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70 /100 9755 MANCHESTER ROAD
“Visited TWCP Rock Hill for the first time on a Saturday afternoon even though I've been to Hacienda, right across the street, about a thousand times. It's different from Forsyth, just one room. Wine dominates the shelves, with beer off to the left. It doesn't have nearly the selection Forsyth does, and is more in line with the Creve Coeur location's selection. Still, I found a few unexpected things in addition to what I was looking for. None of the individual categories - beer, wine, cheese/food, liquor - are as well presented or extensive as the main store, but it's still better than most.“
phaleslu 924 days ago
56 /100 9755 MANCHESTER ROAD
“If I had not been to the Clayton or Ballwin locations, I would have rated this place higher. They are trying, they have great service and a decent selection but it is easy to tell where all of the best stuff goes. Worth a stop if you live nearby, but not worth going out of your way for.“
coachd 1193 days ago
92 /100
Lucky’s Market (Grocery Store)
“I love this place. Where else can you get two slices of piping-hot artisan pizza and a pint of fresh craft brew for $5 (solid stuff too, and constantly rotating, I’ve gotten Urban Chestnut Zwickel, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Goose Island IPA, stuff like that on tap), or carry said craft brew around while grocery shopping, and then cherry-pick a bunch of top-shelf obscure single bottles to go? Great vibe, brighter and airier with wider, cleaner aisles than Whole Foods, with prices more like Trader Joe’s. Bigger selection than both. Their employees are knowledgeable and friendly. Their food offerings are delicious, and again, quite affordable. They even offer several comfy, casual dining areas in and outdoors.“
seymour 2931 days ago
34 /100 9755 MANCHESTER ROAD
“My parents live in STL, and I’m only an occasional visitor. I used to love the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton, but haven’t been back in a long time. My parents have moved within the STL area and this location of what I thought was the same company was much closer. They have a relatively OK selection of craft beer, but nothing spectacular, almost nothing cold, and virtually no singles. Not anywhere the selection I remember from Clayton. I didn’t feel the need to buy anything ... very few things I couldn’t get in Virginia. The staff seemed to care less.“
Braudog 3295 days ago
72 /100 9755 MANCHESTER ROAD
“This store is an odd compliment to the main one in Clayton. The Clayton store generally (but not always) has better selection, but every now and again I am able to pick something up here that is out at the other locations. Prices are a little high and beers are mostly sold in sixers.“
MrBunn 3570 days ago
66 /100 9755 MANCHESTER ROAD
“One of the smaller stores, with less selection than the store in Clayton. Staff is very friendly and helpful, just not as big of a selection. If in the area, worth stopping by.“
jandd1983 4245 days ago
80 /100 9755 MANCHESTER ROAD
“Was looking to find bottles of Jandrain-Jandrenouille VI Wheat and the Saison IV as I could not get them locally. This place had them in stock. Fast turnaround, and great customer service. Would order from again.“
TURDFERGUSON 4279 days ago
66 /100 9755 MANCHESTER ROAD
“ 11/10/2011 I’ve heard such great things about Wine and Cheese Place, and their website is excellent, but I wasn’t impressed by this particular location. Badly lit, dusty, very picked over. They may be fine for wine and cheese, but they had a MUCH smaller beer selection than I expected, and none of the beers I’d seen on their site and travelled to the store to buy. Very few singles, no option to mix your own six pack, very little in the cooler. Shelf labels point to some sort of organization, but many of the rows were empty. Didn’t really see anything I couldn’t find elsewhere in town. Seemed overpriced. Disappointing. No one asked if I needed any help, but the girl behind the counter was nice enough when she explained the Clayton store has at least three times the selection. Guess I’ll try that one. 07/23/2012 I’m updating my review to reflect improvements. I moved across town and this store is now on my way to and from work. The new main male clerk (name?) is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He introduced me to the email list for special deals, invite-only events, etc. The shelves are cleaner, the beer fresher, better stocked, better organized, with far fewer empty rows compared to last year. The beer here is still a relatively small percentage of the floor space, but what they have is quite good. It even seems the prices are more in line with competitors now. It’s still nowhere near as cool as the Clayton location, but I suppose it’s unrealistic to expect that. I wish they had their own clearance shelf, though, those are always fun to root through. “
seymour 4401 days ago
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