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“stopped in on a friday night while visiting friends sorta glad they took us here friendly service some college kids mixed with locals“
unclemike 3176 days ago
“5 beers on tap. I had a sampler so I had a great chance to taste them all. Not bad. The brewpub was cozy and the service was friendly.“
rosenbergh 3740 days ago
“Pretty cute little place. 6 of their own beers on tap, including one seasonal. They have a small food menu, but you can also bring in your own. Not bad for Rolla.“
csaso 4286 days ago
“Went on an early Saturday afternoon. By 4pm me and me crew were the only ones in the bar. So we had amazing service. Great little place. Loft seating as well. Six of their beers on tap. They also have a few other offerings from other breweies like Boulevard, O’Fallon, and a new one Piney River. Decent beer, Great prices. Not a lot in the terms of food. Cool brewers, talked to the head brew mater. He is passionate about good beer and making it the best he can. Worth a try. I am sure this place will only get better with time as there is a lot of room for improvement and still very good.“
dwaggs2 4287 days ago
“Very likeable little place. Beautiful on the inside with lots of wood, artwork, and a very quiet atmosphere. One thing that stood out was that there are no televisions! This is a big plus for me for this type of establishment. It’s more of a pub than a "bar." They don’t have a huge selection but they brew everything they serve on site, and the beer is very good. Tried their Irish red, just released, and it was extremely tasty. For me to order a second glass of a red, you know it had to be good! Their Baby Bird mild is also very tasty and their dry Irish stout is out of this world delicious, one of the best I’ve had. Definitely stop by for a beer if you’re in Rolla because this place is a jewel in a sea of mediocrity that is otherwise missouri.“
alcaponejunior 4296 days ago
“An awesome new brewery in the unlikely location of Rolla, MO. It is a beautiful space with a nice bar, a cozy area with comfy chairs and an upstairs loft. They also have a few booths and room for a stage. They had 5-6 taps, all excellent stuff. They focus on session beers, so all their beers are low gravity but super tasty. Despite being new to the game, they have already won a GABF Gold Medal for their mild ale. The brewers are chill people who are definitely into making the best beer they can. The food menu is limited, they have sausage and cheese, snacks, and cheesecake. Their hours are a bit limited. Overall, a great new brewery, I predict excellent beers in their future!“
LilBeerDoctor 4340 days ago
78 /100 200 EAST 6TH ST
“Knowledegable staff, and friendly. Very decent selection of craft brews, plus the build your own six selection was very good. They showcase their newest arrivals on an endcap, so you see what they have. Plus they have a listing at the counter with new arrivals and their dates. Good organization by brewers. Will definitely visit again.“
jandd1983 4569 days ago
28 /100
BevMart (Beer Store)
“Not a big selection, and the coolers were down, so we didn’t purchase anything. Was disappointed in the service or lack their of. I guess it is mainly for the locals and college students.“
jandd1983 4569 days ago
“A much-needed brewpub for Rolla and surroundings with a unique emphasis on session beer. Bonus points from a sessionista. Tasty beers that are high on drinkability. Don’t look here for a bruising IPA, look for a 3.5% mild you can enjoy all night. Nice APA too. Roomy place with an atmosphere that’s still a bit new and could use some wear and tear. Food is snackish simple: charcuterie, cheese, cheesecake and that’s all.“
JoeinDahlem 4607 days ago
“Being a fairly new brew house, I will give them a break. Limited amount of beers, but they were decent. The wait staff said there was a new brew coming soon. Being a college town, they need to be able to cater to the college appetite. Met the founder, very knowledgeable and helpful with where he wants the brewery to go. Great location, will visit again when St. Pat’s crowd fades away.“
jandd1983 4653 days ago
70 /100 200 EAST 6TH ST
“Looks like a typical liquor/c store, but have a large selection of the craft beers available in MO. Best in the area by far. Bells, Bear Republic, SN, SA, as well as a few from the UK and many imports. They have a nice make your own sixer section in the cooler. Staff was very friendly even though they were very busy when I was there.“
topherh 4768 days ago
90 /100 200 EAST 6TH ST
“Best selection of craft beer in Rolla, MO“
KC_Robertson 5036 days ago
28 /100
BevMart (Beer Store)
“Little more than gas station fare. They have standard american macros plus corona, guinness and a few of the more popular national craft brewers like Boulevard, Schlafly (if you call that craft) and Sierra Nevada. Certainly nothing to get excited about. Basically, if you are in Rolla and you need good beer but Chef’s Pantry is closed, you would go to Beverage Mart to get something just worthy of drinking.“
humulus 6098 days ago
26 /100
BevMart (Beer Store)
“Not a bad stop for Rolla, a small, but decent craft beer selection at reasonable prices. I’ve notice on the few times I’ve been here that students like the place. I usually stick to Sierra Nevada or New Belgium products, I personally have had the best luck with those. Service is usually just a cashier behind a counter, so don’t expect any help.“
jpm30 6339 days ago
46 /100
BevMart (Beer Store)
“Bev Mart has a fair selection; Mac Tarnahans, Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire, 1554, Paulener. Stick to the Mac Tarnahans they are usually fresher than some of the other micros.“
wnosac 6547 days ago
22 /100
BevMart (Beer Store)
“Not very impressive at all, but probably the only place between St. Louis and Springfield where you can buy some beer worth drinking. Products from SN, Schlafly, Boulevard, NBB, MacTarnahans, and other micros available year round, including some seasonals. Store also carries limited homebrew supplies.“
sethdude 7108 days ago
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