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78 /100 1001 4TH ST. S.E.
“Pretty amazing selection of beer, though they're all packed in every which way (not a lot of organization). Great make your own 6 pack shelf. Incredible selection of Minnesota-based craft brewers (they had Hammerheart bombers!). Beer is in coolers, on the shelf, etc. The atmosphere was of a slightly down-at-the-heels liquor store. Not much in the way of help, other than a guy offering beer tastings in one of the crowded aisles. Prices didn't seem too bad. This place would mainly be worth the trip for the incredible selection.“
bookman10 1459 days ago
82 /100 216 6TH AVE S
“Small strip mall location in downtown St. Cloud close to the convention center. Nice clean looking taproom bit of north woods cabin vibe. Service was very friendly we chatted for a bit with the owner. Beers a pretty solid. I’ll return next time I’m in the area.“
Atom 1774 days ago
54 /100 216 6TH AVE S
“Outside is an ugly strip mall setting. Much nicer indoors. Had a gift card for a growler fill, so no idea how much the beer cost, but probably not worth $6.00 a pint. Staff was friendly. Not a lot of options around here. small selection with very common style, including 1 lager.“
JK 1915 days ago
78 /100
7 West Taphouse (Restaurant)
28 5TH AVE S
“Similar to the Duluth location but bigger. 50ish beers on tap. Service was excellent, flights available is awesome. Food was good, sandwiches, burgers, apps, etc. Nothing mind blowing but a cool spot. Many TVs if you like watching sports while getting mind numbingly drunk.“
TheHOFF43 2051 days ago
68 /100 3945 S. SECOND ST.
“A pretty standard Granite City. Lots of TVs in a central bar area. Another room available for dining. Service was fine but not particularly beer oriented. 8 beers on tap during my visit with a sample available. Food was solid but not outstanding and prices were a touch high. A pretty standard Granite City but for St. Cloud it plays.“
deyholla 2255 days ago
74 /100 809 W SAINT GERMAIN ST
“A bar in downtown St. Cloud. I have been told it was the first to have a craft presence in the city. Place has been here for awhile and it gives the place a nice charm. Service was solid if not particularly beer oriented. A dozen or so taps with only a local (Non-Minneapolis breweries) or two on. A few bottles available as well. Did not try the food on my visit. Prices were cheap. A pretty cool spot for St. Cloud.“
deyholla 2255 days ago
54 /100 216 6TH AVE S
“Nice taproom, chill vibe. Only four beers on but flights available for $8. Beers were okay. Friendly service and easy free parking in a lot.“
BVery 2390 days ago
66 /100 216 6TH AVE S
“Cool place with a rustic feel. Good location with a solid Chinese buffet next door. Service was excellent, busy but not overcrowded. Overpriced by about 20%. $6 pints dont work for me but the beer was good.“
TheHOFF43 2466 days ago
84 /100
Boulder Tap House (Restaurant)
3950 2ND ST S
“Older brother to the Mankato location; very similar set up but this one is larger and has more parking available, plenty of TVs in the place and good selection of taps and bottles; food is good but servers are mostly college kids who may not necessarily know a whole lot about beer but they are friendly and attentive; not a bad a place to stop for some beers and a burger.“
gopherfan99 2689 days ago
76 /100 809 W SAINT GERMAIN ST
“Cool little place in downtown St Cloud. Neighborhood bar type feel, but with excellent food - had the special crab cake sandwich which was great. They have 12 or so taps - a few Surly’s, one Brooklyn, one Schells, one Indeed, and few others tonight. Would definitely go back here if I am in this area again.“
csaso 2765 days ago
70 /100
Boulder Tap House (Restaurant)
3950 2ND ST S
“Pretty decent place overall. Has kind of a "chain" feel to it (which I guess it is). Pretty good beer selection - about 40 or so on tap - mostly beers from MN, WI & MI, with a few others thrown in. A bunch of bottles/cans also. Food was decent - the wings were pretty much your average wings, fish tacos were pretty good. Service was OK, nothing special but nothing great. Prices seemed pretty reasonable. Apparently for St Cloud, this is about as good as it gets.“
csaso 2766 days ago
62 /100
The Wine Shop (Beer Store)
218 6TH AVE S
“New shop in town, pretty solid. Knowledgeable enough workers, decent selection of the usual craft beers that you’d expect at a beer store. The area was/is in need of a store like this so I hope they continue to grow.“
TheHOFF43 3063 days ago
100 /100
Boulder Tap House (Restaurant)
3950 2ND ST S
“overall best palce to try craft beer“
silversumo 3357 days ago
72 /100 3945 S. SECOND ST.
“Solid selection of their own brews that are now available in nearby stores. Good menu and multiple locations make this a pretty fun place to visit when in St. Cloud or the Minneapolis suburbs.“
TheHOFF43 3445 days ago
80 /100
Boulder Tap House (Restaurant)
3950 2ND ST S
“St. Clouds first tap house. Lots of tap and bottled beer options“
TheHOFF43 3445 days ago
80 /100 809 W SAINT GERMAIN ST
“The only place in Central MN with Surly Syx on tap and for only $6 per glass. Good food and a cool atmosphere. Live music and the local art scene definitely promoted here. Fun little joint for some food and a great beer list (for this area at least)“
TheHOFF43 3445 days ago
74 /100 809 W SAINT GERMAIN ST
“I go here often when I visit my parents. One of the only places in St. Cloud guaranteed to have Surly on tap. They also have a few other good picks on tap like Deschute’s, Bell’s and Stone. They still have some crap on tap, but its St. Cloud, so my expectations are always pretty low. The food is awesome and the service is pretty good. The two big downsides are that A) its pretty small and B) its one of the only decent places in St. Cloud and is tough to get a table on the weekends.“
emeinz 3670 days ago
60 /100 3945 S. SECOND ST.
“Finally - made it to the namesake site (Nov. 17, 2011). Didn’t eat here, but this is a pretty nice place - ambiance is a touch better than some of the other suburban locations around Minnesota. Server was very friendly. They had their standard beers on tap, and the seasonal was still Oktoberfest.“
BVery 3715 days ago
74 /100 809 W SAINT GERMAIN ST
“This isn’t a beer bar, it’s just a good bar with Surly on tap, and doesn’t pull in the college students in a college town. A lot to be said for that. Great food, pizza. Bartenders are awesome. They’re not beer geeks, but they’ll give you a Furious and are just all-around awesome guys. Never gets too noisy because they keep the music lower so you can actually talk. Good live shows too. I love this place for what it is.“
tekhna 4577 days ago
70 /100 3945 S. SECOND ST.
“The patio is cool; the bar and restaurant have a nice semi-upscale ambiance and the beer is just good enough that this is a worthwhile place to go. Agreed with PorterPounder that the beer is above average for a chain brewpub.“
ElGaucho 6169 days ago
72 /100 3945 S. SECOND ST.
“Part of a Midwest chain that now has 8 locations according to their website.

Any place that has seven beers on tap rates a 4.5 in selection in my book. I visited here in in the summer of 2003 and was impressed with the number of beers that they had on tap and all were fairly decent in my opinion. I sat at a table outside by the pond and the service out here was still very timely. Kudos to the wait staff. The beer was above average for a chain brewpub and the food was excellent. If you find yourself in St. Cloud or any other cities that Granite City is located - give them a try. “
PorterPounder 6326 days ago
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