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70 /100 5372 ST. CHARLES ST.
“Big outdoor food truck gathering. Plenty of outdoor seating, big screen or a band playing. There were 7 food trucks when we went. Two indoor area for drinks. One was all beer and the other was whiskey and bourbon. Good beer selection at the time, it rotates quickly form what the staff said. Lots of activities for all to enjoy. Parking is kind of tough, can find spots. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 199 days ago
58 /100 5055 N HIGHWAY N
“Ambiance is sterile, plain with a few beer signs randomly thrown up. Service is a bit indifferent; you have to go up to the bar to order a beer. The server will not come to you no matter how busy it is. Selection is good. Unlike many other reviewers, I like the beers brewed on site. I have seen better selection at other places that have many more perks. There is no food, nowhere close to get food, no ice for your water, no napkins, basically nothing but beer. I think they like it that way but to me it comes off as though the customer is not important. Value is better than some other places. If you don’t live close to Exit 6, it is not worth the trip. I live close so I may go again.“
coachd 3424 days ago
52 /100 5055 N HIGHWAY N
“This was my second to last stop on my tour of breweries through St. Louis. I must unfortunately say that it was my worst experience of the trip. On the positive side was a nice selection of local and regional brews with 5 of their own on tap. A pretty decent concept if you ask me. Most of their beers had major problems though. The "Vanilla Cream Ale" tasted as though it was half Bud Light and half Vess Cream Soda. Not exactly the manliest flagship beer. The next one I had was the irish coffee barrel aged stout. Astringent, overly oakey and lacking quality coffee flavor. It tasted as if someone dumped cheap Folgers into my stout. They Ryanes Red was an OK amber. A nice citrus nose and heavy malt body. Not super drinkable but an all together solid beer. I also had beers from Firestone Walker and Stone. Im not sure if they were having trouble with their cooling but the draft beers seemed awfully warm (I would guess mid to upper 40’s) from the tap. Not a big deal to me but just a little odd. Beer aside was the worst thing I have seen in a craft beer establishment....speed chugging. There is apparantly a challenge at this place where someone speed chugs 3 Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah beers. I watched as the BARTENDER/OWNER encouraged a guy as he sped through the three beers in around 15 seconds after he had had a couple beers before (he was sitting about 4 stools away from me at the bar). This was so incredibly irresponsible IMO. How can you encourage people to drink FASTER and then send them home?! As an insurance salesman Im not sure who was silly enough to give this guy a policy but its going to take one guy wrecking in a car crash to put this place out of business. Really a sad place for a pint.“
starkbeer78 3933 days ago
68 /100 5055 N HIGHWAY N
“I’d agree with previous raters that Exit 6 is a decent watering hole with lots of good beers, but that’s it, and I was less impressed overall. First, I know this is nit-picking, but it should be renamed Exit 6 Brewery and Tap Room. "Pub" is short for public house, which implies food, history, atmosphere, some wood and intimate corners, all of which are sadly lacking in this bland strip mall space. 23 taps, 5 of which are supposed to be their own brews, plus a couple coolers full of bottles, all high-quality craft beers even a few rarities. On my visit, they were missing one of their own taps, which took it down to 4, 1 which I already had at a festival, and 2 of the remaining brews were having major keg/carbonation problems. Not a strong showing, hopefully it was just a tough night. The space is nothing but a wide-open rectangular room with a bar across the back, tall 4-top tables throughout, three TVs tuned to the same thing, and some metal beer signs on the walls and lodged in the drop-ceiling framework. The single bartender was friendly and knowledgeable, and the 10-12 people drinking seemed pleased. It was just a little depressing though, in that vague, homogenized, mediocre, St. Charles County way. To their credit, if you look past the carbonation issues and underwhelming vibe, their beers were mainly fresh, light-bodied, tasty and easy-drinking stuff, not spectacular but not bad. I’ll keep trying their beers at local festivals, but the brewery is off my beaten path and it’ll probably take something special to bring me back.“
seymour 4285 days ago
82 /100 5055 N HIGHWAY N
“Exit 6 has only been open for a short time. Nothing fancy about this place, just a nice watering hole that serves good beers. There are no BMC beers on hand to take up cooler space. Behind the bar are 23 taps, with 5 for house beers and 18 for other beers including some big name offerings. They also have about 60 different bottled beers from which to choose from. The owner & brewer Jeff is usually on hand to talk shop with. There is no food available, but who cares. Exit 6 is well worth a visit.“
Bif 4366 days ago
78 /100 5055 N HIGHWAY N
“Pretty new place. Tonight has 3 of their own on tap plus 20 more on tap plus about 50 or so bottles - all good stuff (with the exception of PBR and Stag! LOL). No food here.“
csaso 4388 days ago
86 /100 5055 N HIGHWAY N
“Visited on an early fall Saturday afternoon. A little slow, but things picked up as the afternoon went on. Very good selection of their brews and other big name brews. We tried four of their brews and three other name brands. Met the owner, Jeff, was in the back working on the next batches to be made available real soon. He talked with us for a while , then headed back into the brew room. We will definitley go again, well worth the visit. “
jandd1983 4402 days ago
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