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88 /100
BeerSauce Shop (Beer Store)
“Newest beer store in the area with a couple of beer enthusiast brothers running the place. They have all the beers available in MO as singles along with about 50 different whiskey's. They also have 200 BBQ sauces along with some BBQ accessories like charcoal and smokers. They do have a limited food menu with BBQ sandwiches and a couple of platters. When things kind of get back to normal I could see myself dining here often. They also offer a monthly online beer school and a beer of the month club. Nice place run by nice people. A little hard to find since the storefront does not face the parking lot but this would be a nice place to hang out and kill a few hours.“
thegreenrooster 83 days ago
66 /100 1821 CHEROKEE ST.
“Interesting rehabbed building in an eclectic neighborhood. They were just starting out when I visited, had only a few of their own taps but they were solid. I know it's a separate business, but Mac's Local Eats which also operates out of that space may be the best burger in Stl.“
coachd 257 days ago
“Large pub located right beside the bridge in downtown Portland. Good selection of draft offering and bottles to go. Staff is very knowledgeable and prices are fair for location and quality of offering. Definitely worth a stop for the high quality beer offering.“
Boutip 313 days ago
“Visited midday on a Wednesday. Located near Gate E8. Very basic setup, with a small bar with maybe 9 stools around the perimeter. Beer selection is 8 Urban Chestnut beers, a mix of standards and seasonals. Available as taster flight or full pour. Of note, they also do “to-go” cups that allow you to walk anywhere in the airport with your beer. This is a big plus for me, as I generally prefer finding a quiet corner in an airport versus squeezing into an airport bar. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 340 days ago
“Visited midday on a Wednesday. Typical brewpub in an airport setup. Primarily adding this location in case someone wants to hit a Schlafly during a layover and is in Concourse E. Beer selection was 8 Schlafly, a couple of seasonal beers and easy to find national craft and macros. Service was airport efficient. I'd recommend hitting nearby Urban Chestnut mini bar instead. (Just ok) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 340 days ago
66 /100 2101 CHOTEAU AVE.
“Well renovated street front space, with big windows and bright, open seating. Plenty of games, a couple TVs. Bartender was Johnny on the Spot, friendly if a bit aloof. They offered half pours so we can sample more of the product. All were good to excellent. Good place, but blends into the background of a busy STL beer scene. Brewery #883.“
Braudog 400 days ago
88 /100 1320 S. VANDEVENTER AVE.
“Very cool urban renewal with creative repurposed shipping containers a dominant theme. Nice, clean, open and bright seating area, big outdoor area for nice days. The staff was super friendly. Tried 4 of the ~10 beers on tap (plus two offered from cans), all were all excellent. Didn't eat, but the limited menu has some good options. Packaged beers available to take home. Maybe a new favorite in STL. Brewery #882.“
Braudog 402 days ago
86 /100 1320 S. VANDEVENTER AVE.
“Very attractive place built out shipping containers, located near the The Grove entertainment district. They haven’t expanded their selection very much since they opened, but they recently introduced a very nice imperial stout for St. Louis Craft Beer Week. The food menu is limited, but is quality. I think we can expect more to come from this place as it builds on it’s foundation.“
Strebs 403 days ago
68 /100
Farmhaus (Restaurant)
“If I'm judging it just in terms of beer, I have to give it a low score. I believe they had 5 beers available when I went. Everything else is amazing. Don't come here just for beer but do come here for a great meal.“
coachd 452 days ago
88 /100 5760 CHIPPEWA STREET
“Great place. Everyone is friendly and helpful, great tap selection at reasonable prices, even better to-go selection.“
coachd 452 days ago
86 /100 4501 MANCHESTER AVE
“Very cool idea. I don't know of anything else like it. Needs a higher rating.“
coachd 452 days ago
78 /100
Gezellig (Bar)
“Excellent tap list, to-go selection is expensive and limited. Go here for the taps, well worth the visit.“
coachd 452 days ago
66 /100 2724 CHEROKEE STREET
“Ambiance is a 5+, super friendly service but I'm just not feeling their beer. I still want them to do well.“
coachd 452 days ago
68 /100 1915 PARK AVENUE
“Great looking place, I wouldn't come here just for beer but the whole experience is worth checking out.“
coachd 452 days ago
84 /100 1727 PARK AVE
“Love this place. They make really unique beers and the food is great.“
coachd 452 days ago
74 /100 419 N EUCLID AVE.
“Cool place to hang out, great food, beer selection is better than most but idk about an 87 rating.“
coachd 452 days ago
72 /100 5656 OAKLAND AVE.
“I had dinner here with my family on a Saturday evening. It wasn't crowded at all. It's next to the Hampton Inn across from Forest Park, almost connected to the hotel. Plenty of parking behind the building. There were 20 taps, mostly house stuff but also a few guests from Cycle and Big Bend. The house stuff was pretty mediocre, so I think the unusual-for-the-area guest taps will be the draw here (Cigar City, Toppling Goliath, and others all cycle through). The food was okay. Prices are in line with other places in the area. Service was slow for it being so quiet. If they have some interesting guest taps, I'll come back, but otherwise with so many other top-notch beer places in STL, this is a tougher sell. It's okay.“
phaleslu 487 days ago
76 /100 3690 FOREST PARK AVE
“Twisted Roots took over the Six Row space - the old Falstaff building - on Forest Park Parkway near SLU. The interior is close to the same, not much to it. Cozy. The owners come from the IL side, I believe from 4604 Brewing in Belleville. There were a dozen beers when I went, and I tried about half. Most were good, save for a disappointing brown ale. They split beers into "roots" - traditional styles - and "twisted" - experimental stuff. There is a small food menu and the owner claimed their burgers are outstanding. I'll try one next time I get a chance. Prices are low to moderate for the area. Overall, a friendly, comfortable spot a block from my alma mater. I'll be back.“
phaleslu 487 days ago
82 /100 1320 S. VANDEVENTER AVE.
“I had lunch and beers here on a Friday afternoon. The place stands out on Vandeventer, with its brightly painted containers and large patio facing the street. It's just barely outside the main stretch of the Grove, so it's by some other good beer places. The main room is big, with high tables, a long bar, and a lot of space. They don't do flights, but everything is available in half or full pours. The food is in a counter in the back, and there's a small, simple, good menu - burger, fries, a couple other things. The beer is all very good, very clean. Prices are fair for the area. There is no tipping. This place is quite good, and well worth a visit if you're in the area.“
phaleslu 487 days ago
78 /100 1320 S. VANDEVENTER AVE.
“Stopped in on a Sunday afternoon, nice crowd, both inside and outside. Only two bartenders, so the lines were rather long. There were six of their own beers on tap, no flights available. Were told we could try anything, but with the long lines did not think it fair to those waiting behind us. Did not try any food, hopefully next trip. Lots of families, which was good to see. Ample parking on both sides of the building, no seats at the bar and the no tip thing surprised us. To each their own. Hope to stop in when a little less busy, to be able to really check the place out. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 526 days ago
82 /100 3690 FOREST PARK AVE
“Visited on Sunday afternoon, June 2018. Quite new place. Nice relaxing ambiance. Not many customers during our visit. 12 taps, half pours were available. All the beers I tried were good - especially the keller and the brown ale. Very good service. The owner and brewer was behind the bar. I didnt try the food. I would visit the place again.“
rouhlas 620 days ago
74 /100 1220 S 8TH ST
“Visited on Saturday afternoon, June 2018. It was a good opportunity to see also the St Louis down town. Big place, separated in two floors. There is a bar and many tables and stands with stools downstairs and the same (bar many tables) with the addition of some games upstairs. It was busy downstairs during our visit. Nice ambiance downstairs, more "cold" and industrial decoration upstairs. 12 beers on tap. Flights available. There were some bottles available too (Madagascar for example). There is food which you dont order from the bar but from a small window by the stairs. Service was OK. Was not impressed by the beers I tried but after visiting Side Project and 2nd Shift earlier that day it wasn't easy to be impressed :)“
rouhlas 620 days ago
90 /100 1601 SUBLETTE AVE.
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon in June 2018. Spacious place, there are many tables to sit. It was a busy afternoon but we were lucky to find a spot at the bar. Very nice ambiance - the brewing area is separated from the taproom area with wooden barrels. 14-15 beers on tap, we got half pours of the most of them. Nice beers! There were 4-packs to go. I was able to tick Stag there!! The brewer's favorite beer!! :D Service was very good and friendly. You can have food.. you don't order it from the bar but from a small window at the wall. I dont remember if the food vendor / food truck changes but the food that we tried in our visit was very good!! Another must visit place in the area.“
rouhlas 620 days ago
86 /100 8125 MICHIGAN AVENUE
“Second visit in St Louis area, after visiting Narrow Gauge. We were the first customers on rainy Friday afternoon in June, 2018. Sat at the bar. Nice ambiance even if the place was empty. 11-12 Perennial beers on tap, we had them all in half pours (didnt check the bottles list). Very good and friendly service. We didnt try the food.“
rouhlas 620 days ago
84 /100 5656 OAKLAND AVE.
“Stopped in during Christmas break, nice space. Plenty of room at either the bar or a table. We sat at the bar and had a few samplers, just to try a few different styles. All were good. Parking can be hit or miss, sharing with the Hampton can be a little challenging. Right off 64 and Hampton, so easy to get to. We did not eat any food, but what we saw looked tasty. Worth a stop if in the area, will definitely be back.“
jandd1983 624 days ago
74 /100 1727 PARK AVE
“Visits earlier today. Haven't been in nearly a decade. Not much has changed in that decade. Located in Lafayette Square, which is a nice hood with other cool bars. You enter a smallish wooden bar area. Dining is behjbc that. Outdoor area as well. Cool old bar with a glass back that peaks out into outdoor area. Decor is authentic and reminiscent of old time places. Feels comfortable. As said, brewery and distillery. Food is very average and safe brewpub fare. Distilled selection is interesting but not really my interest. Beers range over time and within visit. They can be good but rarely exceptional. Beers range in styles. They don't specialize in any particular style. Worth a stop when in the area but not a visitor's to-do list.“
beastiefan2k 634 days ago
74 /100 1320 S. VANDEVENTER AVE.
“Great looking place, steel shipping containers comprise the outside, inside carries on the industrial theme but in a nice way. You have to go to the bar to get a beer but the server was very friendly and was working his butt off. About 6 of their own beers, 6 guest taps overall a decent selection. The 2 I tried (Byrd up pale ale & velour tracksuit IPA) were good. $6 or $7 for a 12 or 14 oz. pour. There is no bar seating, only tables, I found that interesting. One thing worth mentioning is they do not accept tips because their employees are paid a decent working wage. Look it up on their website. Good place, in an area of STL where there is not much else, I think they will take off soon.“
coachd 637 days ago
“Decent place, stopped on my way back to the hotel for a bite and a few beers. 24 taps of mostly local stuff. Good, friendly service. Good prices.“
Sledutah 645 days ago
84 /100 1004 LOCUST ST
“Great tap list. Lots of great beers across different styles. These guys did their homework. Good, friendly service. Good prices. 4/12/16 oz pours.“
Sledutah 645 days ago
“*** CALL BEFORE YOU GO *** Facebook says they were open until 12:30am, I showed up at 7:55pm on Wednesday and it's locked up and they wouldn't let me in. I purposely got a hotel withing walking distance so I could visit this place and a few others.“
Sledutah 645 days ago
82 /100 4501 MANCHESTER AVE
“Visited late October 2018 with family just randomly because it was across the street from UCB. Very cool place! Small joint, but for a dollar you can get a flight of new beers and take a survey about them! Afterwards you get to know what they were. Both couples did flights and we had a blast doing the surveys and talking about the beers and what we liked about them, etc. We will definitely go back when we're in the area!“
drowland 667 days ago
“Visited late October 2018 with family. Big place with lots of space, big social tables, biergarten style. We had food that was damn good and sampled several beers. Pretty good beers and some that you can't get six packs of at the store, which is nice. Friendly and prompt staff. It was kinda busy when we were there but they had plenty of staff. The beers aren't anything to super phone home about, but they're solid and the food is good and it's worth hitting the research brewery across the street. We would probably stop back in for lunch next time we hit STL.“
drowland 667 days ago
84 /100 1601 SUBLETTE AVE.
“Visited with family late October, 2018. Basically they went there the day before and there are CATS here, so we had to go back. Because we love cats. Seriously. Warehouse brewery out in the middle of GD nowhere. Big warehouse space, lots of room, with smaller tables, big social tables, and board games to go around. There are two house cats roaming around, which is awesome! I get so tired of people bringing their stupid dogs everywhere, was glad to see some cats! One has a big tumor or something on it, so don't be freaked out. He deserves love, too. Didn't try any food but they had some BBQ or something as I recall. Friendly and prompt bartenders despite it being pretty busy. A solid selection of brews, too. We'll definitely be back as the beers were good and the cats were awesome!“
drowland 667 days ago
74 /100 6413 CLAYTON AVE.
“Visited with family late October, 2018. Okay little place, average beers, sort of a rock and roll/guitar theme going on. Strikes me as a bit corporate or like Jon Taffer came in and themed the place for them. Our bartenders were friendly and prompt. We didn't ask about any of the beers, but they seemed to be able to make recommendations to other customers. Okay place, probably won't make it a point to go back as there's so much awesome beer in STL, but worth a stop for ticks/rates.“
drowland 667 days ago
78 /100 5656 OAKLAND AVE.
“Located just across Interstate 64 from Forest Park, part of a complex with the Hampton Inn. Has a modern feel but still comfy. There is a 20+ beers to choose from. Sampler flights are available as well a growlers to go. Service was friendly and quite knowledgeable about the beers. There is also a decent menu compliment the beers. Worth the visit, if you are in the area.“
Bif 729 days ago
76 /100 4501 MANCHESTER AVE
“Interesting concept! Beer survey for $1 and some interesting things available on tap, albeit a small list of four or five. Decent vibe in the place. Have to say I like the approach. It's good to see that St. Louis has some decent beers these days despite sucking massively in every other way.“
nickd717 736 days ago
78 /100 1220 S 8TH ST
“Deep in the shitty downtown dung pile of Shit Louis, this place is actually quite legit. Some killer brewskis on the list. Nice vibe in the place, but some crazy bummy drunks in there for sure. Sours, stouts, good stuff. Prices a little high but not crazy. Some food available but didn't try it.“
nickd717 736 days ago
“St. Louis megablows, but this place isn't bad. Good food, huge selection of beers that are high quality if a little on the less crazy side. Good drinkable stuff. Big space, good for your rugrats. I'd go back if I'm in STL, which honestly I hope never to be.“
nickd717 736 days ago