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72 /100 845 LAFAYETTE ROAD
“Hole in the wall, strip mall brewery. Good, attentive service, but only 8 beers on tap. Smallish but comfy seating area.“
GregMooreNH 381 days ago
72 /100 845 LAFAYETTE ROAD
“Stopped in here today with the wife for the first time. In the old Four pines brewery or Blue Lobster Brewery location. L shaped strip mall location. Square room with maybe a dozen tables and about as many seats at the bar against the far wall. They had 7 beers on tap today with two in cans to go, one of which wasn't on tap. Single cans or four packs to go is nice! Beers were decent to good. They have a limited menu or you can order and have food from the community oven next door delivered. The Nutella sandwich did sound good but we ate somewhere else. I would go back if in the area.“
johnnnniee 774 days ago
66 /100 401 LAFAYETTE RD
“Stopped in on a lunch date with a lady friend. Have about 20 tap handles with Stoneface, 14th Star, Riverwalk Brewing Co., and Ipswich. The also may have the last few kegs of the now defunct Neighborhood Beer Co. That said nothing that would get a local beer nerd excited. As far as the food, neither one of use was overly impressed with our lunch.

The best thing this place had going was the service. The wait staff was helpful, courteous, and right there when we needed something. Overall, a decent tavern but can’t call this a beer destination until they get rid of the Bud and Coors tap handles and replace them with real craft.“
AirForceHops 933 days ago
86 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Hayseed is a very good place to get good food to match with local beer. They have worked to make the menu interesting and appealing to those of all palates, while offering a very good selection of current and past Smuttynose beers. Worth a stop in the Seacoast!“
GregMooreNH 1020 days ago
68 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Beautiful location just south of Portsmouth and worth hitting. I recommend first visiting the retail shop / brewery, where you can get a flight of 4 for $4, though they don’t have their special beers pouring. Then head across the street to the Hayseed restaurant where the taplist is more impressive. We got another custom flight here, which ended up being $9 for some heavy hitters. Decent but forgettable and inattentive service.“
mcberko 1098 days ago
94 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Visited here on Memorial Day Weekend '18 on my way from Maine to Boston while on vacation, conveniently located near I-95. Two main buildings here, the Hayseed Restaurant and the tap room/gift shop. I did my eating and drinking in Hayseed as the taproom was close to closing, so only visited the gift shop where they do sell a few specials and all of their regulars; they even let you mix sixers. At Hayseed, they had over a dozen on tap, one cask. Their regard were there along with some seasonals and one-offs. All were excellent. Solid menu, I just had a charcuterie board and it was great; reasonably priced. Upscale crowd, professional wait staff. Enjoyed immensely, worth a visit if swinging through this neck of the woods.“
PorterPounder 1162 days ago
62 /100
The Community Oven (Restaurant)
“I actually can’t believe no one has yet to review this place. It’s not terribly known, but its draft menu is big for the area. They do greasy Chicago-style pizzas well enough, but occasionally a food order will be messed up and very well may possibly take a half hour for them to correct their mistake. It’s happened twice, but I’m not holding it against them. I remember when this place, along with 401 and the namesake itself, were essentially the only bars you could order Blue Lobster beer in a full pint. My has the times changed.“
radarsock 1489 days ago
84 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Smuttynose, but their brewpub was very well done. great ambiance, good food, lots of beer to choose from, and very friendly staff. It’s probably one of the better brewpubs I’ve visited.“
DiarmaidBHK 1566 days ago
72 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Visited on a rainy Sunday afternoon. They have a medium sized parking lot between the brewery and Hayseed (their restaurant). The brewery opens up into their gift shop, where you can buy their beer and all kinds of their merchandise. You pay for your flight at the counter here, and are directed back to the brewing area where they have a small bar set up. They had about ten things on tap. A flight is $4 for 4 samples, which are about 4 ounces each. Awesome price. It also came with a free $3 beer at Hayseed. We did not go to Hayseed, but I am curious what beer thatcould get you. Overall, the place was not what I expected, but was cool in its own right. I would recommend stopping if in the area.“
JStax 1760 days ago
78 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Big modern tap room / restaurant on the brewery site. Interior is sparse / modern but a bit cold (both in terms of temperature and ambiance). Huge selection of Smuttynose and Smuttlabs beers. Had two flights and found most to be good (most liked the Smoked Cherry Weisse, least liked the Chestnut Saison). Was a bit disappointed with the food, had the Jambalaya, which was a bit lacking in flavour (was spicy but not much else). Worth a visit for the beers at least, if you are in the area.“
UKBeerGeek 1769 days ago
82 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“My first visit to Hayseed was on a slow Sunday afternoon with my girlfriend. The service was incredible; fast friendly and pleasant attitude from our waitress. The draft list is deep with all current offerings plus about 6 vintage brews from their cellar. Smuttlabs offerings were 6 in total.

We ordered the smoked chicken wings with two different sauces, as well as two entrées for dinner. The price point on the food maybe slightly high but the quality is there. Based on my overall experience, everything was positive and I will return. “
AirForceHops 1801 days ago
86 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Very cool place to stop just south of Portsmouth. This location houses their new production facility along with a restaurant. The brewhouse offers 4 free samplers of beer, a tour, and a shop to buy regular bottles and rarer Smuttlab beers. The location is quaint and serene. The star of the location, however, is the 6 month old Hayseed restaurant. Not only does it have 24 taps, with 7-8 rare Smuttynose beers, it offers flights, the beers are cheap, the servers are super nice and genuine, and it offers an extensive menu. Great spot that is a must stop.“
chibuck 2224 days ago
82 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Large industrial brewery with a shop where you can purchase swag and bottles, and a little bar in the brewery. Great because you’re pretty much in the brewery operation. I did not do the tour but still got to do the tasting. 4 beers, free, out of 8 on tap. Ample sized pours and the bartender opened a bottle as well. Great customer service from her, and so-so from the people working the shop. Beer quality is solid, and prices are very nice. Plenty of parking. Atmosphere was beautiful under the thick blanket of snow. Essential stop.“
Drake 2366 days ago
80 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Stopped by today and took the tour of the new building. Free tour lasted about 20 minutes with 4 4 oz samples afterwards in the shadow of the behemoth fermenters. Huge production scale these days, 85 barrel brew length with 270 barrel fermenters damn. Gift shop with lots of clothing and bottles to go. The restaurant is not open yet they estimate later this year, I look forward to coming back and checking it out when they do open.“
johnnnniee 2539 days ago
80 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Just visited the new brewery. It is a great place, nestled on an old farm. A beautiful new building which is very efficiently designed. After a tour they have a bar area set up right next to the fermenters. 6 taps, and a few standing tables. The tour is free, as are the samples. They have the old farmhouse moved, and are rennovating it to be a restarauunt and pub. It should be good!“
boto 2542 days ago
82 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“Smuttynose Brewing just moved out of Portsmouth N.H. and into Hampton N.H. on May 31, 2014 so I was there for the grand opening of the newly expanded brewery. The new place gives them so much more room. It doubles the size of their old one. Brewery tours are comprehensive and there were 8 beers to sample at the end of it. The setting has a nice country feel to it. There is a gift shop that has glassware, shirts, stuffed seals, and beer. It is worth the trip for craft beer enthusiasts.“
puboflyons 2622 days ago
68 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“This lace was just OK. They have a formal tour, and offered samples BEFORE the tour, as well as after, which was a nice touch. And you could ask for whatever you wanted, you didn’t have to stick to one glass of each. The tour is interesting enough. They have one "aged" beer for sale at the end, also a nice touch. Other than that, all beers were just the standard flagships, I was hoping for a more interesting selection.“
Travlr 2879 days ago
70 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“This rating is based on the current location. When they move, then I guess I’ll have to go and visit them again. Small little brewery. The staff was very knowledgeable and did a great job of explaining the process. He was actually reminding me a little of Alton Brown by the way he breaking down the molecular process of each step. Was able to try some fresh beer right there in the warehouse. If you happen to be in the area, swing by this place. You can find some aged beers here.“
halfonit 2901 days ago
68 /100 401 LAFAYETTE RD
“Along with the Community Oven, this is the only restaurant that regularly taps Blue Lobster beers so it’s something special. They have wonderful, imaginative food but even on week days they’re busy. This is a townie paradise, so be prepared for conflicts to arise the next stool over. Obviously, ordering requires having undergone vocal lessons from Barney Greenway. The beer list is quite unimpressive, however; so far they’ve only had Gold Claw and Red Sky with an occasional seasonal favorite which means if the keg’s been kicked and you’re here for the beer, you may want to leave early. The upstairs is worth checking out. The walls to the stairway are lined with empty wine bottles and may have a few genies in them but you’ll have to rub and see. Bartenders were affectionate, knowledgeable and above all, helpful. I’d go here just for their mixed drinks alone. Order their VT Maple Syrup White Russian: ridiculously good.“
radarsock 3087 days ago
100 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“I have been to a great many breweries, but the hospitality that I was shown by JT was other-worldly. As great as JT is, Smuttynose Baltic Porter is even better!!!! Shoals Pale Ale on draft, at the source is devine!!!! This is just a brewery, and is set up as such. There is no more authentic than this, a definite MUST SEE/VISIT!!!“
TheBrewSherpa 3325 days ago
68 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“I generally like Smuttynose beers and I like this place. However, it’s just a small shop area at the front of the brewery with a few taps for free samples. We went for a tour at 3.00pm on a Friday in April. They also do tours at 1.00pm on Saturdays. The tour was one of the better ones I’ve been to in that you basically get taken around the brewery and can poke your nose in where you want. Although the one we were on was led by a sales person she went and got the brewer for some more technical questions that she couldn’t deal with. They all seemed like nice people. There were a few free samples before and after the tour, including a special limited edition, draft only beer (Rouge d’Shire) that had not been officially released yet. Don’t know whether that was just a lucky coincidence or they usually have beers that are difficult to get elsewhere. Or whether you can get free samples outside tour times. Certainly not an essential stop but I enjoyed my visit.“
chriso 4040 days ago
68 /100 105 TOWLE FARM ROAD
“A small somewhat hard to find spot in Portsmouth. This is just the brewery. They were very friendly and willing to give free samples of the four beers they had on tap. The tour showed their active brews. An enjoyable visit from such a small location.“
maniac 5706 days ago