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78 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Last time I only visited the newer Clinton spot, which is certainly better and usually has a better taplist. But it’s worth visiting the OG too. Seems a bit dated inside now but it’s charming and still a beer geek destination. Big taplist of over 20 things, not many of the stronger ones though when I went and no meads. Prioritize the newer location but this is still worth stopping at depending on the taplist and your available time.“
mcberko 387 days ago
54 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“Overrated spot at this point. In a little industrial park, old school interior. Ridiculous number of taps, but not that many interesting ones. Flights of 5 available for about $10-11. Wasn't a huge fan of any of the beers, but they were for the most part drinkable. Give this one a miss.“
mcberko 1364 days ago
72 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“Visited on a Saturday evening around dinner time. They have their own dedicated parking lot. Kind of reminds me of a European old world style pub. Lots of wood finishes. Plenty of seating available since we were pretty much the only people here. Service was pretty good. Their draft list was really great. Tons of diversity. We were primarily here for the meads, which they had several. My only complaint with them is the pricing was pretty high. Most were over $10 for a six ounce pour. They weren't all that great either. I wish I would have had more time and sobriety to try their beers, because they have a lot of styles I just don't see very often. I will have to come back another time to focus on trying their beer. We ordered the Mild, which was pretty much what it should be. I would recommend this place if you are around the area at all. The food we had was really good as well.“
JStax 1869 days ago
58 /100 2270 EAST 10 MILE ROAD
“The building is a converted fast food restaurant. The servers were friendly. The beers were below average, most of them too bitter. The food was well below average. The night I went, they had one option: fried chicken wings and fries that came out way too quickly and that got cold and soggy not long afterward. There are some games, such as a giant connect four, a jenga set, and a Sonic the Hedgehog arcade game for added fun.“
chucklemation 1883 days ago
84 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“Good food and great brews.“
bpar73 1951 days ago
70 /100 2270 EAST 10 MILE ROAD
“Converted restaurant. seems to be straining a bit for the "pub vibe". Beers are OK, but nothing above the ordinary.“
bpar73 1958 days ago
72 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“As you can see from the picture, this place feels a bit dated. Everything from the brewery logo to the interior of the restaurant could use an overhaul. The service was solid if not a bit indifferent. They do excellent German styles which living in PA I always love to see. They had a lot of beers on but I wish they had more of their meads as well. It's a solid place but I'm not sure it's the beer mecca it once was.“
DiarmaidBHK 2024 days ago
68 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Free dedicated parking here. Older big U-shaped bar and tables. My girl actual provided good service. Their website was spot on to what was offered both draft and bottle. The bottles are quite expensive. If they had something I would like to try I would come back.“
weihenweizen 2090 days ago
62 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Dark wood storefront with indifferent service, lots of different styles but most were average, pizza was ok , prices are reasonable and about 30 on tap“
blutt59 2139 days ago
90 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“Interior has a medieval feel, and is fairly spacious yet cozy. Servers are quick to help and make recommendations. Not only do they have a lot of beer, all of it is of their own making - and it ranges from OK to excellent. Food is fairly good; I have had more generous servings of spinach artichoke dip, but theirs is a cut above. A must if you live anywhere near the Detroit area.“
Cybercat 2229 days ago
66 /100
Action Liquor (Beer Store)
27552 VAN DYKE
“surpringly good selection on stuff that can age. good prices oberall. was able to breakup multipacks but didnt push it best selection and orices schramms and speciation.“
Sammy 2239 days ago
96 /100
Action Liquor (Beer Store)
27552 VAN DYKE
“Great store with excellent service and prices!“
nof 2411 days ago
68 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Reviewed from notes. Rolling across country, as I got my orders from Maine to Alaska, my then wife needed to stop in Michigan to see relatives before we moved up there (Southeast Alaska). I was supposed to meet ratebeer user "Tectactoe" but Anthony texted me and said his car broke down that day. I had MBC’s Lunch for him, oh well. Anyways, I had some really nice beers by Kuhnhenn that day and they gave me water and I didn’t even ask. I walked away with their saison in a bottle that day. I have yet to meet Anthony, oh well, some day, maybe.“
Bulk_Carrier 2583 days ago
76 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“I had tasted Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock and based on that I planned us an overnight stop in Warren so I could visit the place. I really had high expectations. The place is nice and the beers decent. But unfortunately they didn’t have anything comparable to Raspberry Eisbock. No food available. 20 beers on tap and flights (of 5) available. Not the best Michigan - a truly great beer state - can offer.“
rosenbergh 2617 days ago
84 /100 2270 EAST 10 MILE ROAD
“Great service and beer. Smallish place in an old restaurant building, great pricing and happy hour. We had limited food while there, but enjoyed the items. A real ground up beer place... For people who enjoy beer w/o a fancy or trendy plave“
strongpieman 2689 days ago
94 /100
Action Liquor (Beer Store)
27552 VAN DYKE
“John and Kevin @ Action Liquor provide excellent customer service. They make feel you welcome and are able to recommend beer to a novice without the typical snobbery that some experienced craft beer drinkers like to belittle others with. Prices are fair too.“
Munchaussen 2761 days ago
86 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Kuhnhenn was one of my first favorite breweries back in the old days, and I’ve always considered it as kind of a mecca. Glad to finally make it after all these years and also glad to be the 150th place rating! Small parking lot behind was no problem early afternoon on a Saturday. The place is dominated by a large bar in the center. Tables around. Honestly a lot cleaner than I expected I didn’t try the food and the staff didn’t even try to make it sound good. A million taps, tons of styles. Flight of five was $13, pretty steep.Bottles to go also pretty steep. Quality of beers and meads was good, and, if variety is your thing, which is most likely is if you’re reading this, this is a great place. My expectations after so many years wasn’t met, but, I wasn’t let down either. This still remains an essential stop well worthy of going out of your way.“
Drake 2822 days ago
76 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“First of all, a great beer selection. So many beers on tap with several meads as well! Can’t say I had anything bad to say about any of the beverages I tried! The wooden sampler trays and their accompanying paper slips are really well done (paper slips is a misnomer here, though; they’re quite fancy). Service was reasonably good. Food menu is fairly limited, but I really liked the pizza: the "barbecue sauce" is really more like a spiced tomato sauce than its name would lead you to believe, and the dried herbs on the pizza really added a lot to it. Can’t say I was a huge fan of the atmosphere. Could be I was expecting something more castle-like; could be there just weren’t enough people there (we got there early on a Monday evening). It wasn’t bad, but it just seemed bland. But that’s probably the least important thing about this nice place.“
flatmatt 2829 days ago
66 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“I’ve only been to Kuhnhenn one time, which was a stop-over on the way to a Tigers game in Detroit. Overall, wasn’t super impressed with this place. From a food perspective, I remember having popcorn and not much else. From a beer perspective, they obviously have great stuff on tap, which is the real reason to come here. Maybe I’ll be back, but if I never get the chance to that’s OK with me.“
andyhwcinc 2843 days ago
84 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Visited Nov-2011. Open and full of windows to the industrial-like surroundings. We pulled up and found two guys brewing in the parking lot at the brew store next door. Visited on a surprisingly populated Sunday afternoon in November, most of the locals were sitting around the giant bar U watching the football game on the big screen. We tried a couple samplers and a delicious supreme pizza, served quickly and quite hot in the latter’s case. Great selection of their own beers. (4/9/13/9/8/16) 84“
mabel 2897 days ago
62 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“UPDATE: The beers were much more plentiful as well as 1st rate...every one we had was outstanding. The pub fair was decent and reasonably priced. However, the service was terrible...our server was standing right outside of our table smoking cigarette after cigarette and we had to flag down other servers due to the neglect. ORIGINAL RATING: I’ve been going here since the place opened several years ago when it was just a plain room that had awesome beers. As the decor improved the inverse happened in the beer quality. It’s still OK, but lack of innovation has really hurt this place. No reason to go here anymore when there are so many other great places so close.“
paintedmaple 3046 days ago
92 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Great place with character. Great selection and excellent service. a must-stop if you are anywhere in the Detroit area.“
bpar73 3091 days ago
82 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Un grand local qui maximise comme il peut son potentiel. Le côté boutique à l’entrée a plusieurs produits maison à part la bière mais je n’ai pas eu l’occasion de les essayer. Tout est grand dans cette salle, le bar, les tabourets, le plafond et la liste de fût. Un passage obligé si on passe par Sarnia.“
Marheb 3245 days ago
80 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Stopped in here on a Friday around noon and the parking lot was pretty empty. We were the only folks in here for a little while. We were mostly here for meads, but it turned out they only had their Orange Blossom available at the time, so that was a bit of a let down. Fortunately, though, their tap list was excellent. I was able to try a lot of great beers, and several that I had actually wanted to try for some time. Service was great, the staff was all knowledgeable, and pricing was decent. They do have a small food menu, but we did not order anything as we already had a lunch destination picked out. I hope to make it back here some day.“
JStax 3249 days ago
76 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Stop #1 on our brewery tour. Quite crowded when we arrived but we got a table easily. Good draft selection of a lot of their products, including the Raspberry Eisbock. You can get a flight of five of any of their beers. They had a special menu for Polish night that looked good, but I don’t think they normally serve food. Cool atmosphere.“
zach8270 3287 days ago
86 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“The always impressive Kuhnhenn is definitely towards the top for beer quality among Michigan locals. Always pretty busy and a loud fun environment. The huge rotating list of taps is a big plus. Not much selection of food as they have a little popcorn popper in the corner and some cheap pizza yet outside food is welcome. It’s a very laid back place with great beer. Always an event around the corner. A great place if you’re looking for a great drink.“
SpongeRuiner 3354 days ago
64 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Visited: 9/20/14. Ambiance: Kind of a boring place, has a U shaped bar with tables all around but kind of dumpy. Service: Bartenders were okay, hard to grt a beer when it wasnt overly busy, kind of hard to ask about beers Selection: They had a large selection of different beers/varieities..only one mead. Value: Beers were a little pricey for the lack of quality but horrible Overall: Was really disappointed, kind of a dumpy place and the beers were slightly over priced.“
merc7186 3360 days ago
72 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“An odd bar in a commercial plaza, reminds me of a biker hang out. Interesting staff and clients, worth the visit just for the characters around. Service was pleasant and had a bit of beer knowledge. Selection is huge with tons of beer and some mead as well. Food is very basic and filling. Prices are good. I would go here as it is a good stop on the highway and they have lots of choice, but it will unlikely be a destination for me.“
Ferris 3366 days ago
76 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“A bit out of the way this large boxy tap room is basic but functional in a very decent way. Lots of bench seating and a huge U bar without distractions. Service was great and friendly, even though they were packed and it may have slowed a bit. Popcorn and samplers were available. Prices were decent. A good place to go with tons of taps. A tickers delight.“
Ferris 3366 days ago
64 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“Dimly lit restaurant vibe, pretty wide open. Good service, eccentric staff. Quite a large selection of beers, but to be honest, they’re all pretty much decent at best. A few of them are good, but many of them are very forgettable. No food as far as I know. Stop if you’re in the area, otherwise, meh.“
tectactoe 3385 days ago
76 /100 2270 EAST 10 MILE ROAD
“A small shack, down-low ambiance. Kind of looks like a pawn shop from the outside, but the inside is nicer. Decent selection of hand crafted brews, albeit a little small. Didn’t have the food. Good service, pretty nice beers all around. Nothing amazing but nothing terrible, either. A cool place to visit if you’re in the area.“
tectactoe 3391 days ago
64 /100 2270 EAST 10 MILE ROAD
“Moderate sized place north of detroit.hoppy beers are the ones to seek out however system is buggy and they are served admittedly way way too cold.“
Sammy 3419 days ago
88 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“A place that I frequent, & gladly. Kuhnhenn makes some damn delicious beers; you won’t always find heavy hitters like BB4D, Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine or Raspberry Eisbock on tap, but even their normal mainstays & seasonals are varied & delicious... DRIPA, Fluffer, Penetration Porter, Kuhnieweizen, etc... You’re sure to find something you like. The only food includes microwave pizzas, chips, & popcorn, but recently they’ve been having an outside company, Detroit BBQ, smoke all kinds of delicious meats & sandwiches outside on the weekends. The staff is friendly & service is great when things are slower, but things tend to get mucky when they’re busy - a few extra servers or tenders wouldn’t hurt. Bottle releases can be chaotic but they always thrown on great kegs & awesome tap lists for special events. One of my favorite breweries - I love this place!“
tectactoe 3436 days ago
78 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“What to say about this place that hasn’t already been said. The atmosphere is nice and the selection is great. No real menu, but food trucks and sellers stop by. The biggest limitation is the service; it’s a bit understaffed, and there are hospitality issues having brewers behind the bar. Still, a must-stop if you’re in the area.“
b3shine 3503 days ago
78 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Went there on the end of November 2013, bright light, humid and crowdy. Great selection at that time, beers are really good, waitress know their beers, food is basic but we’ve been offer a local restaurents book so we can order, we received our food by the delivery man in the bar !!! We are not used to that in Quebec !!! Nice ideal.“
Arcanor 3518 days ago
90 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“This brewery is very unassuming. In fact, if you didn’t know what exactly you were looking for, you’d drive right by it 9 times out of 10. But once you find it and step inside, you find the best microbrewery in the Detroit area, with its medieval theme, massive selection of beers, wines and meads, and the flexibility of decent, cheap bar food or the option to bring in your own food or have it delivered to the bar. The drink list can be overwhelming but the staff knows their stuff and can definitely recommend the best beverages. There is an area in the back for darts and games, and some amazing decor all around. My suggestion is to order some pizza from Detroit-Style Pizza Co. just up the street, sit down and grab a Final Absolution Trippel Ale, and enjoy the best beer and the best pizza in the region.“
cmbatter 3522 days ago
74 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“UPDATE: They no longer allow you to bring your own food or order food from outside, unless it’s during non-kitchen hours, which I learned when I brought in some Jimmy Johns and they turned my pregnant wife and me away (and we had to eat in the car outside the brewery). We brought the food, not realizing the rule had changed, because their food selection is not great. Their sandwiches are good, as well as a few of their appetizers, but most of their food is just bad. The pizza and chicken tenders mentioned below are no longer options. They’ve been doing weekly board game nights, though, which has been fun. ORIGINAL: I’ve been here a few times, and plan to visit again, and I really enjoy it. The service is great, and the beer selection is massive. Fortunately they have a good price on their samplers. I would say the beer isn’t mind-blowing, and it ranges from excellent to meh, but with so much to choose from that’s bound to happen. The food they have at the brewery is decent, with a free appetizer of pretzels and mustard, and a choice of cheese and crackers, sandwiches with chips, and chicken tenders with fries, among others. You have the option of bringing in your own food, or even ordering food from elsewhere to be delivered. That way Dragonmead positively impacts the local business community. Overall this is a very nice place to go with a group of people, scratch your heads over what beer to order, and just have a good time.“
chucklemation 3553 days ago
76 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“I think what really sets Kuhnhenn apart is the selection. They have a lot of beers on tap. The beers I had here were good. I thought it was a little overrated but it is still a place that I would go to anytime.“
hubermi12 3576 days ago
82 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“I really like the style of this brewery with the old Celtic/English feel. I also really liked how the beers were classified by country, there were a lot to choose from. I liked all the beers I had and cant wait to go back.“
hubermi12 3576 days ago
80 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“Cool place with tons of taps as well as meads and wines. Pretty good beer, nice atmosphere and pretty good service.“
JPDurden24 3633 days ago
80 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“pretty cool place with really tasty beer...DRIPA was awesome as was Vluffer Gone Wild. my server was cute as hell and made me the best pretzel ever. meads are breat but pricey. i’d visit regularly if I was from the area.“
reggiedunlop 3669 days ago
82 /100 2270 EAST 10 MILE ROAD
“Incredibly impressed so far. Ambiance? Um... almost passed the place, because it seems like it was built in an old Coney. A few TVs, some high tops. Lots of families (kid’s menu). Service? Great. Even the chef came out to ask us what we thought! Selection? 8 beers plus one blended beer on tap. Food had two good specials and a nicely done menu. Speak of food...? Impressed as hell, frankly. Really well done food. House-smoked pork, twists on classic bar food (GOOD craft pickles to be fried, pork belly poutine, tacos from Mexican Town?!). No dessert (which would be nice!), but holy crap--the food was fabulous. Value? Not bad at all, considering food quality. The flights are a good deal, and a half-pint averages $3, with the most expensive full pint being $6. Overall? Will go back for sure. Interested to see what this place has to offer!“
firstsip 3710 days ago
96 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“Ah! I love Dragonmead! I wish it was closer to where I live! Great atmosphere--the long horizontal building makes it seem like some medieval pub, especially with the decor. Great beer with amazing selections, fabulous prices. Great place to go and talk, have a few, play some games, etc. A few TVs if you want to watch something, periodic live music. Service can’t be beat. Free pretzels and mustard, some decent bar food choices, and the ability to bring in food (we’ve brought in oysters and shucked them before!).“
firstsip 3712 days ago
88 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here...Jesse’s Road Rash was my favorite“
Ryeman212 3718 days ago
56 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Came here with high expectations. Kind of disappointing. There were only two beers in bottle available to go. They had a couple good beers on tap. Will have to come back when they have the good stuff out. . . Food dont even bother.“
charule 3760 days ago
82 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“Had a bad first experience with this place, but it has been excellent every time since.“
HisBoyElroy 3769 days ago
66 /100 5919 CHICAGO ROAD
“This place blew me away in many regards, but not all of them good. I went with my wife on a slow Wednesday afternoon. We walked in and sat down and the waitress kind of meandered up to our table. We ordered and she brought us our drinks. Ordered food- cheese and crackers, prices of which were comparable to a grocery store. When we ordered a second round the waitress brought them to us while she was handling phone calls at the same time, spilling some of the beer. Tried many beers, all were very good to awesome. When it came time to leave and settle, the waitress was nowhere to be found, and just seemed like we were in the way. The beers were mostly awesome, but the service was terrible, so it left a bad aftertaste. I’ll probably be back anyway.“
markwise 3784 days ago
94 /100 14600 EAST 11 MILE
“One of the largest selections of tap beer from one brewery at one time anywhere. Somewhat hard to find but worth it. Lots of wood and funky decor items like medevil flags and swords. Great place.“
bigbeersrule 3900 days ago