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“One of the better hotel bars I've been, most of the taps reflected a slection of local craft, and the bottle slection had a few gems as well. Food available. Lobby of the Crowne Plaza in Bloomington, lots of airport traffic.“
stevoj 1709 days ago
66 /100
Cadillac Ranch (Restaurant)
“Huge restaurant. Western decor, even has a mechanic bull. Good service at the bar. Didn't eat do I can't comment on the food or table service. Decent selection of love beers.“
Sledutah 1825 days ago
50 /100 4270 W 78TH ST
“The same selection as the other Trader Joe’s in the Twin cities. Good prices on beer and wine.“
JK 2416 days ago
68 /100 4260 WEST 78TH STREET
“’warehouse’ with huge selection of alcohol of any kind. decent selection of interesting bottles priced on a good level. no service as such but it was not a problem to make a good choice“
ochniczek 2685 days ago
66 /100 8438 LYNDALE AVE.S
“Big enough place with a decent selection. Prices seemed alright. Had a friendly staff. Specialty releases available behind counter also at resaonable prices. A good spot to stop in while on the hunt.“
Atom 2988 days ago
“Close to my parents so I stop in every once it awhile. Pretty decent selection, and you can usually pick up bottles that disappear quickly elsewhere here.“
Atom 3120 days ago
64 /100 4260 WEST 78TH STREET
“I’m not sure why my good friend Andy hated this place so much. It is huge. It looks like it has more variety than it actually does. Good beer selection, lots of singles; nothing hard to find or rare in the times i have been there. Service is virtually non existent; but that is ok because I don’t need help with beer. It can be packed with people, and the prices, while good, are not as good as Cellars in stores on a great number of beer and liquor products. Still, this is probably the best place to buy beer in Bloomington.“
JK 3138 days ago
50 /100 4270 W 78TH ST
“Grocery store with an associated beer/wine shop. Beers can be purchased in singles, and prices are very reasonable. A lot of the beers are alternate-branded versions of other commercial beers.“
BVery 3227 days ago
84 /100 4260 WEST 78TH STREET
“Just like the Burnsville location. Huge beer selection and best prices in town. Singles of about everything are available. A very welcome addition to the local beer scene!“
BVery 3227 days ago
64 /100 629 W 98TH ST
“Visited later afternoon on a Tuesday. I was looking for a store close to I-35W on my way out of town. This place was indeed close to the highway, and was an easy to find location. Normal liquor store, with a general focus. Beer is in the back, spread between 3-4 cooler doors and a 2 shelves. Selection was standard craft and local MN options. I grabbed a couple of six packs, and was happy enough. Service was only at the front of the store, but it was midday Tuesday so no worries.

64 = ★★ (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 3356 days ago
62 /100 2201 KILLEBREW DR
“Stopped in late on a Sunday night after a long day of driving. This place was attached to the hotel we were staying in just across the street from the Mall of America. Was I ever happy to see they had several craft beer options to choose from. I could have done a better job picking out the beer I ordered, but it was just good to have a decent beer in front of me. Most of the craft options they had were Minnesota locals, so that was cool. No Surly, but the others were smaller breweries that I hadn’t had anything from. The salad I ordered was good and my wife’s soup was good too. Food prices were decent, but the beer prices were way out of line. If I had known how much the beer I ordered cost beforehand, I might have foregone it. $7 for a mediocre pint of APA is a little much in my mind. Oh well, though. I was on vacation. What difference does it make if one of the beers I ordered was overpriced? Back on topic, the food was good, the beer selection was better than expected, and I didn’t have to step out of my hotel to get here. I was pretty happy with how this turned out.“
JStax 3513 days ago
50 /100 2801 SOUTHTOWN DRIVE
“Went here last night for dinner, as it was close to my hotel. Surprised to find it on RB. Definitely not a beer "destination". Had about 8 taps - best of which was Goose Island IPA and Summit EPA. Beyond that there was Stella and Guiness, and your usual macros. Food was OK - sandwiches, burgers, and some entrees. Definitely a western bar kind of theme, but luckily had mostly non-cowboy customers/"regular" people. Interesting place, but not the place to go if you are looking for a high selection of quality beer.“
csaso 3651 days ago
8 /100
Cadillac Ranch (Restaurant)
“Not worse the trip... bad service, food less than fresh to say the least..“
stevejones 3744 days ago
52 /100
Cub Foods - Bloomington (Grocery Store)
“decent selection and good prices. build your own 6-pack is lacking, but you can get some good ticks from it“
TheHOFF43 3748 days ago
68 /100
Cadillac Ranch (Restaurant)
“Solid place. Good food and decently priced. Not a great beer place. Big place and betterthan I would expect for a MOA place“
TheHOFF43 3911 days ago
60 /100
Cub Foods - Bloomington (Grocery Store)
“Surprised with the good stuff this one has. Recently got Surly. Will get Hopslam and BCBS when those come around. Cheap prices. Build your own 6 with so-so choices for $9.50. One employee is awesome, the others are hit or miss.“
mnmike 3912 days ago
62 /100 5155 W 98TH ST
“Nice place, well kept with a decent selection. A small shelf of build-your-own 6 packs and all the usual beers.“
TheHOFF43 4014 days ago
70 /100 5155 W 98TH ST
“My go to store. Plenty of Surly at the best prices I’ve seen. Friday Surly shipments here. Will set aside hot beers for you over the phone. Pick 6 for $8.99. During sales you can get select $1.99 bombers. Bells, Founders, Stone, etc.“
mnmike 4029 days ago
58 /100 7700 W OLD SHAKOPEE RD, #150
“Your average neighborhood beer store. They get Surly here. I’ve also gotten Stone seasonals here. Usually a $1 per 4/6 pack too high.“
mnmike 4029 days ago
58 /100 2801 SOUTHTOWN DRIVE
“Cowboy bar. Decent beer selection and is really cheap during happy hour“
TheHOFF43 4127 days ago
66 /100 629 W 98TH ST
“Good selection but not as many craft beers/micro brews. They have some solid build your own 6 packs occasionally.“
TheHOFF43 4127 days ago
78 /100 8438 LYNDALE AVE.S
“Good selection of craft beers. They have some knowledgeable staff and seem to understand what sells. An entire rack of craft bombers is always a good sight. I stop in every week or two to see whats new there.“
TheHOFF43 4127 days ago
42 /100 629 W 98TH ST
“Stopped here at noon on a Tuesday, one clerk working, who was very intrigued by my presence, as noted their prices are ridiculously high, I bought same bottle elsewhere in MN for 6.99 they charge 9.99, 10.29 for bottle or 12.99 here. Skip this place, had some He’Brew stuff, some Mikkeller, some Great Divide but nothing to write home about.“
jmikolich 4128 days ago
30 /100 629 W 98TH ST
“Sky high prices,when the yearly tax time inventory comes around this place turns into mother hubbard’s cupboard with most shelves being almost bare.Shop elsewhere.“
hair-old 4316 days ago
8 /100 8405 LYNDALE AVE.
“The name changed 3X in a year. Finally the Purple Sandpiper.Gut-rot food killed this place and it now closed and out of business.“
hair-old 4316 days ago
62 /100 8438 LYNDALE AVE.S
“Sid’s is a killer value for domestic beer. They run regular specials and even have a Tuesday dash where they sell 1 bottle of wine and 1 hard liquor/beer a week at cost and you can order as much as you want. However on the craft beer like Surly, they are high priced compared to other placed. They were asking $14/4-pack for Coffee Bender that goes for $10 elsewhere. I drop by once in a while, but not my regular place.“
MBrausen 4350 days ago
48 /100 629 W 98TH ST
“Standard beer store, decent selection of the normal founders and some MN locals. Mainly focused on wine and hard alcohol. They were charging $40 for a bottle of Darkness when everyone else was charging $20-$22. Huge ripoff.“
MBrausen 4350 days ago
18 /100 2801 SOUTHTOWN DRIVE
“Not really a beer bar at all. They have a decent happy hour at night. Definitely a different scene from uptown or downtown, and it wasn’t for me. It is a huge place, and parking is lacking. There is no reason to have this on ratebeer.“
JK 4411 days ago
48 /100 2801 SOUTHTOWN DRIVE
“Not what I’d call a beer bar, but they have about a dozen taps, Summit EPA being the best of the bunch on the night I was there. However - $2 pints on happy hour is awesome. And the appetizers were great (and half price on happy hour). Place is huge, and from what I experienced and heard from others, always packed. Peanuts on the floor is cool, too.“
BVery 4413 days ago
70 /100
Cadillac Ranch (Restaurant)
“Will have to re-rate when I get a chance to have dinner here, but popped in originally to see a friend that worked here. Sat at the bar and had a beer while watching football. Large restaurant with 2 bars to choose from. MEnu looked pretty good although I didn’t eat anything.“
kbutler1 4774 days ago
“just moved in near this place and at first glance It looks just like any other liquor store and I wasn’t expecting much. Got to the coolers and they had an ok selection, maybe a couple of things I haven’t tried. Was a bit dissapointed until I turned around and in the last isle was a whole isle of microbrew. They have enough there that I haven’t tried yet to keep my busy for a while which is nice. I willl definetely start updating the places section after rating a beer from here. Pleasently suprised!“
undsioux7 4923 days ago
96 /100 8405 LYNDALE AVE.
“Great food, generous portions, rotating reserve beer selections, focused on local and USA craft brews. Excelent wine selection of 35+ varieties. Happy hour 3-6pm daily.“
HMDelgato 4983 days ago
“Has a decent selection of micro-brews. Definitely not the largest selection, but the prices are reasonable for being located near Eden Prairie and west Bloomington. Since it is on my way home, I would consider stopping there...but only once and a while....craft-beer can be pricey.“
nsquishee 5070 days ago
74 /100 8438 LYNDALE AVE.S
“Sid’s is my go-to place for some of the lowest prices around town. Though not stocked with a bountiful craft beer selection, Sid’s is one of the few places you’ll find that actually has quite a few import beers on sale. Check it out and see what ya think.“
nsquishee 5087 days ago
18 /100 8438 LYNDALE AVE.S
“Driving by this shop, one might say to himself, "that is a big place, they might have lots of beer." But no, they have very little beer at all. A few dozen craft beers, and I am sorry to say, prices were actually on the high side, for beer and other things. I was only feet away from staff, and they never asked if I needed help, so if you need your hand held when you decide between Miller Lite and Miller High Life Lite, this might not be the place for you. Poor floor plan with lots of wasted space. Nothing interesting in the Scotch, Cognac, or Bourbon selection. One area of interest were a few bottles of sake I have not seen before. There are some liquor stores that don’t do much for beer but are good for other reasons, like prices or selection. This one doesn’t seem to get there.“
JK 5090 days ago
76 /100 8438 LYNDALE AVE.S
“Not the greatest selection of imports but seems to be improving.95% of the beers are cold with the exception ot the belgians and other micros and imports.My favorite place to buy beer,the lowest prices around.“
hair-old 5387 days ago
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