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66 /100 98 POVERTY LN
“Visited early on a Tuesday. The place is essentially an apple orachard, bit inside their tent with a market is a small table set up for tasting the ciders. They had 2 regular offerings in bottle, plus 2 on draft for my visit. Tastes are at no cost. You can do growler fills or buy theyr already packaged bottles to go. Friendly service. The girl working knew her stuff. It’s worth checking out if you are in the area.“
JStax 1369 days ago
“One second you’re in Vermont, and then you slip into New Hampshire... This is the closest place to pick up beer and foodstuffs if you happen to be visiting Leighton’s lake house. It is a fairly large establishment and has that typical New England Co-op vibe to it (akin to a more local Wholefoods). They offer a couple of hundred beers from more local, through regional to international beers. A decent selection for sure, but I had already encountered most of the selection during the previous few days on my NE trip. In the end I didn’t pick up too many beers (car was already full), but mostly food. I imagine this is the best place for beer in the area though. Decent.“
Scopey 1645 days ago
“While I am unaware of the distribution limits effective in New Hampshire, the selection at this store seemed to be good, not exceptional. Many six pack micros and an enormous array of cases available while there seems to be limited shelf space allocated for large format bottles; many producers are represented with a single 750 or two. It is worth a look since it is easily accessible off the highway, but when I’m traveling in New England I’ll likely save my money for a larger, more focused and diverse store. Locally, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was the best store for many miles around.

Aside: the house food offerings here such as the deli and pre-packaged meals are of a lower standard than I am accustomed to at a co-op.“
Stine 2163 days ago
68 /100 119 MECHANIC ST
“I never knew this place would be on RB..it’s a gas station I go to on the way to work. They do a mix 6 pack and have a deli which is nice if you’re looking for a sub on the way to work. beer selection is okay but the lebanon health food store is better and coop is best.“
AdamChandler 2699 days ago
80 /100 98 POVERTY LN
“aka Farnum Hill..nationwide distributed cider. You can pick your own apples which I’ve used to make cider, nice selection, great prices, growler fills. It’s a nice local favorite.“
AdamChandler 2699 days ago
70 /100 119 MECHANIC ST
“For a gas station, this place has a VERY good beer selection. The range includes a good assortment of NH micros, including some pretty random (though not especially ’good’) stuff that you wouldn’t find many other places in the area. Good range of US breweries in general (I remember Founders specifically). Prices are very fair. It’s a good gas station otherwise, the deli section is good, and the gas prices are usually highly competitive. Make a point of stopping here to get gas if you’re nearby, and check out the beer inside. Also, the bathroom is really, really clean.“
Leighton 2702 days ago
“A pretty decent range of beers for a grocery store (and a better range than the Co-Op in Hanover). Lots of the usual NH/ VT/ ME/ MA suspects. Some nice seasonals. Prices are average or slightly dear. Good grocery store in addition to the beers. Worth visiting as I’d say this might be the best source for bottled beers in the Upper Valley.“
Leighton 2702 days ago
66 /100 98 POVERTY LN
“This past spring I went to get a growler, only to find that nobody was home when I arrived. I had checked the calendar and it was still listed as Growler Thursday, there were no cancellations on the website. The venue is a very, very nice farm, but it would have been nice to know they weren’t pouring that particular Thursday.“
auerbrau 2918 days ago
68 /100 90 HANOVER ST.
“An interesting stop. I came in here to get some food, but found an okay selection of both homebrew supplies and beer. I don’t know if I’d get super whooped up about the selection, but I’d be very grateful for what they do have if I was in the area. I was pretty thoroughly ignored by at least two staff while spending at least 15 minutes in the store perusing.“
auerbrau 2918 days ago
76 /100 90 HANOVER ST.
“Good little spot. Selection isnt huge but everything they have is good. Has a few great local finds and some regional and euro finds. A few lambiks as well. Ratebeer labels on lots of brews with rating. The guy working was super knowledgeable, great help with less well known stock.“
solidfunk 2974 days ago
72 /100 90 HANOVER ST.
“I’m not a homebrewer (yet) so my review focuses on service, beer selection and value. I pass this place every day and saw a sign for beer tasting. Surprised my local health food store was serving beer, I stopped and went in. There were walls of home brewing supplies and a nice supply of decent beers. The prices were all pretty fair but that’s not what made me stick around for over an hour and leave with a full case of beer mix & match. The guy running the store was very knowledgable and we compared notes of our time spent in Belgium. After chatting, he recommended beers that I would love and he hasn’t been wrong. Maybe it was a slow day but I’ve never experienced so much time with a sales person who loved beer more than I and he really took time to educate me on some new things. If you have any questions about beer brewing, stop here and get everything you need.“
AdamChandler 3086 days ago
“The Co-Op is a local establishment of 3 stores where the majority of goods are sourced from local farmers. "Member or not, anyone can shop" is the motto. I’m a member / stockholder as are thousands of my neighbors and we receive dividends each year if the store does well so, I guess I must legally state I’m the owner of one share but this review would be the same with or without my status as a member. --- The beer selection is about 250 beers, most are in 6-packs and are the standard beers you find in any grocery store. There is one man who curates the beer selection here and I’ve chatted with him a few times. He’s very knowledgable and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a member of BA. I’ve found a few beers at the Co-Op that go beyond New Hampshire’s ABV limit but haven’t said anything. For example, I just bought 3 Brew Dog Tokyo beers at 18% (6-7% more than our state allows) and had no issue. The Co-Op has the best beer selection by volume in New Hampshire but I’d love a changing variety from time to time. I can’t shop here without leaving with 1-2 bottles of something delicious.“
AdamChandler 3086 days ago
52 /100
Salt Hill (Restaurant)
“I avoid Salt Hill like a plague. I went there after moving to New Hampshire and was really bummed about the poor beer selection. if you like Guinness, you’re in luck but that’s about it. I go there if friends really insist but there are better bars 5 miles away that charge slightly more and have better beer. The atmosphere is great though with live music but, if you’re a local, prepare to know everyone in the bar and that gets a bit weird. My advice is that they start carrying more bottled beers, more liquor and expand the glassware options. “
AdamChandler 3086 days ago
98 /100 90 HANOVER ST.
“The best homebrew supply in the Upper Valley. The staff is very knowledgeable and eager to help would be home brewers get started with information and guidance. Highly recommended.“
manyoso 3847 days ago
76 /100 90 HANOVER ST.
“Good bottle selection for the area with prices 1-2$ less than the Coop stores. Also carry homebrew supplies and equipment.“
gregmck 4053 days ago
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