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74 /100 100 S BROADWAY
“Stopped in for some BBQ with our beers. Doesn't look like much from the outside, but the interior is decked out with faily modern design. More taps than I was expecting, all good. Service was prompt. BBQ very good also.“
stevoj 722 days ago
60 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“Very industrial setting, right on the railroad tracks. Taproom squeezed in among the brewing equipment. No theme, no decor. Good, friendly service. Not much else to say“
stevoj 722 days ago
62 /100 100 S BROADWAY
“This is the original - there is already a second location in Bozeman proper. The advertising outside makes no mention of "Brewing" until you reach the door. Parking in a gravel lot with a "park at your own risk" sign. Walk in the back way like entering a country house. Smallish inside, a number of dining tables and a bar area. Not super busy on a Tuesday night. Foo menu is about the meat, and includes burnt ends, which are always a pleasant find -- so many places don’t carry them. 10 taps, and as seems to be the norm here, flights of four 4 oz pours available, here for only $4. Service was prompt, friendly and attentive. Brewing equipment on display through windows behind the bar - staff confirmed that all beers are brewed onsite.

OK, here’s the deal, if you want to open a successfull BBQ & beer joint there are three things you need to do well. Here is my report card:

(1) Smoke meat. This is the core of your business. Pluses for burnt ends on the menu and for the pulled pork being lean and the fries being crispy. Minus for a lack of deep smoky character. Overall: B

(2) Make, or provide, quality BBQ sauce. They offer four house-made sauces; Original, Spicy, Tennessee and I forgot the other. None are particularly good. The regular is too sweet, the spicy is not spicy enough. Overall: C

(3) Brew decent beer. This here is a problem. None of the four beers I tried were good. Think aspirin IPA and tire fire scotch ale. Overall: D

bytemesis 1815 days ago
82 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“A little tasting room conveniently located in close proximity to the airport. It’s definitely a locals hangout with a proudly displayed mug club wall and a chalkboard keeping track of people gifting beers. They had around ten different beers, staying on the safer side of things. Prices are great though the beer isn’t as consistent or as refined as a few in nearby Bozeman.“
NachlamSie 2180 days ago
66 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“The OTHER place in Belgrade. This is a pure tasing room, with about 10 taps running and no food to be found. Fairly large mug club, and lots of locals hanging out o a Tuesday. Flights were less than $1/sample, which is pretty awesome.“
bytemesis 2879 days ago
94 /100
Chalet Market (Grocery Store)
“Great selection of local beers - able to create a great mix. Great Beer Sausage sandwich at the deli to go with it.“
TroyBear 3595 days ago
58 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“A nice local’s place in an industrial stretch off of 90. Funky little brewpub area with fun stuff hanging all around. Beers were not great but it is a nice, and very inexpensive, place to stop by.“
luttonm 3645 days ago
60 /100
Chalet Market (Grocery Store)
“Small little market with lots of local and artisanal products. They have a small little cooler with maybe 2 dozen different beers for sale. You can mix and match singles so that is nice. I left with 6 different 12oz bottles from various Montana breweries. Prices were pretty good, under $2 for a 12oz beer. Nice place to stop but don’t expect too much.“
savnac 3689 days ago
54 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“This is a pretty industrial space alongside the Bozeman airport. Not much going on when we visited. Nice enough staff. Haven’t been super impressed with their beers, but decent enough stop. Brewery #587.“
Braudog 3692 days ago
74 /100
Chalet Market (Grocery Store)
“Singles of MT brews and good prices. Probably 30-40 bottles total, maybe more? Nice little gift shop; the meat and sandwiches looked great. Very friendly staff.“
jake65 3778 days ago
74 /100
Chalet Market (Grocery Store)
“Nice little Montana-themed gift type store. Lots of wild game products, fresh sandwiches, cookies and such, spices, sauces, huckleberry products and of course a decent beer selection. Mostly Montana local stuff with some Lagunitas and Belgians. Everything sold in singles and cheap which is awesome. I got about 20 beers I haven’t had for 35 bucks.“
Beerona97 4481 days ago
78 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“this place has a great beer club - for a nominal fee you can get a hand blown mug (that you design) that fills the stein for the price of a pint - and reserves a special place on the wall. decent flagship beers, but come for the seasonals and friendly local attitude.“
olhbrewingco 5129 days ago
80 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“Tap house with 6-10 taps of their own beers. Off sale on six packs of what they bottle. Good staff, and easy place to have a pint. Worth the stop for their IPA on Cask.“
kyzr 5309 days ago
66 /100 20900 FRONTAGE RD
“Brewer’s tap house in an industrial strip. Locals hangout as much as anything. Friendly and helpful barkeep. 6 of their beers on tap when I passed through. Nothing particularly special, but worth a stop-in if you’re in the area.“
argo0 5911 days ago
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