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72 /100 55 1ST AVE WEST NORTH
“Nice vibe, with good indoor and outdoor seating. Decent beers. Their Sundown Honey Brown is very good. A nice place to unwind.“
Kleg 537 days ago
82 /100
Brix Bottleshop (Beer Store)
101 E CENTER ST, STE 102
“Nice shop in the middle of downtown. I'm disappointed the beers don't have prices, but the prices I got were very good for singles. Good selection. Easy to find a lot of new and local beers.“
Kleg 539 days ago
64 /100 1231 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Small shop with a small selection of local single beers. Great prices (compared to shops at home). I bought 3 mixed six-packs of new liquid souvenirs. Friendly local staff too.“
Kleg 539 days ago
54 /100 409 1ST AVENUE EAST
“Right in the centre and a block from Kalispell Brewing, this wasn't a bad stop. Flights available, priced by the beer (usually $1.50-1.75 per 4 oz. beer). Beer quality was mediocre to a little above average. Decent service. Nothing special here, but it's a decent stop if you're passing through.“
mcberko 1659 days ago
56 /100
Brix Bottleshop (Beer Store)
101 E CENTER ST, STE 102
“Better than any Missoula bottle shop. A couple shelves of MT beers, plus a few more of US stuff, and another one or two of international beers. Very friendly service. Worth a stop if you're passing through Kalispell.“
mcberko 1659 days ago
76 /100 121 MAIN ST
“Visited July 2017, group of 5. Place was stacked when we entered, but the waitress did her very best to book us a table for about 45 minutes later. All staff were friendly like that. Beer selection is quite large and varied. The burgers are sublime and you get value for money. Nice ambiance, too, rustic feel. A must visit in the pretty town of Kalispell.“
nathanvc 2053 days ago
100 /100
Brix Bottleshop (Beer Store)
101 E CENTER ST, STE 102
“This place has the largest selection of craft beer in the Flathead Valley and is the only one that lets you mix and match your own 6 pack of true craft beer.“
BrixBottleshop 3277 days ago
76 /100
Brix Bottleshop (Beer Store)
101 E CENTER ST, STE 102
“Pretty good selection. I liked that almost all the bottles were singles and you could make your own sixer with any beer and any size to get a 5% discount. Staff was friendly and prices were pretty good. A must visit as it is the only craft beer store in the area.“
cmacklin 3400 days ago
86 /100
Brix Bottleshop (Beer Store)
101 E CENTER ST, STE 102
“I entered the space from the street side each visit. It is pretty cool as it’s an old-west elevated side-walk sort of thing but with a very updated entrance. This is the typical beer/wine geek sort of space with narrow walkways and lots and lots of craft products. This is a welcome experience compared to all other bottle shops in the extended area. I had that "kid in the candy store" feel here. Everything is very orderly and clean and the vast majority of the offerings here are singles with large swath of all local bottle/canned brews represented. If you’re in the area this is a must visit.“
Ibrew2or3 3439 days ago
90 /100
Brix Bottleshop (Beer Store)
101 E CENTER ST, STE 102
“Small to medium sized wine & beer store, just a block off the main strip. Good, varied selection of wines as you walk in the main door. Towards the back of the room is the beer, which is sorted by Country, then style. The craft selection seems larger & more varied than Markus Foods in Whitefish, which is welcome. Pricing is roughly the same as MF, but they do have a $0.99c section for bin ends (NOT out of date product), which seemed popular with other shoppers. All bottles come in singles, but you can make your own 6 pack of any beer, any size and get a 5% discount. I bought in multiples of 6 as it seemed daft not too ;) Friendly, welcoming, chatty staff. A nice addition to the area for craft ales.“
Torontoblue 3491 days ago
72 /100 121 MAIN ST
“We really enjoyed our meal here and their draft selection offered a nice selection of local Montana brews. It’s not a huge beer selection, but nice variety. They seem to always have some variety of "special" that has elk, yak, or other exotic meat. They also made great soup, salads and grilled veggies. Realize this is a small location that is well visited by the locals as well as tourists; reservations are recommended.“
BelgianBeerGal 4108 days ago
60 /100 1231 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Not bad at all for the location. Yes there are only two coolers, but they have a decent selection therein. Worth a stock up stop if you are in Kalispell.“
bytemesis 4130 days ago
50 /100 1231 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Honestly, there are only a couple of coolers here. If you’re in Kalispell for drinking (I don’t know why you would be), go somewhere else. If you happen to be in Kalispell, for some other reason, this place has some things that are above what you find at the gas station. Literally, their whole beer operation consists of 2 coolers in the far right-hand side of the store. Prices didn’t seem outstanding, and there were no 2009 Ivan The Terrible beers left. Actually, the aforementioned fact is why I went. I purchased an elk steak and some emu sausage here. Nice establishment, but they do what they can for Kalispell, which isn’t saying much. There’s some amazing scenery around here.“
CheersMate 4414 days ago
72 /100 1231 SOUTH MAIN ST
“For what is essentially a health food store, the beer selection here was pretty darned decent. 3 big coolers located on the far right wall as you walk in. You pass a good selection of local, North Western & import wines on your right too. Selection was decent enough for me, and on this day they had, amongst others, Sierra Nevada Anniversary Black Barley Wine, Sierra Nevada Anniversary Grand Cru, Sierra Nevada Oliva, Chatoe Rogue Creek Ale, He’Brew Harvest Ale, Year of the Fig, Alaskan Smoked Porter, also picked up a bottle of the local Hidden Valley Dark Mead . There was also a good selection of 6 packs from Big Sky, Deschutes, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Bayern. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly.“
Torontoblue 4600 days ago
56 /100 25 COMMONS WAY
“One of three health food stores in the Kalispell/Whitefish area, two of which carry beer (the other being Whithey). Small selection, but kudos for selling everything as singles. Nothing rare or unusual, with the single exception of Harvistoun Ols Dubh 40 Year!! But don’t rush over-- I bought the last bottle.“
DuffMan 4655 days ago
48 /100 1231 SOUTH MAIN ST
“One of three health food stores in the Kalispell/Whitefish area, two of which carry beer (the other being Mountain Valley). Pretty disappointing selection really. The beer seeker is much better off sticking with Marcus Foods or Rosauers supermarket. The only beers they had here that weren’t elsewhere were Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale and Alakan Smoked Porter. I didn’t find 80-100 bottles, more like 30-50.“
DuffMan 4655 days ago
70 /100 1231 SOUTH MAIN ST
“Checked this place out on my friend Jason (curly)’s advice. Found nearly a half dozen bottles of 2009 Ivan the Terrible, as well as some others like Red Rocket and Alaskan Smoked Porter. Nothing fantastic, but a nice complement to the selection available at Marcus Foods up the road in Whitefish. These folks also sell homebrew supplies like hops etc. Nice place, the staff were helpful and kind. Got me some organic, free-trade gum. Mmmmmm... $4 chewing gum...“
Savvy1982 4680 days ago
70 /100 25 COMMONS WAY
“Very small organic grocery store. Beer selection is decent. Lots of Sam Smith’s, Alaskan, Rogue, various PNW micros. Very few Belgians, pretty much just Chimay, maybe 2 or 3 others. I didn’t find anything that really wowed me. Not worth going out of the way.“
Beerona97 4703 days ago
72 /100 1231 SOUTH MAIN ST
“I stopped in here because I had a hunch they might have the Ivan the Terrible I had been looking for for a while. To my surprise, they did!!!!!! Sweet, I bought a few bottles of the 09 batch that had been refrigerated the entire time. They also had other good beers. Another cool thing was the fact that they sold hops and other basic homebrew supplies.“
Beerona97 4715 days ago
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