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82 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Great place. Super friendly. Great service. Beer and food quite good. Definitely worth a visit.“
jb 180 days ago
72 /100 2413 MONTANA AVE
“Large open space for music, art and beer. Lots of Montana beers available. Flights available. The nature of the space makes it a bit of a strange vibe, but it's a cool concept, and the tap list is great.“
explosivedog 498 days ago
70 /100 2526 MONTANA AVENUE B
“Somewhat divey taproom. Flights available. Beer quality generally fine. Not the most exciting place I've visited, but no real complaints.“
explosivedog 498 days ago
82 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Trendy clean modern space, albeit with a MT twist of a stag head mounted on the wall. Beer quality was really good, with great variety too. Small pours available. Excellent.“
explosivedog 498 days ago
78 /100 2526 MONTANA AVENUE B
“I made a quick stop to sample a few of their beers in a flight. The beers were great. The ambiance was no frills and all business. The bartender was friendly and attentive. I had the place to myself. It was a nice stop and will definitely make an effort to visit again on my next trip to Billings.“
Iphonephan 545 days ago
68 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Bawder beer myanmar and Uberbrew Bawder beer“
CiderMonger34 1431 days ago
84 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“A really solid brewpub in downtown Billings. A nice space, possibly in an old warehouse, as it had very large ceilings with sky windows, very open feel. Large tap list and the beers were great (great IPA and coffee stout). They have food as well, mainly sandwiches, burgers, and sausage (the sausage was delicious!). Overall a great place to chill for a few hours with some tasty beer and food, definitely worth a stop in Billings.“
LilBeerDoctor 1719 days ago
68 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“A brewpub in downtown Billings. When I visited late night it definitely had a dive-y atmosphere. Although there is outdoor seating and it may be different during the afternoon/dinner hour. They have a decent # of taps (8 I believe, 4 year round offerings, 4 seasonals). Nothing really stood out, just ok beers. I didn't get any food but it was all standard brewpub fare. I would skip this place in favor of other brewpubs (Uberbrew, Thirsty Street), although it is open late so it may be your only option after 8pm.“
LilBeerDoctor 1719 days ago
76 /100
Walker’s Grill (Restaurant)
2700 1ST AVE N
“A nice restaurant in downtown Billings with a few Montana craft beer offerings. A nice space, large bar and plenty of restaurant seating. It is slightly up scale but not formal. They only have 6 craft beers on tap, so not a huge selection, but all are Montana offerings. The food was delicious (israeli hummus was delicious and my lamb meatball risotto was excellent). I think it's worth a stop, especially for some good food.“
LilBeerDoctor 1719 days ago
84 /100 20 N. 30TH STREET
“Be cautious of the Billings Ale Trail maps available all over town ... it shows two Angry Hank’s locations, but we found only one. Unfortunately, we didn’t get here ’til just a short time ahead of the crazy Montana tap room closing bell of 8 pm. The staff was super friendly, and even gave us free beers because I’m a vet. The beers were really, really good, the atmosphere was welcoming and comfortable, and we left wishing we’d allowed ourselves more time in our beer-tinerary for Angry Hank’s. Brewery #769, 10/2016.“
Braudog 2346 days ago
84 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Probably the "hippest" beer location in downtown Billings, this is also probably where we spent the most time out of all the local choices, partially because we ate dinner and the food took a bit longer to come out. But the beers we sample were both among the better in town, and they offered the best variety. Among the top choices in town. Brewery #768, 10/2016.“
Braudog 2346 days ago
72 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“One of several breweries within walking distance in downtown Billings, this is one of only two that offers food, so we timed our walk to end here for dinner. The staff was super friendly, the space expansive and well put together. The beers were good but nothing extraordinary. And our food was well prepared and good for a chilly fall evening. One of the better stops in downtown Billings. Brewery #766, 10/2016.“
Braudog 2346 days ago
60 /100 2526 MONTANA AVENUE B
“In a very cramped and unkempt space in the heart of downtown Billings, this wasn’t the most comfortable venue. There’s a wide array of options available, limited by the MT cap. Tried a couple, neither wowed us. Lots of competition downtown -- not bad, but this would be a lower priority in a busy beer scene (Brewery #764, 10/2016).“
Braudog 2348 days ago
62 /100 3060 GABEL RD
“Downtown Billings has a bevy of breweries within walking distance. This one is a few miles up the highway in the newer outskirts, in a nicely appointed American suburban, quasi-industrial, standalone setting. With their current tap list projected on a couple flat screen TVs, you can choose up to 3 pints per visit (welcome to Montana). We had a couple, sticking with the porter and ubiquitous IPA. The former was OK, the latter a tad flawed but not bad. Worth your time. (Brewery #763, 10/10/2016)“
Braudog 2348 days ago
84 /100 20 N. 30TH STREET
“Billings is flooded with hip/fun brewpubs. Hank’s is no exception. Nice sampling of house brews. Friendly staff, fun digs, another must if your in town.“
50belair 2459 days ago
86 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Modern hipster brewpub in downtown Billings. Tasty eats, friendly staff, nice selection of house brews. The C-Bomb Stout rocks. Can’t be missed if your in town.“
50belair 2459 days ago
76 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“Fun little brewpub in downtown Billings. Kinda a sports bar atmosphere. 10 or 11 house brews on tap. Foods looks ok. Friendly staff.“
50belair 2459 days ago
80 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“This is a very attractive brewpub with outdoor seating in the heart of Billings. The service at the bar was great and they served flights, which is a huge bonus. The beers were all quite good, some outstanding.“
Iphonephan 2738 days ago
76 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“Passing through Montana. Figured I’d stop by to visit some old college friends in Billings. Came here. Food was excellent. Custer ’ s Last Stand was the best beer I had. Service was good. Only bad thing was WiFi. If you’re on untappd, take pictures and send to email, don’t plan on uploading there. Would go back for the beer and food.“
Bulk_Carrier 2932 days ago
84 /100 2526 MONTANA AVENUE B
“Cozy little brewery with cheap flights and good service. Great beers as well“
macdeffe 3069 days ago
66 /100 3060 GABEL RD
“Big bar in a commercial area. Looks like a place to go for people after work. They didn’t have a taster available unfortunately, but you can get a small glass to taste a beer. I had the pale ale and the Scottish, which were both good. They’re only selling their own beers, but they had a pretty good range of styles to choose from.“
jvdijk99 3210 days ago
68 /100 20 N. 30TH STREET
“A almost converted garage with some funny and cool remnants. Service was help yourself and not that helpful. Selection was their own brews which varied from poor to average. No flights or half pours. Fun place to look at but give it a miss.“
Ferris 3221 days ago
76 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Avery trendy and nice place in a revitalized part of town. Service was attentive although it was packed. Selection is only their own stuff which is average. Price is decent. I wouldn’t be too upset if I missed this place.“
Ferris 3221 days ago
64 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“Feels like a casual corporate restaurant with home brewed beers. Beers are above average and enjoyable but nothing exceptional. Food is the same. Check it out if you’re in town. Nothing to make a trip for.“
mkgrenwel 3314 days ago
92 /100 2526 MONTANA AVENUE B
“8 regular beers on tap plus 8 rotating taps, and occasional hand pump and firkens, make this the widest selection of beers styles and often the best, of any brewery in town. Seating is limited and you may be next to a rack of wood barrels aging some fantastic things.“
prost007 3348 days ago
88 /100 2526 MONTANA AVENUE B
“Tiny tap room set up. Attached to a bar next door (check their taps). I could see that parking and seating could be an issue at peak times. Friendly folks and service. 16 beers on at my time of visit! Many different styles, Belgians, sours , ipa, dipa, smoked etc. Wish these guys were in Missoula!“
beernovice39 3478 days ago
66 /100 20 N. 30TH STREET
“Now with two locations. This review and scores are for the one pictured. Nice big open space with the AC kicking on a warm day. Six beers on with small free samples offered. Staff is not that friendly.“
beernovice39 3485 days ago
76 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“Obviously not the ultimate beer nerd or hipster joint. Very nice bar/restaurant packed with tons of professional folks spending money and enjoying conversation. Did not try the food, but will next time.“
beernovice39 3486 days ago
84 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Super nice location, fantastic staff. Ten beers on tap out of a possible 12. Good cheeseburger.“
beernovice39 3491 days ago
90 /100 2815 KING AVENUE WEST
“Cost Plus World Market carries a wide range of beers. They carry awesome beers from Belgium, Germany, England, Holland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Japan, China, as well as many other places. The beverage department seems to be well stocked and clean every time I am in there. Great service. I would definitely recommend this store as a great source of quality beer.“
amberjc88 3516 days ago
82 /100 920 SOUTH 24TH STREET WEST
“They have a great beer selection which they rotate out. The only problem is they run out so fast of a lot of the on tap beers they bring in so I don’t get to try them! Other than that the beer is good, and the food is great! I would definetly recommend this restraunt to anyone wanting a good time.“
amberjc88 3517 days ago
88 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Very attractive, ubercool ambiance, with some really imaginative and tasty burgers. Oh, and the beer is quite good too. Not much of a selection, just a dozen or so house brews, but the those I tried were quite good.“
Iphonephan 3554 days ago
88 /100
City Vineyard (Beer Store)
“A true gem of a find in Billings. Great selection, with the exception of not too many MT beers. Impressive variety of styles (Faro!) and quite a few seasonal and specialty brews. Lots of bombers and 750’s, also singles available to mix/match a sixer. Most items were prices fair altough there were a few that seemed overly marked up. Service was top notch. As of today’s date, you won’t find another store in Montana with this level of selection east of the divide.“
jake65 3648 days ago
90 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“Nicely renovated building in downtown Billings. Nice vibe via design and staff. Good menu for both beer and food. My wife and I both ate; it was excellent. The beers I had a chance to sample were all quite good; the Three Spirits being really really good! This is a MUST stop if you are in Billings.“
jake65 3648 days ago
70 /100
Good Earth Market (Grocery Store)
3024 2ND AVE N
“I’ve been meaning to come in here for quite some time as Billings doesn’t really have a craft beer store or general store with a significant selection. Nice co-op with a clean appearance overall. Smaller scale. Just craft beer, no macros to be seen. I really liked that they tagged ’local’ on all the Montana brews. Some other PNW breweries and a few (mainstream) imports too. I’ll probably stop in from time to time since its downtown and easy to get in and out. Staff was very friendly.“
jake65 3795 days ago
74 /100 2305 MONTANA AVE
“A new brewpub that also focuses on a food menu (and an emphasis on "pairings"). In a glossy, metallic new brewhouse and restaurant space. Beers were quite alright, lots of wheats but also some special one-offs including a Double IPA. Food was perfectly alright and a step up for beer spots that I’ve seen in the state. Worth a menu and a few pints for sure when in town.“
luttonm 3859 days ago
72 /100 20 N. 30TH STREET
“The original location, in a converted auto shop. Terrifically cool. On a warm day all the garage doors were rolled up and lots of locals were dropping by. Taps were changing a bit to make room for the new location, but it sounds like they’ll be trying more special brews here in the future. The obligatory popcorn came with the option of hot sauce and the bartender was very helpful and nice to talk to. A little gem in Billings, though their beer wasn’t particularly amazing but worth the $3/pint“
luttonm 3859 days ago
70 /100 113 NORTH BROADWAY
“Funky old style brew pub with large bar and wood paneling, but it is nicer in the summer to sit outside on one of the main streets of Billings. The beers were surprisingly good, the fries we ordered surprisingly bad. Good prices, open late (compared to the brewpubs in Mt). Would recommend checking out if you’re in Billings, look for their seasonals. Cheap growler fills too.“
luttonm 3859 days ago
70 /100
Good Earth Market (Grocery Store)
3024 2ND AVE N
“Not a bad place in Billings to find a nice selection of Montana micros in six packs and a handful of bombers. Saw some nice CA, OR and WA micros too. In a chilled section of a reasonably sized ’healthy’ grocery store in downtown. Worth a stop if you’re in town for a little while and want bottles alongside the wide selection of brewpubs.“
luttonm 3861 days ago
92 /100 20 N. 30TH STREET
“Great brewery. Possibly best in Billings considering value and AMAZING beer they produce. Can be a little cramped sometimes and only popcorn for munchies but hands down my favorite place for good beer.“
munsemj 3866 days ago
62 /100 2815 KING AVENUE WEST
“World Market has some decent regional and a few international beers. I usede to be able to find the Unibroue Blacnhe de Chamblis, Fin du Monde and Mordete here. They have Orval, Duvel, a couple of Chimay and 3 or 4 Liundermann’s lambics. Regionals from Full Sail, Rogue, Sierra Nevada and Red Hook dominate.“
wulfhere 4047 days ago
74 /100 2526 MONTANA AVENUE B
“Carters is te flagship tap room in Billings, in my opinion. The brewer pushes the envelope and favors Belgian style beers, which of course I do as well. I recently had a Belgian Blone that was quite tasty. Carters usually has a good ten beers on tap with a wide variety of styles, so you are very likely to find somethingyou like. The alchol percentages range between 3.5% and 9.8%, so if you order a coupleon the high end, you’d better have a designated driver.“
wulfhere 4047 days ago
70 /100 920 SOUTH 24TH STREET WEST
“Old Chicago is well known and a large chain, so I’m not going to go into specifics really. They serve pizza in various styles and pub food. The have a remarkable selection of local and international beers on tap: perhaps the best selection in town.“
wulfhere 4047 days ago
78 /100
Good Earth Market (Grocery Store)
3024 2ND AVE N
“While not the best selection ever, it’s pretty darn good for Billings. They had many beers which you tend to only find at World Market otherwise in this town. Also had a number of local beers - Bayern, Big Sky, Harvest Moon, etc, as well as several organic and gluten-free beers (as you could expect from a a health food store). Prices seem pretty average. The better beers don’t have to compete with B/C/M for shelf space here! Definitely where I’ll be going for quick stops for beer, vs. the grocery stores, especially as it is in between my workplace and home. They do have a deli which smelled good, but didn’t try, so didn’t rate that.“
spracklinc 4186 days ago
64 /100 75 27TH ST W
“One of the better bars in Billings for beer. Not a huge selection, but they do carry several local and regional micros. Food is decent. The patio is definitely nice for warmer evenings, and it does have a fire pit for when it gets cooler.“
spracklinc 4189 days ago
76 /100 920 SOUTH 24TH STREET WEST
“The best place to go in Billings for beer. Billings doesn’t have the greatest selection of beer, however Old Chicago pretty much has everything the distributors carry. They carry many beers from around the state, and rotate through them often. Food is decent, service can be hit or miss depending on how busy it is, many specials. World Beer Tour is a good way to try the various beers they serve, and the mini tours often feature at least one or two local beers.“
spracklinc 4189 days ago
80 /100 20 N. 30TH STREET
“I’m excited for Angry Hanks to move to its new location as it will be BIGGER (though parking may be more questionable). Don’t get me wrong, I love garage pubs. However, Hanks gets CROWDED, especially on Fridays. I work right across the street, and we’ve watched people lining up outside shortly before 4 with their growlers. I definitely suggest you go on an off day or early on a Friday (though wait maybe 15 minutes after opening so the growler line has gone down), OR during the summer when the patio is open. All-in-all, a decent laid back place to hang out at, with a good selection of beer, and they tend to have a few rotating seasonals besides the regulars.“
spracklinc 4189 days ago
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