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“Typical total wine but maybe a slightly smaller selection than most I've been too. Definitely a good local selection but a huge focus on IPAs from what I saw. Good stop to pick up cans if near Maplewood/Brentwood and headed home.“
rennat42 127 days ago
“Visited here on mid-January '23. Typical Total Wine, which is a good thing for a ticker like me. hundreds of singles, lots of Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska breweries represented. Laid out nicely, by style and a special section for seasonals. Does not appear to have a growler station if that is what you are looking for. Prices for singles are all over the board, no "6 for $"deals and some are kind of ridiculously priced - it is this way at all Total Wines, not just here. Still able to find a dozen reasonably priced singles without even trying.“
PorterPounder 319 days ago
“I had to meet someone here for a trade on my most recent visit back home, so I figured I'd pop in and see what they had. It reminded me of a BevMo with a smaller footprint. It has a warehouse-style feel with a high ceiling and well-stocked shelves with beer, wine, spirits, and other stuff. The beer selection is very good. Not necessarily organized how I'd do it, but worth browsing and it seemed like just about everything was available as a single or 4/6 pack. Prices are in line with the rest of the area. Service is standard for a place like this. I wasn't aware that this national chain had landed in St. Louis, but it is in one of the most crowded shopping centers in the area, and it was crowded when I was there. Seems like it'll do well.“
phaleslu 1662 days ago
“Great selection of singles. Go to their special release and seasonal sections; everything else is about what you would expect. Wide range of beer styles and breweries. I have seen things here on the shelf that you have to reserve at other places.“
coachd 2195 days ago
“Brand new, big, wide aisles, well-lit, clean to the point of antiseptic. Enormous beer selection, virtually everything available in singles, most of which are refrigerated (better in that sense than even Wine & Cheese, Lukas, Friar Tucks, etc). Lots of obscure stuff, breweries and brands I hadn’t yet seen in Missouri, even some pre-packaged growlers from Rogue, etc. The all-new staff are well-trained, clearly knowledgeable about beer to begin with, offer tastings, but aren’t pushy when you just wanna be left alone to look. It’s in the same plaza as my Target and Trader Joe’s run, so I’ll definitely be back. Prices seemed a little high, to be honest, you’ll always pay a premium when buying random singles, but I’d still rather do this as opposed to six-packs or postal trades.“
seymour 2941 days ago
72 /100 1201 STRASSNER
“Food is delicious, beer is a solid 10 tap rotation that focuses on local micros. Happy hour is a steal! 1/2 price beer and pizzas from 3-5:30....Every day of the week!!!“
eldub12 3110 days ago
“Uggh! World Market. I lived within a mile or so of this place a few years back and visit occasionally and can tell you that you can do far better than here for beer. There is a serviceable but pedestrian selection of imports and micros here and prices are decent. You can even make a sixer of singles if you are so inclined, but don’t expect to find anything super exciting.“
MrBunn 3579 days ago
“Decent place to get cheap beers, but not great selection. Cheap wines, the beer selection is mediocre.“
BOSSbrewer 3708 days ago
“Decent selection, but not sure how long the beers have been sitting on the shelves. I built a six pack and will see how they taste. Some hard to find items, but nothing real special.“
jandd1983 4295 days ago
“After visiting Whole Foods, we made the trek across the parking lot to Trader Joe’s. Good selection of Josephbrau beers. A few other beers that are not found in the grocery stores were available, but otherwise they had a decent selection. Staff was very friendly and helpful.“
jandd1983 4295 days ago
68 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“They have a unique selection of beers. Very friendly and helpful staff. There are a few beers that were created just for their stores, so well worth the visit. Will definitely stop in when in the area.“
jandd1983 4295 days ago
“If you have been to one you have been to them all. Big box store with employees who, while they may be nice, don’t do much to help you with beer. Ok selection, some decent craft and micro picks but nothing you couldn’t find at any other halfway decent liquor store. Kinda pricey for what you find. Overall, it’s just what you think it would be. Nothing more nothing less.“
jmagnus87 4299 days ago
“I’m leery of this chain. They have one decent shelf of beer, and it’s impossible to tell how much they actually sell and how fast they turn it over. Lots of dusty IPAs and lagers here. My wife likes to look around the store- which I find horribly disorganized- so I’ll see what they have but can never actually bring myself to buy anything, especially when I can find more and better and fresher stuff nearby for less money. I’ll give a few bonus points for mixed 6’s and singles. Otherwise, don’t bother.“
phaleslu 4356 days ago
“Typical Cost Plus-World Market, a national big-box retailer of interesting import stuff, like Pier One but better. I like their small but highly diverse and quality beer selection. They allow you to make your own six packs or even buy singles. A great way to score somewhat obscure imports without buying a whole six pack. They don’t have a lot, they don’t claim to be a beer store, per se, but I always find stuff here I can’t find most anywhere else.“
seymour 4412 days ago
“Typical Trader Joe’s vibe: affordable eclectic/health-food/foodie-movement grocery store. Surprisingly wide beer selection, mostly the store brands which are actually brewed by Gordon Biersch, Goose Island, and a few other decent domestic and international microbreweries, plus a good sampling of other quality brews. I always look forward to their annual Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale which is a unique corked Belgian-style brewed by Unibroue (but always a couple bucks cheaper than any regular Unibroue bottles.) I wouldn’t say the staff is particularly knowledgeable about beer, but they’re very helpful with what they’ve got.“
seymour 4412 days ago
74 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“A well-known high-end health-food store with pretty cool beer selection. They don’t have an enormously wide selection, but they have LOTS of rare top-shelf beers I can’t find at regular grocery stores nor even many large liquor stores. A few local breweries even make special versions just for Whole Foods. Fair prices. Staff is helpful when you need them.“
seymour 4412 days ago
“Trader Joe’s is in the always trafficky, always crowded Brentwood Promenade area. It looks and feels just like any other Trader Joe’s on the inside, which is not a bad thing. The beer selection is mostly ’house’ labels like Mission Street, JosephsBrau, and the like. They also had a handfull of Euros and a few American crafts, but not that many. The beer section seems mostly to be a vehicle to sell their own stuff. I’ll be back when I’m looking for some more Mission Street, but otherwise, Whole Foods nearby has a better selection overall and this place is probably in the database mostly for people in the immediate area looking for stuff.“
phaleslu 4855 days ago
74 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“I originally got the location mixed up with the nearby Trader Joe’s, but found my way over here because I heard the beer guy, Andy, was top notch. Turns out that is absoutely true (from later experience). He wasn’t in when I first visited, but I was looking for something specific that was out of stock on shelves, and the other employees went and got it for me. The atmosphere and size of the beer section was like any other Whole Foods- upscale grocery supermarket. So the selection wasn’t huge, but there wasn’t much filler; all good stuff. Tons of New Belgium, Schlafly, and Southern Tier, and lots of locals. They even had a special Charleville brew made specially for this store that turned out to be a nice beer (St. Dorian Abbey Rye). Great place to stop in if you’re in the area, and better beer-wise than your typical Whole Foods.“
phaleslu 4858 days ago
“Grocery store that is very clean - service was not applicable as I didn’t need any - they have several different brews I haven’t seen elsewhere including Black Toad from Goose Island and the Mission Street line brewed by Firestone Walker - the prices are excellent for craft beer as most of the six packs are only $6 - surprisingly good store for beer buying and I will visit it again next time I go to St. Louis.“
wwwdottom 5138 days ago
“Nice selection for a grocery store. Yummy and cheap snacks to go along with the decent beer selection.“
chopra 5305 days ago
62 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“This is always a fun place to stop in and this is especially true when Andy is there. It is a grocery store, etc. but Andy keeps a top notch beer section and works to get the latest offerings. My last visit there brought a Bells Hell Hath No Fury 6 pack, a Saison Brett by Boulevard, and several more excellent brews. Prices are never cheap for lower end stuff but can be great on the higher prices offerings. As well as great beer this is a great store to people watch.“
Strykzone 5513 days ago
“This is a grocery store that has a nice little craft beer area. There were some interesting labels that I hadn’t seen elsewhere and you can freely mix and match 6 packs. That is a BIG plus for any store. Their variety is probably 50 to 75 offerings. The staff was very friendly but aren’t beer people. This is one I will drop in on again, especially with its proximity to Whole Foods. Prices were reasonable.“
Strykzone 5513 days ago
58 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“Nice selection, but they don’t mix sixers. I picked up a couple of 750s I hadn’t had. It’s a good store to buy a six pack, but if you are flying through that doesn’t work well. They had Bells. I couldn’t buy 4 six packs - or at least I wouldn’t. Overall, something of a disappointment, but not if I lived here.“
bhensonb 5564 days ago
72 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“Andy does magic with the limited space he is given. Beer selection rotates very regularlly. New beers every time you go in. Andy & the team have great beer knowledge.“
BrewCzar 5626 days ago
82 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“I am consistently impressed with the fresh selection of beers here. They are keenly aware of limited releases and seasonals nationally and locally. If for some reason you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask the Andy the beer manager and either he has it in the back or can direct you to a neighboring store. He’s also done a nice job making the absolute best use of space. I mean a to have a selection of beer glasses just above the open fridge...brilliant! This has just as good of a selection as any specialty shop in town.“
cellardoor 5764 days ago
72 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“This was my first time in this chain of stores and I was pretty much blown away. Lots of good food products all over the place and thier prices I felt were reasonable. The beer selection was much larger than I expected and had some rather interesting finds. For example, they had at least a case of Goose Island BCS priced at the normal price of 19.99. Definately worth a trip if you are in the area.“
SubstanceT 6026 days ago
“Your typical Trader Joe’s. Fairly good selection for the area. Prices reasonable but high in the beer section. Try the whole foods market nearby for a better selection.“
SubstanceT 6026 days ago
80 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“The cold beer is one half of one side of an aisle. Selection is back on the upswing, after bottoming out about a 18 months ago. Lots of Bell’s (the seasonals as well as the regulars), locals Schlafly and O’Fallon, and a nice mix of U.S. micros and imports. The selections seem to change with the seasons, and they are once again getting some nice Belgian and German stuff. The beers on special are stacked on the floor in big displays. I have not purchased any of these, so don’t know if the warm storage has any ill effects. The store has removed its warm shelf, and the overall selection is still not what it once was, but great strides are being made. The beer manager is implementing an expanded selection "in the back" with a list posted in the beer area. The beer manager Andy (a ratebeer member) is a very passionate guy, who is genuinely excited about beer and his selection. Very helpful and fun to talk with.“
RealAleDave 6169 days ago
“This is a servicable place to find a couple of beers, but not your best option. Generally it is a zoo in here and the selection is modest, but they do have a few oddities as well as the Trader Joe’s brews that are only sold here (to my knowledge.) One of these is brewed by Unibroue and I’m still waiting for the right occasion to crack it open. Selection is better than your local supermarket, but won’t blow your hair back or anything. Pricing is pretty darn good. Service... well... the guy at the cash register told me the Winter Ale (Unibroue product I mentioned earlier) was good... I could have guessed as much when I looked at the back of the label to see who bottled it. There is an effort, but they don’t have their own beer geek that I’ve found.“
MrBunn 6171 days ago
“This is a well kept store that has a fair selection of beers. While most of the store has excellent prices on above average items, the beer seems to be the exception to the store. For the imports and micros they stock the prices are generally a little higher than the local bottle shops. Their store brands are reasonably priced, but you really have to watch which ones you get. The few brewed by Goose Island are very good for the money, but the others are very hit and miss. The store is highly recommended as a grocery store. I generally go there for groceries and see if there are any new or interesting beers. While they do not advertise it you can mix and match six packs. The price per bottle is a sixth of the price of a six pack - there is no raising the price for mixing.“
vyvvy 6235 days ago
76 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“I just noticed I had not rated one of my main beer places in the St. Louis area. This is in one of the more affluant area of town so some of the customers give a bit of a snobby vibe, but you don’t get that from the workers - all are helpful and friendly. For the amount of space given for the beer area it is quite nice. Good selection of imports, micros and local. Stock is one of the best rotated in the area and the presentation is always first class. The main beer guy, Andy, knows his beers and is always willing to talk beer. The store itself is a mostly organic grocery store and their food products, especially the fresh items, are excellent. This is definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.“
vyvvy 6235 days ago
“Hey, I love Joes. On top of the selection noted by previous rater, you can break a sixer at no additional charge per bottle. It’s a cool store, I get most of my groceries there anyway, and I like breaking six packs. Nothing wrong with this one. Staff is very friendly, though very busy and not beer knowledgeable. Plus, if you buy a beer and don’t like it, just bring in the empty bottle and get a full refund! Now that’s service!“
sethdude 6491 days ago
“I think most people know what kind of store Trader Joe’s is, largely a private label store that offers prices just above a shoppers club store. At this Trader Joe’s they offer, besides their own brands, one or more selections from, Chimay, Duvel, Lindemans, Nostradamus (Caracole), Unibroue, Bavaria, Clausthaler, Gerstel, Oranjeboom, Spaten, Warsteiner, Murphy’s, Newcastle, Young’s, Anchor Stream, Black Toad, Edison, Fat Weasel, Jumping Cow, Kingfisher, New Belgium, Rialto, Schlafly and Sea Dog, Some of Trader Joe’s beers are not that bad, like the Hefe Weizen, the Bock or the Shipyard Oatmeal Stout. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling them first rate, just affordable, drinkable beer. They also had Trader Joe’s Winter Ale, which is made by Unibroue. Service is nonexistent, hand offs and the store has always been quite busy and crowded when I’ve been there, so don’t expect any help. Price are in line with or cheaper than other stores. I looked over the stock and I don’t think you will have any real quality problems, the turnover rate seems to be quite high. I have never been to a Trader Joe’s that had wine or beer cooler space and that holds true for this store. If you are a traveler and have time to ice down your beers, this would be a good all-in-one stop, snacks, lunch/dinner and beer.“
jpm30 6513 days ago
60 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“This Whole Foods (or whole paycheck as I’ve heard it called) has a fairly decent selection of imports, micros and bomber bottles. WF has almost all their beers in long open shelved cooler.The private label organic brews they are introducing are interesting, worth trying. Every time I’ve been to this store it has been busy and crowded, the aisles can be cramped, so if you get bumped I wouldn’t take it personally. The deli and sushi section is hit or miss, ask to sample before buying. A good nut and grain section and the cheese section is passable, good olive bar. The crowd is mixed, hippies, yuppies, seniors, kids, college, married, tourists and working class, just look at the parking lot and you’ll see a good mix of vehicles. WF can be pricey. In the next box mall is a World Market and a Trader Joe’s, so this area is a good one stop for the traveler.“
jpm30 6515 days ago
68 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“My rating is somwhat biased (i didnt try the food but i hear its great). The people here were yuppie trash and very rude. I was brousing the beer selection and i got bumped into numerous times. The beer selection here is average. I just went here for the house brands from North Coast. The stout is ok, the belgian ale is tasty and the 25th aniversary saison is fantastic!“
Terminus 6533 days ago
64 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“Good for a grocery store. Selection is fairly large with some beers I’ve not found elsewhere in the area, including some organic and kosher varieties. If you’re getting groceries here anyway, it’s a decent beer shop. Deli serves good food and pizza.“
sethdude 6752 days ago
78 /100 1601 S. BRENTWOOD BLVD.
“Pretty good selection and pretty knowledgeable guys to help if needed. Lacks single bottles and most of the other exotic stuff, but has a great selection of micros and regionals.“
MrBunn 6832 days ago
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