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48 /100 216 WEST LOCKWOOD
“In the upstart stretch around Webster University, this is a glitzy millennial place. Nice space, nice outdoor area. Bartender had zero imperative and took about 10 minutes to get to me ... at the bar! About 12 beers on tap, 1/3 of which are hazy, or made-up styles. The one I had was OK, but not worth the $8.75 tag for a 14 oz pour. I glanced at the menu, but didn't think I wanted to drop $18 on a burger, either, so I went down the hill to Dewey's. Brewery #980.“
Braudog 234 days ago
86 /100 216 WEST LOCKWOOD
“First taproom I visited after getting fully vaccinated. The space is really nice, with a patio in the courtyard surrounded by buildings on three sides and Lockwood on the fourth, and a really nice taproom that's both similar in vibe to the original but different enough to be its own thing. There were about a dozen things on tap when I visited, and it looked like they had room for a couple more. Select cans, bottles, and crowlers are available to go. Prices are fair; $3 for 5 oz. pours and $6-$7 for full pours. Food is slightly above market prices but it's a unique, high-end brewpub menu so it doesn't feel overpriced. Very well staffed when I visited and everyone was friendly and attentive. Excellent addition to the STL scene.“
phaleslu 925 days ago
76 /100 216 WEST LOCKWOOD
“Stopped in for lunch on a Sunday, decent crowd, lots of seating, both indoors and outdoors. Big bar area as well. We sat outside, near a fire pit, plenty of room between tables and everyone maintained their distance. There were at least a dozen of their beers on tap, plus several to go. Food was decent, shared kitchen with Olive + Oak, so limited choices, something for everyone. Worth a try if in the area.“
jandd1983 972 days ago
58 /100 17 W MOODY AVE
“After almost 20 years of visiting family in STL, I’ve finally made it to a Llewelyn’s. This one is pretty big, fairly standard Irish-American pub feel. The bartender was relatively knowledgeable about her beers, and nice and friendly, but clearly had too much on her hands. They had a couple interesting things on tap, but almost zero local presence which was disappointing. I had an appetizer, which was pretty standard American stuff.“
Braudog 3300 days ago
86 /100 17 W MOODY AVE
“Stopped in for their Cellar Cleanout Event. Not sure why they have not been listed here before. This is the biggest of the Llywelyn’s I have visited. We had a separate room for this event, in which there were around 50 people in attendance. Great Cellar selection, great food and always great service. The one downside, there is not much parking. Located near downtown Webster Groves, and a lot of parking is private. Be persistent and find a spot to park, it is well worth the trip. Another great place to visit when in the area.“
jandd1983 3580 days ago