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64 /100 119 ARMOUR ROAD
“Visited on a Friday evening. New place in North Kansas CIty, around the corner from Cinder Block. Parking is street or in a small lot next to the building. THe building itself is nicely designed, with a large open bar area with high tops, and room behind with more seating and ping pong and a huge outdoor patio with a bunch of seating options. Beer selection is (look at pic) with pours available as 5 oz tasters or full pours. Growlers to go. The beer quality could use some work. Service was attentive and enthusiastic, though there wasn’t much of a crowd. Food menu is pretty traditional brewpub fare, the Cuban Reuben I had was tasty.

64 = ** (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 931 days ago
92 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Cinder Block's space is indicative of having a bit more room/budget in the suburbs. This sprawling complex of a tasting room has plenty of room both inside and out, at a bar or not. A couple of TV's are inside for sports viewing. They have a few board games available too. The beer list is on the safer, more sessionable side which doesn't bother me one bit. The quality is really on point as evidenced by the cleanliness of the golden lagers. I really enjoyed hanging out here.“
NachlamSie 991 days ago
74 /100 312 ARMOUR RD
“Pretty nice new beer and coffee location in north Kansas City. Has a small number of their own brews, a few rotating taps, and doubles as a coffee shop. Small greasy spoon type eatery in the back pretty good. Visited with Jess after Christmas in 2017.“
ads135 1116 days ago
76 /100 1761 BURLINGTON ST
“Located across the street from Cinder Block brewing, in the growing craft beer hot spot of North Kansas City. Visited for lunch and a friend’s birthday party on a Sunday. This place is hard to describe, really need to see it to understand. It’s part pickleball arena, part restaurant, part rooftop bar, part hang out on the lawn kind of place. Food is mostly chicken, and is very tasty. In terms of beer selection, there are three different spots with varying draft selections. Near the pickleball courts is a small shack type bar that features KC Bier Company drafts, along with a few bottles. The main beer selection is on the ground floor of the main building and features ~40 local and national craft options. Upstairs is a rooftop bar, that features Boulevard beers. Plenty of good options, though the highlight here really is the pickleball - even if you don’t play, the people watching is top rate. Worth adding to any trip to North Kansas City, particularly if you are with a group.

76 = *** (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1156 days ago
74 /100 312 ARMOUR RD
“Stopped by on a Friday afternoon. Interesting brewpub and coffee house. Four of their beers on tap. Several guest taps and a large selection of bottles available. Several guest taps and a large selection of bottles available. Beers were above average for sure. Prices seemed in line with the area. Will be interesting to see how this place evolves.“
RobertDale 1158 days ago
72 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Ok not great though. Beer is decent. Vibe is cool. Small food menu. Stopped by for mileys 40th. Place is packed. Id come back for atmosphere.“
gregwilsonstl 1178 days ago
68 /100 119 ARMOUR ROAD
“Place is empty on a sat night but beer is ok amd equal to cinder block next door which is packed. Vibe would be cool if more than 5 people were here. Very cool wooden tables.“
gregwilsonstl 1178 days ago
76 /100 119 ARMOUR ROAD
“Visited at opening (3:00 p.m.) on a Thursday. About ten of their beers on tap. Didn’t notice any guest taps or bottles. Service was friendly and informative. Nice modern rustic interior. Beers were pretty good. Worth a visit.“
RobertDale 1285 days ago
76 /100 312 ARMOUR RD
“Visited midday on a Wednesday, needed a coffee shop to work at between meetings. I had no idea this place had beer, let alone the level of quality they present. Located on the main strip in North Kansas City, parking is on the street and I am sure is quite limited at times. The interior is clean coffee shop lines in the front, with a back corner that has additional seating and the beer handles. When I visited, the selection was KC Bier Co Doppel Alt, Green Bench IPA, Against the Grain 35K Milk Stout, Stone Ripper Pale Ale, The Bruery The Order, Breckenridge Mango Mosaic, Bells Smitten, Tallgrass King Buffalo, Crane Omar, 4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout, Boulevard Rye on Rye on Rye, Brickway India Pale Lager. In looking at their website, it appears they are also in the process of becoming a brewer themselves. A combination coffee and brewery place is pretty much my dream, and I have seen it successfully done in Denver and Tempe. The coffee was absolutely fantastic as well. North Kansas City is really becoming a beer destination, with three breweries, a couple of cool bars and a great homebrew shop.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts. 3,7,13,N,N,15“
theisti 1431 days ago
84 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Nice taproom on the front end of a warehouse style production brewery, in a neighborhood that’s being revitalized. A distillery just opened across the street, and there another brewery three blocks south. Loud club next door, I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Inside is a very long bar surrounded by lots of bar and restaurant style tables, and a wall of barrels at one end. You can see the fermenters and a 10 barrel system through an overhead door on the side of the bar. Eight beers and two ciders on offer, available in flights of six for $8. Staff were generous with samples of the others, and were very friendly. Clientele was equally friendly, a younger crowd. No food. Beers were all very solid. I found street parking, but there were some lots in front of nearby closed businesses. Worth going out of your way to try.“
Travlr 1724 days ago
80 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Nice brewery on the north side of KC. We stopped here recently during a business trip to KC (hit Boulevard too of course). This was our first brewery visit in KC to a place "not" called! There were 8 or 9 beers when we visited. All were good...some better...but I wouldn’t say any blew me away. Nonetheless...nice place to visit when in KC. The staff were great and the design of the place enjoyable enough.“
PRBeer 1755 days ago
80 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Good sized tap room with plenty of barrels and a good atmosphere. Beers are tasty. No food, but a food truck was available when I was there. Enjoyable. Definitely will come back when I am ever in KC.“
JPDurden24 2040 days ago
68 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“Cool place with a nice vibe. Beer needs a little work as the IPAs were mediocre. Pale Ale was good though. I’d definitely try the place again. Love the laid back atmosphere and the sci-fi theme.“
JPDurden24 2040 days ago
72 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon, not very crowded. It was a little dark inside so it took a few moments for the eyes to adjust. A little more outside light would have been nice. We were sitting at our table trying to decide what to try, the bartender came over to our table and asked if we had any questions. She spent some time with us explaining the various beers, about 9 of their own, which was really cool. There were a couple I question the style, but overall not bad. No food to speak of, a smaller tasting room, and a little dark. Worth a stop if you are in the area.“
jandd1983 2115 days ago
80 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“We stopped by late on a Saturday afternoon, good crowd on hand. Big tasting room area with plenty of seating. They had about 12 of their beers on tap. Good selection of beers as well. Staff was friendly and knew their beers. They recommended a couple of things they usually don’t include in their flights, so that was cool. Food was available thru a food truck. You ordered at the bar and the food truck folks would bring the food in. This was a good stop, well worth visiting. Lots of barrel aged beers in the back of the tasting room, looking forward to coming back when they release them.“
jandd1983 2115 days ago
56 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“This tasting room is a bit odd, with a horror movie theme, including movie posters and Friday the 13th playing on a projector screen in the corner. The dark paint makes the place feel dank and uncomfortable. There is a nice little game room off to the side, an odd match with the rest of the place. We tried two of their eight or so beers on tap, and neither were very good unfortunately, both with subtle flaws and overly buttery characters. I’d give the place another shot if given the opportunity though. Brewery #695.“
Braudog 2218 days ago
82 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“There are so many new breweries in the country now, and so many that follow this business model that it is hard to distinguish them. This is yet another attractive and large tasting bar and sitting area with the brewery as back drop and a nice array of oak barrels. So what makes a place stand out -- good beer. And this place had some really good beer. The big local crowd was a good indicator that is a solid place. Brewery #694.“
Braudog 2218 days ago
68 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“A nice up and coming small brewery in 2014. Cozy, with a horror movie ambiance. Beers are pretty decent and they have a nice selection.“
ads135 2241 days ago
84 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Very clean, nice looking tap room. Staff is friendly and the few beers I had were prettygood. I am going to start getting more growlers from them as its to far to drink there but nice place.“
russellcrow 2389 days ago
66 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“A pretty decent upstart brewery. Cool ambiance with one wall loaded with barrels aging brews. A nice indication that the brewery has some long term ambition. Decent brews. The best is the lager.“
ads135 2406 days ago
80 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“A nice tasting room that is not well marked but worth a stop. A few TVs and lots of high tables in the one room tasting area. Happy to give tours and knowledgeable about the beers. Pretzels were available for free which was a nice touch. Prices were nice and even a few wines and liquors available for those who don’t like beer. Worth a stop combined with Cinder Block just to the north!“
deyholla 2605 days ago
78 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon. The taproom is relatively small, around 10-15 seats at the bar and around 5-10 small tables. Nice taproom with barrels aging on one wall. Seven beers on tap when I visited, available in pints, growlers, or sample sizes. I was pretty impressed with the beers that I tried - none were awesome, but they were all good, solid beers. I would like to come again to try more, but based on my first visit, I think this is the best brewery to visit in Kansas City (outside of Boulevard). Based on the barrels in the taproom, I am hoping that they will also be releasing some cool barrel aged beers in the future.“
jcnielsen 2618 days ago
42 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Ambiance is kinda a cross between Chipotle and a Starbucks. Our bartender was snarky but had a decent sense of humor. They only have their beers on tap, which is to be expected since its a nano brewery. No food, just snack mixes which is ok. Brews are decent but nothing to get excited about. A good addition to north kc but not a destination brewery. I hear they will soon have their own ciders on tap.“
justsayswell 2619 days ago
88 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“A very nice newish brewery with a large bar and some nice seating and clean accents. Two large TVs behind the bar. A number of tap were available and the bartenders were happy and able to talk about the beers. Pizza was available on our visit but we did not have any. Price on a sampler was very cheap and I really enjoyed my visit.“
deyholla 2632 days ago
78 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Very nice new brewery in North Kansas City. Visited on a Friday afternoon and the place was busy. Good service, only 6 beers on tap. Everything seemed to be running smoothly. A nice addition to the Kansas City area. Enjoyed the beers!“
RobertDale 2634 days ago
76 /100 110 E 18TH AVE
“Visited on a Friday late afternoon on Cinder Blocks opening day. As expected, there was a large crowd on hand to try the new brewery. The taproom is a larger room with bar tables, low tables and a couch area for seating. The bar itself is quite long, and the back drop lists the beers clearly. The far wall has all of the barrels stacked up, which really gives the place character. The brewery itself is visible around the corner. I was impressed with how well staffed the taproom was - there was a bit of a wait for beers, though much better than I expected based on the crowd. Additionally, they appeared to have plenty of glassware and taster sets on hand. Well run, professional place. Both beers I had were solid, I will certainly be back.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2669 days ago
74 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“Big Rip has been open for approximately 3 months now. They are the first new brewery in Kansas City in the 3 1/2 years since I have been living here (unless you include Green Room, which will only have 1 beer on tap on occasion, or Doodle, which mysteriously disappeared after releasing 1 bottled beer). Visited on a Saturday afternoon. The place was almost empty, probably only 5 other patrons there. They have pints, growlers, or 5-beer taster trays available. 6 beers were on tap when I visited. All were decent, but some were pretty light bodied for my taste. I think they are still trying to work on their beers, so I look forward to coming back. The location is in an industrial part of Kansas City, just north of the river from downtown Kansas City. The tasting room is relatively small, seating around 30 people, but nice and clean. My one qualm about the tasting room is that there is no windows, sort of dark, and it kind of feels like you’re in an industrial building. All in all, a decent place to check out if you’re in Kansas City.“
jcnielsen 2706 days ago
74 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“Visited at the same time as the previous review. Can tell that these folks are serious about their beers. Looking forward to see what the future brings. It should be a success. Nice location and nice facility.“
RobertDale 2746 days ago
70 /100 216 E. 9TH AVE.
“Visited on a Sunday afternoon for beastiefan2k’s leaving KC party. HUGE THANKS to the Big Rip folks for accommodating our group. very cool. Easy place to find, just across the bridge from the River Market area of downtown Kansas City. Small, well designed tasting room. At the time of visit, they had 7-8 of their beers on, available as tasters or full pints. No food, though you are welcome to bring your own in. The brewery equipment is visible through a window. I only had a couple of the beers, so will add more of a review when I revisit with a focus on Big Rip beers.

70 = ★★½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2771 days ago
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