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66 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Visited August 10, 2014.

Another casino/brewpub, this one at the south end of the Colorado Belle. At the end of the slot machines you’ll see a large glass wall with some fermenters behind it. Walk around the side and you’ll see entrance to the restaurant. Like all the casino brewpubs I’ve been to (5 now) the bar is lined with video poker machines. There is actually not a single seat at the bar that does not have a machine in it. It wouldn’t have mattered at 10am if I had taken up space at a table but I still feel a little guilty about taking time from servers to just have a beer, so I usually sit at the bar. There isn’t even enough room to put a drink anywhere around the machine. I set the laminated menu over the screen and found places for the drinks around the buttons. This was my first stop to an established brewery in some time so I was still expecting terrible infected homebrews but instead found the bland sweet beers that all taste the same (90’s and early 2000s style brewing). It’s better than the alternative. They had a flight of 6 beers and supposedly have several other taps that you have to ask for (which I did not do because I didn’t realize they were there). The rotating tap in the sampler was a brown ale. I paid $9 for the flight plus tip. Meh.

I had a brief discussion with the bartender about growlers and the fact that they could make a killing selling beer to go in plastic or aluminum for the Regatta, as they only had glass growlers on the counter. The bartender informed me that they will fill just about anything so long as it’s 64oz. I probably wont stop in again for a growler but I could see with 40,000 people in town the opportunity to fill a lot of milk jugs.“
t0rin0 2345 days ago
72 /100 2100 CASINO DR
“Visited August 10, 2014.

We were here for Redneck Innertubing Fest 2014 (the Regatta, where you float down the Coloardo River and drink beer for 4 hours, great time actually) and the next morning I did a bit of place ticking before we loaded the truck and headed home. It’s actually a very scenic walk along the river between the hotels if you’re not staying at the Colorado Belle or next door at the Edgewater. This restaurant is between the two.

A couple of clarifications for anyone that might read the other rating, so you don’t waste your time:

-this is not just some random restaurant, it’s affiliated with the hotel and casino and basically an extension of the brewery. They carry exclusively (in terms of taps anyway) Pints Brewing beers and they fill Pints growlers not to mention they have the branded pint glasses. They also have at least one beer made exclusively for them that is not available at the brewery (Jeffe Mexican Lager which is kind of amber in color and pretty decent).
-There are no guest taps. All four of the taps are Pints Brewing beers. The only guest beers are some bottles on display on the shelf above the bar and those are really just macros, Sierra Nevada, and Sam Adams.

I wanted to get some breakfast before the long drive home and was originally going to get an omelette but after looking at the pricing on all the ingredients realized that it was actually cheaper to get the buffet. $7.99 for all you can eat, not bad, and that includes the omelette bar. I put a coaster on top of my Jefe Mexican Lager and went to get my food. Well, it happened to be about 3 minutes before the buffet closed so the rush came in and it took 25 minutes to get my omlette. By that point I had to take the last scraps of the buffet food. Still got a heaping pile of some pretty good food though. Not sure if the bartender felt bad or what happened but my beer was free, so $8 (+tax and tip) for a large meal and a beer is OK in my book. The rest of the group showed up too late for the buffet and ordered lunch. The burgers looked pretty good.This place is obviously popular; they managed to run out of champagne splits for mimosas. You can sit outside if you want and they have misters but it was 106 F over that weekend so no one sat outside.

All around a pretty nice place with good food. If you want to try some of the house beers it’s a good addition to (not replacement for) the brewery because each one has several that the other doesn’t have. For example here I tried 2 beers both not available next door, and next door I had the flight of 6, of which 4 of them were not available here.“
t0rin0 2345 days ago
68 /100 2100 CASINO DR
“Newish bar and restaurant located in the casino on the side nearest the Edgewater. They have a smallish bar near the entrance with a handful of beers ontap including a few from Pints Brewery on the other side of the casino.

The service at the bar was great and decor of the place was fairly nice, particularly compared to lots of other places in town. In fact, probably the nicest dining establish available aside from the In N Out across the street. Would recommend trying this place out.“
brokensail 2423 days ago
68 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“This place took awhile to find, but I eventually got there. Protip: it’s on the far side of the casino, opposite the side adjacent to the Edgewater. My first thought when coming here was "a brewpub in a Laughlin...this is going to be terrible."

I was pleasantly surprised. The place itself is large, overlooks the river, and the beers weren’t half bad. The service was quick and friendly. The bartender didn’t really know much about the beers, but that’s alright I guess.

They had seven beers and most of them were acceptable though I found the pale ale and amber to be subpar. The best beers were certainly the fruited wheat beers. Which doesn’t really surprise me. Worth a stop if you’re in town.“
brokensail 2423 days ago
60 /100 2020 S CASINO DR
“So, this place is just one of the bars in the Edgewater. It’s easy to spot as it is straight ahead from the main entrance (beyond some table games like craps, blackjack, etc.). There are four taps, one of which was the blueberry wheat beer from the brewpub next door at the Colorado Belle (others were Bud Light, Shocktop). A decent selection of bottles (99, apparently). For the most part, these are pretty typical offerings from the micro world as some macros as well like Stella. Prices are pretty fair for most of the beers, but some were on the high side like $15 for some of the bombers like Green Flash Imperial IPA. One of the few places in town to get something other than a Bud or Coors, though.

The last night we were in town, the bartender just disappeared for awhile. My friend’s brother took it upon himself to hop behind the bar and start serving drinks to people. He even made sure to collect money for said drinks. Somehow, not one employee of the casino noticed or said or did anything about this. We eventually convinced him to return to his place on the patron side of the bar before the bartender returned another 5-10 minutes later.“
brokensail 2423 days ago
68 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Thursday night [email protected] bucks good sign, but then blueberry was out and was replaced by Scottish 80. Smell of hickory and mesquite wood. Bartender was willing to talk about brews and telling me about a new brewery in Kingman. Brews are average, the special brew was a 8% bock that was their best. Brews where cheap and decent, fun place.“
Wittales 2530 days ago
86 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“A great place in the hull of a steam boat I would suppose. A good selection of beer service was very good. The aroma of smoke and food really does hamper the ability to rate on aroma but the beers are pretty good. Only had appetizers but wouldn’t be afraid to order serious chow here. I like this place.“
decaturstevo 2836 days ago
62 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Nice sampler tray of beers. The food was good. I got a $12 T-shirt but it was thin material and no good beer saying on the back. They put the cost on the bill. Hope it did not add to the tip. Over all, a nice place.“
Ron 2837 days ago
60 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Cool ambiance with the boat theme. Beers were average, but in this area, that jumps to good. Service was okay, food was okay. Tourist trap maybe but would probably go back.“
jb 2839 days ago
40 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“So this place is old, but I’d heard some good things about the beer. The Colorado Bell looks like an old paddleboat and is pretty realistic in the sports bar area. We had a nice little table by the window with a good view of the Colorado River. Several big screen TV’s were viewable. Then it went downhill. There were only 3 of the typical 7 beers available. The Honey Wheat, Jackass Stout, and Rehab Red. The stout was awful. The wheat was light and bland and the Red scared me too much to try. The food was mediocre at best and way overpriced. Sweet potato fries, 4 cheese stuffed burger, and pastrami sandwich was what we had. Place is promising but I think they’re watering down the beer. Too bad.“
kathouse 3127 days ago
60 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Located in a casino built like a steamboat. Brew Pub covers the entire bow of the boat style building. Went on a Saturday night they had a band but if you wern’t born before 1970 or like clasic rock you would say man what a lousey loud band. Lots of tv’s but channel selection could of been better. Had to wait for a place at the bar to try the brews and because of the band extra fee was added to bill if you wanted to sit down to eat. So i had liqud super and skipped the chow but locals say it good. Bartender kept up and it was packed at the time of visit. Had three of there four regular beers on tap with the brewers choice was a fruit beer. From what I observed the the ladies liked the Amber and the men liked the stout. Definently worth a visit but if you don’t like crowded loud bands in the joint pass and go to the buffet and have some lemonaid or water and soup or salad.“
Bockyhorsey 4628 days ago
60 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Hey if your here why not go? Espeacially if your here for thirsty thursday. That said do not go during normal dinner hours usually there is a line and service of course slows down. The food is good, no worse than the rest of the casino resturaunts. Brew I thought this last time was probably the best of my visits. Belgain was probably my favorite but it was 9% I believe, so it was all about moderation. Played video poker at the bar so the bar keep comped the drinks.“
Inflames 4687 days ago
52 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“I was in town for work and one of the guy’s from our branch took me here for dinner.Tried the brewers special, A Roggenbier, Wonderfull...Spicy with hints of banana like they used a bavarian weizen yeast, nicely hopped and un filtered. Topped off the night with a stout, Excellent roasty flavors,smooth and silky. My last trip here ther beers were soso but I heard they have a new brewer who is doing a great job and making great beers. Oh yea, thursdays are thirsty thursday where pint’s are .75 cents....Dinner was great too.. “
Rahbysahn 4745 days ago
64 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Definitley better than the previous rater said. He was probably down a ton of money or something...Cool setup as if you were in a boiler room of a boat. Lots of tvs. Nice place to watch a game. Service was pretty decent. The burger and vegetable pizzas were pretty damn good. the beer is solid all around. Nothing crazy as far as styles go, but well done. Definitley worth checking out if you are in Laughlin.“
riversideAK 4844 days ago
22 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Very industrial look but still with that same old dark casino thing going on. The service was mediocre at best. The bartender could’nt even pronounce Hefe weizen, he called it hefen weizen. THe selection was at the minimum 4-5 beers range of a cheap brewpub. Don’t waste your time, this place ain’t worth it!!!“
Ratman197 5285 days ago
56 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“This is a cool place. Located in the back end of the casino. The only brewpub for a 100 miles. Usually busy in the evening. The place is decorated like the boiler room of an old steam boat. The copper brew kettles are visible when entering the place. I was a little dissappointed with the beer selection. They only had their basic 4 beers on tap. No seasonal beer was available when I was in. Too bad, their IPA was pretty good (from last year). Also, service was a little slow (not real busy at the time). The waitress didn’t really make us feel welcomed. The food was good. Nothing fancy. If you are in Laughlin, stop in. It’s not worth driving 2 or 3 hours though.“
cbkschubert 5302 days ago
36 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“It was about the only decent place to go in town. Not a hot beer spot, Laughlin. The place is kinda neat with all the pipes and the whole "industrial" look to it. I would rather hang out here while the wife is loosing money on slots than loosing my own money in poker. Well, maybe not.“
fordest 5434 days ago
24 /100 2100 CASINO DRIVE
“Last visit in August 2001: I wasn’t real impressed. Laughlin is kind of a blue collar, cheesy little gambling town that draws a lot of day visitors from AZ and CA ... the "brewpub" was pretty stock stuff. Certainly wouldn’t drive all the way across the desert just to go here!“
Braudog 5651 days ago
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