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88 /100 14455 LAKESIDE CIRCLE
“Great, spacious place with good food and a good selection of their beers and others“
bpar73 681 days ago
100 /100
Grapevine Wine Shop (Beer Store)
8230 15 MILE RD
“This place is beautiful! Can’t believe I lived here for 3 years and just discovered it 2 months ago. These guys got everything a beer geek dreams of. Everyone’s really friendly and they even special ordered a dogfish brew for me. Don’t need to go anywhere else“
jakelafeve 1924 days ago
100 /100
The Liquor Book (Beer Store)
“New establishment, opened in December 2014. The beer selection grows every week and the service is always excellent. The staff really cares about the store and most importantly their customers. If you are looking for anything in particular they will take your information and try to get it to you! This store is definitely on route to being the best liquor, beer, and wine store in the area!“
theliquorbook 2046 days ago
80 /100 44935 HAYES RD.
“Nice sports bars with a great beer selection, good food and pretty girls. Not a bad combination.“
bpar73 2149 days ago
70 /100
Grapevine Wine Shop (Beer Store)
8230 15 MILE RD
“Solid place. Pretty unknown. Selection is on the better side, but there is some question to the freshness of the beers (dust, relabeling, etc). I wouldn’t feel comfortable buying an IPA or IIPA here unless I saw it come in or be replenished. But with Champanes practically down the road (2 miles away), there is no question to where I would be going.“
dmschefke 3380 days ago
98 /100
Grapevine Wine Shop (Beer Store)
8230 15 MILE RD
“Excellent selection, great service, fair prices. They aren’t the cheapest around, but unlike some other stores, they actually make great beers available. The beer buyer there is an obvious beer geek and service is second to none. These guys will go out of their way to special order whatever they can get their hands on for you. One of the FEW places I trust to buy fresh beer!“
kpowr82 3426 days ago
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