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74 /100
Clayton Winehouse (Beer Store)
“Clayton Winehouse is a really nice store right on Clayton Road. Very high-end vibe inside. There's a tasting bar near the register and some tables for events downstairs. It's a wine-focused store but they have a limited beer and mead selection and those categories are pretty well selected. I picked up some Burnt Barrel meads while there. They've also done special releases for Side Project. It's not a beer destination per se, but it's a place to keep an eye on for special or limited releases.“
phaleslu 21 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Lots of good domestics but not a lot of imports.“
midwestbeerguy 1740 days ago
64 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“gigantic selection but vast majority of bottles were cellar dwellers or not the best of the name brands ie jester king non hits.with patience you can pick a few gems.“
Sammy 1941 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Located on the bottom floor of a WU building, which was nice as I got to use their Wifi. Large place. You could easily throw a party just from here with their beer, wine, spirits, mixers, cheese selection and other foodstuffs. The beer selection was expansive and had some rarities. I took about an hour browsing and dropped over $200 on bottles from Prairie, Fantome, Odell, Jolly Pumpkin and others.Wide selection of cider and mead as well. Prices a little high but I’m not sure what is fair for the area because as of my visit this was literally the first place I’d ever been in Missouri, lifetime. Staff was friendly, but never offered help. This is the highest rated bottle shop in the STL area, and I see why.“
Drake 2539 days ago
90 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Great beer shop. Decent sized section straight back from the main entry. Plenty of local and international beers to choose from. I must have spent an hour in here checking out all the shelves. The staff was very friendly and helpful when I had questions. I would definitely come here again and it is worth a trip in you are in the area.“
gopherfan99 2554 days ago
94 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Definitely a destination craft beer place. One of the best selections I’ve ever seen. I wish could have bought more but I could only fit so much in my luggage. Really nice people behind the desk as well. Would go back if I was ever in the area.“
DiarmaidBHK 2773 days ago
88 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“An excellent beer, wine, and liquor store in CLayton with great prices and offerings. Gourmet cheeses available too. Clean with friendly staff. The place to go for carry out in St. Louis.“
b3shine 3084 days ago
88 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“A totally kick ass liquor store with a tonne of bottles from all the big Missouri breweries. They have a selection of mikkeller, prairie artisan ales, and crooked stave. A tonne of Belgians too. Great store.“
cards04 3234 days ago
70 /100 7754 FORSYTH BLVD
“Awesome restaurant. Happens to have a few craft beers. Really nice place.“
BVery 3332 days ago
90 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“This is a great place for beer lovers. Free tastings every Friday, $5 - $10 tastings throughout the year, especially the epic BeerFest, which they do once per year. Employees are helpful; they rotate their selection more than any place I have ever visited.“
coachd 3351 days ago
54 /100 20 S HANLEY RD
“As others have said, it is a decent sized wine store. There was a cooler full of decent, nothing hard to find beers. There were a few cases of warm beer, Founders, some locals, nothing special. We prefer the W&C around the corner, just had to stop in and see what they have.“
jandd1983 3377 days ago
82 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“A top tier beer store. There were probably a few hundred different bottles available. The modest local selection was bolstered by a strong set of offerings from Europe. There was also some interesting Italian stuff that I haven’t seen too often in the US. Other highlights included Tilquin Quetsche and Avery sours. For whatever reason, there was a ridiculous amount of stuff from Ska available. Weird. Service was friendly, professional. An old guy wearing a pretty awesome pair of jorts was pretty enraged at having to wait in line to pay, and the guy at the register humorously diffused the situation. Prices were fine. Definitely worth a stop.“
jackl 3404 days ago
74 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“In St. Louis on a business trip and wanted to grab some craft beers I can’t get back home. After reading the Yelp and RateBeer reviews of beer stores in St. Louis, decided on this one. Good, easy to find location. Very nice selection of craft beers in the back of the store. Mostly warm, which is a good thing for the traveler who has no cooler. But there were also several coolers worth of beers too. Very small selection of singles and signs on the shelves asking not to break up six packs, which is a definite con to this place. Mostly stuff I can get back home, (which is great to see Louisville is pulling in so many different breweries). But they did have Firestone Walker Brewery and Ska Brewery, which is a huge plus! And a great selection of local St. Louis breweries. Prices were pretty much average, (American craft beer ranging from $6 - $10 for a 22 oz bomber, $9 - $12 for a six pack). Bought about $70 worth of beer, could have easily spent twice that. Didn’t engage the staff in much chat, but the checkout guy was friendly enough and took the time to help me get all of my beer purchases into a couple of case boxes. I’ll certainly stop in again next time I am in town.“
jhp40219 3409 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Visited during RBSG 2014. Lots of wine and liquor in the main area with cheeses, candies, and other snacks. Beer area in the back with some coolers along the back wall. Pretty nice selection for the amount of space. Prices were reasonable. Lots of free parking in the lot. Worth a stop especially if you’re not from the area to see what you might not normally be able to get. Friendly staff. Apparently they can ship beers so a nice option if you don’t want to lug your beers back home.“
GenDV138 3445 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Broad geographic selection of beers, including a lot of stuff (European and other global craft beer) that you just can’t find anywhere else. Great communication via social media and the blog which keeps you in the know of all the latest beer releases. Very cool collaborations with local breweries: they donate used whisky barrels to brewers for special releases! Shelf space is somewhat limited as wine and spirits take up a lot of the store. One of my favorite places to visit!“
lricketts 3449 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Beer area in the back. Sorted by country and then by local regions. Pretty good selection. Lots of import beers. Tons of cheeses and wine (hence the name). Great selection of Belgian beer. Mix-a-six was mostly IPA beers.“
EyeAmBaldman 3572 days ago
92 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“They have a great selection of beers from overseas. Wonderful cider section, and sour ale selections.“
jayzz 3623 days ago
100 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“best place to buy beer (and eggs!) in St. Louis. great selection and helpful staff.“
jonshell 3639 days ago
64 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Nice place. Convenient when you are on Manchester. Better selection of wines, but beer is good too. Lots of cheeses, which make for lots of good pairings.“
BOSSbrewer 3700 days ago
88 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“I’ve ordered online from these guys a few times but recently visited for the first time. Really great beer selection with a helpful staff. I spent nearly an hour combing their selection during my last visit. Chill place“
cubs 3720 days ago
80 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Occasionally I’ll check their site to see if they have something that I know I can’t get in California but so far the only time I’ve ordered anything was a couple of BFM bottles. They were the newest versions of the Grand Cru. The prices are pretty high and you still have to pay for shipping (for which the price is ridiculous) but they do get some neat stuff in. Most recently they had some bottles of the Fantome Extra Sour but I missed that. Some day when I get to Missoura I’ll have to stop in here and see the store front.“
t0rin0 3776 days ago
82 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Excellent store that is fairly easy to get to. Great selection of European beers. Nice selection of Missouri beers. Prices seemed decent. Staff did offer to help. The pick six was weak. Well worth stopping by.“
RobertDale 3908 days ago
88 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Visited here as a part of a 9-brewery weekend tour of the St. Louis beer scene. This was the only liquor store we visited during the weekend, and it was the only store we needed to go to. Very good selection. Great international, Missouri, and regional beer sections.“
jcnielsen 3956 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Just a fantastic store. THE ONE MUST-STOP in STL. The only downside is its a little too small and messy. Al liquor, great selection. Port and Cognac, all good. Beer, lots of stuff, rare and not. But this place is popular, rare things sell out fast. Stock rotates well, they put things on discount. Lots of good imports at fair prices. Plus food stuffs. Specialty beers made for the store, free tastings, a well updated blog.“
beastiefan2k 3990 days ago
78 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Lots of wine and alcohol here, but plenty of beer in the back as well. Seemed a little disorganized with beer stocked all over, but a very wide selection. There was a new belgium tasting going on while I was here so that was cool. Didn’t get offered any help as I was looking around, but staff were friendly at checkout. Prices seemed decent, but the lack of a robust singles section was a huge turnoff. They actually made a point of stating in writing that they do not break up 6 packs. I don’t know how the highest rated beer store in the state could not. A very nice store, just not on par with the top stores in Minnesota.“
HarvesterOfSorrow 4040 days ago
86 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“I go here every now and then on my way through St Louis. It’s not far off the interstate and itq has a great selection of beer. The layout is a little unorganized but for me it is all about selection.“
edgallow 4128 days ago
90 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Such a large selection of beers that are not readily available in Texas. I was really impressed. Lots of imported beers, at semi-decent prices, and good beers from the surrounding area. So good!“
SPDickerman 4146 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Like a candy store for beer geeks. It pains ne that I have to drive clear across the state for a selection like this. “
lawman357 4149 days ago
86 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Don’t let the name confuse you, this is quite the beer mecca. Probably the best place in St Louis for beer. The staff is friendly and can be very helpful. They have a large selection of beers from Belgium, England and Germany, not to mention many other countries in Europe and around the world. The selection of US craft beers is very good. This includes a good number of local and regional brewers to choose from. There are regular beer tastings to introduce you to beers you have never tried or even heard of before. They also allow you to order beers on-line and have them shipped to you if need be. Their prices are quite reasonable for what they offer. Highly recommended “
Bif 4184 days ago
80 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Stopped in after work to check out the selection. Good selection of local brews and some hard to find European imports. They sell singles of some of the seasonal brews which is nice and have a small mix six selection. Definitely worth a stop.“
msante79 4197 days ago
88 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“I was not expecting much from the understated exterior. Looking more like an upscale wine and spirits store it hides one of the best selections of local, regional, and international beers in the area. An entire shelf of Saint Louis breweries sits next to Midwestern breweries. Further down are entire shelves of Mikeller, Nogne, and many Belgian beers.

Getting in and out without making a big dent in the wallet could be tough. Come ready to pick up a case and you won’t be disappointed.“
Brigadier 4217 days ago
98 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“awesome...particularly for online purchases!“
lopezlopezlope 4312 days ago
100 /100 20 S HANLEY RD
“Love It!“
winemerch1992 4314 days ago
86 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Really nice place. Lots of wine and liquor with a good bit of beer in the back. It’s almost like walking into a speakeasy when you finally find the beer. Picked up a Stone Vertical 11, Mikkeller Drink’in The Sun 11, some Dogfish and a bunch of other stuff. Price seemed pretty good for the area. No one offered to help me but then again, I didn’t ask. My only complaint is they close at 7pm? Seems kinda early to me. Overall, pretty good. I’ll be back again in the future.“
jmagnus87 4333 days ago
72 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“The Wine and Cheese Place has four locations, and beer shopping experience varies wildly, but this is definitely a good one. Huge selection of obscure beers, well organized and labeled. Prices seem a bit high but not outrageous. They always have some good ones on sale or clearance if you’re feeling cheap. I guess I’m spoiled by Lukas Liquors, but I really wish this store also allowed you to buy singles or mix six packs of anything. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend it overall.“
seymour 4401 days ago
80 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“good but common selection of European beers, tons of locals, including singles out of 6 packs, great service and good pricing, check this place out“
chibuck 4422 days ago
82 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“I’ve ordered beers from these guys a couple times now. Shipping is always quick and the prices are pretty reasonable. They have a good selection of beers from the area and also get some pretty decent imports. I don’t buy from them too often anymore, but if I do buy stuff online, they’re a good place to turn to.“
brokensail 4475 days ago
82 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“This is the best selection in St. Louis. I have visited several establishments, but have found everything I was looking for right here. Very knowledgeable staff, and will hunt for items you may need. Updates provided through Facebook, and new brews and other liquors and wines arriving constantly. I will frequent as my allowance lets me travel to their store. The staff is very helpful and willing to go the extra mile.“
jandd1983 4664 days ago
94 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“My personal favorite place to buy beer in St Louis. I have never found a better beer store anywhere else. Clean, well lit, great selection, and 4 out of 5 trips someone is there asking if I need assistance. They always get the rarest beers that come in the area and allow customers to join waiting lists to have a chance to obtain the hardest to come by beers. Paul keeps everyone up to date on new arrivals via all forms of social networking. Also they have a HUGE selection of wine and liquor and assorted cheeses and meats but I have yet to buy anything but beer there. Also worth noting they do weekly tastings and have even done special vertical tastings. Overall an amazing store.“
618Brews 4709 days ago
78 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“well orginzed. good selection. impressive selection of imports in particular, lotta mikkeller, de ranke, couple cantillons. hard to imagine coming into here and not finding something you want to drink. chocolate, coffee, cheese, wine, liquor available as well. pretty solid prices ta boot. solid place.“
SrSilliGose 4756 days ago
82 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Visited on a late Monday afternoon. Big shop with a ton of wine, spirits, and of course, beer. I really liked the layout of the place, where beer certainly had its own section. Beer is smartly grouped, and the selection here is EASILY the best I have seen in Missouri. Really great focus on locals, and on imports. I did not ask for, or receive ant service on my visit, though in the past Paul has been great to work with on site and selection questions I have had. This was the only bottle shop I hit in St Louis, but I can’t imagine anywhere else beating it.

82 = ★★★½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 4816 days ago
64 /100 20 S HANLEY RD
“I guess if you’re in here for some reason and can’t go to Wine and Cheese Place around the corner, it has some worthwhile beers to pick up. It has a full rack of Boulevard Smokestack bombers, some cool ciders and European lambics, and some good American and European craft stuff. I didn’t see anything that TWCP didn’t have, and this appears to be a great wine store if that’s your thing. The aroma of the cheese counter hits you right as you walk in, and the place appears to be a nice one for cheese aficionados. The one advantage over TWCP- this place is open one hour later, so if you encounter a locked door around the corner and need to grab something, here you go.“
phaleslu 4856 days ago
86 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Wine and Cheese Place on Forsyth is not right on the main road, but pull into the parking lot between the MetroLink building and the last big building in downtown Clayton, and it’s there. We came up just after 7, but there was a class going on so they mercifully let us in (7 is a bit early, no?). I got everything I came for, and this appears to be the place in and around St. Louis to get bottles. Walked away with 2 Apis meads, some 3 Fonteinen, Odell, Boulevard, and a few other things. Great selection, cool store, very organized, compact presentation, and a nice stock of every available bottle. Prices were right where I’d expect them to be for what I’ve seen in the area and in other cities. Super cool place, and I’ll be coming back here a lot as long as I can remember when it closes.“
phaleslu 4905 days ago
96 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Paul is the man! Seriously. If the store does not have a beer/wine/whiskey/mead/cheese/ whatever.... he’ll order it for you if he can get it. They carry almost every beer available in St. Louis (obviously can’t help not carrying the ones that don’t get distributed here), and works hard to get new beers into our area. The cheese selection is great, as is the wine selection, but the beer is really starting to stand out. “
xmarcnolanx 4916 days ago
90 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“I have ordered from them several times and the service and shipping are always very fast. Great selection of beers I can’t get around here. Lots of great sours from Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen as well as a large selection of beers from Europe and the midwest. They also have a large selection of wine and spirits.“
Mora2000 4917 days ago
94 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“The place to buy beer, wine, or cheese in St. Louis“
rking 4930 days ago
84 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“Ordered a box online. Staff was helpful and easy to deal with. Communication was excellent, packaging was good and everything arrived on time. Will order again!“
BierBauch 4941 days ago
90 /100 7435 FORSYTH BLVD
“TW&CP is the store most responsible for my dive into craft beer. Paul, the owner, is well-informed about the craft beer community, and seems to work hard to keep their selection up to date and of the highest quality. Friday tastings, weekly specials, a great selection, and great prices separate TW&CP from its competition. One can check their website for an updated list of the beer available - everthing local, plus just about everything that makes it to St. Louis, plus the rare gem every once in awhile (e.g. they got in 2 Zephyrs some time ago). Overall, an excellent store. “
Verecund 4957 days ago
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