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86 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Once you find it in the maze of commercial buildings, you'll be glad you did. I tried 5 different beers here and I loved all five of them! Good selection and prices. Simple but effective indoor and outdoor seating. Friendly staff. I highly recommend it.“
Kleg 363 days ago
62 /100 501 N STEPHANIE ST
“It's another Total Wine with non-existent customer service (except when they want to pour you something to up-sell you). Fair Nevada craft beer selection.“
BeerandBlues2 1091 days ago
68 /100 20 S WATER ST
“Henderson is so much more pleasant than tacky Vegas. The brothers running this brewpub put out a varied selection with varied quality. Service was pretty good.“
BeerandBlues2 1091 days ago
62 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, #170
“Part of what's becoming a cozy, little brewery district in a suburban industrial park, all within about 200 yards, this was stop 3 of 3. The staff at Crafthaus was kind enough to let us know this new place was just a few feet away! Not too different from the other two nearby industrial brewery spaces, this is the sparsest with bare minimum furnishings and accessories. The owner/brewer was the solo staff on hand, a friendly enough guy. The beers we tried ranged from average to good. Only because of the immaturity of this spot, I'd rank it third of three on the block here, but would recommend a visit and wish them a positive growth path! Brewery #853.“
Braudog 1126 days ago
88 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Part of what's becoming a cozy, little brewery district in a suburban industrial park, all within about 200 yards, this was stop 2 of 3. We were greeted by a bright open and well decorated space, plus a super friendly and knowledgeable barkeep. Of the 4 beers I personally had, they were all very good; my friend had a couple different ones and said they were top quality as well. Part of a trio of friendly small brewers, all worth a collective visit. Of the three, this was my favorite ... fairest prices, friendliest staff, widest variety of beers, and a small in-house offering of food. Special kudos to Crafthaus, too ... we wouldn't have known about Astronomy if they hadn't told us to go visit them, too. Brewery #852.“
Braudog 1126 days ago
68 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Part of what's becoming a cozy, little brewery district in a suburban industrial park, this was stop 1 of 3, all within about 200 yards. With an Octoberfest roll-out, the crowd accumulated very quickly at opening. The small staff accommodated well, despite a cramped serving area. Of the 5 beers my small group tried, all were good to very good. Part of a trio of friendly small brewers, all worth a collective visit. Brewery #851.“
Braudog 1126 days ago
80 /100 9915 S EASTERN AVE, STE 110
“Khoury's Fine Wine & Spirits in Silverado Ranch, South of Las Vegas is a liquor store serving a great selection of craft beers as well as wines and other spirits. They also have a small bar serving some nicely selected craft beers. Not the cheapest store but definitely offering variety. Occasionally they have some true rarities. Unfortunately I missed some great New England stuff by couple of days.“
rosenbergh 1211 days ago
78 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Located in a commercial plaza, somewhat difficult to locate (our Uber driver got lost). It is somewhat dimly lit, large communal tables, large projection screen, dart boards. A large tap list, all with casino-themed names. I had an English porter (average) and imperial breakfast stout (delicious). If you're in the area, stop at CraftHaus first, but these places are virtually identical in terms of beer quality.“
LilBeerDoctor 1344 days ago
78 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Located in a commercial plaza, although somewhat difficult to find (our Uber driver got lost). A nice brightly lit space with large communal tables and lots of games to play. I got to try a white IPA and pale ale with yuzu. Both were solid beers. Compared to its neighbor, Bad Beat, I preferred the atmosphere, although beers were of similar quality.“
LilBeerDoctor 1344 days ago
78 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Brewery is located in a commercial district in the Henderson area. Place has a nice comfortable feel to it. Staff was attentive and very friendly. They have a good selection of beers to choose from. Sampler flights are available as well as canned beer and growlers to go. Worth checking out if you have time while on Vegas“
Bif 1428 days ago
80 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“One of my two favorite breweries in the Las Vegas area (the other being Bad Beat across the parking lot). Their beers are great and they have an open, modern brewery with a fair amount of seating. They serve some small plates and also have food trucks. Worthy of a stop in Nevada.“
BeerandBlues2 1490 days ago
80 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“A small brewery that was crowded on both of my visits, with community tables full and the more intimate couch areas keeping guests comfortable. The beer is quite good and a great addition to the Nevada beer scene which before seemed to be only smoke-filled casinos brewing crappy beer. No food other but the brewery around the corner, CraftHaus, tends to have food trucks. Definitely worth a stop.“
BeerandBlues2 1490 days ago
80 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“I've been here a few times and this place has improved. Whereas before the focus was on ipa and such, now the selection is more varied.. Sour beers were upfront and delicious. Service and patrons are very nice. 4 X 4 ounces for 7$.“
Lubiere 1491 days ago
78 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Same neighborhood as Bad Beat, but completely different vibe. Quiet and laid back, clean and modern. Lots of variety in the tap list, all decent. Liked this bit more than Bad Beat.“
stevoj 1534 days ago
74 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Small taproom in an industrial area, nit much to see from the outside. Hopping on a Thursday night. Younger crowd, pretty boisterous. Stark furnishings, small bar. Worth a stop when in Henderson.“
stevoj 1534 days ago
70 /100 20 S WATER ST
“Worth seeking out for the ticks while in Henderson. Big open industrial space, not much happening, but local vibe. Beers are hit and miss, but a few nice ones to be found.“
stevoj 1536 days ago
74 /100 445 MARKS ST
“Sports bar vibe, TVs ring the place and small TVs in each booth. Extensive beer list, both draft and bottles/cans. Normal pub fare, decent quality, not overly priced. Sign says "250 Beers" so there is a lot to explore.“
stevoj 1538 days ago
92 /100 9915 S EASTERN AVE, STE 110
“Khoury’s would probably take all of my money if I lived nearer. They commonly have bottled beers that the bigger stores (Lees and Total Wine) do not have, and occasionally have tap takeovers that are just stellar. Unfortunately I missed the tap takeover of all the Modern Times Monster’s Dark varieties. Issa the owner is very friendly and will sometimes split a beer with you. They’ll also look for different beers/alcohol to bring in if you request it. Prices are starting to creep up a little bit but it is truly a great place. Plus you can bring in your own food or order from the occasional food truck.“
dwyerpg 1836 days ago
82 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Nice cozy brewery. Nice staff. Some unusual beer styles on tap. Well worth a visit“
macdeffe 2036 days ago
74 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“A nice layed back place. A few small TV around. Just around the corner from Bad Beat Brewing. Good clean beer. A big window with a view into the brewery from the bar.“
Sledutah 2226 days ago
78 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Located in a business park, around the corner from Crafthaus. A few games (darts and jenga) going on. A big TV at the end. A nice layed back feeling to relax after a long week. Good solid beers.“
Sledutah 2226 days ago
82 /100 9915 S EASTERN AVE, STE 110
“nice place to have a beer“
alesmithipa 2282 days ago
72 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“Nice brewery for Las Vegas area“
alesmithipa 2282 days ago
98 /100 12300 LAS VEGAS BLVD S
“play the video poker machine and they give you one of 96 of their tap beers - all for a small tip“
alesmithipa 2282 days ago
74 /100 501 N STEPHANIE ST
“Solid TW but smaller than some I visted on East Coast. They had good selection of local brews. Prices typical to chain, good. Service average.“
Radek Kliber 2304 days ago
46 /100 4500 E SUNSET RD
“Typical brewpub with no surprises. 5 brews.“
Sokolov 2402 days ago
74 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“(Visited 01/2015): Bad Beat Brewing is located in Henderson in a commercial park off Eastgate Road. Parking is plentiful around the buildings.

The exterior is a pretty typical office park look with the brewery logo over the door. Inside opens to a tap room with blue-gray walls and concrete floor. There are a couple high-top tables and a small L-shaped bar in the rear. Large windows in front let in a lot of light. There are a couple dart boards, and there is a board behind the bar listing the available beers. The brewery is visible through windows in the rear as well.

Bad Beat has 12 hour brews on tap. In addition to the year-round offerings (Daily Grind Pale, Ace In The Hole Basil, Ante Up Amber, Hoppy Times IPA and Gutshot Stout) there are seasonals and specialty beers like Next Level IIPA, Frenemy Saison and "The Heater" Imperial Milk Stout. A sampler is available, and the beers I tried were all decent.

Service at the bar on a Friday afternoon was good. The bartender had a good understanding of the beer menu and was attentive.

Food is not served at Bad Beat.

All in all I like how they are trying to develop a "Booze District" in this area, complete with a planned tour at some point. This is a decent brewery worth a visit outside of Vegas.“
Dogbrick 2444 days ago
78 /100 7350 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“(Visited 01/2015): CraftHaus Brewery is located in Henderson in a commercial park off Eastgate Road. Parking is plentiful around the buildings.

The exterior is pretty nondescript in that it is a basic office park building, with the brewery logo on the front door. Inside is a well-lit tap room with light gray walls and hanging lights. There are a couple couches and tables with bright chairs past the entrance, and a short bar in the back. There is a board behind the bar listing the available beers.

CraftHaus has 6 beers on tap and a flight is available that comes with a perpetual motion bird sipping a glass a water. Selections on my visit included Evocation Saison, Evocation tweaked with Sorachi, Resinate IPA and a Black IPA. The beers were all decent.

Service on a Friday afternoon at the bar was good. The bartender/owner was at Aces & Ales earlier in the day and told me about the brewery. She was friendly and knowledgeable about the beers during my visit.

Food is not served at CraftHaus but they regularly feature food trucks.

Overall this newer brewery is part of a planned "Booze District" in Henderson and is worth a visit outside of Vegas.“
Dogbrick 2444 days ago
82 /100 501 N STEPHANIE ST
“Large wine & beer selection, plenty of both local and regional craft brews, as well as east coast selections. Excellent Belgian selection including some hard to find bottles. One of the better beer stores in the valley.“
dahfoto 2515 days ago
62 /100 10935 EASTERN ST
“Not a great selection, but decent, catering more to the common denominator. Some cold, some warm...“
stevoj 2552 days ago
48 /100 11021 S EASTERN AVE
“I’m normally a pretty forgiving person, but this place hit all the wrong notes from the get go. Cryptic tap list, disinterested staff coupled with s...l..o...w service. Mediocre food, small portions. Skip this place.“
stevoj 2552 days ago
94 /100 9915 S EASTERN AVE, STE 110
“Loved this place: my sort of drinking hole. Laid back and cool tasting area with the whole shops selection to drink from, or just use the taps available. Friendly and interested guys running it, huge bottled selection. I was taken out here by a guy who I met through the ’Belgian Beer Board’ website I would never have found it otherwise (my little party were staying in Downtown Las Vegas). So different to anything else I’ve seen in and around Las Vegas it was just lovely to sit and chat without slots and crowds. It would be my regular bar if I lived anywhere near it and you can not get a better recommendation than that.This is also one of the highest scores I have ever given, if not the highest.“
BlackHaddock 2641 days ago
72 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“10 taps with 4 guest, a wonderful staff that loves what they do. Beautiful wood accent with metal chairs and cool huge beadbag chair. Games like old school video games, shuffle board and darts helps with the decor. Great little startup with 10 barrel setup. Henderson will have a cool "Booze District" with breweries, Disttery and wine shop.“
Wittales 2645 days ago
66 /100 7380 EASTGATE RD, STE 110
“This place is still undergoing its grand opening so take this with a grain of salt. Nice wooden bar top with metal stools. Several other tables with some video games to play. Guys are great are very knowledgeable. Place is still quite small, but the future seems bright. Couple of guest taps make the availability greater and the prices are excellent for the area. No food yet, but the trucks are coming!“
kathouse 2646 days ago
74 /100 790 CORONADO CENTER DR, STE 13
“I went on local tap over with Nevada brews, service was stellar Thx Jeff. Food is good food, not just bar food here. Bottle selection isn’t that great, but their working on it. Fun bar with bands and karokee. “
Wittales 2766 days ago
72 /100 790 CORONADO CENTER DR, STE 13
“Nice pub, decent tap list, good English pub fare.“
stevoj 2810 days ago
46 /100 2716 N GREEN VALLEY PKWY
“Limited selection, but good prices. A few of their own labels too. Mixed six is an option also.“
stevoj 2811 days ago
70 /100 501 N STEPHANIE ST
“Normal Total Wine layout, with nice selection of beers sorted by country and style, emphasis on regional brews. Growler station a nice touch.“
stevoj 2811 days ago
84 /100 790 CORONADO CENTER DR, STE 13
“This place is very hard to find, but worth the trouble. It is a restaurant so it is smoke free and allows children. They have special events and happy hour almost every day of the week. People are very nice and helpful. The food is better than average, but not spectacular. Overall, a good place to visit.“
kathouse 2842 days ago
54 /100 4500 E SUNSET RD
“This is, of course, a casino with a bar in the middle. Four regular beers and a seasonal, available in flights of four. Nothing to write home about. Although I can live with the fact that everyone in Vegas smokes, the ventilation at the bar wasn’t as good as some other places, so it did impinge a bit.“
Travlr 2855 days ago
64 /100 4427 E SUNSET RD
“Decent selection if a bit less extensive than Total Wine, same prices.“
Lubiere 2939 days ago
72 /100 501 N STEPHANIE ST
“Similar to the summerlin location, this location has a similar selection of beers, good price, a good shopping place in Sin City.“
Lubiere 2939 days ago
90 /100 9915 S EASTERN AVE, STE 110
“Great Food trucks here often and tasting room always has excellent options, Khoury is an excellent host!!!“
kevinkwy 3019 days ago
82 /100 501 N STEPHANIE ST
“(Visited 06/2013): Total Wine’s Henderson location is in a shopping plaza on Stephanie Street and Warm Springs. There is a large parking lot.

The interior is laid out like other locations. Aisles of different wines, spirits and beer. The beer is located on the left side of the store on shelves segregated by region. Hundreds of brands by domestic craft brewers, including regional ones like Joseph James and Tenaya Creek, plus many others like Alaskan, Maui, Firestone Walker, Deschutes and Clown Shoes. Lots of imports as well. In addition there is a growler station called "The Brewery District" with 12 or so taps from breweries such as Sierra Nevada, Alaskan and Deschutes.

Service both while I was browsing and at checkout was friendly and knowledgeable.

Overall this is a solid store to visit west of Henderson.“
Dogbrick 3027 days ago
56 /100 2640 E SUNSET RD
“New bar, Great Service, Good Food. I wish they had a better selection but its close to my house.“
potenza007 3112 days ago
70 /100 4500 E SUNSET RD
“Casino brewrey where smoking is allowed in bar and gaming area. I couldn’t smell a thing, a couple of the beers were ok. Food was ok as well. an ok place.“
decaturstevo 3114 days ago
68 /100 9520 S EASTERN AVE
“BJ’s selection of own brews is above average at best. Good food with decent happy hour. Macros and some micros with 10+ taps.“
Wittales 3213 days ago
64 /100 12300 LAS VEGAS BLVD S
“Open area with plenty of tv’s. Waiters dressed in refree outfits. Fun and energy abound with good selection of brews with seasonals also. M resort a good stop, live music.“
Wittales 3219 days ago
70 /100 12300 LAS VEGAS BLVD S
“Very non-descript sports bar inside the M Resort outside of Las Vegas. I was specifically looking for this place but it wasn’t until I saw a menu on a table that I knew I was in the right place. Lots of good taps but nothing unusual. The food was excellent. I ordered a 10 inch pizza figuring I would get a regular small round pizza. This thing was over 14 inches in length and was more oval than round. It was so big it hung over the plate and it was so messy I had to eat it with a fork! Decent place.“
fiveacestx 3258 days ago
64 /100 9915 S EASTERN AVE, STE 110
“For Las Vegas it medicore and prices a little more also. Cool beer tasting group every wednesday. Taps are 8 with local and rare brews.“
Wittales 3293 days ago