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64 /100 720 UNION ST
“Neighborhood Brewery in the North End of Manchester with a fun young vibe. Bright colors and high ceilings with large garage doors in the front and a good amount of arcade games around.“
IPAScout19 143 days ago
74 /100 720 UNION ST
“Brewery is located in repurposed industrial building. Front is open tables and bar, with brewing in the back and game room off to the side. Service was prompt and happy to help. 10 taps, and 2 were kicked, so selection is not huge. Overall, a good new place. Food is notional, at best.“
GregMooreNH 226 days ago
76 /100 720 UNION ST
“Stopped in here for the first time this afternoon with a couple of friends. Weird location on Union St in Manchester in the middle of a sea of triple deckers between Bridge and Webster Streets. Laundromat next door and an un-rented space between them. Limited lot parking that's shared with said laundromat or on street parking. Large open room with some table games and puzzles and board games for your enjoyment. Limited food options that I didn't sample on this trip. They had 10 beers on tap today with a really nice variety of styles represented, only 3 were IPA's. A stout two hefe's one dark a gose a saison. Great variety. Samples flights pints and crowlers to go. Relaxed feel, not horribly busty this afternoon and when it started to get a little warm they opened the garage door to let some air flow through, and its even screened. all service is at the bar but they were prompt and attentive. I can see some future trips for myself.“
johnnnniee 238 days ago
72 /100
The Packie (Beer Store)
“Lower level, in the back of a strip mall. Three shelving units of beer with coolers. Single available of some beers. Selection is decent, but nothing exceptional. Service was good.“
GregMooreNH 242 days ago
84 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“Located a couple of miles from the airport, Backyard Brewing is in huge building with plenty of parking. I went during Easter Sunday which was kind of slow, but the staff were still attentive and personable. I had the chicken Caesar salad which I enjoyed. They beers I had were very tasty and went down very easy. I'll definitely go back when I'm in the area.“
DiarmaidBHK 301 days ago
80 /100 8030 SOUTH WILLOW ST, BUILDING 1, UNIT 7-2
“Located in an industrial warehouse park with a decent sized bar and a number of high top tables. I had probably some of the best service I've ever had at a taproom. They staff was attentive, personable, and did a fantastic job explaining and evangelizing mead. I liked that they had a lot of session meads though I wish they had more traditional strength ones. I thought what had ranged from solid to tasty. I would visit again if I was in the area.“
DiarmaidBHK 301 days ago
68 /100 1071 S WILLOW ST
“Right on South Willow, in a former Chili's building, BBC is appointed as an English tavern. Selection is decent, including some rare English/Scottish brew. Service and pricing are turnoffs.“
GregMooreNH 363 days ago
“A Manchester staple. Food is good pub grub. Service is good. Beer selection is limited, but they pour a hell of a Guinness.“
GregMooreNH 381 days ago
72 /100 500 N. COMMERCIAL ST.
“Located in the basement of a mill building, Milly's/Stark Brewing is a decent brewpub, with OK food, good service and a selection of locally brewed beer.“
GregMooreNH 381 days ago
74 /100
North End Superette (Beer Store)
“Antiseptic convenience store layout, that happens to have some great craft beer. Service is nonexistent, generally, but prices are good and they often have some rarities. Best beer store in downtown Manchester.“
GregMooreNH 393 days ago
80 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“This has become my go-to place in this area of Manchester (just a short drive down the road from the Mall of New Hampshire) Two reasons I have stopped in multiple times:

1. The food is pretty good, priced well and the waiting staff has been good each trip. 2. The beer is on a near consistent rotation and the brewer likes to experiment. New offerings are available every visit. Some of the brews are hit or miss but it depends on your preference. Not everything is geared for the masses which is a major plus. Also, plenty of beer-2-go choices. “
AirForceHops 398 days ago
70 /100
The Packie (Beer Store)
“I stopped in here for the first time this past weekend although they have been open for probably a year now. Their retail space is directly on Elm st but the entrance is around back where the parking is so you have to drive down one of the side streets on either side of the building one of which is a one way street. So anyhow 7pm on a Friday and its just me and the guy behind the counter. He greeted me when I walked in then left me to peruse the shelves. After 10 minutes or so he asked if I was looking for anything in particular. Service if you want it but not up your butt like some places. They have a decent selection of brews for the state with many of the NH breweries represented on the 3 wire shelving units. Two singles coolers on the left wall and a mixed singles and 6 pack cooler against the back wall. Tasting area up front and they were sampling Woodstock brewery, although I didn't notice it until I was leaving. 10 percent off 6 or more singles and another 5 percent off your entire order if you bring back their branded white six pack holder. Prices about what I expected to pay. It's not a huge space but it seemed kind of empty. Like a store that had just opened and hadn't been fully stocked yet, or a store that was closely watching their inventory because they had already thrown away too much old beer. I managed to find enough beer to keep me interested. There are better larger selections of beer not far from here, but I wouldn't hesitate to shop here.“
johnnnniee 398 days ago
80 /100 840 CANDIA RD
“The CRBC recently remodeled the homebrew shop and turned the space into a bar that sells their beer and some food. they do still have some homebrew supplies. Square space with maybe a dozen tables and a bar that seats maybe half that. The recipes are new and they are now canning. I'm looking forward to enjoying more of their offerings.

Review from Jan 2012 This is a brand new nano brewery that just recently opened on Candia road in Manchester. They are in the same building as the homebrew shop with the same name. They do sell bottles on site, the stout is ready, with two more beers approved and awaiting carbonation. They will eventually be selling growlers as well. The brewer/homebrew shop guy is very personable. Hours are whenever the shop is open. Nice stout too!“
johnnnniee 400 days ago
80 /100 8030 SOUTH WILLOW ST, BUILDING 1, UNIT 7-2
“Stopped in here recently for the third time. Just past the airport bend on south willow st in Manchester at the end of a strip industrial building. Inside there are maybe a half dozen tables and seating at the bar maybe double that. Their focus is session meads and ciders but they do put out standard and sack strength from time to time. Flight of 4 is 8 bucks unless you order something stronger than session. Fire Pomme and Cruising Elm are great session meads and my wife who thinks everything with alcohol is strong loved the Woodersons Lemonade They sell samples and pints and they have some food offerings although I've never eaten there. Staff is engaging and friendly, its a great place to hang out and try something other than an IPA, I'll be back.“
johnnnniee 400 days ago
“Stopped in here a few weeks ago for the third time. Small taproom I mean really small, a couple of low tables and small area to stand at the bar. I guess you could say the taproom is Nano just like the brewery. Anyhow, its in the middle of a huge old mill building by the river and when you go on a Saturday they are one of the only places open. They had 6 beers on tap on my last visit only 4 on two previous visits. Friendly husband and wife team serving up samples and selling growlers. Obligatory dog to pet. Beer is decent to good. No food, Decent enough place if you want to try some samples and fill your growler.“
johnnnniee 400 days ago
84 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“I've been here quite a few times since they opened or should I say since they reinvented themselves. They used to be the yard restaurant one of those old time places where the food is alright but you only go there because your grand parents have fond memories of the place. Its a huge restaurant with lots of seating inside with some function rooms as well. Wooden fence slats adorn the wall to facilitate the backyard feeling. The patio outside is a great space to enjoy some brews and food on a warm day. There's a throwback bar in the back that is true to its name, They will have up to 12 beers on tap sometimes a guest beer as well. The beers have been solid to great in my opinion aside from the one diacetyl IPA I had once. Crowlers to go from anything on tap and 16 oz four packs in the cooler at the hostess station. The food is pretty good, they have slimmed the menu down and tried to make it somewhat foodie but haven't gone overboard. The Prime rib egg rolls always find their way onto my table and a few of my friends really like the brussel sprouts. I just wont. I've always gotten great service, there were some hiccups when they first opened but in my experience that's been fixed. Prices are what you'd expect these days at a beer-centric restaurant. I plan to have more visits in the future.“
johnnnniee 400 days ago
94 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“This is a place riding the craft beer wave fer sher. Was set aback when I stopped in to this place after hitting the smallish personal long blue cat right up the road. Almost didn't go in because it seemed so busy. The easy to find large parking lot was nearly filled. Once in, there was plenty of room for the bounty of patrons, mostly a family affair atmosphere I thought. It is very large with a warehouse feel to it. Big bar with lots of tables and eating room. Sectionalized with lots of attached rooms. Lots of eye candy and waitresses as well. The waitresses were certainly hoppin. When I stopped in, it was really rocken and luckily I found a place at the bar. From Pittsburgh, I was glad they had the Steeler game on and there were even local patrons rooting for the Bughers, go yiwnz!! The help was so good and the beers were pretty good too, had a wide selection, I think over 15 beers on tap. I was impressed with the selection, service and prices.“
cheap 418 days ago
64 /100 909 ELM STREET
“Irish-themed pub that has a good feel and frequently has live music. Food is Irish-themed, which is unfortunate and the beer selection isn't too expansive. Good place for St. Pat's at least!“
GregMooreNH 425 days ago
76 /100 836 CANDIA RD.
“First off - it's a convenience store. The ambiance is nothing to write home about. The beer is also spread about haphazardly. Good news is that they have a great selection of local microbrews and some rarities. Plus, they make great sandwiches.“
GregMooreNH 427 days ago
78 /100 88 MARKET ST
“Decent tap list, decent food and decent ambiance for Manchester's first craft beer hangout. It's a cozy and, at times, loud place - especially once the bands start to play. Always a safe bet to get a decent beer and grub.“
GregMooreNH 492 days ago
84 /100 494 ELM ST
“Nestled on Elm St, across from the arena, lies the place with the most beer taps in the Manchester area. The food is good pub food, the beer choices exceptional, which helps to make up for the below average service. Overall, a must stop for beer lovers visiting Manchester.“
GregMooreNH 492 days ago
82 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“Large brewpub with a nice beer selection. Had the burger and it was great .“
edgallow 497 days ago
82 /100 795 ELM STREET
“Formerly JW Hill's, this location has long been a good way-station for people preparing to go to concerts and sporting events at the arena two block down Elm St. The beer selection is enviable and rivals Murphy's Taproom for taps, but the bombers push it over the edge in terms of overall selection. Food is standard pub grub, not great or bad. The room is loud in the evenings, so this isn't the place to go if you're looking for a quiet conversation and a beer.“
GregMooreNH 505 days ago
70 /100 22 CONCORD ST
“Firefly is an excellent restaurant, though not exactly a beer lover's place. Taps are limited and mostly local brews. The food is excellent and a good reason to come here.“
GregMooreNH 505 days ago
40 /100 8030 SOUTH WILLOW ST, BUILDING 1, UNIT 7-2
“Small taproom offering 7 session meads on tap plus one more proper mead (with cold brew infused). Flights of 4 available for $8. Unfortunately, the session meads were very poor—with a few tasting like cheap fruit punch and the non-adjunct laden ones just having no depth at all. Weak stuff. Even compared to other session meads out there, this was disappointing. Let’s hope they get their act together. Not worth a stop at this point.“
mcberko 561 days ago
70 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“Two large rooms, one long long bar in each room. One room is like stepping into a 1970s time warp, complete with a TV set like my grandmother used to own, back when TVs were large pieces of furniture. Pool table with Coors Light and Miller Lite signs everywhere and British style carpeting. The second room is a bit more modern but still reminds me of a moose lodge or VFW post. You can sneak peeks through glass into the brewhouse though. They are getting ready to celebrate their first anniversary of brewing, but the restaurant has been around for some 40 to 50 years. Large variety of beers on offer, the hoppier ones were unimpressive but the stout and porter were tasty, even the kolsch and lawnmower beers were fine. Food was old timey pub and restaurant grub too. A fun place, but needs updating all around.“
Travlr 574 days ago
80 /100 1050 HOLT AVE UNIT 14
“Fairly large taproom in a light industrial area next to a bingo hall. Fortunately they designated enough parking spots as brewery only. Long bar and restaurant table plus swag area and some coolers for cans to take away. Turns out I know the guy who runs the canning line from his time in Charlotte, so he showed me around the brewery a bit. Beers were some of the tastiest I've tried on this trip, and a good range of styles. Flights of four available. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable. No food, I don't think. Well worth a stop.“
Travlr 575 days ago
64 /100 8030 SOUTH WILLOW ST, BUILDING 1, UNIT 7-2
“Smallish place at one end of an industrial park building near the airport, very non-descript from the outside. Large parking lot. Inside is a small bar and some restaurant tables. All but one mead were "session" meads - around 7%, with either fruit or hops, force carbonated. Struck me as trying to appeal to craft beer drinkers. The one "proper" mead was a methyglin made with coffee and was very tasty, around 14%, and served on nitro for some reason. Ciders were OK, but again made for beer drinkers. No food. Flights of four available. Friendly staff, knowledge varied. Worth a stop if in the area.“
Travlr 575 days ago
“Met AirForceHops here. It's in a nicely reconstructed old mill right on the river, but the place is in one far end of the mill with no river view. Also no signs, so it was a bit of a hike to find it. Large parking lot, but the street parking is metered. The mill tenants are mostly Monday to Friday businesses, so it was a ghost town on a Saturday afternoon, making me wonder if I was even at the right place. Once I found it though, the beers were very tasty - eight on offer, four ounce pours available. Husband and wife team were very friendly and very knowledgeable. Just a small bar and a few tables, tiny place. No food. No toilet either, you have to find the pole-dancing school which is near the mill toilets. Worth a stop while in the area.“
Travlr 575 days ago
86 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“This place used to be known simply as "The Yard," and then they decided to start brewing their own beer. Spacious rustic setting with a wrap around bar that winds its way through two rooms. At least 10 beers on tap. They offer a wide array of styles that are both traditional and experimental. They also sell crowlers and they can a few of their flagship brews. Four-beer flights available for $7. Friendly staff. The food is pub fare with a few off-the-beaten path choices. But the lunch I ate was very tasty. It is about 3 or 4 miles south of the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester and worth visiting if you are in the area.“
puboflyons 667 days ago
72 /100 1050 HOLT AVE UNIT 14
“Open space with 15 tables in a warehouse district. Edison lightbulbs over a nice, long bar with wood ceiling above it, pot lights in a drop ceiling for the rest. 8 taps of house beer available at two stations. Swag and canned beer available for purchase. Concrete floors. Appetizers, soup, sandwiches, though didn't have any. 4 oz taster pours, many available for $1.50. Wide range of age groups present. Not the most funky of atmospheres but open, clean, friendly. Good beer, decent variety (IPA, DIPA, Pale Ale, Rauchbier, Stouts, Porter, Cranberry Wit available today).“
tfontana 696 days ago
92 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“Great location, great beer. The spot is ideal, with lots of parking and a nice decor. Food is outstanding, as it transitioned from a quality restaurant, just adding the brewery. The beer is fantastic. They cover the gamut in terms of styles, and everything is quality.“
GregMooreNH 701 days ago
88 /100 1211 SOUTH MAMMOTH RD
“Found this to be a solid brewpub at a convenient location when travelling north. Typical but well done pub fare. Lots of different brews to sample and pretty much all of them were decent.“
BroSpud 734 days ago
90 /100 1050 HOLT AVE UNIT 14
“Certainly the best place in the area to visit. The owners (Rob and Lisa) are extremely friendly and dedicated to craft beer. Rob is an accomplished brewer, his IPA is one of the best in the nation and his rauchbier reminds me of Bamberg. Hard to find a reason to not stop in, if you are in the Manchester area.“
rbowser 1304 days ago
84 /100 795 ELM STREET
“This location is the 3rd in the Thirty Moose chain. The building sits in downtown Manchester and years ago it was a hotel. What use to be the hotel lobby area is now the pub and kitchen. The upstairs area is now apartments.

I didn’t eat here but guessing it is comparable to the other two Tap houses in the chain. I was here for the beer and they managed to have 4 or 5 beers on tap that I hadn’t sampled. (which is an accomplishment on behalf of this establishment) Chances are I could return based on the fact a decent part of the beer menu is focused on New Hampshire. “
AirForceHops 1333 days ago
82 /100 500 N. COMMERCIAL ST.
“Nice open place in the historic mills of Manchester. Large wrap around bar with a ring of hightops surrounding. Relaxed feel. Decent tap list of house made brews. something for everyone.“
MaBeer1972 1366 days ago
82 /100 795 ELM STREET
“Had a date night here with the wife, she picked it. Big open space on a corner lot with lots of windows to look out at Veterans Park or Elm St. Typical Pub fare, but very well done, my burger was great. Lots of local beer, I had an IPA from Great North as well as Henniker. Our server was great, and the guy who seated us actually helped us with movie times while my phone was acting up. About 40 dollars for two meals and three drinks between us. Seems like what passes for the norm these days. We’ll be back.“
johnnnniee 1454 days ago
70 /100 909 ELM STREET
“Irish bar on Elm St in downtown Manchester. Gets quite crowded on a weekend night. They have some decent taps, but nothing to really geek out about. I’ve never actually eaten here so I can’t comment on that but I always get more of a college bar vibe from this place. Service has always been good. Nothing to make a special trip for, but you’ll be within walking distance of just about every beer-centric establishment in the Queen City“
johnnnniee 1454 days ago
80 /100 88 MARKET ST
“On Market St just a stones throw from city hall sits this landmark of a Manchester Pub. I’ve been here quite a few times over the years. Currently somewhere around 100 taps with lots of local but also regional and national craft beers. Pretty good pub food. Live music often. 35 taps on Tuesdays are 2 bucks. Popcorn is always free.“
johnnnniee 1454 days ago
66 /100 500 N. COMMERCIAL ST.
“Visited on a Monday afternoon, was 1 of 2 customers in the place. Pretty easy to find and to park, very close off of 293. Big sports bar like place with the brewery right behind the bar, pretty large place. Had lunch here, the food was decent but nothing to write home about , french onion soup was good. They do flights of 6 or 8 beers at a time (2 oz pours), and had 16 of their own beers of tap. Service was really good, my waitres was quite helpful and kind. Beers were typical brewpub quality, some good, lots of meh beers. Pretty good value.“
JulienHuxley 1561 days ago
84 /100 1050 HOLT AVE UNIT 14
“Huge space at the end of an industrial park building off of East Industrial on the East side of Manchester. T-shirt and swag center to the left as you walk in with the bar taking up most of the far wall with seating all around. Satellite seating for overflow on the other side of the room. They opened today with 4 beers on tap, 3 of which are their year round standards and a summer seasonal wheat beer. 4oz tasters are $1.50 two sizes of growlers and cans to go. I enjoyed all the beers on tap especially the IPA and RVP. Friendly attentive staff, the tour was in depth. Its so close I plan to be a regular here.“
johnnnniee 1626 days ago
48 /100 1 AIRPORT ROAD
“Not much to say about. This is a Sam Adams bar located in the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport on the boarding side of the airport. They have a few Sam Adams beers on tap and a light menu but I did not eat. I was waiting for my plane. Oddly, while this was a Sam Adams bar stand they had several other macros for sale in bottles. I guess they need to please the masses.“
puboflyons 1729 days ago
86 /100 88 MARKET ST
“Good Beer lots of variety and good food! Good deals and specials worth coming too!“
cazz 1753 days ago
82 /100 494 ELM ST
“More than 100 beers on tap. Located on the south side of Elm Street. Not a lot of off street parking but there is street parking. Dinner is served upstairs and they have live entertainment in the basement. The basement bar only has about 20 or so beers on tap but you can go upstairs and pick from the 100+ in the dining area to bring into the basement. That is what I usually do since the basement choices are pretty standard ones. They offer an array of flights for $12-$13. One of my favorite flights is the Tourist Flight, which features all New Hampshire beers. The food is pretty typical pub fare but it is decently done. Not a huge place so get there early if you want to get a seat.“
puboflyons 1758 days ago
76 /100 88 MARKET ST
“Small patio outside a brick building along the street. A "college" vibe. Food selection was good but only mediocre flavors. Beer list was extensive although I didn’t find it exclusive. Overall, a one time stop.“
kathouse 2018 days ago
80 /100 500 N. COMMERCIAL ST.
“Busy place. Food selection is pretty good, beer selection is fairly encompassing. service started out fair, but improved greatly as business settled down. Quality of the food was very good, quality of the beers was excellent. “
Oginme 2152 days ago
90 /100 500 N. COMMERCIAL ST.
“This place is awesome, especially for NH. The ambience is great with the huge copper kettles in the center. They have an incredible selection of interesting sours and lambics which again is nearly impossible to find in this region. The food is average food fare. I’ve had good service from most of the bartenders but a couple of them (the guys) suck. Truly an underrated gem in NH. Sure there are other local bars that offer a lot of beers on tap, but lets face it, it’s the same shit, just lots of it. Do you really need 30 different pale ales? If you want an awesome assortment of fantastic beer this is the place for you.“
KevinfromNH 2158 days ago
66 /100 1071 S WILLOW ST
“We were there late one evening. The place was loud and we were put in one of the closed booths. It was a very long time before someone came to take our order. We were almost at the point of getting up and leaving when the waitress came to get our order. Food was OK, beer selection was good.“
Oginme 2197 days ago
76 /100 494 ELM ST
“Stopped in here for a late lunch and a few beers while watching the pats barely squeak out a win. A sports bar kind of feel with a large selection on tap, I’m guessing 50+ They have remodeled extensively since I was here last. A new diner next door lots of outdoor seating and a vastly expanded tap list. I had a burger today that was quite good. A few decent brews on tap. Pricing is average to a bit pricy. I would go back again.“
johnnnniee 2262 days ago