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68 /100 621 LAFAYETTE RD
“Used to be called "Cigarette City". This is a discount beverage center. Most of the stock is 6 and 12 packs. Good prices if you need a 12 pack for a party. One small isle of singles and 750 ml's. If you get lucky you will find something decent.“
AirForceHops 408 days ago
76 /100 621 LAFAYETTE RD
“Large, warehouse style store that has a lot of space for mass produced beer. Does have a decent craft assortment, though much is dated. Prices are outstanding, and you will find some interesting rarities.“
GregMooreNH 444 days ago
70 /100 621 LAFAYETTE RD
“This place is very large and has a big choice of beers available. I expected more local Seacoast area brews but I was pleased with the selection that I saw. Their prices are a tad lower than other beer stores and that is a plus. No mix & match for 6-packs or 12 packs but a fairly decent selection of bomber singles. They also sell a lot of wine and a wide array of tobacco products. Worth the visit if you are in that area.“
puboflyons 1098 days ago
80 /100 621 LAFAYETTE RD
“Spotted this place from the road, and called in to have a look. Really friendly service, and very knowledgeable staff, gave some good recommendations e.g. Stoneface IPA. I don’t know many beers from this area, so for me there was a lot of beers that were new. Prices seemed fair for the most part, tho’ some limited edition stuff was quite pricey. Would definitely call in again if in the area.“
UKBeerGeek 1245 days ago
66 /100 621 LAFAYETTE RD
“I knew I should have taken the incentive and given this store a try the instant a Top Shelf Brews employee recommended it as possessing some rare gems. Shelves nearly all NH breweries that I could think of, alongside local and commercialized wines, and car-trip snacks. Plus, it has a humidor in back supplying a decent selection of cigars. For an off-the-road bottle shop, this will definitely give you more than just one solitary reason to check in and browse. I’m sure there’s at least one beer here you haven’t tried. Shoppers shouldn’t expect anything too obscure.“
radarsock 2210 days ago
46 /100
Market Basket (Grocery Store)
“Someone beat me to it -- I wanted to enter this for a while but Spelt jumped at the opportunity. It has seasonals.Year-rounders. Cans, and bottles. Of course they don’t sell single bottles of from a 4- or 6-pack, unfortunately. For Seabrook, it’s pretty good. For New Hampshire it sucks hard.“
radarsock 2621 days ago
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