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74 /100 540 WELT STREET
“Historic old pub in a historic old town. The bar itself is 6 stories down, all brick and wood, looks like not much about it has changed since the 1800s. It's very cold down there even in the summer, so you may need a jacket. Service was good and helpful even though the place is pretty crowded. They had about 8 WBC beers on tap, more in cans, some guest beers and a full bar. Unlike a lot of other reviewers, I thought their beer was pretty good. Definitely worth a stop; one of the most interesting bars I've been to.“
coachd 155 days ago
68 /100 540 WELT STREET
“Stopped in a couple times a couple years back. Interesting place, with an underground bar. Beers from these guys have always been bad, but this is a fun place to check out.“
jcnielsen 2775 days ago
70 /100 540 WELT STREET
“The new ginger beer is fantastic, more like an alcoholic soda pop really. love the stout. But I come for the atmosphere and music as I love the Irish music.“
scotty1847 3330 days ago
72 /100 540 WELT STREET
“Been here twice for two different fests at the brewery. Its kind of nice in a dirty kind of way. Very old and dingy but has a nice feel to it. Food was decent but fits the motif, very Irish but in the mid West. They have a lot of Weston beers and often one or two that are new or not bottled. I would visit again bc the town is kind of cool and the place adds to the charm. Very charmy.“
beastiefan2k 3579 days ago
70 /100 540 WELT STREET
“Stopped by on a Saturday late afternoon. Just looked in on the Pub, which is interesting. Dined at the restaurant, food was well above average. Service was good and they were willing to bring a few samples our way. Beer quality is average, but this place is still worth a visit.“
RobertDale 4081 days ago
56 /100 540 WELT STREET
“I wanted to like this place: an underground brewpub in an unassuming old building across the river from Leavenworth. However, the underground bar smelled strongly of stale piss, which really just killed the ambiance, and left the mediocre out door patio as the other decent place to drink. The beer was for the most part about average - placing it slightly above the service. Unless you’re already in the area, it’s not really worth the drive.“
badlizard 4543 days ago
86 /100 540 WELT STREET
“An awesome place to visit. We took the paid tour and viewed the brewery and the underground rooms. We had the sampler of their six beers, nothing to brag about, but you are here for the atmosphere. One of the oldest brewies still around, so enjoy the time spent here, it is well worth it. Our tour guide was one of the owners, and he answered every question thrown at him, good job. Would visit again.“
jandd1983 4643 days ago
90 /100 540 WELT STREET
“great! my favorite place in the world, and i have never been other than on sunday nights, for Bob.“
missouribill 5437 days ago
68 /100 540 WELT STREET
“You DO NOT come here for the beer, but you do for the atmosphere. Well, if others want this as a place, I guess so. It’s not a brewpub, it just happens to be the bar that is located below the ground level brewery. Their beers are bottled and also on tap at multiple KC area bars. Weston is a fun little tourist trap town and the little McCormick’s store is worth a stop for the quarter shots. That said, this my favorite bar ever for the atmosphere and entertainment. I have seen the great Bob Reeder here several times as well as the Kelihans and other Celtic punk acts. I keep returning time and again. The worst thing about being here is climbing all the steps to hit the bathroom. Again, do not come here expecting good beer as the Weston Brewing beers are merely passable to below average. However, if you want great live music and an incredible atmosphere, come here.“
heemer77 5610 days ago
82 /100 540 WELT STREET
“I stopped by the pub and restaurant with my brothers and sister in law and we had a great time in each section. We had a few beers in the pub which is the most unique pub I have ever been. It felt like we were 40 feet underground in the cellar, and the ambiance down there was fantastic, all stone walls and an arched ceiling. There was a mystique about it that just made it even better. The beers were alright, the brown and cream ales being the best, and the Festival and ISB were just mediocre. We had dinner at night and the entire room was lit only by candle light which I enjoyed. I had the beef in Guinness and it was very tasty along with the cheddar and ale soup. Later on when we went back to the pub they had an Irish band playing and they sounded very good, playing traditional Irish music. I highly recommend going there if you are in Weston (which was a beautiful little town)“
FunkyBrewster 5699 days ago
64 /100 540 WELT STREET
“The Weston Brewing Company, O’Malleys Pub and a restaurant are all part of this same complex. The restaurant and Brewery are at ground level, O’Malley’s pub is downstairs. You can sample the O’Malleys beers either in the pub or the restaurant. The pub itself is really unique, its an underground cellar which has been converted to a pub. Its really an incredible sight to see, and well worth the visit. Not sure if the beer warrants the trip, but you will be happy to experience the cellar. NOTE - I believe it opens at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. The restaurant at ground level has a nice outdoor patio for warm days.

64 = ★★ (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 5705 days ago
64 /100 540 WELT STREET
“Notes from Feb. ’07 - Visited on a Friday afternoon for lunch. The place looked like a very old restaurant (which it probably is) that was located in the same building as the Weston Brewing Company. We sat in the main dining area. The place wasn’t crowded, and our service was good. They only had one beer on tap, O’Malley’s Cream Ale, and it was good. The food was pretty solid. If in Weston antiquing or whatever you’d do in Weston, I’d recommend stopping by for a good beer and really good food.“
Dansting 5795 days ago
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