and ciders if you’re feeling it. Service is friendly and chatty. The food would be my favorite part. I’ve only tried the barbecue chicken pizza and cheese bread but it’s very good and worth the stop alone.“
SpongeRuiner 3358 days ago
68 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Laid back bar & grill kind of vibe. Somewhat small tap list, decent beers & cider, nothing to go crazy over. The grub was pretty good, though. Good service, too. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit, but if you’re close by & hungry, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop in for some good food & okay beers.“
tectactoe 3389 days ago
72 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Pretty good beer, a little pricey. Great food and Service. Pretty empty when I went in for lunch. Nice place overall though.“
kpachla02 3424 days ago
74 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Great food!! Decent beer. They always have something new on tap. Good place to have so close by.“
HisBoyElroy 3773 days ago
78 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Located in a strip mall and filled with families and their noisy kids. About a dozen beers and three meads on tap and the service was excellent. You could order a sampler of as many beers and meads as you’d like, and that’s always nice. The service was excellent but the food was just ordinary. The beer was kind of run of the mill but I enjoyed the meads for the most part.“
esjaygee 4089 days ago
72 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“mug club member. very laid back place with cool live music. not a ton on draft but what is is very well done. food is above avaerage waitstaff super friendly. go on wednesday when either beer/pizza/or burgers are half off“
mikem409 4169 days ago
94 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“They have a really good selection of beers and they are always changing it up. The food is really good and they have a big variety from cheese sticks, fish dinners, salads, a variety of burgers to veggie patties tabouleh and pita chips! They have really great service with knowledgeable staff. You can become apart of the beer club they have and get discounts and free stuff.“
beermaven 4243 days ago
84 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“The food specials are great, especially for lunch, and the wheat pizza with the bold and spicy beer sauce is fantastic. I looked through the older reviews for Sherwood and completely agree with what people were saying, decent basic beer and pretty good bar food were very accurate a few years ago, but things have definitely turned around. We used to visit occasionally but an improved staff, better menu and greatly improved beer list convinced us to become lifetime members. They went from brewing your garden variety ale, stout, ipa having things like pumpenickel stout, garlic ale and their evil IPA which were all quite good. The draft list is still small at times but we go quite frequently and there is always something new on the menu worth trying. Their seasonal beers especially have come a long way and their anniversary beers are not to be missed.“
Spartan213 4308 days ago
84 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Nice place with great happy hour specials on food and beer and a pretty unique beer lineup. They have the standards which were of decent quality and some special seasonals which were worth a try. The two standout specials were the Pumpernickel Stout and Garlic Ale. It’s not too far from my home, so I’m sure I will go back again.“
RudiNicole 4471 days ago
70 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Sunday afternoon, Father’s Day, which unbeknown even to the staff upon arrival, meant an early closing at 4 pm. No matter though, it worked out. Pretty empty, though the lack of customers was overshadowed by a dark atmosphere with a bunch of beer paraphernalia on the walls and bottles on top. It also had a sort of rundown, gritty feel to it which was fine for one stop, though not something that would make me come back too often if I lived in the area. Beer however, though a short list of six, was very interesting and quite tasty, including a strawberry dark weizenbock and an excellent Pumpernickel Porter. Bartender was attentive (though admittedly that was quite easy at the time) and seemed to be into the beers she was serving. Overall, somewhat of a weird place but a nice stop for the beer.“
fredandboboflo 4908 days ago
74 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“This place is definitely worth a stop while in Michigan. It is set in a strip mall (the only off-putting thing about it) and has a laid-back atmosphere. There are several TVs showing sports games. There were 6 beers on tap and each one was pretty solid, especially the Jamocha Stout and Pumpernickel Stout. I didn’t try any of the food so I can’t comment on that. To sum, this is a small, laid-back, relaxed locale with quality beer.“
LilBeerDoctor 4917 days ago
64 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Nice place to get good to excellent beers, watch a game, hang out, and maybe even get some food. Prices are very good, only 7-8 beers on tap at any given time, though. Brewer has been testing the limits with beers lately, with doing double IPAs, wits, belgians, fruits, and smokes. Black Jack Coffee Hazelnut takes the cake though, wonderful beer. ABV is modest with nothing over 9%. I expect to see this place expanding their selection soon enough. Re-rate 3/8/11 - Some remodeling done, ambiance is slightly better. My biggest gripe though is that they no longer allow growlers of their higher gravity beers, which is very important to me.“
dmschefke 5349 days ago
68 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Very odd location - in a minimall. Beers are decent but nothing worth coming again and again for. Food was what you’d expect, nothing special.“
tomspalla 5355 days ago
14 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“The highest ABV available is 6.0, the highest IBU was 25. Samples were provided in a small plastic thimble and the taste wasn’t close to reflecting the same beer from a pint glass (the server agreed that the tastes aren’t the same). Three of us had a different beer and each was very disappointed and agreed that the beers we were served were like a beginning brewer using an extract kit where the finish doesn’t. This shop has been open for 2.5 years. I can’t figure how a brewer could stay open with such empty tasting products (this bud is not for me). It is in a strip mall near many big box retailers. Perhaps that is their target audience.“
saylave 5451 days ago
50 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“In a north suburb of Detroit this place is kind of hard to find at night for an out-of-towner even with the address. It is located among many other business in a big mall. It’s basically just another medium-size sports-bar that brew their own beers. The food menu is very affordable but very basic. Burgers, wraps, pizzas, etc. I had a chicken wrap that was ok but the Brew City Hot Scoops that accompanied it were quite something. Six beers on tap when I was there and all were standard styles (Blonde, Stout, Pale Ale, Mild, etc.). Don’t expect original or extreme beers from this pub, this is not the crowd for that. However I had the Irish Stout and the Pale Ale and both were solid basic beer. Worth a stop for a quick snack and a few beers. I wouldn’t spend an evening there.“
Glouglouburp 5628 days ago
78 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“Great food, good rotating selection of house-brewed beers. Best part is that it’s smoke-free!!!“
mattmc1973 5705 days ago
100 /100 45689 HAYES RD.
“what a great place to go have a beer. only had 4 opening night but more to come. noce open area with lots of seating, some high table with chairs. nice big bar and has easy chairs near the back. food was good had the pizza, combination plate and tortilla chips with spinach artichoke dip. for a opening night I thought the staff did very well even Ray was out there waiting tables. Nice job Ray“
walleye 6300 days ago
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