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72 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“An unknown location with good selection and free tastings on weekends.“
coachd 1620 days ago
72 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“LArge store with a very good selection of beer“
edgallow 3340 days ago
76 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“The grocery store of beer. Two enormous beer aisles with a ton of import beer not found anywhere else in St. Louis. Mostly categorized by craft beer then by import country. Yes the prices are a bit high compared to Wine & Cheese but Friar Tuck had a better selection. Tons of Belgian and German beer. More Scottish beer than you can shake a stick at. Found some Norwegian beer and plenty of mead. Tons of liquor, if that’s your thing. Also has a cooler in the back with more selection. Prices varied between room temp and cold beer, which to me seems odd. I have to pay more for cold beer? Regardless, I’m basing this on selection, and from what I’ve seen this place has the most.“
EyeAmBaldman 3573 days ago
68 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“Very nice store with mostly wine and hard liquor. A full aisle of craft beer from MO, US and international brewers as well as a mix a 6 section. Good variety and easy to spot something new. Friendly staff. Prices are a bit high.“
Beergeek23322 3585 days ago
72 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“Been to this location a couple of times on various STL visits. This place opened up just about the time i left St Louis back in 2009. Pretty standard Friars, like the original stores they made in IL, this one has a huge selection located on the left side of the store. Prices are average to slightly high and the service is is just ok. Just be careful for old beers.“
Terminus 3629 days ago
64 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“My parents just moved to a nearby neighborhood, so I think this will be my new go-to place when I’m in town. This is a cavernous, warehouse of an alcohol store. Wow, we drink a lot, don’t we. Nice, full aisle of quality American craft and import beers, with a good selection of singles. Little bit pricey, maybe, but think that’s common around here.“
Braudog 3746 days ago
66 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“Massive store that focuses mostly on wine and hard alcohol. That being said, there is one aisle, both sides, and a pretty decent sized freezer, dedicated to beer. Pretty large selection, as one might expect from a liquor superstore. Some pretty good finds from good breweries, such as Founder’s, Stone, Green Flash, and many others. A solid selection of local brews like Schlafly, Urban Chestnut, Perennial, and 4 Hands. Kevin, the beer guy, will chat with you and let you know what’s coming in, but you have to seek him out. Rarer new releases are on counter as you first walk in, but it’s first come first serve, so you have to stay on top of it and know when certain beers are supposed to arrive. They used to have a waiting list, but abolished that system, which kind of frustrating for people that actually work during the day. Overall, you standard beer superstore, but can’t complain having it within 5 minutes of my house.“
Dr_Fellini 3825 days ago
68 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“been here about 3 times in the past year. First off, before the beer. Large store, lots of space and alcohol. The port selection is horrid for such a store. Cognac selection is good but prices on high end items too high10% - 40% too high. Now BEER. Advantages, large selection, stock sits around longer so a chance to find beer sold out elsewhere. Disadvantages: stock sits around. Lots of old beer for sale. Fine if its a strong Belgian, less fine for an APA. Prices high on imports, a buck or 2 more than wine and cheese place. Saw a 750 import that was 50% higher than in Kansas. They have a discount rack, I usually grab something off that.
Bottom Line: might have some stuff sold out elsewhere, prices higher and old stock.“
beastiefan2k 3991 days ago
74 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“A better than average liquor store, especially for those not used to the distribution of Missouri. Plenty of big bottles from around and the world, but especially the Midwest and some of the many offerings from local St. Louis breweries. A bit pricey in general and their mix and match is not comprehensive.“
ads135 4125 days ago
88 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“I was looking for a few specific brews and they put them to the side for me until I could come by and pick them up, great customer service. It is a nice, big, clean and well-organized store. The staff is more than willing to help and give advice. I plan to make more trips when looking for certain brews.“
jandd1983 4664 days ago
76 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“I can pretty much copy and paste my rating of FT Fenton for the one in Crestwood: Friar Tuck doesn’t have a location convenient to me (in the city of St. Louis) but this one is about 20 minutes away along the depressing stretch of Watson that used to be bustling with commerce. The store seemed pretty new, so it’s big, bright, and clean. The staff helped me out by setting aside a couple bottles for me when I called ahead. The selection was pretty huge; a very long beer aisle rolls back into a back section with both aisle displays and a walk-in refrigerated area. Stock was deep for everything they had. The prices were just a touch higher than what I would have liked, but not bad. They had things in stock that I hadn’t seen in the area yet, or at least not in a long time. I wondered how long certain things were on the shelves but that didn’t matter for a couple rare impy stouts I found. Too bad there isn’t one of these closer to me or I’d visit more. It isn’t quite worth driving past Randall’s or Wine and Cheese for, unless they have something unusual the others sold out of.“
phaleslu 4802 days ago
78 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“Stopped in today and I couldn’t help but be impressed. A great facility with parking that is more than ample and a big building with lots of room in the aisles. Their beer selection is amazing. Hundreds of beers many of which are in sixers or cases but plenty of larger bottles available as singles. A nice mix a six section for $9.99. Prices seemed a little high. I had no problem locating several beers that were new to me and it was nice to visit a new store just for that purpose. They also had a nice home brewers section. Despite the higher prices, I will be back for the selection.“
Strykzone 4873 days ago
68 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“Very clean store - service didn’t apply as I knew what I was looking for (although I was not asked for help either) - the selection was good but they still have a little bit of work to do to catch to The Wine and Cheese Place a few miles away in Clayton - The mix a six ($9 per six pack) had several macros - The prices also seemed slightly higher than other places in the area“
wwwdottom 5131 days ago
60 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“Decent beer selection. Although the 6-pack mix section had a lot of macros, I was able to find some good stuff that I haven’t tried as well. Local things like Schlafly and O’Fallon were all available here. Prices were pretty much what you’d expect. The main reason I visited was for some homebrew supplies, but I walked out with a few six packs as well. Homebrew section is pretty limited. No liquid yeast or a lot of the stuff you’d expect. (But I’m sure the turnover is not that great.) Still a fine store to visit.“
troyc 5505 days ago
72 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“Resembles a Total Wine store in size and stock. There’s a lot of beer. There was a sizable mix six section. Good store for the area. If you are coming from long distance, try Wine & Cheese Place first. Did get a Griesedieck, which was the first one I’ve seen.“
bhensonb 5555 days ago
64 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“This Friar Tuck’s is set up the same as their stores in Peoria and Champaign ( Savoy ) except this one may be slightly larger. You’ll find pretty much everything from Boulevard, Schlafly, O’Fallon, Odell’s and New Belgium ( did not see any La Folie ), plus all of the other craft brews found in Missouri. Small glassware section and some homebrew supplies as well. Prices seemed a bit high with many 6 packs and 750’s running a dollar higher than where I usually shop. Overall, a nice store and one I’m sure I’ll frequent while in town visiting the in-laws.“
barleyPops 5624 days ago
72 /100 9053 WATSON ROAD
“I’ll start my review by saying that this place just opened today so i hope for better things in the future. Everything is brand new and shiny with the beer off to the left as you come in. It seems they have the same distributors as everyone else in STL b/c everything here you can find at Randall’s,Wine and Cheese and Lukas. So if you were thinking you are going to find something new at a new place don’t waste your time driving here. They do have a mix a six wall which is total crap. About a quarter of which are pale lagers and a quarter is alky-pops for the kids. The rest is probably stuff you have already had and probably not liked. They do have a nice selection of single craft sodas. The rest of the store is typical liquor/wine store, I did not buy anything. Again this place is new so I’ll prob come back here in a month or so to see what they have done with the place but for now I would wait and let them sort out all the kinks.“
thegreenrooster 5671 days ago
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