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62 /100 1781 CLARKSON ROAD
“Well organized beer section that usually has some surprises. Decent selection of singles; I wish they had more. You can tell they sell a lot of macro beers. If they focused more on craft beer they could really be great. Still, they usually have something I want and it is about as good as you can get in Chesterfield.“
coachd 1196 days ago
70 /100 1781 CLARKSON ROAD
“Part of a national chain that has a decent selection of beers. The personal are very helpful and knowledgeable but selection is a bit limited. On the plus side you can build your own six-pack and prices seem quite reasonable. Hopefully they will expand their selection to reflect more styles and local beers as the business matures in the area.“
Bif 2313 days ago
76 /100 1781 CLARKSON ROAD
“Another big box store, ok if that is what you want. Beer selection was decent. They push a lot of locals, not bad. The locals are not the current line-up, most are older, so check the dates. Glad they let you build most everything by singles. Not a bad selection, just not a local store, you can tell they are out of towners. Stop by if near by, otherwise there are better choices to visit.“
jandd1983 2535 days ago
“I liked the interior of this place. Nothing special as far as the beer. Food was very good but high priced“
edgallow 3005 days ago
“Visited late on a Friday evening for dinner with the family. Beer selection is limited, domestic macros and easy to find national craft. I ordered the Schlafly Summer Lager which was probably the best option on offer. Did feature a cask, which is cool. Service was prompt and friendly, food was decent. Overall a pretty standard suburban chain type bar and grill.

58 = ★½ (Place tickers only)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 3111 days ago
56 /100 1679 CLARKSON RD
“This is a typical Trader Joe’s with a fairly decent beer selection for they type of store it is. Not a beer destination, but if you are there, and need a drinkable beer or two, they will meet your need.“
BOSSbrewer 3247 days ago
“By far the best place to get supplies in STL. Very friendly staff, and very knowledgable. They have a new store a couple doors down from their old place and it is much nicer and bigger. Well worth a visit if you ferment anything.“
BOSSbrewer 3702 days ago
“A decent place to visit in the Valley. Good food and an ok place to try a few brews. The wait staff wasn’t very knowledgable about the beers they had, but the bartender had an idea. Worth a visit, but may not return when there are other places to go to in the Valley.“
jandd1983 4178 days ago
68 /100 1679 CLARKSON RD
“An ok destination for some unique items. Just depends on the time of year, but most of the Trader Joe’s carry the same product. A few new Kennebunkport’s appear now and then, but nothing real special. As mentioned, the build your own six pack is the way to shop at these stores.“
jandd1983 4274 days ago
76 /100 1679 CLARKSON RD
“As with all Trader Joe’s, a smallish but high quality, diverse, and very affordable selection. They have many "store-brand" beers brewed for them by micros such as Gordon Biersch, Goose Island, August Schell, Cervecería Mexicana, even Unibroue. It’s mainly a hipster foodie grocery store, but workers are surprisingly knowledgeable about the beer they sell. I love that you can mix your own six pack.“
seymour 4383 days ago
74 /100 238 THF BLVD
“Typical Cost Plus World Market, a big-box retailer specializing in eclectic import stuff, like Pier One but cooler. I especially like it for the interesting beer selection: a good mix of regional, international, seasons. All fairly quality, "top-shelf" selections, some fairly obscure ones I can’t find most places. You can buy one at a time or make your own six packs, they even offer their own complimentary heavy-duty cardboard carriers. Very wide selection of glassware, serving and bartending supplies, and brewery nostalgia items. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Fair prices.“
seymour 4405 days ago
“OK place for food, had a kid of chainy feel to it. Beer selection isn’t bad, nothing too unique, mostly common stuff, but a fair variety of them. Main reason to go would be for the "scenery" of the waitresses. Most of them not bad, a little on the trashy side, wearing tight little clothes.“
csaso 4469 days ago
“I can’t believe no one has rated this place yet! It is located in the Lamp and Lantern Village shopping center near the corner of 141 and Clayton Road on the border of Chesterfield and Town and Country. I don’t like the location because this is about a half hour away from my place in the city. This seems to be the best homebrew shop in the area from everything I’ve heard. I went out there to get ingredients for my second batch, and the guy who helped me out was super friendly and helpful and took all the time with me I needed. It’s hard to rate selection for a homebrew shop, especially when I’m so new to the game, but they had everything I needed and then some. I was very pleased with my experience here and I’ll be back when it’s time to do another batch.“
phaleslu 4871 days ago
“Applee’s with a slightly better beer selection. The place promotes itself as a Man’s joint with girls with bare midriffs, but there were a lots of family types there. Food was okay, but a little pricey for the type and selection. They do have a few decent imports, but they think pretty highly of them. Best thing they had was a cask beer and the particular evening I was there it was a Schlafly Pale Ale, or so I was told. It was served at cellar temp in a nice glass, and was the highlight of the evening. I don’t think I will be back though.“
bockimstein 5037 days ago
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