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62 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“This is mainly a winery, but also brews their own beer. It is located a couple miles outside of the small town of Berger. The location is pretty cool, and the setting is really scenic, hilly vineyards. The people in the tasting room were also very, very friendly and there was great service. However, all the beer I’ve tried have been really poor. Most of the eight beers I tasted were watery and flat/oxidized. Based on the quality of beer, I would definitely skip this place. However, if you like visiting wineries and a nice country setting, it might be fun to check out, just don’t go in expecting great beer.“
jcnielsen 4033 days ago
70 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“A nice place to sit and sip the homemade drinks they are legally licensed to sell. In fact they appear to be taking the beer side of things more seriously these days. Had heard not-so-good things about the beers in years past but I found them clean and drinkable. Seven on draft, which I thought impressive for the size of the operation. They all had a similar mineral-earthy quality that might be from the local water, if I had to guess. Picnic tables in the shade, under a grape arbor, within view of the rows of vines. Missouri River not in view but you know it’s there. All very rustic. Cats were named Hops and Barley. Nice place to visit.“
JoeinDahlem 4116 days ago
70 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“Visited on a warm Saturday afternoon. Had been wanting to see the place for quite some time, nice area off the beat and path. More of a winery as others have stated, and the beer selection was decent. Sampled 6 of the 7 beers they brew, the last was not ready to be tapped. The beer was decent, but the ambiance and the surrounding area was very nice. If you are in the area, it is worth the trip, would probably not go back unless they had a few new brews to sample. The barmaid was very friendly and knew the beers they served.“
jandd1983 4153 days ago
34 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“I have been here a few times while winery-hopping with friends, though not in the last 18 months. Not only was the beer Terrible, but the wine was not up to par of the surrounding wineries. Maybe they’ve improved; a few (more recent) reviews are positive, but I doubt it. Probably owners or friends of the the family.“
StLsportsfan 4192 days ago
46 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“Its a cool trip to get here, in the middle of nowhere. But I wouldn’t come unless you are passing by. I happened to be in Washington/Union and thought I would stop by. Its a winery as well and I would not recommend making the trip for the grape beverages either. The property is cool, found junk decorating the area. They only had 3 beers on tap and it looks like their beer list has not been updated for at least a year. They had the Wheat, Dort, and Black Lager. The schwarz was good and the other 2 were undrinkable. I got the feeling that they made a bunch of beer like a year ago and are slowly working through them. There happened to be the last 3 left. I did not see any brewing equipment and I am surprised such a small time operation lagers. Its a rather large tasting area, and after inspecting the garbage from the previous night, it seems to be a Bud Light kind of a crowd. Walking through the vineyard was fun. However, there is a bit of charm to the whole place. BOTTOM LINE: Don’t come unless you are near and call ahead to see what is on tap.“
beastiefan2k 4545 days ago
64 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“I enjoyed a few of their beers while listening to live music. A friend is a big fan of the schwarz, and I agree, it was pretty good. Worth stopping by if you are in the area. Fun location with tables set up both inside and out. Not quite as nice looking as the other local wineries, but the decent beer and nice people make it alright.“
heemer77 4643 days ago
66 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“This is a winery that also brews some beer. This is a beautiful piece of property situated on a hill over looking the Missouri River with woods and grape vines. I had a sampler and also a black lager pint. Apparently this brewery gets so few customers that only one of their available beers were current in the database. It is very out of the way. I enjoyed all of their beers and actually found their light beer to be exceptional. Their yeast strain is very aromatic and it is noticed in most of their offerings. I hope more RBers visit here. Their beers are good enough to warrant the business.“
Strykzone 4839 days ago
26 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“Located in Missouri’s wine country, this winery also has a microbrewery. Unfortunately, their beer is not good. Not much flavor, and what flavor they did had was bad. The place is a nice looking place, and apparently the wine is good, but the beers were pretty awful. I think they just started the beer-making business when I visited, so hopefully they will improve. The people who worked there were extremely nice, so hopefully that will be the case.“
Dansting 6003 days ago
8 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“WARNING! Avoid this place unless you like to be duped. When we arrived, we were told that they did not have any beer to serve or sell other than a couple of macro taps on the wall. This appears to be a wine place only and is a useless distraction to the beerhunter.“
SledgeJr 6576 days ago
8 /100 3166 HIGHWAY B
“April 2005: An adjunct to a pithole of a winery, they only had 1 beer on tap, and it wasn’t that good.“
Braudog 6729 days ago
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