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24 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“this place was pretty nice when it opened but I've been once each the last two years and it seems like they've just stopped trying. All the menus were wrinkled and ratty (both years, meaning they just never get new ones), half the appetizers were unavailable and the one we ordered had inedible salsa (thats hard to do). and the beer, well...the pilsener was very off, terribly spoiled, the others just okay at best. I would say to stay away,“
dwyerpg 1425 days ago
62 /100
Milo’s Cellar (Restaurant)
“Wine focused eatery, with a small, but well curated selection of beers. Nice hearty sandwiches, prices normal for the area. Right on the main drag in town, seating inside and out. Small but cozy.“
stevoj 1937 days ago
66 /100
The Dillinger (Restaurant)
“Old time saloon-y feel, decent craft beer selection. Menu full of pub grub, decent sandwiches. Just off the main drag, right in downtown“
stevoj 1938 days ago
70 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Only brewery of note between Vegas and Williams (just west of Flagstaff). Boulder City is a nice little village...and somewhat unexpected for the desert area it’s in. Boulder Dam Brewery has a nice vibe...decent enough décor...great patio if not too hot out...and tons of interesting history about the building of nearby Hoover Dam. The food is good (some better than others)...nothing amazing...but most were solid enough choices. The problem of course is the beer...nothing special (but then there’s so little special craftbeer brewed in nearby Vegas...the expectations shouldn’t be high for the area). They’ve been around since you’d think they would have either improved their beers in almost a decade...or gone out of business. If they had any real competition I think the later would be the case...but I still hope they improve the beers...because the place is really great...nice staff and service...great location. Worth a stop more for the place and the food than the beer...but if you don’t come for the beer shouldn’t be disappointed...and a couple of them are decent enough.“
PRBeer 2254 days ago
60 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“stopped in on a road trip. inviting place, had baseball on. friendly service, standard pub food with decent hot sauce, marginal beers, and only a few of em. Meh.“
slowrunner77 2686 days ago
70 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Its nice quiet spot in center of Boulder town. Service was prompt and attenttive. Decor was ok but felt friendly. Food was good and so was beer. Prices very reasonable.“
Radek Kliber 2705 days ago
48 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“5 brews, no highlights.“
Sokolov 2803 days ago
48 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Visited the brewpub in 2007, very common place, and the beers were subpar. I wouldn’t recommend the travel.“
fiulijn 2908 days ago
60 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Not a bad venture. Went out with family and decided to give it a try. The burgers were pretty good. Was comforting and not overly loud. Felt like Lander Bar, which was nice. Beer was good and ice cold. Wish the menu had a little more depth, but what was offered was good.“
scooterbub 2925 days ago
68 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“On business here, so had to stop in. Small, friendly, nice vibe. Patio nice at this time of year.“
stevoj 3210 days ago
68 /100
The Dillinger (Restaurant)
“Small place just off the main drag, a recommendation by the new Banger brewer, thanks! The burgers are the main attraction - they were tasty enough. Seven active taps when I visited, but nothing local. One was PBR. Bottle selection was more interesting but small. Very friendly service. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 3256 days ago
72 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Right on the cirner of the main drag. Nice outdoor patio. Interior has a long bar with fermenting/serving tanks behind the bar. Very friendly owner who does the pouring. All house beers can be had in one $10 sampler. Handful of guest taps too. Beers are mediocre. Almost missed the video of the Hoover dam construction because football was on, then I noticed it on one monitor on the back wall.“
Travlr 3256 days ago
84 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“This was a great place with a good vibe. Good beers. Friendly owner / brewer who was very knowledgeable. Would love to go back. Did not try the food.“
jb 3508 days ago
58 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“We sat outside our server at first treated us like crap. Of the beers on tap one was ok. This is the second time I’ve been here. Not a great place. Food was ok. I think we were treated like crap because we were tourist. Not a must stop for me going forward.“
decaturstevo 3515 days ago
80 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“We sat at the bar where the head brewer served us. On my sampler tray he added the DIPA for me(thank you) I bought the high quality T-shirt for $19, but it came with a free pint of beer. Good saying on back about a bolder Damn beer. A band playing in the courtyard on the Sat. night was good.“
Ron 3516 days ago
60 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Visited on 9-16-2012. Okay atmosphere inside but a cool patio. About 5 house taps this day. Sampler available. Fun spot.“
BVery 3725 days ago
60 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“A typical neighboorhood bar in little Boulder City, very old school decor, with the particularity they serve beers directly from the fermenting tanks. Does not make the beers better though, they are boring at best, not awful, but not worth the detour. Limited pub menu, burgers and sandwiches, friendly service. 6 X 3 on = 10$.“
Lubiere 3751 days ago
68 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Love the old town vibe with boulder Dam pix, memobelia, growlers everywhere, i.e. stone, kern river, pizza port etc...Food was good with steel 15 gal fermation tanks with brews labels on them. Cool, music acts on friday and saturday. Beautiful outside patio area, also.“
Wittales 3754 days ago
74 /100
Milo’s Cellar (Restaurant)
“This is a little sidewalk cafe in the center of town. Friendly and knowledgeable staff gladly serves over 50 varieties of beer and wine. Small bar and decent selection of food items available. Everything we’ve had tasted great and it’s a nice place to just sit and relax. The sidewalk has seating and mist for those willing to test the heat.“
kathouse 3832 days ago
58 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Just a short drive from Henderson, this brewery is easily accessible from US93. Small town atmosphere is apparent and it’s a quiet place to hang out. Live bands on Friday and Saturdays will brighten up the place. The service is mediocre considering they always seem to be short-handed but the people are very friendly. Food selection is okay and beer choices are typical of a brewery this size. Overall not a bad place.“
kathouse 4151 days ago
70 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“(Visited 11/2008): Made the ~1/2 hour drive from Las Vegas to Boulder City to visit this brewpub, which is right off the Nevada Highway (Rte 93) in downtown Boulder City. Street parking is plentiful in all directions. The front has a lovely little beer garden that looked like it had a stage set for live music. It was a bit chilly the evening I visited but I can see it being a major draw in nicer weather. The interior pays homage to the Boulder Dam, with old pictures and antiques, as well as a video about the dam’s construction running on a loop behind the bar. Other features of the interior include a chalkboard with the current beers, and tanks representing each beer on tap right behind the bar. Boulder Dam has around 6 beers on draught including a seasonal. A sampler of all the brews can be had for $10. The beers run the gamut from Light to Stout, with nothing really unique in between. All of the beers are unfortunately average at best. It is especially disappointing given that they seem to have the means and the potential to make better beers. Service on a weekday early evening was good. The bartender was knowledgeable about all the beers and happy to provide background and other area recommendations for good beer. Food is typical pub grub. I selected the Turbine Turkey and it was a pretty good sandwich. Overall this place is definitely worth a stop between Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. I would not necessarily recommend making the trip just for their beer though, as you can find (marginally) better brewpubs in Vegas. However, with some spare time the other factors might make it worthwhile.“
Dogbrick 4556 days ago
50 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“This is a tough one because the place has a lot of good points. First, it is in a great location near the Hoover Dam. Second, the place itself is very pleasing with nice artifacts and an outdoor patio where we sat. Third, the staff is very warm and friendly treating us like regulars rather than the tourists we were. Fourth, the food was really quite good. Downside, the beer was pedestrian at best. They only had four on tap at the time we visited. I got a sampler with six beers and one was a cider mix and the other a shandy. A good place to stop when doing the tourist thing at the dam.“
keepersj12 4649 days ago
62 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Located in a town center that looks like anytown USA. Food is typical of a burger joint. The limited menu is decent and accompanies their beers well. Service is pleasant. There is a biergarten setting outside that is interesting in that you get a panoramic view of the town. Beer selection is great for a hop head. There are no video poker machines here. This is a true brewpub. Unfortunately, their growlers are really pricey at $23.99 for a growler or $12.99 for a refill. Definitely worth visiting if taking a daytrip from Vegas to Hoover Dam.“
Cletus 4973 days ago
48 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“...well, it was a pretty nice place. It was a quiet night after visiting the dam, so I noticed it and just had to stop. They pour right out of the fermenters behind the bar, which dosn’t help the taste, but interesting. They had some historical artifacts, old beer stuff, and dam related items that were good to look at. Overall, it was pretty decent, the ceasar salad was not too bad, and I would go back again.“
UnholyBrewing 5334 days ago
66 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“Although all 6 beer styles were fairly timid, the brewery is in a neat town and has some great food. The staff seemed very friendly and genuine and welcomed us in as out of towners.“
can8ianben 5460 days ago
76 /100 453 NEVADA HIGHWAY
“September 2007 - Had a pleasant noon-time visit to this new arrival in the southern Nevada brewing scene. The brewpub is a nice bright place with windows dominating two sides. The bar overlooks several 5-barrel serving vessels where the bartender pours your beers directly from the source. Well appointed but not overdone in Hoover Dam and brewing decor, the small but roomy cafe is an inviting place with just a couple TVs to keep you entertained if you’re alone (college football was on but muted). I had one of their sandwich choices and was well satisfied. The day’s offerings were about 7 or 8 different brews ... I had 3 pints and one small sample and all were good to excellent. Most definitely worth a lunch stop on your way too/from the Hoover Dam or even worth the drive from Vegas (about 30 min) all by itself.“
Braudog 5559 days ago
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