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“This is a fantastic place to buy Craft cans for just walking around the Strip. Tucked in the Linq walkway to the Vegas Eye Ferris Wheel. Bar with indoor and patio seating. They have about 50 different 12 and 16 ounce cans available with a big number of local breweries. Lots of styles available. Prices are tourist average. Depending on the bartender you might be able to grab something unopened but in general they open all cans. The have a few taps but they’re all macros. Nice addition to the Strip.“
BelgianBeerGal 181 days ago
68 /100 6415 S FT. APACHE RD, #100
“While I was in Las Vegas to visit friends, this shop showed up in a web search of local beer stores. Actually a beer section inside a liquor store I was pleased at the high quality of the limited selection but also noted the high prices they carried. With that said I did purchase a handful of brews I have not been able to find elsewhere, the best perhaps being a bottle of Napa Parabola.“
KevinReddirt 235 days ago
78 /100 2801 N TENAYA WAY
“Brought here by local good friend, Ron. We appreciated the open atmosphere and the service from Emily. We each had four 5 ounce servings and shared a nice pizza. I had three imperial stouts, two of which were barrel aged, and a credible barleywine. All were good but the Stone Wootstout 3.0 was particularly fine. I also purchased a carry out, hard-to-find quad for a reasonable amount. Truly an enjoyable experience.“
KevinReddirt 236 days ago
76 /100 3790 S. LAS VEGAS BLVD
“Great bartenders...solid beer menu and tasty menu. Have spent more time here than I should have. Let's just say that my buddy and I have enjoyed a Sunday or ten here during the NFL season. Consistent. A solid sports bar.“
BOLTZ7555 395 days ago
84 /100
Beerhaus (Bar)
“Really solid space that is great for watching the first weekend of the NFL season. Walk up and order. Great little bites. Spend an afternoon and you won't be sorry!“
BOLTZ7555 395 days ago
60 /100 2201 S FORT APACHE RD
“Average food...average beer...but in a casino with an inexpensive craps table. Need I say more?“
BOLTZ7555 395 days ago
84 /100 3355 S LAS VEGAS BLVD
“Incredible all-American cheeseburger I've had in a while (has crispy pork belly under the bun). Chicken to die for, amazing appetizers, and a solid local beer menu at 'Vegas-reasonable' prices. Do it. Do it.“
BOLTZ7555 395 days ago
“Good food, solid beer selection but quite expensive (not unexpected). If you want a juicy burger and nice craft beer, this will fit the bill (although at a price).“
BOLTZ7555 395 days ago
100 /100 6593 S. LAS VEGAS BLVD
“My first Yard House and stumbled upon it while out exploring. It was love at first sight, especially since they carry Deschutes! I have been to several now in various states and I make it a priority to visit any new one when I can! The pretzels are silly good!“
MeadMuse125 461 days ago
84 /100 8410 W DESERT INN RD
“Stand alone building in a local strip mall. This is a sports bar what serves only their own beers along with a full bar. The bar is separate from the dining area. Has a nice ambience with a friendly staff that is knowledgeable about their beers. Had a selection of about 10-12 beers on tap, with a nice selection across the board. Had nice variety of pub food and meals to chose from. Nice addition to the Vegas craft beer community.“
Bif 470 days ago
“An actual Sin City location that's in it's own space, rather than in a mall location. Same beer and decor as the other locations. Service was friendly. Lots of swag for sale.“
Sledutah 527 days ago
“Located in front of the Flamingo. Same beers as the other locations. Some merch. Friendly service.“
Sledutah 529 days ago
100 /100 2797 S MARYLAND PKWY
“A Bar arcade like no other! They have 50 taps, and they rotate them weekly! Amazing bottle selection as well. One of best beer collections in Vegas. Then we have the games....classic arcade games, pinballs, consoles like the Switch and PS4 over the bar. NES and SNES playable systems. The place as to be seen to be believed.“
LagerLees46 555 days ago
72 /100 1510 SOUTH MAIN STREET
“Medium size place with a patio; about 30 beers on tap, mostly own, some wine; good wifi; on premises kitchen looks like operated by a separate company (decent food): TV blaring loudly spoil the ambience“
thorongil2 559 days ago
70 /100 4510 PARADISE RD
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon to grab a beer and some food before a flight (located 10 minutes from the airport). The layout is straightforward, with a small bar at the entry area, large beer hall, and an indoor biergarten that is decorated to look like it is outdoors, though it too is indoors. Beer menu is Hofbrau standards, food menu is traditional German. Both beer and food was fresh and tasted great. Service was efficient, entertainment was odd, though entertaining. Vibe was fun, I am sure when large parties show up this place can get rocking. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 597 days ago
76 /100 450 FREMONT ST, STE 135
“A bit smaller space right on the Fremont street (at the beginning of it). Tanks outside, small patio, larger bar with several of their won brews. Flights available. Prices definitely fine. All in all, a nice spot to stop by when in Vegas downtown.“
MarkoNm 611 days ago
84 /100 1120 S MAIN ST, STE 150
“A cool place between Vegas Downtown and the Strip. Smaller inside and terrace, dark pub style with cool rock music blasting. A long bar with several taps (the ones I had - all great ones). Cool staff, no flight but they do have small pour options. Also giving samples. Prices are fine for Vegas. All in all, would definitely come back.“
MarkoNm 612 days ago
44 /100 3730 S LAS VEGAS BLVD
“This place was disappointing since they had only two local brews available, the rest being macros or nationally available craft beer. The food was good, but it's not worth looking for the place.“
trapped 686 days ago
100 /100
bBd's Las Vegas (Restaurant)
“This place has the best beer list in Las Vegas, hands down. Their drafts are constantly rotating and there's always something new and hard-to-find on the menu. The list is curated well with a balance of so many varieties and styles, from the hoppy stuff to high-end sours and everything in between. The food here is amazing as well. This place should be a destination for any foodie or beer drinker that goes to Las Vegas. OH.. and free parking!“
PellicleTicks30 721 days ago
56 /100 3900 S LAS VEGAS BLVD,
“American themed restaurant-bar inside Luxor hotel with around 20 beers on tap and same number of bottles. Largest TV screens I've ever seen in a bar (3 of them!), small but good food menu. The guy at the bar knows not much about beers, and there is not much to know about as well, since they are mostly macros. Only 4-5 locals and tasting all, there might not be anything to talk about either. It’s a sports themed bar in a casino, so you don’t expect much anyhow. You could still park there for a few beers, instead of losing a lot money in the casino though.“
trapped 724 days ago
70 /100
Beerhaus (Bar)
“We stayed at the NY-NY and found this place a pleasant alternative to the din of the casino for a beer and sandwich.“
blackflag321 775 days ago
40 /100 3790 LAS VEGAS BLVD
“Other reviews accurately describe the bar. Wife and I ordered a pale ale and a pilsner. I recognized the much lighter colored pilsner from ten feet away in the bartender’s hands as he approached. He swapped our orders. Come on! We were the only customers and the beers were all we ordered. What was so difficult?“
blackflag321 775 days ago
34 /100 3570 S LAS VEGAS BLVD
“To be fair, finding places that offer a good selection of craft beer on the Vegas strip is hard. So this place does have some good offerings, but nothing extraordinary ... and in fact, right around the corner in another restaurant at least they have a local, while this just has "quality" regionals and imports. The service was OK, but as a foodie (in addition to being a beer geek), I was MOST disappointed by the less-than-spectacular food .... OH, and ... AND ... a normal pint is $13. Vegas sucks. From a food perspective, Gordon should be ashamed to have his name on this place.“
Braudog 791 days ago
100 /100
bBd's Las Vegas (Restaurant)
“Amazing beer list curated by the former beer director at Tørst. The food is also fantastic. USDA Prime burgers and sandwiches. All butchering is done in-house. Heavy Metal on the sound system, great food, great beer, and great service. Love it.“
EZRA9876 834 days ago
80 /100
Pub 365 (Bar)
“They have food here but I didn't eat. Was staying at Caesar's and wanted to check out the rarities they listed on Untappd. It wasn't as good as I expected but there's some stuff here which I've never seen before. I don't think their lines were all that clean but the bottle list is excellent, and they have 61 taps so you can find something good. Top notch service here too, even when it got kind of busy.“
WestCoastHawkeye 887 days ago
66 /100 4510 PARADISE RD
“Well, it's a Hofbrauhaus replica, except at this one you can buy a shot and get paddled. That's the Vegas touch on this place. Beer and food are solid. Service is hit or miss. Prices are Vegas.“
BeerandBlues2 900 days ago
56 /100 200 N MAIN ST
“We happened in here after a night on the Strip and its side streets. The beer is not good; the ambiance is tacky casino, but the beer tanks on the other side of the glass look nice.“
BeerandBlues2 900 days ago
72 /100 450 FREMONT ST, STE 135
“Medium size space, good WiFi, dozen own beers on tap plus few guest taps and bottles, service a bit spotty as one bartender would rather talk about sports than pour beer; flights of 4 own beers available“
thorongil2 903 days ago
64 /100 4605 BLUE DIAMOND RD
“Standard big box liquor store look and feel. The beer is all to the left side of the store, with a line of coolers, and a long shelf. The employees were friendly and helpful. The selection seemed fair, with some good craft bombers, and lots of six-packs to choose from. The prices seemed remarkably fair, with a lot of six-packs on mark-down for $6. This is a good store, but nothing special.“
GTAEgeek 911 days ago
“New sports book area at the LINQ casino, with a big bar, lots of sofas and massive TVs, and 24 self-serve taps. The bartender was friendly and quick to get me set up with a card. There's an unfortunate number of macro beers and psuedo-craft on their lines, and what craft beers they do have are common locals and big-name regional beers. All taps are the same price, at $0.56 / ounce, which is pretty good, for a casino bar. This was a fun and fortuitous find. Better than average beer for a sports book room.“
GTAEgeek 911 days ago
“Huge restaurant and bar, at the far end of the LINQ Promenade. Remarkably quiet and chill, which was a balm after walking the strip for a while. Big, industrial-looking tap island, with an absurd number of taps. The bartenders were quick, very friendly, and knew the beers. While the taps seem to go on and on, I quickly realized that they have all of the standard macros, and some of them on two taps, which is kinda sad. They've got good representation of local breweries, but most are from the big national and regional brands. The prices are high, as you'd expect for the location, but given that it's a bar on (or at least very near to) the strip, the prices are pretty fair. $7-9 for a pint of anything non-swill, and my flight of 6 local beers was $10.50. The food I had wasn't anything special, but it was good enough. This is a great location, if you can't escape the strip. Worth a nice, long visit.“
GTAEgeek 911 days ago
76 /100 1120 S MAIN ST, STE 150
“Medium size, garage bar decour (they have full bar), annoying rap music blasting loudly makes it somewhat trying, good WiFi; 11 own beers and 5 guests on tap; flights of own beer available but 6 oz pour per beer is excessive; good beer“
thorongil2 919 days ago
“This ended up being the best beer stop on my brief trip to Vegas. They clearly strive to rotate the selection with some locals, regionals, rarities, imports, more recognizable micros, etc. For Vegas, it's a very impressive beer list. The space is relatively plain but spots a comfy, shaded patio upstairs and down. There weren't any food options beyond some packaged snacks. A handful of desirable bottles were in the cooler in addition to the solid tap list. Its proximity to Hop Nuts is a bonus.“
NachlamSie 919 days ago
68 /100 202 FREMONT ST
“This is basically what you would expect from the description "giant casino with some local beer being served at the small bar." A lot of gambling, hustle and bustle, smoke, reasonable beer quality.“
NachlamSie 919 days ago
86 /100 1120 S MAIN ST, STE 150
“This is a cool, neighborhood brewery in one of the more hip areas of Las Vegas. It's not loud or overly bright or colorful inside, which turned out to be a welcome respite from the sensory overload of the city. Service was great, beer is pretty solid and spans a nice array of styles.“
NachlamSie 919 days ago
86 /100 450 FREMONT ST, STE 135
“This is right in the heart of Fremont Street so I wasn't sure what to expect. They manage to keep the focus on the beer enough to prevent this from merely being a ploy to cash in on the endless stream of tourists. While not wildly experimental, the beer list isn't overly safe either. I went with the Irish red which was solid. Of course there are a few TV's around, but most of the ambiance is created by the brewhouse. A little food stand was out on the patio serving up varied plates of fries and such.“
NachlamSie 919 days ago
84 /100 917 FREMONT ST.
“This is a cool neighborhood bar located just a short walk from old downtown. There's a great patio space. It feels like a holdover from the 50s, cool vibe. The beer selection is pretty solid. Not unusual for any bar in the country these days, it's very IPA heavy but there are plenty other options. I wanted to visit some more tasteful, genuine drinking spots before hitting the strip and this fit the bill.“
NachlamSie 919 days ago
80 /100 831 W BONANZA RD
“My review is exactly the same as Itzjerm. The same thing I was going to say. A big improvement over the old location. A big concrete bar with a few tables. A small cooler with beers to go.“
Sledutah 934 days ago
36 /100 506 FREMONT STREET
“14 beers on tap, nothing out of the ordinary. It looks big from outside but it's fairly small inside, but nicely decorated. Sat at the bar for 5 minutes on a fairly slow time if day (Mon @ 2pm), nobody helped me so I left.“
Sledutah 934 days ago
74 /100 450 FREMONT ST, STE 135
“I finally made it here. I've tried to stop here many times when driving through but the times never worked out.
Bar with about 10 seats and a dozen or so tables. View of the brewery from any table. Good beer. Friendly service. Flight of 4 is $10. They have food available but I didn't try it.“
Sledutah 934 days ago
84 /100 450 FREMONT ST, STE 135
“Visited during Stanley Cup finals 2018, needless to say the crowd in here were on fire. Had a very nice stay here. Good beers to fair prices.“
Kristophe 945 days ago
64 /100 3655 S LAS VEGAS BLVD
“Ambiance - is very nice Service - is satisfactory Selection - is fairly small, and not overly diverse. Food - not as good as I was hoping. Value - is extremely overpriced Overall - it’s too expensive and not offering enough quality to justify the price.“
DandyWolfFloyd 981 days ago
86 /100
Pub 365 (Bar)
“Ambiance - fun active sports type bar. Nice decor. Service - is fine Selection - is large and wide, yet not neglectful of local choices. Food - looks good, but I didn’t have any at this time. Value - overall is pretty good. Overall - this places is the bomb. I’d come back time after time if I lived here.“
DandyWolfFloyd 981 days ago
76 /100
Tuscany Gardens (Restaurant)
“Ambiance - is really nice architecture and quaint. Service - is top of the mark. Selection - isn’t vast, but of a good order Food - isn’t the best I’ve had. But it’s good. Value - the prices are higher, but it is fine dining. Overall - good place for good beer and tasty bites.“
DandyWolfFloyd 981 days ago
84 /100
Pub 365 (Bar)
“Schöne Kneipe im Tuscany Casino Las Vegas, Wahnsinns Auswahl an tollen und zum Teil echt raren Bieren, ca.50 vom Fass einiges an Flaschen und Dosen, nicht ganz günstig aber es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!“
MBlessing 982 days ago
70 /100
Beerhaus (Bar)
“Located next to NYNY in the new area called The Park. Nice modern bar with a decent beer list. Designed for Las Vegas visitors. Price were high. Service was decent. Found a few interesting beers from local breweries. Good place to cool off.“
RobertDale 984 days ago