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50 /100 2440 CORNHUSKER RD
“A good Sports bar. But not a good place for drinking Good Beer.“
DrCorps 3230 days ago
30 /100 2440 CORNHUSKER RD
“Just a regular sports bar no wide variety of beer to be found here. plus - DJ’s is located in Sarpy County, which means even if they had a good beer you wouldn’t be able to taste it for all the cigarette smoke“
kitschy 5087 days ago
14 /100 2440 CORNHUSKER RD
“Do not go here for beer. Just an average sport bar with a few more taps of the regular suspects.... Not even noteworthy for NE.“
bu11zeye 5466 days ago
30 /100 2440 CORNHUSKER RD
“Warning to those looking for a great beer experience: You won’t find it here. People come to this place for televised sports. They have lots of cigarette smoke here, so you will enjoy inhaling the 7000+ compounds released from pyrrolyzed tobacco.“
SledgeJr 5685 days ago
58 /100 2440 CORNHUSKER RD
“This is primarily a sports bar and a good one. But they also have a relatively impressive lineup of taps -- 31 at my count -- OK, nothing too spectacular, but in June ’06 they did have 5 different from New Belgium and the best couple offerings from regional Summit and Boulevard, a couple of decent imports (Guinness, Stella Artois, Urquell), on top of the usual suspects (____ Light). Very friendly staff. Decent bar food. Worth a visit if not for anything too unusual on the beer menu.“
Braudog 5846 days ago
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