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76 /100 2851 SNELLING AVE N
“Pizza restaurant, part of a chain. Good pizza, pasta, etc. Bar offers local microbrews, with rotating taps, etc. Nice ambiance, good service, etc.“
bookman10 556 days ago
78 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“Standard Total Wine feel to the place as it is a large warehouse. Service is ok but asked if they had a beer on hand one time and they said no and found it immediately after acting. Large selection of beers with almost everything available in singles. No food. Prices are in line with the area.“
deyholla 803 days ago
70 /100 1744 TERRACE DRIVE
“Okay enough place located in the corner of an industrial building. It was nice day so the garage door was open which was nice expect for the cigarette smoke blowing in. The was plenty of seating inside and smallish patio out front. Decent selection and several sizes were available. Servers were friendly. There was a food truck available when we were there. Okay enough place to go if you are close.“
gopherfan99 1359 days ago
“A standard Granite City location tucked away in the mall. Popped in as I was on my way to see a movie next door. Standard Granite City food and beer. Not much more to stay here. We tried Bent first but the food truck didn’t show up.“
deyholla 1405 days ago
84 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“nice pick six selection friendly staff ok prices will be back“
Ronritter 1426 days ago
68 /100 1744 TERRACE DRIVE
“This might be the least savory taproom I have ever been to. The vibe is definitely a dive bar with fairly seedy people as well. The day I went was packed, but this was due to it being the day of their largest seasonal release. The service was alright but the beer was nothing remarkable. I had their IPA which took earthy to a new level in terms of a British IPA. I also had their Dark Fatha which was forgettable for how hyped it was. Least favorite taproom in the area, but not the worst beer.“
mitchroyea 1437 days ago
“Above average beer selection for a bar/ restaurant in this part of town. Some rotating taps. Standard Sportsbar atmosphere. It is close to Cellars and Barley John’s. Not bad, about 20-25 taps. Huge food menu, and it is better than average bar food. Reasonably priced beer flights. This is also a huge place, giant bar, basement, patio, and upper level. Good for a group to watch the game. Poor happy hour specials.“
JK 1441 days ago
“Nice spot; interior is large with a couple of rooms for dining; beer selection seems to have improved since the previous ratings and the selection is a lot Minnesota craft beers; food is quite good, including the tater tot hot dish; server was very friendly and helpful; definitely worth visiting if you aren’t too far away“
gopherfan99 1446 days ago
70 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“Big store with a lot of wine and spirits with a good beer section. The beer section is located on the far left of the store when you walk in. I admit that I did not completely walk through the entire beer selection as I got stuck in the singles/build your own six pack area (beer is sorted by style). The selection is pretty good and there were some international beers that I picked up. While I did not ask for any help there was staff available and they seemed friendly when helping people near me. Prices seemed to pretty reasonable. I am likely to return.“
gopherfan99 1480 days ago
26 /100 1149 LARPENTEUR AVE W
“Very little for craft beer at all, like most MGM locations. With Cellars, Total Wine, and Merwin’s down the street, there are better Roseville options.“
JK 1631 days ago
74 /100 1744 TERRACE DRIVE
“I was quite certain I had rated this place before; must have started a rating and didn’t actually submit it. Located in a nondeScript industrial park, that you would never guess housed a brewery. I like the interior space with the garage doors open to the outside during warm weather. I was impressed by the variety of their beer selection. Many unique styles. The only detraction is the strange pricing for their brews. A couple of their brews ( I believe the Uber Lupin and Ol Guerrero) were really expensive, as in nearly double the cost of their more standard beers, and higher than I’ve seen them in other bars! There’s some brewing talent here, so if they figure out the pricing thing, they’ll be around for the long haul.“
ElGaucho 1796 days ago
74 /100 1744 TERRACE DRIVE
“First visit since the new taproom opened. Much larger and definitely nicer than what it was. Still a garage warehouse feel. Staff was friendly.they do have a lot of beers in a good variety of styles. Small pour, half pints and pints/tulips available. I dont understand why they kept the taproom in this industrial park setting, but in any event, beers are mostly solid, staff friendly, and there is a good selection.“
JK 2006 days ago
64 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“I’m not sure why my good friend Andy hated this place so much. It is huge. It looks like it has more variety than it actually does. Good beer selection, lots of singles; nothing hard to find or rare in the times i have been there. Service is virtually non existent; but that is ok because I don’t need help with beer. It can be packed with people, and the prices, while good, are not as good as Cellars in Roseville on a great number of beer and liquor products.“
JK 2090 days ago
42 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“Total Wine, comically placed adjacent to a Babies ’r Us, is truly a sight to behold and serves as a distinct cultural bellwether (not only due to the strategic placement, but also due to the layout and clientele). Inside I was met with a cathedral-like atmosphere that possessed towering shelves which felt more like an impediment rather than being awe inspiring, and the prominent shelf tags served to mask the product being sold. One had to crane their neck or squat down to shelf-level in order to see which product was placed on the shelf. Granted, the prices were reasonable, but upon hearing a patron state their buddy spent north of $300 here, and being subjected to the stockers’ irritating comments and behavior, I find that I’d rather pay a premium to shop elsewhere. The cashier did make an attempt at establishing some sort of connection by stating the he was a fan of the Wild Turkey 101 I bought, but I can’t help but equate his faux camaraderie with the same type of chatter I’m subjected to on my quarterly visits to a Wells Fargo branch. Needless to say, but I won’t be going back again.“
Guerde 2117 days ago
72 /100 1744 TERRACE DRIVE
“A large brewery tap room with a decent sized bar and a nice feel. Service was pretty good though they seemed a bit overwhelmed as it got busy. There were 7 beers/meads on tap during my visit. They had a food truck available on my visit. Prices were on par with other local breweries. A decent brewery overall.“
deyholla 2166 days ago
70 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“This location is more of a family place but the food is good and the selection is fairly good; the service can be a little hit and miss; I like the downtown Minneapolis one a little bit better but not a bad place to stop if you are in the area“
gopherfan99 2174 days ago
66 /100 1744 TERRACE DRIVE
“Newly reopened taproom - very nice inside. They’ve added a couple of overhead garage doors that open out onto a patio - also very nice. 5 oz pours available for $2-$3 per, and there’s also a standard 4-sample flight for $8. Free parking in a lot. About 8 beers on today, plus a couple of bombers that can be purchased to-go.“
BVery 2350 days ago
58 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“Stopped by to give them a try. Massive new discount liquor store. Wine is their focus. The beer was rather haphazardly displayed wherever there was space--not really well-organized. They have a nice classroom space in the back for wine tasting and other events. No one asked if they could help me, but I was just wandering anyway to get a sense of the place. Prices seemed competitive (cheapest Surly Blakkr I’ve seen in the Cities). Will have to try them again in a few months--could eventually give stores like the Firkins a run for their money.“
bookman10 2459 days ago
“Located in the mall complex, gets pretty crowded on the weekends food is decent. They brew and serve their own beer so there isn’t much of selection.“
gopherfan99 2480 days ago
78 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“Nice place, very classy. Outstanding prices. Surly is $8 here, but $9-10 (usually $10) everywhere else. I did find one 12-pk that’s a bit more expensive here than another shop, but Total Wine offered to match the price. Only hitch is that finding help wasn’t easy, and some of the employees weren’t friendly or approachable. I’m not the wine geek I used to be, but this place has an enormous wine selection.“
Globe199 2483 days ago
“Great place to have dinner and a beer. Service was outstanding. Beer selection was respectable, with enough craft selections to satisfy, and some limited releases like Surly Blakkr. List of upcoming craft tap selections "on deck" shows somewhat of a commitment to craft beer customers. Food was good, with reasonable prices and a big menu. I’ll be back.“
Ericular 2492 days ago
84 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“Prices can’t be beat. Easy-to-compare items like Furious and other local 6-packs are all at least $1 less than anywhere else. Very large selection of mix-and-match singles. Free wine + beer samples regularly. Only (slight) downside is that with the massive crowds it’s hard to get in and out quickly, and good service is hard to find. That should improve as the novelty wears off.“
Ericular 2492 days ago
80 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“While the ambiance is decidedly classy Costco, having a full aisle of singles from seemingly every brewery in the state is something to behold. Time will tell on special releases, bit I imagine they will get everything. Prices seem to be in line. Killer Scotch selection as well.“
badgerben 2495 days ago
80 /100 2401 FAIRVIEW AVE N, STE 105
“Huge selection, including a ton of mix-and-match singles. Great prices. Very nice addition to the Twin Cities beer scene.“
BVery 2504 days ago
72 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“Pretty typical Old Chicago’s. Good pizza as always. I would have liked a better selection of local Minnesota beers, but not bad overall.“
jcnielsen 2520 days ago
“Stopped in on the way somewhere on my first trip to Minneapolis. Not much to say about this place in terms of the beer, food, and service since they all seem to be about the same. The food isn’t bad, the beer is meh, and service is friendly. I showed up pretty late in the evening so there weren’t a ton of people there which made the place all the more enjoyable. I think my favorite part of this place was the stone counter top on the bar.“
t0rin0 2745 days ago
“Standard Granite City with their own beers. OK happy hour but no interesting beers. I like the bar area, for this part of town.“
JK 2909 days ago
70 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“I’m a fan - love the pizza, which has great buttery crust. Sports on the TVs. And loads of beers, even if most aren’t very high end or rare, you can usually find a couple that are worth ordering.“
BVery 3406 days ago
“As our host for the Upper Mississippi Mashout, I was very pleased with what they had to offer. Couple of Surlys on tap, lots of MN beer available and they have 25oz mugs available. Food was decent and the prices very reasonable, though I’m not sure if that was just due to being a judge for the weekend. At any rate, the staff was very cool and had a good time shooting the shit with them.“
NobleSquirrel 3641 days ago
“Decent bar food and small but decent tap and bottle selection. If you need to go to a sports bar, at least this one has something tasty to quench your thirsts with.“
BDR 4142 days ago
10 /100 1201 LARPENTEUR AVE W
“They have more wine than anything else, the have a decent liquor selection for a grocery store but there beer selection and knowledge of beer...well its not there.“
stankenk 4232 days ago
66 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“Like other Old Chicago’s, this location has a fairly large selection of beer, including many imports. Unfortunately a good number of their beers are macro brews which also make up most of their international selection. Compared to the Blaine Old Chicago, this location has decent taste in monthly brews on hand. While the Blaine location’s beers-of-the-month this spring included Killians and High Life, this location featured spring seasonals such as Bells Oberon and Maibocks. Service is all right, food is pretty good, though it gets pretty busy on weekends. Overall, it is a good place for those who are just getting into beer.“
bluemooner 4250 days ago
78 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“This location is better than some of the other locations. The food was good but nothing to be excited over. The beer selcetion was great. If you can’t go downtown St. Paul for a good tap beer this is the next best thing.“
akysylyczyn 4324 days ago
12 /100 1201 LARPENTEUR AVE W
“Seriously Kyle? I know a few Cub foods that have liquor stores attached, should we add those too? Anyway, this place has Zing Zang bloody mary mix. Nothing to speak of as far as beer. The first admin to read this should delete this place from the database. They have nowhere near 100 bottles.“
JK 4340 days ago
30 /100 1201 LARPENTEUR AVE W
“I thought that since this place is the reason for the Lex/Larp store closing it would only be right to rate it. I just went in there last night and was not impressed at all. They carry BMC and a few craft and import varieties but nothing that you couldn’t find anywhere else. There were two employees working. The first one said hello and the other one ignored me completely. Neither of them asked if they could help with anything. The store itself is not very big and the singles section of beer is small. The only reason to go to this store is if you’re picking up some food for a game and your buddies want some BMC to go with it.“
KAF 4346 days ago
“OK, so it’s a sports oriented bar & grill with lots of video games. I don’t go for the ambience, and I haven’t tried the food, but they have a pretty good selection of tap brews that keeps changing - there’s always something worth trying. Good selection of micros and imports. Most recently it was the Ommegang Hennepin.“
vlodko62 4469 days ago
66 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“The same as any other Old Chicago. If you’ve seen one you’ve basically seen them all. Way too much domestic beer to choose from and not enough craft beers. There imports are not very good at all either. They do not get very many new brews in very often. The happy hour food however is a good deal. If you’re in the Cities and are looking for a place with beer you can do much better for quality or quantity.“
KAF 4845 days ago
62 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“Usual old Chicago, but they had Sam Adam’s Chocolate Bock on tap a few years ago, so that was a treat.“
BDR 5083 days ago
64 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“Visited here most recently in April ’06. Has a good selection of midwestern beers for an out-of-towner looking to rack up some ratings. Always seem to have something new on tap or in bottles and they have a big sign promoting it - so you are not fumbling around asking the waitress - "what do you have on tap and in bottles? " Food is decent and the service is friendly. Lots of choices from the menu. Family style restaurant in the style of a Chil’s or TGI Friday’s but with a decent beer selection.“
PorterPounder 5206 days ago
98 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“Can’t beat 110 beers with 30 on tap! Plus 2 happy hours Everyday! We always have great service, especially Julie & Hammer!“
Joekat 5431 days ago
54 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“Family restaurant. Good burgers, ok pizza. Beer is expensive. I have had good and bad service here. If you want a night spot, go to the downtown(minneapolis) location.“
JK 5761 days ago
68 /100 2100 N. SNELLING AVE.
“Well, I called this place home for a long while so it holds a special place in my heart. Pretty typical Old Chicago: over 100 beers but nothing ridiculously good. They do have a good variety of local and regionals including Summit and Lake Superior. They tend to have the limited specials from local breweries as well. They have some video bar games.“
badgerben 5928 days ago
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