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58 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“Smaller than the flagship location in Clayton. Definitely more of an emphasis on spirits and wine than beer. The vast majority of their selection is in a row of coolers along the wall. They will break up 4 or 6 packs for you if you want a single. Friendly attentive service. There were a few surprises and while the selection is small it is well curated. Not the best location but still above average.“
coachd 166 days ago
58 /100 11411 OLIVE BLVD.
“If anyone remembers Trailhead in St. Charles, this place has a lot in common. More of a restaurant than a brewery, very nice looking place, the beer is more of an afterthought and tastes like it.“
coachd 642 days ago
64 /100 11411 OLIVE BLVD.
“Located in a strip mall. Has a bit of an upscale feel to it, but still quite comfortable. This is primarily a restaurant that happens to brew their own beers.They had about 6 of their own beers on tap with a couple of local craft beers on tap also. Service was friendly and good, with prices quite reasonable. As this is a chain brew-pub come for the food not the beer.“
Bif 2956 days ago
68 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“Stopped in here to check it out while running errands because I’ve never been to a Wine and Cheese Place other than the one on Forsyth in Clayton. This one is in a little strip center on New Ballas in Creve Coeur. The store is pretty tight, with narrow aisles; the good news is they pack more inventory in that way. The beer selection is in the back and nowhere near what Clayton has; that said, there is some good stuff to be found. They don’t get the special releases the other location does, either. The staff was super, super friendly. Not a bad place if you’re in the area but it can’t equal the Clayton location.“
phaleslu 4151 days ago
62 /100 11411 OLIVE BLVD.
“Tried this place out on an off day when I had to meet xscottypx to exchange a beer with him. The place is in a big strip mall on Olive in Creve Coeur anchored by a Dierberg’s supermarket. The interior reminds me of any new suburban strip mall restaurant that’s trying to be more upscale than it is; lower lighting and more stone, with wood trim. I pulled up to the bar and had a sampler and lunch. The sampler had 5 year-round beers and 3 blends- not seasonals, but blends. I thought that was pretty cheap, even if one had its own tap. The menu is big and my food was decent. The beer was disappointing, though. Nothing special at all. The bartender was super nice. Doesn’t appear that the beer is brewed on site, like at a Rock Bottom. I guess it beats other chains for a meal if you have limited options but don’t go here for beer or you’ll be disappointed. I’m not seeing out any other GC’s.“
phaleslu 4151 days ago
58 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“This place really fails in comparison to the Clayton location. Selection is about a 1/5 of Clayton location. Had a decent selection of local brews and did have Deschutes The Stoic and a couple of other decent regional brews. Not really worth a stop.“
msante79 4193 days ago
64 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“An average-sized store-front mainly emphasizing wine and cheese, obviously, but with a fair collection of very good beer. I’d say the selection and help were better by far than their Rock Hill location, but not nearly as good as the Clayton location. They had a small assortment of larger single bottles, but the pick-your-own 12oz bottle selection was weak. I much prefer Lukas where you can buy one bottle of absolutely anything. I always like to cruise a store’s clearance bin, too, but it was practically nonexistent. In general, this is a place I can run-in on my way home which is a few ticks better than your run-of-the-mill package liquor store. Not a special destination by any means. Nowadays some Schucks grocery stores approach the selection and beat them in ambiance.“
seymour 4270 days ago
64 /100 11411 OLIVE BLVD.
“A brew-pub chain, this one’s located in the county near 270 and Olive. It’s the only brewery for some distance, which definitely plays to its favor. A friend described this place as Applebee’s crossed with Gordon Biersch, which is about right. Decent, generic American food. True-to-style, fresh but forgettable microbrews. Good sampler offering and pitcher specials. Friendly servers and reasonable prices.“
seymour 4383 days ago
58 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“Visited for the first time, just before their doors were closing. Picked a few bottles, for 20% off, not a bad deal. The selection was getting scarce, so not too much to choose from, but what was left was worth it. Will return when they open back up as the Wine & Cheese Place.“
jandd1983 4589 days ago
68 /100 11411 OLIVE BLVD.
“(Visited 09/2009): The Creve Coeur Granite City location is on Olive Blvd in a strip mall not too far away from I-270. There is plenty of parking available out front and on the side. The inside has a layout with the bar on the right side of the establishment and restaurant seating on the left. The floors are stone (granite?) tile as are columns throughout. There is a lot of wood in the furniture and walls too. Brewing equipment is visible behind glass on the bar side. The beer selection is pretty standard for a brewpub (especially a chain). They have around 6 taps with offerings from a Light to a Stout. Nothing really unique in the lineup, and all the beers are average or below. They offer a beer "platter" of samples for $3.75. Service was good on a weekday late dinner. The server was very attentive and knew a little bit about the beers. The food was pretty good. I had the pasta special and was pleasantly surprised that it was fairly tasty. Overall this place is pretty far down the list of St. Louis area brewpubs, but if you are in Creve Coeur or the immediate area it might be worth a stop.“
Dogbrick 4635 days ago
76 /100 11411 OLIVE BLVD.
“Went in for dinner thru the week, was not very crowded. The bartender was very good, knew his brews and suggested several different brews per food selection. We tried the sampler and the bartender concocted a couple of special brews for us, very nice. Suggested we join their reward members club to sample new brews before the general public, so we did. Decent atmosphere and decently priced food and brews, will definitely visit again.“
jandd1983 4643 days ago
86 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“Nice place. Owned by the Wine and Cheese Place. Nice wall of American Micros, some pick-a-6 as well. They get a few seasonals too. Great choice if in the area. Decent pricing. Staff is knowledgeable and willing to reserve limited releases.“
njordan 4726 days ago
62 /100 11411 OLIVE BLVD.
“Went for a lucnh early in July. Soup was cold, salad was good. Had the sampler tray for beer. Bartender was very nice.“
mnurda 4865 days ago
70 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“Kind of a gourmet food store with a big selection of wine and decent selection of food. Beer selection is decent, got a bunch of Boulevard Smokestacks I was looking for. Not much in terms of build your own but the sixer wall wasn’t too bad with a lot of Midwest offerings. They are affiliated with Wine and Cheese from what I’ve heard, but that store has a much better selection. Still, it’s not a bad option if in the area.“
esjaygee 5004 days ago
90 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“They have a great selection of not only beers but wines as well! They have so many beers that I like and I have tried many new ones that have become favorites! Check this place out!“
LittleItaly 5170 days ago
74 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“Disregard grobeen’s entry. This place has a top-notch beer selection with an excellent representation of american craft beer, a fine selection of Belgians, and a nice batch of Mikkler and other Scandanavian craft brewer’s products. Prices are excellent. The store is now part of the Wine and Cheese Place local chain (four locations), so perhaps it wasn’t when grobeen rated it. Can’t really comment on the service as I didn’t ask for help, though it was available.“
allfreej 5212 days ago
54 /100 457 N NEW BALLAS
“A nice little shop with varieties of food-stuffs, wines, etc., including a nice food bar. The beer selection is not the focus (its the wine and other food-stuffs). Might pick up a few beers from around the world, but no great micros.“
grobeen 5282 days ago
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