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82 /100 14921 CLEVELAND STREET
“Vander Mill is on route 104 on the fringe of Spring Lake. The building is a red aluminum barn with a seating area up front, and production area in the back. There's a big grass patio on the side with a stage and some area for kids to run around in (extra points for being one of the most kid-friendly places I've been to). There were about a dozen things on tap when I visited, although one was listed and not tapped yet. All house offerings, mostly ciders and one IPA. The food was good; we got an app and pizza. Prices are as expected. Service is very good. It's well worth a visit if you're in this area.“
phaleslu 1007 days ago
98 /100
The Corner Market (Beer Store)
“Bar far one of the best beer selection around! Ricky really has his knowledge of beer and what the consumer wants right on track!“
JF2332 2270 days ago
84 /100 14921 CLEVELAND STREET
“Stop #5. Pleasant little area with a nice rustic atmosphere. Lots of stuff on tap, even some of their beers. Food looked delicious but we didn’t partake this time. Nice gift shop with a good selection of various ciders and apple wines. Dan Bylsma’s mom was actually behind the bar when we were there.“
zach8270 2382 days ago
80 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“This is another nice place in Northern Michigan. Great beer and I just had an app and it was ok. “
edgallow 2386 days ago
78 /100 14921 CLEVELAND STREET
“Not bad. We were in the area so we stopped by. Good selection of their stuff on tap and a pretty solid food menu. Everything is very reasonably priced as well.“
OPIE788 2433 days ago
100 /100
Arboreal Inn (Restaurant)
18191 174TH AVE
“Food is great! Beer list is top notch for a fine dining restaurant wish more beer but don't we all:). Ambiance is great with an amazing fireplace“
JF2332 2444 days ago
80 /100 14921 CLEVELAND STREET
“I went here because Old Boy’s had a pipe break or something. I was very pleasantly surprised. They just do cider (though had one beer on tap), but they do it well. I had about 8 ciders and they were all good and interesting. Food also was really good - extremely tasty and interesting. Well worth a visit. They had about 15 on tap. It was a bit pricey, though.“
BOSSbrewer 2498 days ago
78 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Pleasant brewpub - quite a bit of seating. Good selection of beers with a customer-friendly taster policy. Nice easy stop off of 31 - but if you’re coming from 31, you need to make a U-turn as soon as you can - brewpub is just to the north of the overpass/bridge.“
shrubber85 2517 days ago
72 /100 14921 CLEVELAND STREET
“Cider mill barn atmosphere. Haha good food but not easy to eat at the bat with lack of leg room. Cider was nice.“
Atom 2557 days ago
78 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Nice place, right on the water. Usually a bit crowded and busy, but the beer is generally pretty good and the food is good also. Only their stuff, as far as I can remember. But a good place if you are in the area.“
BOSSbrewer 2801 days ago
100 /100
The Corner Market (Beer Store)
“The Corner Market has the BEST beer selection in Ottawa/Muskegon County. In fact only Sicilianos has a larger selection in all of West Michigan. The Corner Market also has a very large selection of wine and liquor. It is in a perfect location when traveling from the Grand Rapids area out to Lake Michigan via I96. The store owner is very knowledgeable and always friendly. He really goes out of his way to make sure you get what you need. It is a must stop!“
thedargad 2984 days ago
90 /100
The Corner Market (Beer Store)
“Love this little place. Looks like a standard party store from the outside. Stopped one day for milk and was in for a surprise. This place is bursting at the seams with beer and quality spirits, mix-a-six available. Price is on par with area and owner was knowledgeable and very friendly.“
slipy120 2999 days ago
82 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Not a bad little brewpub. Comfy, decent beer and food. Food is a little pricey but what isn’t these days. Get a growler filled once every couple weeks. Oktobertfest beer was amazing.“
slipy120 2999 days ago
80 /100 14921 CLEVELAND STREET
“Saw this out the corner of my eye while driving to Odd Side, so this was an unexpected find and just minutes from Odd Side. The tap list had quite a few ciders, fruit wines, a cyser and two beers. The service was excellent and you got to try five for free. I had an excellent sandwich with donut chips that were rather interesting. The place was a ghost town until school let out and then it was filled up with moms and their kids.“
esjaygee 3001 days ago
100 /100
The Corner Market (Beer Store)
“The owner knew everything I could ever want to know and was more than willing to share his knowledge. Fantastic experience!“
tacosauce7541 3258 days ago
74 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“very cool little brewery with solid beer and food very cool dog pictuers everywhere“
mikem409 3285 days ago
84 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“This is a huge brewpub by the water, nothing else is really around so it has a very large parking lot. The inside of the building is big with the bar kind of in its separate room. Every inch of this place is dog-themed. There is patio seating also. The variety of beer is decent, running a fair range of styles. All the stuff I tried was pretty good. Prices are high for food. You’re not gonna eat for less than $10 and it’s more likely to be in the $15 range. I had a tasty jalapeno-sauce, anchovy pizza for $10, which actually is a fair price for a pizza.The bartender was friendly and knowledgeable. It was a good place to come watch the game and have a few brews.“
NachlamSie 3302 days ago
70 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Yep, everything has gone to the dogs here. I’m not a huge dog fan, but the décor was interesting to look at while I waited awhile for my beer/food to arrive. The large Scooby Doo was the winner and the mug club mugs are way up there, I wonder how often they get used. Nine house beers on tap and large pours on the sampler, I had to pace myself on the sampler and couldn’t finish the whole thing. Beer ranged from above average to so-so and the food was respectable. Much like their fellow Grand Haven neighbor Odd Side, they make some unique beers.“
esjaygee 3589 days ago
70 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Very good food and selection of beers. My service was terrible, but I was only there once and I do not know if that is normal.“
Hudspart 3603 days ago
76 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“I had to give the ambiance full points because of the theme, DOGS! I am a dog lover, and every inch is covered in pictures of dogs. It is a really impressive brewpub, recommend to me from the owner of Odd Side Ales, which is about 2 miles away. I tried a Toffee beer and tried their Golden Sour, and got a pint of Brown. They were all decent, the sour being the most unusual. Worth a stop if you are going a West Coast MI beer tour, but don’t go out of your way.“
RudiNicole 3702 days ago
70 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Much larger than I anticipated. Seems to focus more on the food than beer, nevertheless, the beer is high quality. About 7 of the OBB brews on draft, mostly basic styles, but all very good. I had a pizza which was very good. They have a large patio that overlooks the river. A cool place to stop if you are in the area.“
MikeF 3994 days ago
68 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Had a wedding rehearsal dinner here years ago and they have not changed much in a decade or so. Patio on the water is great and they have an interesting rotation of brews and food specials (for example, you don’t see Michigan blue gill on menus much). Their beer is average. It’s not bad, and they check all the right boxes with the styles they attempt, but with so many brewpubs out their you need a signature beer to differentiate yourself these days. That they do not have. Nice place to eat and have a beer if you find yourself in the Michigan West Coast area (Muskegon, Grand Haven, Holland, Spring Lake, etc.)“
revoke 4062 days ago
66 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Highlight is outdoor deck on the water. Decent brews, but pretty standard selection. Food is average. Prices are reasonable.“
milewide 4105 days ago
68 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“i stopped in on a saturday as part of a michigan beer road trip with rayboy01, bryan and mike. great service from a very busy (i originally mistyped this as ’busty’ but that a whole other story) bartender, who had time to talk about the beer occassionally. not a large selection, but worth the stop. i also bought a growler of their special spicy bloody mary mix which i haven’t tried yet. if i like that. maybe i’ll kick up the review. i’ll stop in again if i am ever in the neighborhood.“
dm9831 4254 days ago
50 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Everytime I’ve been in there it’s been packed. Which is good for them, but bad for me. Food takes forever. Beer isn’t that great. This place probably wouldn’t servive if it weren’t for the location, right on the water and close to a yacht club...“
amg800 4388 days ago
58 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Located south of Muskegon off highway. Not easy to spot. Biulding is large brick with 80% with table set for food and 20% in bar area. Beer selection was their brews and macros. If you are doing the tourist thing driving the coast to the north, I would stop 30 miles south or 60 miles north.“
Tmoney99 5865 days ago
56 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“I only go to this place by boat, it’s nice that way.“
P-tor44 6039 days ago
52 /100 971 WEST SAVIDGE
“Located in a "retro" brick building on the outskirts of Spring Lake, Old Boys’ plays it safe with a multitude of light beers. There were 7 beers on tap when I visited; three were lagers (a Low Carb offering, Dortmunder, and Kolsch), one was a wheat beer, and the collection was rounded out with a red ale, a brown ale, and a stout. The stout was pretty good but the other beers were average to below-average offerings, watered-down for the general public. Decent food (I had a barbeque pizza). Pricey; pints are $3.50 and even the hamburgers start at $8.99. Average ambiance; the walls of the restaurant are covered with pictures of employees’ and patrons’ dogs. They also sell pint glasses, t-shirts, and other memorabilia as well as packaged snack foods.“
Silphium 6066 days ago
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