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86 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Visted on Friday afternoon. June of 2018 so people were siting also outside and we managed to find easily a spot at the bar. But the place is spacious with a big bar so most probably we would have found a spot even if the weather was not good. I really liked the ambiance, both outside and inside. Very good service. 17 taps with very nice house beers.. available in flights too. They were offered quite cold but OK. There was a food truck there. Tasty toasts. I would visit them again.“
rouhlas 1813 days ago
80 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“One of the better breweries in metro Detroit. Friendly staff, good selection of beer. They host events 3-4 times a year, which are always a hit. No food, but a food truck shows up from time to time. Large enough on a normal day but can get a little cramped. Overall, it's a good spot to check out if you're in the area.“
ebone1988 2192 days ago
62 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Stopped by in the afternoon to try some of their beers, as I found myself in the area. The new location is a fine place to meet some friends, though I can’t believe anyone would go there because of the ambiance. Could make the room feel warmer and more inviting. Right now it is a place to make and serve beer. No food. The service was great; nice bartender. The people around me were all friendly. However, the beer was what I wanted to try, and it was very spotty. The samplers I tried ranged from excellent to poor. Unfortunately, the best beer I tried is only available for about a week in December. Can’t see myself returning without that beer (or something else of similar caliber) on tap. Here is what I had: After Xmas/Xmas Ale (excellent; would love to have this again) Big Doedish (very good dipa) Train Hopper (good ipa) Under the Red Light (fair to decent) Edward’s Brown (poor; really a disappointment)“
Mr_Abner 3265 days ago
46 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“The new place is not real exciting. Lay out is kind of odd, I think they could have made much better use of the space. They have a few tables out in the area where you walk in, totally segregated from everything else. IMO this would have been a nice area for some couches, a more of an intimate seating area. They also have a very small cantilevered bar top in this area that’s about 6" wide, barley enough room to place a beer on. Cheap tables and chairs throughout. The table we sat at was not level and beers spilled. Spend the extra $10 and get the tables that can be leveled! In the bathroom they offer no paper towels to dry your hands, just one air dryer. I get that you want to be eco-friendly, but I shouldn’t have to wait in-line to dry my hands, there’s plenty of room to add a second dryer. Hardly any décor on the brown walls, it has almost no ambiance. Two smallish TV’s on the walls. If your only going to have two TV’s, maybe splurge for the 60"-er’s, it would only cost maybe $200 more each. I suspect the interior design and construction were done in house to cut cost, and the result is a cheap, unprofessional look. Service was rather slow, despite not being very busy. There were only a handful of people in there, and yet it took like 5-10 minutes each time to get a beer. I had four different beers, and two samples, all were decent, but nothing mind blowing. No food, so they’re doing the food truck parked out front thing. Word of advice to the food truck, you might want to take the 10 minutes to print up some menus to distribute inside, so patrons know what the heck you offer. I really wanted to like the new place, but came away underwhelmed, to say the least. I’m in no hurry to return, they’re just too many better options around town.“
ogglethorp 3293 days ago
74 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“A tiny little tap room in a strip mall. Service was good and friendly. Selection was a bunch of their own taps which had styles all over the map. Beer was pretty good and well priced. Although not a must stop, I am glad we did.“
Ferris 3370 days ago
78 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Current location is small and in a strip mall, but they’re reportedly moving down the road a bit in a month or so. Nice place with a few fancy bottle-cap inlaid tables. Pretty good beer (the Doedish IIPA was a standout for sure). Very fast, knowledgeable service. No food, but as with many places they allow food from nearby establishments and will provide paper plates and napkins.“
flatmatt 3372 days ago
84 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“First brewery I’ve seen in a strip mall. Very small place. Cool vibe, though. Apparently they are moving soon? Nice beer list, the stouts at this place are great. The other beers are hit & miss, but they have plenty to choose from. No food. Really great service, friendly bartenders who are willing to talk with you endlessly about beer... or whatever else. Glad to see they’ll be expanding soon!“
tectactoe 3389 days ago
72 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Well done pub in any otherwise nondescript strip mall. Small but well appointed with beautiful hand-made glass mugs on the walls. Place was packed at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon which was about 30 people. The waitress said that they are looking to move to a larger venue nearby. Beers were mostly very good, but they need to have more available than the 8 or so on tap.“
paintedmaple 3701 days ago
84 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Located in a strip mall. 11 beers on tap with some better than average - I was pleasantly surprised by the selection and overall quality/selection of styles. Very good service and will stop by again when in town. They sell flights of 5 of any beer on tap for $7.50 (including the high gravity beers!).“
hopdog 4030 days ago
68 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Small place and selection, but very tasty! Owners have a great attitude and mind for service. Will let you bring in your own food and hang. Can’t wait to see how they grow“
djpaige 4130 days ago
86 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Really like the beer here. A good selection of 8-10 beers on tap plus 2 meads. When those are out, they serve a local wine instead. I’ve loved the IPA and Double IPA here and a few of the others have been very good too. Can’t wait for more from this brewery. I spoke with the brewmaster too and he took the time to chat for a bit. My only complaint is that I wish they had food but the place is small so they can’t. I hope they get to expand eventually to serve food and start bottling. “
umich03jm 4237 days ago
74 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Small brewery in a strip mall. 10 beers on tap with 2 meads. Beer was solid and brewer was nice and let me try a small batch beer before it was on tap. No food but beers are very well priced. Good ambiance considering the space.“
deyholla 4240 days ago
82 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Went to visit Witch’s Hat on an afternoon. We were one of the only people there, and it was nice to be able to look at art and work they put into the interior. Friendly staff, and the owners took time to chat. We ordered 2 samplers which included all of the beers. I didn’t see any problems with any of the beers, and they seem to be getting a wide variety which is awesome. I hope to see more good things from Witch’s Hat.“
RudiNicole 4273 days ago
66 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Da wife and I made our first stop here today. They’re off to a good start, as evidenced by surprisingly good crowd on on a Sunday afternoon, although they need to tweak a few of the beers a bit. We had a flight of five: (1) Bear Ass Wheat - Nice aroma and good wheat beer character; maybe a little sweet, but very satisfyling. (2) 1980 Smoke Wheat - This was a treat, with just the right amount of smokiness, balanced with a good dose of sweetness. (3) Rumble Under the Red Light - The disappointment in the group; not much flavor or impression. (4) Edward’s Portly Brown - Da wife thought this was on the thin side without much character, while I though that it could make a decent session brown, although I do prefer a little more body in my brown. (5) Train Hopper IPA - Da wife was very pleased with this. It had a beautiful hop nose and flavor, although it was just tiny bit too malty sweet for my personal palate. Popcorn is fantastic, as was the service, although the friendly bartender was not terribly knowledgeable about the beers. We’ll be back. This is a place to watch.“
liebs105 4274 days ago
74 /100 22235 PONTIAC TRL
“Been a couple times to this nice beer destination. No food, tried 7 of the beers. 6 were pretty good, the common ale, irish red, brown ale, wheat were good the Holy Confusion barley wine was really excellent. Had a good ipa and brown ale place was packed after work on a Friday.“
KPD 4274 days ago
70 /100
Country Acres Market (Grocery Store)
12596 10 MILE ROAD
“A nice treasure in the middle of no-where (sorry South Lyon, Mi), it is a small general grocery store with a nice selection of craft beers (Michigan regional, U.S., and some International). Pricing was pretty good compared to other craft beer stores in the area, making it worth the trip. They were willing to order or hold on my behalf, which I liked. friendly and knowledgeable.“
djpaige 4550 days ago
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