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62 /100 65 E. FRONT STREET
“Pretty nice newer spot in Winona. Old ass building with some character. Pretty simple interior. 5 beers on, they were okay. Brewer is really nice.“
BVery 1859 days ago
“Bar attached to a bowling alley. 2 house taps, 1 Surly, and 7 lines of macro crap. At least they have a pinball machine. House beers I tried weren’t bad.“
BVery 3311 days ago
“Calling this place a brewpub is a huge stretch. It’s like an old diner with tables so sticky that nothing one can do will get them clean. They had exactly one house beer on tap and it was mostly a swill haven that obviously catered to the non craft beer drinking crowd. The service and food were both diner-like in quality and the waitress was “Minnesota nice.” The lone beer I had washed down the cheeseburger and fries and served as a suitable liquid option to get the job done. A bowling alley occupies the same building but was closed for the summer.“
esjaygee 4016 days ago
60 /100
Discount Liquor (Beer Store)
“As I was in the area, I pretty much came here for Surly and whatever other beers I couldn’t get back home in Milwaukee. Luckily, they had Surly, 21st Amendment, Hop City and Descutes, so I was able to restock my way-to-overstuffed cellar with even more beer. It’s pretty just a run-of-the-mill liquor store with one cooler full of singles and a handful of regional craft brew stuff. It got the job done for me today.“
esjaygee 4016 days ago
76 /100 3RD ST.
“(Visited 10/2010): Ed’s aptly named bar is located in Winona on 3rd Street several blocks from Main, not too far from route 14/61. Street parking is ample in the surrounding area. The bar is relatively small, with seating on the right side and a stage in the rear. Funky artwork adorns the walls, and the ceiling is especially cool. It is also fairly dark. Ed’s has about 7 beers on draught from brewers like Bell’s, Summit, Grain Belt, New Belgium, and Schell. There are also 40 plus brews available in bottles from many of the same brewers, plus Founders, Sierra Nevada, Rogue, Great Divide etc. The bartender who served me on my visit was very personable and knew beer, and I chanced in on an evening where they were doing a blind tasting. Unfortunately I had a long drive back to my hotel, otherwise I would have liked to join in. I did not try any food on this visit, and don’t know if they serve any. All in all this is an eclectic and cool spot that I would definitely frequent if I lived nearby. As it stands I will have to wait to visit should I ever find myself in Winona again.“
Dogbrick 4094 days ago
66 /100 65 E 4TH ST
“(Visited 10/2010): Bub’s (yes it is pronounced "Boobs") is a historic building located in Winona off Main Street on 4th, not too far from highway 14/61. Street parking is abundant in the surrounding blocks. The interior has a good collection of memorabilia, detailing the history of the brand. The bar is immediately inside, with table seating further back. Bub’s has about 11 taps, a few of which are "house" beers, including Black Forest, Amber Red and Golden Light. There are also around 20 bottles including Leinenkugel’s and Grain Belt. As I learned after the fact, despite the name of the place having the words "Brewing Company" in it, and the beers carrying the Bub’s name, they are not in fact brewed by Bub’s. Leinenkugel and Pabst are responsible for the beers, they are simply renamed. Live and learn. Service was decent on a weekday dinner. Food at Bub’s is pretty good. Overall this is a decent spot to visit if only for the historic nature of the building and collection of breweriana. Despite feeling deceived about the beers I would still go back.“
Dogbrick 4094 days ago
88 /100 3RD ST.
“this bar has gotten better good selection of craft“
moxiebybeer 4107 days ago
60 /100
Discount Liquor (Beer Store)
“decent store for winona does not compare to La Crosse or Rochester. Good Prices“
moxiebybeer 4107 days ago
“When I visited, it was called Backwater Brewing and happened to be in the Wellington’s bowling alley. I had three of their beers on tap and was not able to get a growler filled after a discussion of the legality and a phone call to the brewer. The beer was all decent and I had some good food. The staff I dealt with were very friendly and at least willing to find out the answer to my growler question. An enjoyable place to visit as you look out over the bowling lanes while sitting at the bar. Fun, but you aren’t going for great beer.“
heemer77 4551 days ago
72 /100
Discount Liquor (Beer Store)
“they have surly! i was drifting home from hastings towards chicago when i stopped here just to get a soda and try the 1% (so i figured) chance they had surly. they had 2 styles, and a very cute cashier in a denim mini skirt was super helpful and full of smiles. between her attitude, appearance and the surly in my hand -- so was i!“
satan165 4749 days ago
60 /100 3RD ST.
“A nice bar with pleasent atmosphere. Kind of a hippy bar, but I have no problem with that. Bartenders are very nice and know their beers. Decent selection of beers taps and bottles. Good prices as well. There is also live music from local talent on most weekend nights.“
amishcaravan 5281 days ago
56 /100 3RD ST.
“This is one of the only bars in Winona, Minnesota that isn’t a sports bar. Of those bars, this is the only one that I have found to have a decent selection of brews on tap and in bottles. The place has, I believe, 8 beers on tap at all time and the beers change just about every week. It’s a nice, small, cozy bar that doesn’t need a hott bartender to sell beer. They have music on the weekends along with other special events. A nice place overall to relax and try out a few brews. This is a very new bar(erected in the last year) and has the ability to upgrade even more.“
IlanMan 5283 days ago
58 /100 3RD ST.
“The best Winona, Minnesota has to offer. They rotate between 10 and 15 beers onto tap, it varies by day. They have some local Minnesota and Wisconsin micros as well as a good selection of the best of the region along with a mixed bag from around the country. They have a decent selection of bottles but nothing too rare.“
Haslinger 5283 days ago
70 /100
Discount Liquor (Beer Store)
“Nice selection of hard to find beers. Lots of high rated beers such as Bell’s Expedition Stout, Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner, and Bell’s Third Coast Ale. I find new beers there all the time. They will also make special orders if you want something that they don’t have in stock.“
amishcaravan 5308 days ago
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