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Latest reviews from Traverse City

64 /100 300 E. FRONT STREET
“Stopped in for lunch, decent sized area. Mainly a cider house, a few beers on tap. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 217 days ago
66 /100 120 PARK STREET
“Stopped in on a Wednesday evening, decent sized area. A few seats outdoors, plenty of room at the bar. Only had time to grab a crowler, and head out. They had eight of their beers on tap, didn't see guest taps, almost like they were just getting started. Did not see a food menu, but plenty of places to eat nearby. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 217 days ago
“Bought out the video store; now have food and they have a nice selection of beers that are darn good“
jambapotato 378 days ago
84 /100 1796 S GARFIELD AVE
“Great Mexican food with a good selection of craft beers.“
bpar73 1101 days ago
76 /100 12719 S W BAY SHORE DR
“Modern/rustic place with good food, a decent beer selection and great views of West Bay.“
bpar73 1159 days ago
“New place sharing a building with a video store. Nice use of the space. Friendly staff and solid brews.“
bpar73 1175 days ago
72 /100 400 WEST FRONT ST.
“Really nice looking restaurant with good service and good food. They offer their own brews which are solid if not spectacular. Good place for a meal and a pint or two. Had a cask ale which you can’t get everywhere.“
KPD 1242 days ago
56 /100 300 E. FRONT STREET
“This is a cider place and seems pretty good in that score. Only 3 beers on tap and a few bottles, lots of cider, some wines, cocktails, food was good. So good drinking establishment, beer wise not so good.“
KPD 1243 days ago
82 /100 1371 GRAY DR #200
“Hidden in an old historic Hospital complex building right under a water tower makes it tricky to find but worth the trip. nice beer garden view, Staff was friendly and able to talk to you about the beer. All five ales we tasted were refined and solid. Will visit again when in the area.“
BlackBeerPG 1350 days ago
56 /100 642 RAILROAD PL
“Nice outdoor seating area. Live music on our Saturday visit was unexpected. Pizza’s are some of the best in TC. The beer selection was good with a smattering of IPA’s, pils, saisons, porters and stouts.“
jambapotato 1376 days ago
90 /100 128 S UNION ST
“Several years after opening this is still the clear beer destination in town. Great selection with lots of Internationals and American micros. A very good selection of bottled beer as well. Staff was very friendly as were other bar patrons. This is a gem of a place, if you are in northern Mi it is a must visit. They should stay open later on weekends in the summer - close at midnight.“
KPD 1396 days ago
62 /100 225 EAST 16TH STREET
“First visit in a few years and in new larger space. Lots of quirky beers flavored up, kind of like a shorts wanna be. Had a really bad citrus cream ale. Had a flight of decent beers, most of the fairly large list I had no interest in like asparagus beer.“
KPD 1396 days ago
76 /100
Beverage Company (Beer Store)
“Unexpectedly good selection, mostly local stuff, but also a fair amount from the rest of the US, plus a good selection of International stuff.“
Ktwse 1409 days ago
76 /100 13512 PENINSULA DRIVE
“Nice place with good food and a decent selection on tap: 6 JP, 6 Mission and a few others. Friendly staff. The bottle selection to go was quite good and decently priced.“
Ktwse 1409 days ago
“Very original craftbeer theme. Surprised none of the reviews mention that theme...kind of a 60's/70's Russian communist thing going on...(comrades, pour to the people, lots of red...workshop theme)...I like it as a play off of those cold war times (I'm old enough to!). They have this whole thing going on where you buy ahead a beer for a friend...they put it up on this big chalk board...and you could walk in to find you have a free beer or two waiting...and I'm guessing the idea is to then pay it forward (love the concept). I really like the design of the place...the openness to the outside...the patio...all good. Beers were decent...a few above average (nothing amazing). If you're in Traverse City...this is the other place to go after Right Brain...much nicer place to hangout in nice weather...but beers are much better at Right Brain.“
PRBeer 1447 days ago
88 /100 225 EAST 16TH STREET
“Definitely the preeminent craftbeer destination in Traverse City. Pulled into town here first...just passing thru...first question after ordering a flight was...(wait for it)..."don't you guys have like a cherry festival around here or something?" Well after cracking up and me being bewildered as to why...I'm what's the story...and she's can't possible be in town asking about a cherry festival on the weekend of "the freakin biggest and best cherry festival in the whole US of A" (explains why I got the last room in Traverse City at a Hampton Inn for for over $300!). People were great...décor is eclectic and cool (love the Tie Fighter hanging from the ceiling). Believe it or not they had 18 beers on draft the night we arrived...tried 12 via flights. Being the cherry festival...everyone in town makes something with this case a cherry pale ale (Cherry Bomb) that was pretty decent. Also loved the Willpower crisp citrus pale ale, the chocolate espresso stout (CEO Stout), spicy cilantro nutty brown ale (Thai Peanut). There were also a couple of interesting IPA's...rye chocolate citrus (Concrete Dinosaur), and Calypso Hops Hoppy IPA (Spinal Tapper). As I said above...Right Brain is the one must visit while in Traverse City ("Workshop" is a close second though)...and definitely hit "Shorts" when heading north. (PS...great hamburger food truck the night I visited!)“
PRBeer 1447 days ago
80 /100 2032 US-31
“Nice little place with a large patio, great food and a nice selection of craft beers.“
bpar73 1497 days ago
68 /100
Olive Garden (Restaurant)
2800 N. US HWY. 31 S
“Standard Italian fare with a few good beers.“
bpar73 1536 days ago
72 /100
Minerva's (Bar)
“Nice bar and restaurant in the Park Place Hotel downtown.“
bpar73 1551 days ago
“Came in a drank several beers here had a really good time chatting it up with locals. The flights are 8oz pours- had some good beers- well worth a stop.“
KPD 1561 days ago
76 /100 642 RAILROAD PL
“Stopped in and sampled most drafts range was ok to good- most were pretty nice, my favorite was the imperial stout. Staff were nice and the food was really good. Nice beer stop.“
KPD 1561 days ago
“Part of the State Street Marketplace that includes food vendor and souvenir shops. Brews seem to be solid.“
bpar73 1700 days ago
78 /100 1752 US 31
“Good BBQ place with a large beer menu,“
bpar73 1705 days ago
76 /100 642 RAILROAD PL
“Nice converted Railroad station with a scenic look at Boardman Lake. Plenty of outside seating. They have flatbread Pizza. The samplers we had were good, especially the stouts and Porter. Newer brewer has the chops.“
BlackBeerPG 1711 days ago
“This brewery shares open space in it's taproom with food and t-shirt vendors. Brand new. Bartender Sami was very informative, We tired 3 beers they brew and one guest beer. In downtown Traverse City it is walking distance to other breweries.“
BlackBeerPG 1712 days ago
84 /100 300 E. FRONT STREET
“Very nice ambiance; the Petoskey stones in the natural wood tables are an excellent touch. The drinks are focused primarily on a good variety of Michigan ciders from several different cideries, including one of their own (as of my visit). There are also quite a few cocktails on the menu (including several cider cocktails) as well as some Michigan wines and a handful of quality Michigan beers. Food was well done and had a good variety to it. Overall a place to return to, at least if you like cider and good food!“
flatmatt 1782 days ago
70 /100 229 LAKE AVE
“Doesn’t seem big, but long and narrow, it probably is. Kinda dark. Trivia was starting right as I was leaving. Fairly packed at 615 but not insane. 7 house beers, 6 of them quote good, one overly sweet. 4 of 7 were super-hoppy IPAs, which gets a bit tiresome. Overall the beer is good. Service was a bit passive. Did not try the food. A bit pricy for the flight, but not terrible. Guests taps were solid. Overall, solid place, good beer. Stop by when you’re hitting Right Brain.“
Drake 1828 days ago
88 /100 225 EAST 16TH STREET
“MASSIVE place. Big, bright, cinder block. Lots of tables, decent sized bars. Nearly 30 things on tap. I tried 11 beers, which included beers containing asparagus, cherries, pig heads, lavender, peanut butter, cilantro, and pineapple. So yeah, they like to play with adjuncts. However, it works. Beers are all quite good. The Peanut Butter CEO was probably the best beer I had on this entire trip, and I’m not even a big fan of peanut butter! Food was tasty. It was fun trying the pork beer while eating a ham sandwich. Tons of bottles to go, including some stuff not on tap. Bartenders were amazing. Pull a beer out of the back that hadn’t even been labeled yet so the bar patrons could try it. Did an expert job helping an "I only drink Bud" guy. Prices are a tad bit steep. Overall, destination brewery.“
Drake 1828 days ago
70 /100
Apache Trout Grill (Restaurant)
“Really nice clean atmosphere, I thought I was going to have dress up and wear a tie and all that jazz, nope. My then-father-in-law said, just don’t wear your AC/DC t shirt and ripped jeans, which I don’t own a AC/DC t shirt, but anyways. Food is quite good here. I had rainbow trout served on a plank once and the other time was a NY strip steak, both were pretty good. Bell’s Two Hearted on tap, just make sure to ask for a non-frozen glass if you want it.“
Bulk_Carrier 1856 days ago
70 /100 963 E HAMMOND RD.
“Just as the name says, yes, and just like where I live now, Michigan tends to be like Vermont in the same respect (both states stuff beer wherever they damn well please), so hardware stores are no exception. Go buy a chainsaw and a shovel while browsing over a fairly good selection of beers, haha, good times.“
Bulk_Carrier 1860 days ago
62 /100 539 W 14TH ST
“Decent place with a good selection of beers, though I find Tilley’s to be just a touch cleaner. It’s the same value everywhere you go in TC land, so you’ll get it if you go to this little city.“
Bulk_Carrier 1860 days ago
68 /100 617 RANDOLPH ST
“Pretty cool little store full of all kinds of liquor, not just beer. Yes, there’s BMC beers but anything with the name "party store" in it in Michigan means that it’s going to say that.“
Bulk_Carrier 1860 days ago
“Pretty authentic styled Irish pub house from what I remember. Their beers are pretty good. They serve some other beers that aren’t theirs. Pretty clean and good service. Oddly enough, for both times I was there, all I ever had was some pub burgers which were good.“
Bulk_Carrier 1860 days ago
“A neat little place, though not a traditional restaurant-style brewery. You seat yourself at one of the makeshift tables and serve yourself at the bar (they do bring out your food for you). There is a huge number of beers to choose from, and a good variety of styles, though most of them are some form of IPA. The flights as someone mentioned are huge - four 8-ounce pours for $12. Pretty good deal. I enjoyed all the beers I tried, and their potato leek pizza was great. They seem to have some kind of event every night. There was a DJ when I was there who awarded prizes such as a free pint of beer to anyone who could guess the song he played. And there are games and other activities. Saw lots of young ones enjoying themselves. Nice place.“
chucklemation 1866 days ago
“Used to visit my ex father in law here when I was married and living in the Soo. Always had great service here, food was always great. Never got to try their beers, but service was always good when I used to go here.“
Bulk_Carrier 1896 days ago
78 /100
Union Tap & Grill (Restaurant)
“Nice place in Old Town was good food and a good selection of craft beer.“
bpar73 1915 days ago
88 /100 13512 PENINSULA DRIVE
“Absolutely beautiful location out of town on the old mission peninsula, drove from m37 down island view to peninsula drive and the view was stunning. The restaurant is a rustic lodge. Food excellent. The beer menu was half dozen JP beers same number of old mission brews, a couple north peak. Great beer and other adult beverage place, if you are looking for hard core JP tasting head to Dexter or Ann Arbor.“
KPD 1915 days ago
88 /100 1371 GRAY DR #200
“Newly opened in the Grand Traverse Commons area. Nice conversion of the State Hospital woodworking shop into an inviting space. A solid line up of beers to start with. Had a nice conversation with one of the brewers and her passion for the craft is obvious. A bit tucked away but well worth finding.“
bpar73 1944 days ago
86 /100 13512 PENINSULA DRIVE
“I will go here just for the pizza alone. Nice chill place, but that pizza though“
Hopper8 1995 days ago
84 /100 400 WEST FRONT ST.
“It can be a bit crowded and it’s a bit weird of an ambiance, but the food and the beer are both of extreme quality. My parents don’t drink but we’ll go for just the food.“
Hopper8 1995 days ago
70 /100 642 RAILROAD PL
“Old train station turned into brewpub pizzeria. Not a bad idea. The beers were quite alright and the pizza somewhat tasty. Everything here was quite alright. 11 beers on tap. Flights of 4 or 6 available. Why not.“
rosenbergh 2053 days ago