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82 /100 1545 N. US HIGHWAY 67
“The new Narrow Gauge Brewing space is right by Cugino's, just across the parking lot next door. It appears to be an old retail space, but I don't remember what it was. For now, it's just a to-go store. There are a handful of fridges, some shelves with merch, a counter to check out, and the brewery itself is through a curtain. A bar is coming soon and I'll re-rate at that time. For now, it's a really pleasant to-go experience.“
phaleslu 160 days ago
90 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Quite a bit out of the way but worth the trip. Cugino's does delicious food and Narrow Gauge does some just amazing beers across a large number of styles. Still debating whether i preferred Side Project or here.“
WestCoastHawkeye 613 days ago
64 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Stopped by on a holiday Monday afternoon. Smallish place, somewhat surprisingly pretty busy for the time of day. They only had 4 of their own beers on tap, plus the Resilience collaboration brew with Sierra. But they also had at least a dozen other craft beers on tap, and somewhat surprisingly even the decor in the restaurant included photos of other area breweries. We had half pours of three of the house pours, all were very good. Bartenders were attentive but not necessarily overly friendly. We didn't eat. Worth a visit, fellow RBers. Brewery #862.“
Braudog 1753 days ago
86 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“My first visit in the area just after arriving to the airport. I was not aware of this brewery but Bob who picked me up from the airport insisted to visit this place right away. Thank you very much for this Bob!! We had some trouble to find it as we were looking for Narrow Gauge and not for Cugino's. 12 Narrow Gauge and more than 20 guest beers on tap. Flights are available. Narrow Gauge cans available to go. Good service and good prices. Nice ambiance too. I didnt try the food. What I really loved was the Narrow Gauge beers!! Especially the hoppy ones but the imperial coffee stout I tried was also great!! For sure I will visit the place again if I go again ti MO.“
rouhlas 1795 days ago
84 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Nice place with supposedly very good food that I’ll have to try at some point... beer is great, of course, and the place itself is cosy.“
Ktwse 1942 days ago
82 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Friday afternoon visit with Nikos. Appears to be a restaurant but looks are deceiving. Twelve of their beers on tap and at least twenty guest taps. Excellent IPAs and APAs. Service was fine. Prices were fair. Well worth a visit.“
RobertDale 1993 days ago
84 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Very unassuming Italian restaurant where bacon is pretty much in everything for some reason. Flights of beers available with crowlers and four packs as well. Quality IPAs even if they all look the same.“
drfabulous 2202 days ago
60 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“I may be the outlier here but I did not enjoy my visit. The place was incredibly small and loud. Their own beer on tap was 100% IPAs with nothing else available. The food was overpriced and not good. The only thing I remember liking was the service.“
Dfonorow 2219 days ago
76 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“The ambiance is definitely no frills but I kinda dig it in a neighborhood bar type of way. Service was very good and attentive. They didn't mind answering questions even as they were very busy. Only 4 NG beers on tap when I visited but they had lots of interesting guest taps. Good value, even for St. Louis which is usually pretty cheap. I liked this place even though I found their beer to be substandard. I will definitely be back; I'll just have guest taps.“
coachd 2252 days ago
86 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Narrow Gauge is making fantastic hoppy brews, and Cugino’s has the food to back it up (get the meatballs!). Service, atmosphere, and value are good too. I’ve made it a must-stop (along with Side Project) every time I’m in St. Louis.“
b3shine 2418 days ago
74 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Kind of a ways out, but, thanks to the STL crew for insisting I come to this place. Hung out here with vyvvy which was awesome. Large place, family style Italian restaurant vibe, which is precisely what it is. Food was meh. Service was brusque but friendly. Prices were okay. I got a flight of four beers that pretty much looked exactly the same. That being said, the beers here seem to be hop-forward, but the ones I tried were unique, tasty and well made. Guest taps looked nice too. Overall a nice stop.“
Drake 2547 days ago
84 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“I finally made it by here over Thanksgiving weekend, 2016. I had to try the new Narrow Gauge stuff. The place is deceptively large, with a bar-restaurant side and a smaller bar side. It has Narrow Gauge stuff on tap exclusively, as it’s brewed in house. Three were on when I visited. They also had dozens of other beers on tap, most of them local or at least Missouri-brewed. The atmosphere reminds me of tons of other local bar and grill type restaurants - low lit, very casual, TVs with sports, most light coming from the windows. The food is good; we just had a couple small bites but I’ll try to make a meal of it next time. The service was friendly. This place was already a nice beer destination in an underserved area, but now that NGBC is the house brewery, it’s a must-visit.“
phaleslu 2565 days ago
84 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Located in a small strip mall on N. Lindbergh in Florissant. Not a fancy place but a comfortable local neighborhood sports bar. There is large selection of beer taps to choose from. They also serve Narrow Gauge Beers, brewed in the basement. Their beers tend to lean towards IPAs.The servers are very knowledgeable. Worth checking out if you are in the North County area.“
Bif 2623 days ago
88 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“We have been here a few times and have always liked it. They have two separate sides to the venue, the left is a sports bar and on the right is an Italian restaurant. When with my wife we sit on the quieter Italian side. But when without her I sit in the rowdier sports bar side. Their tap list is one of the best in the area. And now they have added their own Narrow Gauge Brewing that is located in the basement. We stopped in a day or so after the brewery opening and were beyond impressed with the Narrow Gauge beers. That is particularly true of the IPAs. Service knows their stuff. Parking is usually a problem because we tend to go just after the 6 PM rush crowd has already arrived. Cuginos is a fun sports bar with an amazing tap list, a quality Italian restaurant, and now a brewer who knows his stuff. I feel like I should score this higher. If you are in the area make this a stop!“
Strykzone 2719 days ago
84 /100 11000 OLD HALLS FERRY RD
“Big warehouse setting with a lot of parking. Make your Sixers was rather small but overall selection definitely made up for it. Good selection and quality, good bottle shop.“
wlajwl 3012 days ago
90 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“ive been coming here 30+ years. Each time I’ve come, the shift in quality has changed from food towards beer. That said, the beer is now amazing, and the food is no longer such. This may be the best beer bar in St. Louis....despite how many times I’ve gone to iTap, I am always more impressed with Cuginos. Three Kings cellar list is half of Cuginos normal list. (and Cuginos has a cellar list)...I just had a Founders kentucky breakfast stout and Deschutes XXIV....this isnt uncommon!!“
gregwilsonstl 3128 days ago
86 /100 8416 N LINDBERGH BLVD
“Fiery Thai cuisine and great beer! This place is for real....great service, great food, and great prices, all with a very impressive beer selection. Don’t be put off by the location and the exterior. UPDATE: the owners have added an incredible whisky selection,...reasonably priced with some rare bottles.“
Strebs 3223 days ago
72 /100 11000 OLD HALLS FERRY RD
“Literally a warehouse full of hard to find beer. Also has a great liquor and wine selection. Anything not out on the floor can be asked for; they even have a VIP waiting list for extremely hard to find items. The ambiance is really just a warehouse and as far as service goes, they are friendly but you already have to know what you want. I don’t care about either of these things. To me it’s all about the selection and Randall’s has it.“
coachd 3269 days ago
84 /100 11000 OLD HALLS FERRY RD
“1400 bottles. I repeat, 1,400 different bottles. Full line of Prairie Ales, full line of 2nd Shift, full line of Urban Chestnut, full line of Mikkeller, Perennial, some rare beers in the back that they advertise have been allotted, about the only thing that didn’t just floor me about this place was the singles selection. That wasn’t great, but they have more beer than you could possibly want or ever afford. I was simply stunned at the selection and could spend a couple of hours browsing, easily. Service was pretty standard, as were the prices. Neighborhood is a little dicey, but it’s right off the highway so you can get in and out fast. I could’ve dropped $1000 in here and still not pick up everything I want.“
Indra 3278 days ago
68 /100 11000 OLD HALLS FERRY RD
“Have been here several times including their opening. This is primarily a liquor store but it also has a big craft beer section. Not substantial as the St. Louis or Fairview locations but still big. This is very convenient for me to hit on my way home from work. It is yards off Interstate 270 and parking is plentiful. The beer people there know their beer. Not sure they are still at that store. Others don’t really have a clue.“
Strykzone 3300 days ago
68 /100 11000 OLD HALLS FERRY RD
“A decent place to stop in when you can’t find something elsewhere. I have been by many times and finally stopped in and was surprised at all the craft beer they have. Not like the other Randall’s, but still a good selection to choose from. I will keep this place in mind when other places run out of certain items I am looking for.“
jandd1983 3771 days ago
82 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Cool little place in north Florissant, not where something like this would be you would think. about 50 taps, mostly locals and midwest micros. I hear the food is good, but i had none on this visit. I would like to do a session here sometime, i only had 2 beers on this visit. Crowd is mostly younger locals from the area, sort of a "friends" kind of bar it seems.“
Terminus 3844 days ago
92 /100 8416 N LINDBERGH BLVD
“What a find! After hitting some downtown StL destinations (The Int’l Tap House and The Bridge), we repaired back to near the Airport, where our hotel was. We had heard good things about The Pearl Cafe, so we stopped in for dinner. Unassuming strip mall location. No taps, but 240 well selected beers. Ordered a few and perused the menu. A nice mix of (primarily) Thai, but also a few savory Vietnamese dishes as well. Staff and food were outstanding. Excellent service, attentive and friendly. The owner stopped by the table to greet us and make sure our visit was enjoyable. Very engaging young man. We will most assuredly make a visit here next time through. A great value.“
Boesky 3850 days ago
72 /100 11000 OLD HALLS FERRY RD
“Randall’s is just off 270 in north St. Louis County. The store has more security than the other Randall’s locations but otherwise feels the same. There’s a huge beer section on the far right. Much of the other stuff that sells out quickly at Wine and Cheese Place or other Randall’s was still on shelves here. Tons of Missouri and regional stuff. Prices are in line with the rest of the area. When bottle shopping in North County, you won’t find a better place than this.“
phaleslu 3919 days ago
78 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Cugino’s is a very pleasant surprise in a strip mall type setting along North Lindbergh in Florissant. The food is what would be expected in this blue collar neighborhood setting...cheap and plentiful. They have 16 inch one topping pizzas for five bucks during happy hour during the week. The beer selection is very good, and you, as a consumer, has the extra added benefit of choice beers staying on tap a lot longer than in high traffic destinations. I enjoyed a Bourbon County Stout and a Black Butte Porter XXIV Anniversary, with the confidence that I could return today and have another of each, when both beers would be sold out in minutes at my normal haunts. The clientele at Cugino’s trend heavily to the Bud Light crowd, but they are very friendly, and do not practice any reverse snobbism against beer lovers. Service is very friendly as well. Recommended.“
Strebs 3948 days ago
82 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Easily the best beer selection in the city. They get some hard to come by beers as well. A fairly blue collar bar that sells a lot of AB products, but the craft selection is great. There is a dining area as well as the bar area, but I’ve not had the food to comment on that. The wait staff is very accommodating and friendly. We are lucky to finally have a good beer bar in the North County area.“
vyvvy 3988 days ago
80 /100 8416 N LINDBERGH BLVD
“I must say, this place rating is somewhat biased. Myself, Vyvvy and a couple other friends came here for a beer tasting one night and let us eat, sample beers and have a great time. The bottle selection here is quite vast and the food is fantastic! I must go back next time im in town.“
Terminus 3996 days ago
86 /100 1595 N US HIGHWAY 67
“Have been by many times and finally stopped in for dinner. Was impressed with the 56 beers on tap, quite a good selection. Food was very good as well. Will definitley return, several more beers to try.“
jandd1983 4015 days ago
86 /100 8416 N LINDBERGH BLVD
“Visited for lunch on a Saturday and was really impressed. The service, food and beer selection was awesome. The owner greeted us and came to our table several times to make sure everything was ok. He had over 230 beers to choose from. He knew about all his beers and had them arranged by style and country. Lots of good choices and worth the trip. Will definitley be going back to try some other dishes and other beers.“
jandd1983 4113 days ago
92 /100 8416 N LINDBERGH BLVD
“This place is a real mystery to me. Why on earth is there such a nice Thai restaurant in this land-locked, homogenized part of town? You’d never know from the run-down exterior what a cool place awaits inside. Delicious and spicy food. Friendly, attentive, knowledgeable servers. No taps but a HUGE assortment of bottled beers: a diverse selection of Thai and other Asian imports, classic European and American lagers, and many, many "top-shelf" local and regional craft beers. Again, I have no idea why, but I like it. Impressive and unexpected.“
seymour 4411 days ago
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