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64 /100 2804 13TH STREET
“A strange brewpub. Very classy interior (complete with a monumental mural). Bar in the back, but a steakhouse out front. Beers were not the best, nor the food, but it was still an experience worth having. Visited with Jess in 2016.“
ads135 2079 days ago
66 /100 2804 13TH STREET
“It’s pretty awesome that a small, rural town like Columbus has a brewpub. The 10ish beers won’t blow your doors off, but they’re serviceable. Prices for food and beer are ridiculously cheap. Service is exceedingly kind.“
jackl 2160 days ago
76 /100 2804 13TH STREET
“I have to travel to Columbus quite frequently for business, and Gottberg is one place we always visit at least once. Interesting atmosphere, the bar area is set up with a grain bin ceiling. There are typically 6-8 beers on tap. I’ve never been overly impressed with any beer here, but for a city the size of Columbus, it is nice to see a local brewpub operating.“
jcnielsen 3703 days ago
52 /100 2804 13TH STREET
“The buliding and ambiance in the bar is very cool, real sense of history to it. Food and service has always been top notch. One of the best reubens in the state. The beer selection is more than fair for the midwest with a lot of the basics covered. Nothing really pops though, and I cannot recall ever thinking WOW! In all fairness I need to get back in and see what the new brewmaster has going.“
wuldntitbnice 4668 days ago
64 /100 2804 13TH STREET
“Unique Midwest style brewpub. It was pretty busy for a weekday, and service was decent. Interesting pub room that was made to look like the inside of a grain bin. Bar stools were made to look like old tractor seats, and the ceiling fans were made to look like the visible belts attached were moving them. They had 5 of their own brews on tap, and I was told that they usually have more but the just got a new brewmaster. Had a Pale Ale and a Wheat Ale that were a little above average. The two darker beers seemed a bit thin and could have been more flavorful. Food was pretty good. Good prices. Hopefully the new brewer can add a new spin on their beers and improve the selection and quality a bit. It was worth the trip since brewpubs are scarce in the area. Probably would stop by again if in the area to see how the new brewer does things.“
jb43 4762 days ago
62 /100 2804 13TH STREET
“I sat in this place for a while before I realized it was set up to look like the inside of a grain bin. A cool old building with a strikingly original looking brewpub hidden inside. The soup I tried was tasty and filling. Now the beer is what was a let down for me. They were all drinkable, not seriously flawed, but overall boring. I had more pleasure trying their root beer and orange cream pop. The sampler came on a tray with a labeled paper mat, each beer in a small plastic cup. At least the beer and the food are cheap. The beer was my least favorite part of this cool looking location.“
heemer77 4863 days ago
84 /100 2804 13TH STREET
“I’m not sure if the beer tourist is motivated to go so far off the beaten path, but I really like this place. A restored historic car dealership building that is quite remarkable to tour. The building houses the world Headquarters for Dorothy Lynch Dressing as well as the Brewpub and Dusters restaurant. The food is very very good. The brewing operation is impressively large. The bar area is like being inside a Behlen grainery. Belt-driven ceiling fans are a sight to behold. Forget what I said before: it is worth the trip.“
SledgeJr 4891 days ago
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