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84 /100 1461 HOOKSETT RD
“Tiny restaurant that makes you feel like you are dining in a local Bavaraian restaurant. The food is incredible and the service is excellent. The typically have Celebrator on draft as well as a number of local Bavarian favorites. Not a huge beer menu, but very solid.“
GregMooreNH 361 days ago
68 /100 1292 HOOKSETT ROAD
“Set in a strip mall in on Rt 3A, this is a sprawling facility with a good size bar area. The beer menu always has a few rarities and many current brews on tap. That said, the service is abysmal and the food is so-so.“
GregMooreNH 361 days ago
84 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Bert's is an excellent craft beer store. The selection is good, though they like to move inventory, so rare beers are harder to find, unless they are unveiling vintage beer (have to keep close tabs on their FB page to watch for this). Service is good if you need help, and they love to talk about beer for those who know exactly what they want.“
GregMooreNH 460 days ago
62 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Nice bottle shop in rural NH. Beer selection is scattered all throughout the shop, plus they have a pretty sizeable mead selection. Staff aren’t terribly knowledgeable but quite friendly. If you’re near, it’s worth a stop.“
mcberko 495 days ago
82 /100 1292 HOOKSETT ROAD
“AirForceHops recommended this place and I'm glad he did. In a strip mall with a massive amount of parking. Inside is large, two rooms, one with a very large projection TV. The main room has a large square central bar with a ton of seating, the rest is restaurant tables, and an open kitchen. Large and varied taplist with set flights of four or choose your own. In contrast to many other places, the set flights actually had good beers on them, so I started with one of those. Food was tasty and creative, well above your standard pub grub. Staff seemed to be having a great time, which added to the atmosphere. Come here for dinner if you're in the area.“
Travlr 509 days ago
80 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Visited 3 times since 2012. Very nice place 1 minute from I-93. This is my place when I go shopping with my girlfriend at the Merrimack Premium Outlets and because this is the last quality store before entering a huge dry zone on my way back to Quebec. The first time I stopped by, I met Bert and his wife (I think). He showed me the store, how the classification works (by style), gave me a blue beer bag. I was very impressed by the service. I didn’t get the same treatment after that but there was a lot of people in there. Beer selection is good, lot of NE stuff, some other states. Nice imports section. I didn’t see rarities and the awesome selection described in some comments. Prices are good with no sale tax of course. Highly recommended if you’re not making your way to Boston or NY.“
Franckg 1208 days ago
72 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Ambiance is beer store - nailed it. Service is okay, thought the attitude is rather conceited from certain folks. Selection is good, but lacking some of my most sought after brews, mostly due to poor distribution network. Value is mediocre, as the price is higher than others. Great place to have around though. “
tekstr1der 1524 days ago
84 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Dropped in on a Saturday (warning to those traveling through - they are closed on Sundays). Located in a rather non-descript strip-mall of 93; Google maps sends you on a funky u-turn - I feel sorry for the people in the peaceful little neighborhood it sends you through. Store is primarily dedicated to beers and meads. Was asked if I needed any help as soon as I arrived and the owner (Bert?) brought be back to the locals section. He offered suggestions for good representative beers from breweries that I had not yet tried. Elsewhere there was a good selection of beers (most of which I could also find in Mass). You are encouraged to take singles and there are coolers filled with singles and 6-packs along the side. I picked up some local honey hop candies and beer grain dog treats, so I’m going to give them high points for food, but that is obviously not a focus. I will definitely come back next time I’m moving through on 93.“
GDTRFB 1592 days ago
94 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“I stopped by here while I was on vacation in the Manchester area. Bert, himself, greeted me right when I came in and explained how everything was setup and directed me towards everything I was looking for. Coming from Florida, it was incredible to see the difference in the regional selection. There was more to choose from than I was prepared for. Everyone in the shop was extremely courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. I would love to revisit the shop if I am back in the area.“
kchampagne 1994 days ago
76 /100 1292 HOOKSETT ROAD
“I have stopped in twice at this establishment and both times have been positive. The food is average to slightly above average depending on the fare. Lots of flat screens wrap around the bar so it’s a decent spot to catch a game while sipping a brew. They have about 8 taps that continuously rotate with the others staying mostly the same. On my second visit the rotating taps were much better than my 1st visit. Overall, you’re not going to be overwhelmed with excitement with the draft selection but it’s decent. And I say that because if you visit any major city this list is a bit dull. BUT for this certain area of NH, it’s really good. And they did have Bourbon County Stout on my last visit so it looks like somebody here does care about what they are selling. I will return.“
AirForceHops 2131 days ago
78 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“spacious place. Wide selection of beers. Clean and neat, beers are organized loosely by style. prices are a bit on the higher side. People were nice, somewhat helpful.“
Oginme 2137 days ago
80 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Bert’s is my go to bottle shop in NH, mainly due to the fact that they are about 2 miles from my house. They have great selection given NH’s crippled distro system, but they sell singles. Kind of expensive. Bert and Ron are both nice guys who will be happy to help you out.“
seth_lfod 2248 days ago
74 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Overall I like the store and they have the best selection in the area. I stopped in a few times when I was in the area and always found something new to try. I was not too impressed with Bert, mainly because he instantly was talking down to me as if I knew nothing about beer. I never opened my mouth and received a lecture. The store was big, but had the same product in a few locations. I know NH has limited beer, so filling up a store that size is difficult. I like his single cooler.“
KingVolcano 2448 days ago
80 /100 1292 HOOKSETT ROAD
“Stopped in here with the wife for a little kid free time. This restaurant is located in a strip mall with goodwill, advance auto parts, usa subs as its neighbors on the main strip heading through Hooksett. Entering the front door the oblong bar is to your right sporting 30 or forty seats with tables scattered all around the bar area. To the left is the beer cooler replete with glass so you can see where your tap beer is coming from. The cooler fills most of the left wall of the building. Straight back is the open kitchen which we were seated next to. The tap selection is great by NH standards, I easily found a couple of brews to enjoy although there was nothing uber beer geeky on this visit. I had a green flash WC IPA and a Founders Dirty Bastard while my wife enjoyed some draft cider. We both had burgers which were tasty but mine was a bit too well done. The menu is a little small but interesting. Nice place that I will certainly revisit.“
johnnnniee 2456 days ago
72 /100 1461 HOOKSETT RD
“I’ve been here twice and really enjoy the food, authentic German menu served as it should be. The atmosphere is decent, but the space is small and generic. The beer selection is always Bavarian in nature with 1/2 and liters as well as the boot for those that have seen too many movies. Maybe 2 taps tops with a dozen bottles. Once we got seated the service was great, but don’t show up on a weekend night without a reservation. There wasn’t a long wait or even anyone waiting for a table, but the staff seems put out if you show up without telling them ahead of time. Points off for no kids menu too. Great food and beer, I’d go back again.“
johnnnniee 2478 days ago
90 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Bert rocks! Their selection is the best in New Hampshire. great customer service and fun atmosphere. you can buy any "pack" by the bottle...no 4 or 6 pack is off limits from just grabbing a single bottle which is great for tickers.“
AdamChandler 2486 days ago
40 /100 1339 HOOKSETT RD
“Comically bad, as bad as their beer if that’s possible. I thought the beer fresh would actually be good, its still just as bad. Very difficult to get to, its not off the main highway. Run down, used car dealership, yeah seriously. Furniture that’s either built ghettoy or stuff taken from a yard sale. Unless your in on the "joke" don’t make the stop.“
chibuck 2623 days ago
86 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Like so many businesses of Hooksett, they primarily operate out of warehouses off the side of the road, and Bert’s is no different. Its sign is small and traffic was congested, but there was plenty of space to park as its lot had empty space out the wazoo. Located directly approximal to a butcher shop so needless to say, this was an awesome stop to make. Nearly every New England craft beer you could think of and then some. Happy it gets Founders.“
radarsock 2680 days ago
86 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Bert’s has continued to grow as the number of beers allowed into NH for distribution has increased. They have a singles selection that is outstanding, and most everything you can find in the state appears to be carried. Easily the best bottle shop for selection in the state, but prices can be found better elsewhere if you’re willing to shop. The guys working are smart, friendly and approachable.“
CooperEllis 2696 days ago
90 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Stopped in on July 10, 2012. Amazing store - huge selection of craft beer with great New England representation. Everything in the store available in singles. Bert himself poured me free samples. Another guy ushered me around the store and suggested beers. Fantastic.“
BVery 2712 days ago
90 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“I finally stopped to check this place out on my way back home along I-93. Easy to get to, right off the highway at exit 9N. Located in a strip mall behind a BoA. To me, I have to applaud their gonads of selling only beer- and only good beer. Love the concept. Staff was quirky butfriendly. The selection is impressive and well organized, but by Massachuetts standards, incomplete as we get many items not sold in NH. - Not Bert’s fault. I am sure they would have it if they could. I came out with a good selection of NH brews not available in Mass.“
MaBeer1972 2763 days ago
82 /100 1461 HOOKSETT RD
“Great place owned by german immigrant that operated beer garden in Munich. Food is outstanding and good selection of German beers. They bring in specialty brews from time to time with a focus on Bavarian beers. Also serve in proper .5L, 1.0L and of course - they have the BOOT“
jnoel 2769 days ago
80 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Stopped in here thinking I was actuallly going to score some homebrew supplies. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very craft beer oriented store, that was clean, thoughtfully laid out and selected and had friendly staff. I feel sorry for New Hampshire-ites (do I really?...you live in New Hampshire!) that they have to pay these kind of prices, but I really enjoyed the diverse regional selection. An apparent mecca for White Birch stuff, if you swing that way, if you know what I mean.“
auerbrau 2795 days ago
84 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“One of the best beer stores in NH“
MightyMonk 2837 days ago
80 /100 1339 HOOKSETT RD
“The brewery just recently moved to a much larger location that is the site of a former car dealership. They have a huge space now with lots of room to grow. Out front in what used to be a showroom is where they have two walls holding shelves of beer as well as two taps for samples and growler fills. Liberal hours and samples along with a friendly knowledgeable staff. They have somewhere between 10 and 15 of their beers for sale and often will have something that is brewery only. Pricing is good with the product slightly less expensive than at the shops in the area. A great place to pick up some fresh local beer.“
johnnnniee 2911 days ago
84 /100 1339 HOOKSETT RD
“I thought it was about time to add the brewery as its own place since some of their beers are only available at the brewery. In 2011 the brewery expanded from a large storage area to a former car dealership which affords the brewer more brewing, storage and bottling space including excellent drainage. The retail shop in front always has 10-11 beers for sale as well as growlers. There are usually two tapped beers to choose from for growlers. Beer tastings run during regular business hours and they are very happy to pour something on request. Out back there are about a dozen barrels fermenting with their latest brews. I expect this will expand. The White Birch team are pleased to give you a tour of the brewery. Easy to get to on U.S. Route 3 in Hooksett, N.H.“
puboflyons 2911 days ago
88 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“9/23/2009 I stopped in to Bert’s today to pick up some new releases from White Birch. This is my second of the many trips I plan to be making to this fine establishment. Bert carries only micros and fine imports for beer. You won’t find any bud here. He also has some Ciders and some Meads available. The store is a little on the small side, but he packs in just about everything that is available for sale in NH. Singles of anything are available. There’s a large cooler in the back and maybe 5 or 6 warm racks in the front. A couple of displays against the far left wall, along with a few of those ridiculously large 3l and 6l bottles. There’s a cooler to the right containing some artisanal cheeses and some other misc grocery items. Bert is always quick to answer questions, make suggestions, or find out about ordering different brews. Probably the best selection in Manchester, if not the state, and someone behind the counter who knows a thing or two about beer to boot.“
johnnnniee 3116 days ago
82 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“This is a nice quaint store. They have a great selection of craft brews. Another plus is that you can buy beer by the bottle if you like trying new beers but don’t want to buy a six pack. In my experience, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The main drawback to this store is that the prices are quite high compared to other stores I frequent in the Boston area. I was looking forward to saving some money on taxes, but the prices more than negated any savings.“
RobM 3307 days ago
86 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“A great hidden gem in NH. I was impressed not just with the fine selection but also with Bert and his staff are friendly and VERY knowledgeable about their beer. They also give discounts for anyone who has an Active military ID. Bert’s will be a place I go back to over and over again. If you live in this part of New England you should not pass it up. They also have a web site that the update often. So you know what’s in the store before you go.“
AirForceHops 3351 days ago
96 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“A small beer store (which will be doubling in size soon) featuring great tunes, interesting beer decorations (many for sale), *incredibly* knowledgeable and friendly staff, and the best selection of beer in NH. If a beer is available for sale in NH they carry it, but with one catch...there isn’t a single bottle of any fizzy yellow American beer. Any six-pack can be broken, 5 gallon kegs can be ordered, and tastings occur almost weekly. Even a jaded beer-geek will be at home there. Once you stop drooling over the beer selection, you’ll notice the local farmhouse cheeses, high-end snacks, beer literature, shirts, and all the glassware you could ever need.“
Volgon 3380 days ago
92 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Bert’s Better Beers is amazing, they have a great selection and the staff are more than happy to help or answer any beer related questions. The prices can be a little high but they have a great selection that makes it worth the price.“
liveFREEorRYE 3468 days ago
86 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“A nice little surprise. I went there one day while visiting family in NH. Selection is pretty good and the prices are even better. Bert was very attentive and knew alot about the product that he sold. You can tell this is his passion. I’ll definitely have to come here again whenever I’m in the area.“
halfonit 3527 days ago
82 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Had to check this place out. Small, but clean, well light and organized. Very nice selection with most everything you’re gonna get in NH. Pricing was average. One of the owners came up and introduced himself. Asked if I’d been there before. I said no, which was then that he introduced himseld and gave me the 50 cent tour. You can break six packs. Beers are all clearly priced. When buying bombers you get a nifty cloth bag to carry them in. Aliitle out of my way, but worth the trip.“
mcox90 3527 days ago
96 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“Located in an inconspicuous shopping center. Bert stocks anything and everything beer wise that is available in NH, including 2 local brewers in White Birch and Manchester. Bert takes great care of his product, and is very knowledgeable and helpful. Easily the best beer store in New Hampshire.“
Cletus 3679 days ago
90 /100 1100 HOOKSETT RD., SUITE 105
“I am pleased to be the first to review this brand new bottle shop that opened in September 2009. This is a beer shop for beer lovers first and foremost. The shop is small but the selection is quite good for New Hampshire. They specialize in micros, crafts, and locals with few to none of the national macros. Bert knows his beer and is happy to assist you with questions. I am reviewing this one week after it opened so there is still some growing going on but I feel it has much potential once they are really up and running. Good selection of New England micros and Belgians (a few I do not see often). Check the website link for their beer list.“
puboflyons 3744 days ago