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58 /100 1355 WENDOVER BLVD
“We were having a overnight stay in Wendover, UT. No beer stores there, so we headed to West Wendover to check this place. A big warehouse liquor store with a decent selection of Nevadan and American beers. No 12oz singles. However they had nice selection of Fiftyfifty Eclipse bombers (8 different) for a fair price. I bought one. So if you compare to the liquor stores in the area it's a beer heaven. Otherwise it's okay.“
rosenbergh 924 days ago
40 /100 1355 WENDOVER BLVD
“I've been to several other Lee's location and was looking forward to this one closer to SLC. I came away disappointed with my visit. A huge warehouse located on the west side of town. A fairly small beer section compared to the size of the building. Plenty of 6/12 packs but not many singles. I picked up 4 new beers. There were a few others I would have bought, but I don't want to buy a 6 pack to have 1 beer. Not to friendly of service. I won't be making a special trip to pick anything up.“
Sledutah 1011 days ago
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