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84 /100 2215 NORTH GARDEN ST.
“Stopped here after Bock Fest, and it was not very busy. The outside looks like an industrial shed or warehouse. It is is a different story inside. the cypress barrels are on full display. The lighting has an an antique look and the feeling is of being in a dark underground cave. Beers are expensive, and it is mostly sour with a few Schell's regular available.“
JK 1086 days ago
68 /100 1860 SCHELLS RD
“Visited the Schell brewery for Bockfest. The grounds are wonderful; picture an old set of buildings in the middle of the woods. Not sure what the beer selection is like during tours the remainder of the year, but it was really limited for Bockfest. I believe your choice was either the Blonde or the Bock. Neither beer is particularly stellar, but it was cool to have your Bock "caramellized" by a hot poker from the fire. Very unique setting and highly recommended for either Bockfest or Oktoberfest to see this old school brewery.“
ElGaucho 2970 days ago
76 /100 1860 SCHELLS RD
“Beers aren’t the best, but the history of this place knocks my rating up a bit. The (second?) oldest brewery in the US at this point, makes solid session beers and caters to a blue collar crowd. Deer brand is a staple of the family in St. Paul.“
ads135 3460 days ago
8 /100
Liquor Mart (Beer Store)
“I will never shop there again. Bad selection, unfriendly staff, and very high prices. Shop Cash Wise up the road!“
beerlover12469 3746 days ago
90 /100
Kaiserhoff (Restaurant)
“Great ribs, not much of a beer selection except for Schells, which IS a great brewery!“
beerlover12469 3746 days ago
62 /100
Kaiserhoff (Restaurant)
“Good German food and reasonable prices.“
uglyblond1 4160 days ago
62 /100
Liquor Mart (Beer Store)
“this place is above average for its location. they had goose island, red hook, samuel smith and of course tons of schell. however they also had a limited amount of really nice brews including some rogue bombers, all the chimays and even westmalle (both dubbel and tripel, and both in 750s!). the guy there told me their distrubutor is a bit ambitious, and he seems to be. a nice oasis amongst the desert of grain belt beer in south central MN!“
satan165 4724 days ago
50 /100 1860 SCHELLS RD
“Ambiance? You drinking in the employee lunchroom. But the setting is probably one of the most beautiful brewing spots in America, carved into the middle of a hill, with lagering caves scattered all around. Nice little museum at the start of the tour, then a really brief visit to a small part of the brew works, and then you’re left in the taproom to sample everything they have until the tour guide comes to chase you away so the next tour can get in. No food, of course, and their beers are "common," but a great place to try them out.
Addendum, July ’06: I recently read they’ve revamped the tour, with a new visitor’s center/museum building and redone tasting room. Would love to get out there and try it again.“
DrnkMcDermott 5728 days ago
68 /100 1860 SCHELLS RD
“The second oldest family owned brewery in the country. Schell’s tries different things with their beers, but nothing highly adventurous. Outstanding location in rural Minnesota. The February Bock Beer Festival is a great time.“
JK 5961 days ago
48 /100 1860 SCHELLS RD
“kind of a let down as far as you see very little of the actual brewery on the tour. But I like the musuem, but I am into vintage beer crap. Obviously schells is the beer they feed you so hope you like it, I do, but I am kind of a homer“
GrainBeltGuzzler 5968 days ago
74 /100 1860 SCHELLS RD
“Schell Brewery is in an aboslutely beautiful setting. Beware of the peacocks roaming the grounds! The tour is very good, and although somewhat lacking in the art of brewing, it is one of the only tours I’ve been on where they give you an in-depth history lesson on the brewery. In Schell’s case, it is very interesting due in part to existing during the Sioux Uprising and Prohibition. The samplings are strange: people sit at long tables and the table splits 2 bottles of 6 different beers. Stroll through the gardens and check out the deer park behind the mansion. The deer in it are decendents of the original deer.“
badgerben 6002 days ago
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