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“Quick lunchtime visit on a Saturday. Small tap room with a decent sized outdoor beer garden. Had a nice vibe to it, the beer was good and they had a decent selection of affordable bar food.“
BroSpud 2 days ago
72 /100 909 ISLINGTON STREET - SUITE #12
“Nice looking tasting room with outdoor seating in the back. Stopped in during the day and no other customers were there. The beer was good but there was no food available.“
BroSpud 3 days ago
80 /100 3548 LAFAYETTE RD
“Relocated to Rt 1 in Hampton. Due to COVID restrictions, outdoor dining was the only option. Inside was a nice open bar and casual space. Good selection of interesting and rare local beers. Food was decent.“
GregMooreNH 61 days ago
74 /100 165 HIGH ST
“Small place, kind of a hole in the wall. Good ambiance with a bunch of cool decorations hanging all over the joint. Food is absolutely fantastic, service is good, actually a really cool place to hang out.“
pdog555 295 days ago
60 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“Nice brewpub in the heart of downtown Portsmouth. They had multiple of their own selections on tap along with a few guest taps. The beers and food were both OK. Nothing stood out as fantastic. Service was great!“
IPAScout19 423 days ago
86 /100 21 CONGRESS ST
“Right downtown in Portsmouth with a homey setting. Selection is excellent, with 100 taps - something for everyone. Service was excellent, though it was lunch, so the place wasn't full. Food is good.“
GregMooreNH 441 days ago
76 /100 165 HIGH ST
“I haven't been here since they were just a home brew shop and massage parlor, glad to finally get to check out the place that makes all the fine beer I've had elsewhere. Somewhat industrial space with a small square bar area as you walk in. There's an outside beer garden with twice the space and most tables have shade. A dozen beers on tap and only one gruit today. I had a great strawberry blond and a really nice stout here today. They have food looks like dogs and sandwiches. We didn't try any but they looked interesting. Cans and bottles to go. Seems priced in line with the area. Most taps $6 North country cider is $8 a can for some reason. Id go back for the beer or to try one of the hot dogs.“
johnnnniee 454 days ago
62 /100
Ri Ra (Bar)
“Located in an old bank building in downtown Portland, this place has stunning architecture and really cool vibe. The beer list, on the other hand, is pretty basic with lots of BMC and ordinary Irish pub options. Not really a craft beer destination but it's one of the few places in Portsmouth that stays open relatively late.“
DiarmaidBHK 514 days ago
70 /100 3548 LAFAYETTE RD
“Located about 5 miles south of downtown in the back of a motel complex. Inside has a very small bar area but also a number of tables a well. They had maybe 14-16 drafts on during my visit almost all of them some form of IPA which I think is the theme for the month. Most of the beers were local, within 2 hours, craft. Service was attentive.“
DiarmaidBHK 514 days ago
42 /100 605 US 1 BYPASS
“State liquor store with about 300 different locations in New Hampshire. You can find cider and mead here, No beer. I have absolutely no idea why the hell this was added to the site.“
AirForceHops 563 days ago
84 /100 165 HIGH ST
“Nice homey converted warehouse space. Service is polite and prompt. Beer is good and a number of interesting selections. Food is so-so and it is pricey.“
GregMooreNH 567 days ago
“As noted elsewhere, a little tucked away/hard to find with just enough parking for a busy Saturday. Seems unassuming enough with the dimly lit, musty hallway noted by radarsock but once you open the door, boy was there a party inside! It reminded me of the car ad in front of the waterfall where you can't hear anything from inside the car and upon opening the door it's loud. Liars' Bench wasn't LOUD (meaning too loud) but was the appropriate amount for a high-energy, happening place appropriate for early evening before a night out (which is was). Not a Sunday-afternoon-bring-the-kids-vibe (at least not at that time). 8 taps, several different styles, which made things interesting, and most were decent to above average. If these guys keep experimenting, I think they'll find magic. Friendly, prompt service. Nice that flights are available (but remember to "lift" the flight before moving, as the bartender recommends, or the glasses will topple :-).“
tfontana 573 days ago
50 /100
Garys Beverage (Beer Store)
“Typical convenience store. Beer selection is OK, not great - solid for a convenience store. Everything else is Meh.“
GregMooreNH 579 days ago
“Traditional "brewery built into a former industrial building" motif. Beer is decent, not exceptional. Service is good. Best part of this place is their annual Bockfest in March, which is excellent.“
GregMooreNH 579 days ago
“Nice ambiance that borders North Mill Pond. They have some seating that overlooks the pond with some additional seating on the main floor area. Prices are about pair for the area in both samples and 4 packs to go. The main focus of this brewery is IPA's. They do occasionally put out a different style but know you will be drinking IPA before you go to the counter.“
AirForceHops 613 days ago
84 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“Located in downtown Portsmouth, the Portsmouth Brewery is a brewpub with a regularly changing rotation of beer, as well as a some local beers on tap. Food is good, service is OK. Best place to stop for craft beer folks in downtown Portsmouth.“
GregMooreNH 630 days ago
68 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“Right in the heart of downtown, the taproom has a cool rustic, old-town feel to it. 8 house beers on tap, plus some guests. Flights of all 8 available for just $10. Beer quality was fairly average, with nothing really standing out. Super friendly service. Worth a stop when in town.“
mcberko 777 days ago
58 /100 165 HIGH ST
“Right downtown and just a few blocks from Portsmouth, this is a quaint little place. 10 house taps plus 4 guest taps on when we visited. Flights of 6 available for $12. Beer styles were whacky, with a couple of gruits on. Wasn’t enamoured with the beers, but a few were done alright. Not a top spot, but maybe worth a look.“
mcberko 777 days ago
“Just across the train tracks from Great Rhythm, this is a decent stop. 8 house beers on tap, but none of the more ambitious styles on, so it wasn’t memorable in this sense. Decent service and comfortable enough, just not a highlight.“
mcberko 777 days ago
“This was perhaps our favourite brewery stop in Portsmouth. Beautiful location across from a lake and quite tranquil. Modern and nicely decorated tasting room, with 6 house beers on tap. 4 oz tasters available for $2-3. They specialize in hazy IPAs and two of them were spectacular, the other two being good too. Super friendly service. Highly recommended visit.“
mcberko 777 days ago
70 /100 3548 LAFAYETTE RD
“Oddly located off a main road and then further in the lot across from a motel or something. Once you get inside the bar, it feels more usual. Quite intimate and nicely set-up. Small, well-curated taplist, with some bottles of mead available as well. No flights or small pours, though the bartender was happy to make an arrangement for us. Prices are okay for a bar. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 777 days ago
72 /100
Blue Mermaid (Restaurant)
“First stop on our trip to the Northeast. Lots of inside seating, great selection of food and beers. Service was decent, known more for their food than their drinks. Tributary Brewing was located right next door, so a bonus for us. Food was worth the stop.“
jandd1983 841 days ago
“Quite large brewery with small taproom. Nice straight view to brewery from taproom. 8 beers on tap (7 of them was IPA so you know what is the mission of this brewery). Alpha acids in the air with gentle rock music. Cans to go. IPAs were great. Some merchandise also available. If you like IPAs and casual atmosphere this is place for you.“
VastActiv 955 days ago
70 /100 40 PLEASANT ST
“Very beautiful building! Strange combination of bar, small lunch restaurant and book store. 8 beers on tap all of them fresh locals. Nice easy hippie music in the background. Sandwich was huge, very cheap but little bit of boring.“
VastActiv 955 days ago
“Pretty big place just next to my hotel. Alsays nice to see lots of Fuller's beers in town. Some local beers on tap too but nothing special. Would I come here again? Probably not because there is nothing exciting in beer sensitive way. According to posters they do have some special brewery nights.“
VastActiv 955 days ago
“Quite small place in strange neighborhood. 6 taps and some different sausages for food. Beers were light but clean and drinkable so this one is brewery I would call sessionable. 4 oz pours and bigger glasses available. There was pretty cool old blues band playing music and it wasn't too loud which is always a good thing. For tick hunter there is six cheap ticks and nothing more but I had to take one big pint and enjoy the atmosphere.“
VastActiv 955 days ago
70 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“Pretty big place but little bit of boring. Food was good. Their own beers quite mediocre but still place is worth of visiting. Own room for merchandise in the entry.“
VastActiv 955 days ago
84 /100 3548 LAFAYETTE RD
“Arrived little bit of too early and it wasn't still open and decided to walk away. Luckily changed my mind and turned because this place is a hidden gem. Building itself is pretty strange combination. 10 taps but everything was in great shape and IPAs were excellent. Met guy who probably was owner, great guy and gave me in fact extra can with me when I left the place. It was very early and it was Tuesday so it wasn't crowded but I would imagine that this one is pretty popular place. One of those places you would like to have in your own neighborhood walking distance from your home.“
VastActiv 956 days ago
86 /100 165 HIGH ST
“Visited on quiet Monday but small place was quite packed up. Door is on the alley and gives cold chills but no reason to back up. 14 taps (11 own beers and 3 from visiting breweries). Half pours and 4oz pours available. Growler fills and some merchandise too. Strange combination of gruits, traditional ales and IPAs. Even sahti on tap but actually I think it was not real sahti but one of those heavily "junipered" American sahtis. Interesting charmful hippie music from 60-70. Very interesting place and actually Iiked this one very much. Reminds me from one of my favorite bars in Finland. Must place for hardcore beer travelers.“
VastActiv 957 days ago
80 /100 21 CONGRESS ST
“Huge place, 116 taps (didn't count, reads in front window), walls full of huge tv screen showing sports. Pizza (ribs & mushroom) was great. Tap list is pretty versatile so definitely worth of visiting but probably very place sometimes. Samples were all with different price and some of them quite say but gotta say that most of the IPAs weren't fresh“
VastActiv 957 days ago
“What I like best about Liars' Bench, is its cozy unassuming nature. The actual bar is hiding inside an entirely unrelated business park plaza building whereupon you must go through an entrance, walk down a musty-scented pathway, eventually finding a door marked "Beer" in black ink at its center. Inside you're greeted with aesthetically pleasant wooden barroom floors, giving little suggestion as to how astoundingly delectable the beer in all honestly is. Most all of their taps were sessionable in one way or another and they all had a certain "wow!" factor keeping me intangibly interested. Highly drinkable farmhouse ales that were succinct yet delivering plenty of sublime punches to their performances. My only meaningful criticism is that finding it can be a chore. Perhaps I also disliked how beer was the sole thing to consume. “
radarsock 1103 days ago
72 /100 21 CONGRESS ST
“Thirsty Moose - Portsmouth virtually represents every county in New Hampshire, sparing little unused ambition. Delectable burgers, groovy 80s tunes, and of course their famously splendid beer selection. It goes without saying that a lot of it comes from the granite state itself. It’s picked and put on the list. Always features appreciable NH entries. Parking n this side of town is a scary nightmare - it’d be best to simply leave your car at the Hanover Garage and walk to Congress. Finding a bar stool wherein yelling over the nearby sports events on TV is a difficult, irritating challenge. But it can be done if you arrive early enough.“
radarsock 1168 days ago
68 /100 64 MARKET ST
“The renovation this place underwent is amazing considering that a good chunk of it was in flames roughly 2 years ago. Solid selection. Come for grilled delicacies, sexy fatass pizzas and swanky beers but stay for the music and nightclub scene. Leave early, though. It’s a mess after midnight, holy shit.“
radarsock 1169 days ago
72 /100 40 PLEASANT ST
“This is where you go for a proper date. Pegging is in the table now. You’ve got this.“
radarsock 1169 days ago
66 /100
Ri Ra (Bar)
“Ambiance is great, as a few have mentioned already. The draft was a little plain on the day I visited but the Irish jig group saved my experience, as did their scrumptious fish and chips. One of the more inviting hangout locations Portsmouth has to offer.“
radarsock 1169 days ago
78 /100 165 HIGH ST
“Stopped for dinner and drinks on a Sunday in late June 2016. Cool intimate space. Bar seats about 8, tables for another 20+. Decent crowd, but not crowded. Seven of their own beers, and seven guest taps when I went. Food menu seemed a touch high on a few items, but our bowls (lotus, and jambalaya) were pretty awesome. As my wife reminded me, we all too often think “like Americans” and expect price to reflect quantity, not quality. The food price here reflects the latter, and the quantity is enough to feel sated, especially while drinking. For having “only” seven of their own beers on, they cover a nice array of styles, with a saison, a kolsch, two sour gruits, a weizenbock, porter, and an IPA. The guest taps offered a few more styles, and a cider. Worth a stop, and this may fit in our travel plans for dinner stops in the future. “
j12601 1187 days ago
58 /100 2800 LAFAYETTE ROAD
“With a misplaced affinity for all things Irish and New Hampshire, Michael Potorti started a business and kept the central idea closest to his heart. His wife originally being from The Emerald Isle gave Michael the inspiration to modify his homebrews into something the Irish may even appreciate. After a recent trip to Cork and being civically impressed with the beer of the land, he knew right then and there his life’s calling. Now bare with me: I can’t remember the entire story he told us when we went in a few summers back, in 2014, if memory serves. But it was during their opening weekend, that much I can recollect. Some friends and myself strolled in, happy to try anything new to the game. Much has changed since, but at the time the place looked unattractively trashy and shrieked financial insecurity. While explaining the process of each offering, Michael gave me samples of all his beer, trying to smile as best as he could. The only one I ended up actually ordering was the fiercely drinkable O’Sullivan Stout, the reason being was that it didn’t taste like bitter garbage which in all honesty I can’t say about the rest. Their beers are available in bottles all over the Portsmouth area; the beer that are targeted as draft-only will eventually be bottled and scattered around town. How do I know this? Because they’ve done this with basically all of their other releases. I do not think Beara can brew IPAs to save their lives, so when they have a hot new IPA in the works I will often just ignore it. I think they have Irish music playing in the evenings now or something? Meh, I couldn’t really care.“
radarsock 1214 days ago
78 /100
Row 34 - Portsmouth (Restaurant)
“It looks like a sibling of the Row 34 location in Boston. Lots of polished steel and wood. great oyster and seafood menu. They have a lot of craft option but there not nearly as adventurous and unique as what they offer in Boston. Still it’s a lovely place to have a meal and watch a game.“
DiarmaidBHK 1240 days ago
74 /100 165 HIGH ST
“This place has hired two brewers assigned with overlooking two different brewing methods. One primarily does ales: typically, IPAs/DIPAs, porters, stouts, browns, and English-based bitters. The other is a forager, who is often responsible for disgusting herbal throw-up beer prevalent in the 12th century. I really did enjoy the sour beer they made with sweet gale, it’s just when they have a wormwood, anise and pine bark ale on along with four other beers that taste nothing else but Everlcear and toothpaste, I start to worry. I’m really glad to see that they finally fixed their flight glass problem. If you had ordered a flight a few years ago chances are high they came in these big chunks of wood with the wrong sizes for the holes. The glasses often would get stuck and took quite a bit of prying to get them loose. It was frustrating to say the least but also managed to be mildly amusing among wildly drunk patrons including myself. Sandwiches were just plainly alright when the kitchen first opened, and they were pricey too. A few years whoosh by and their sandwich game has been stepped up thoroughly, totally worth the price they’re asking for. Their IPA bases are astonishingly good and juicy. Yeah, it’s a young white hipster’s paradise. And I don’t even mean this as an insult. The people who come in for drinks are generally always ridiculously friendly and engaging. Only a small portion are pompous windbags. Bartenders know their shit, though it’s usually not totally free from at least somewhat impatient sass directed at order-lingering customers who say "um..." upon looking at their menus after sitting down. Cool decor, fun, jiving music (live music is a nightly thing now). I’ll be back most certainly. I felt like I was swimming against a heavy current just to walk up to the bar. This place has always been crawling with people, and sometimes their pets, even. I mean, this is Portsmouth after all. A tiny operation serving gruits and IPAs will now be trendy because of its uniqueness. Not necessarily "bad", but it also doesn’t really mean anything. My brain has this habit of unintentionally questioning whether or not they started brewing gruits just to be different, or because they genuinely believed that they could make a great addition to the style. And for as much I know, they have. However, I don’t think that I’m ever going to not worry about if new gruits on their tap line will actually be worth it or a revolting mess. I’ve had a lot of strange, uninteresting, and nasty Medieval-resurrected beer at this place, some of which I’d prefer not to remember. But you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, I guess.“
radarsock 1277 days ago
70 /100 40 PLEASANT ST
“Used bookstore that also serves snacks, coffee, beer, and wine. Selection is mostly local with a total of 9 tap handles. The place is pretty cool, don’t get me wrong. However, If you are a hard core beer geek, you may not be able to get a new beer tick.

I have visited a total of 3 separate times and not once could I sample a new brew. If you’re from out of state it is worth a look if you have some extra time to spare in Portsmouth. Cool place to open a book and chill out but maybe not a must stop if you are traveling. “
AirForceHops 1380 days ago
86 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“In the historic section of town in a historic building, this place exudes 19th century New England industrialization. Food was quite good and the beers as well. Nice change from the modern breed of small warehouse brewpubs.“
Iphonephan 1402 days ago
64 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“Visited on Tuesday, 5/17/2016 at around 8:00pm. A decent crowd was there for a Tuesday night. parking might be challenging, since it’s downtown and surrounded by lots of other shops and restaurants. Service was so-so, as were the beers. they do offer flights. Didn’t try the food, but it looked like standard brewpub fare.“
wombat23 1411 days ago
80 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“Moderately sized pub, with a relaxed atmosphere in centre of town. Our server was very friendly and helpful with beer choices. Tap list was split 50:50 with own beers and stuff from others (mostly Smuttynose). Bottle list seemed very modest indeed. I only tried their own beer from the tap and most liked the Torn and Frayed IPA here. Didn’t eat. Prices seemed OK. A solid choice for when in the area.“
UKBeerGeek 1425 days ago
68 /100 21 CONGRESS ST
“Visited on a busy Monday night. The place was pretty busy. They had Bar seating available. Huge draft list with a big emphasis on New Hampshire beers. You can do flights of whatever you like. I hit on a good night and it was only $5 for a flight of six. The vibe is mostly sports bar. All things considered, this place is alright and is a good place to tick beers and watch some sports. If you aren’t into that, this probably isn’t a place for you.“
JStax 1437 days ago
74 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“Visited around dinner time on a Monday night. Pretty busy, but was able to get a table within 15-20 minutes. They have a large draft list, with about half of them being house beers. They had a good bit of Smuttynose stuff on draft as well. They do offer beer flights, but I opted for full pours here. For food, i had the lamb burger, and was pretty impressed with it. Service was good. Prices were fair. All around, this is a cool place. I would come back again. Of note, there is also a gift shop attached, but i didn’t get an opportunity to look around in there.“
JStax 1437 days ago
88 /100 165 HIGH ST
“Visited later in the afternoon on a Monday. They have a small parking lot, but there is street Parking and a garage close by if that is full. Small taproom with ten or so tables, plus a bar and some patio tables. Great variety of styles brewed, plus some guest drafts and a cellar bottle list. The beer I had was all very good. Pricing was fine. I had a flight of 7 beers. Highly recommend visiting when in Portsmouth.“
JStax 1438 days ago
80 /100 165 HIGH ST
“The family and I stopped in town to reminisce for a few hours since I haven’t been back to town since living here 12 years ago and we were passing by. Small place on side street that I diverted our walking tour to. Friendly staff minimal crowd on a Monday afternoon. Grabbed quick growler to go to share with friends I would have tried a gruit if just for me but went with saison. Anyways cool addition to town“
Jow 1447 days ago
70 /100 56 MARKET STREET
“I guess it’s cool to visit the place that was at one point home to one of the most hyped up beers around in the old Kate the Great days.

It’s a nice building right in the middle of downtown Portsmouth/Market Street area. A nice big bar area with some high tops, booths, and regular tables. They also have a downstairs area for boozing it up.

All the beers written on the chalkboard and consisted of Portsmouth and Smuttynose beers. I just tried the Portsmouth stuff. Honestly, they were average brewpub beers, which I had kind of expected from recent-ish reports on the place. There are some "special" bottles in the fridge as well of interesting Smuttynose offerings, for instance. But didn’t purchase any.

Sitting at a table, we got pretty lackadaisical service. Pretty much saw our waitress three times--to order, to drop off the drinks, and then when we asked to pay. Oh well, wasn’t really planning on staying that long anyway.“
brokensail 1461 days ago
72 /100 21 CONGRESS ST
“A huge place. Tons of televisions, tons of taps, kind of a Buffalo Wild Wings vibe to it...

Unfortunately during our visit, they had a ton of Ballast Point beers on tap, which isn’t really what I was looking for coming from California. Oh well. Still a decent number of local offerings to try.

The good thing about this place is that they have an overwhelming number of beers, so you can probably find something you want to try or drink or at least haven’t had. The downside is, the stuff I tried wasn’t terribly good.

Despite being busy, the service was just okay. But I chalk some of that up to them training a new bartender and that being the group that was serving us.

Probably a good place to watch an inappropriate amount of football and drink a ton of beer on a weekend afternoon.“
brokensail 1461 days ago
74 /100 148 FLEET ST
“At the suggestion of the folks at Earth Eagle and some pre-trip reconnaissance, we stopped here for some oysters and drinks. It’s a really cool old building and has a really sweet pressed tin roof. Sat at the large U-shaped bar for happy hour, but they also have some regular dining tables.

Full disclosure, this isn’t really a beer place. But they have a handful of well-curated drafts and some bottles as well. The draft list had changed a bit from the time when I had previously checked online to when we actually visited, but still found a local Kolsch that was pretty enjoyable. Killer cocktails here, too.

The food here is really good. As you might imagine, oysters are the star of the show, but plenty of other really good dishes. Protip: come during happy hour for $1.25 oysters (select varieties). I’m not an oyster snob, so I wouldn’t know which the best ones are anyway...

Really awesome staff. Great food. Kind of pricey, but you can lighten the load by sticking to the happy hour specials.“
brokensail 1461 days ago