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80 /100
Pizzicletta (Restaurant)
“Really delicious pizza, brick oven with a good crust and creative toppings. Friendly efficient staff no matter the crowds. Mother Road beers. Winner.“
Travlr 42 days ago
80 /100 4366 E HUNTINGTON DR
“Edge of town, easy parking. This was a happenin place with lots of locals and a good atmosphere. House beers and guest taps. Worth going to both locations.“
Travlr 42 days ago
78 /100 110 S SAN FRANCISCO ST
“Downtown location. Tight parking, better off using Lyft. Characterful taproom. Friendly staff. Creative beers. Nice place.“
Travlr 42 days ago
84 /100 117 N BEAVER ST, STE A
“My go-to place in Flagstaff, very open and welcoming taproom shared with a place that does tasty pizza. Friendly helpful staff and tasty beers.“
Travlr 55 days ago
76 /100 117 N BEAVER ST, STE A
“Visited on a Tuesday night in early January. Decor didn’t leave much of an impression, but the location was perfect—downtown in the middle of everything. Friendly staff. Had a flight of 8 beers of overall good but not excellent quality. Nice stop.“
hauxe 319 days ago
“Tired spot in downtown Flagstaff -- doesn't seem to have updated in a decade or two, both in terms of their setup and their beers. Flights of 6 available for $12, but it was hard to find anything I cared to try: lots of boring, useless styles. They only had two non-core beers (a BA red and scotch ale), both of which weren't interesting. The beers were all fine, but very boring. Super friendly and quick service. Definitely not worth a visit these days.“
mcberko 587 days ago
80 /100 117 N BEAVER ST, STE A
“Easily the best brewery in Flagstaff. If you visit one brewery here, make it this one. The place doubles as a pizzeria, but I had already eaten dinner, so I just did beers. They had 20 taps, with tons of ambitious styles and lots of collabs with great breweries. You can order 5 oz pours of any beer, so I ordered 5 -- mostly the more extreme beers. Everything was excellent, especially their imperial pastry stout (with Horus), a double BA imperial porter, and BA barley wine (with O.H.S.O.). Decent service, maybe a bit on the slow side but good overall. Really impressive brewery that seems to be trying hard and has the talent to pull it off. Highly recommended.“
mcberko 587 days ago
“Great spot with plenty of character to the tasting room and lots of patio seating. They had a dozen taps, with flights available. Of the 4 I tried, I really liked their triple DH IPA (based on their flagship IPA); their ESB was solid too, but the others weren't totally dialed in optimally. Very friendly service. One of my better beer stops in Flagstaff -- recommended.“
mcberko 587 days ago
54 /100 1519 N MAIN ST, STE 102
“About 7 minutes driving from downtown Flagstaff, this is a cute little place. Warehouse feel with big ceilings and plenty of seating, with some outside room. They had 8-10 taps, with flights of 4 available for $10. Beer quality was fine (nothing infected), but I didn't really care for any of them -- their saisons need some work (too estery). Friendly service and very dog-friendly, indoors as well. Not my favourite spot in Flagstaff.“
mcberko 587 days ago
76 /100 4366 E HUNTINGTON DR
“Stopped in for lunch a few days ago on our way to Monument valley. About 20 beers on tap. About half are theirs. Friendly bartender. Decent beer and good food. Their fridge was broken at the time, so no beer to go.“
Ron 645 days ago
70 /100 11 S BEAVER ST
“Good beer, great food, good prices. Huge place with beer to go as well as on tap. Good IPA's; I didn't get to try any other beers. I would return.“
coachd 1038 days ago
66 /100
Diablo Burger (Restaurant)
“Visited for dinner around 5 pm. They weren't too busy at that time. The beer selection was all flagstaff locals. They had three drafts and didn't notice a bottle/can selection. The food is really the star here. They do mostly burgers and fries, but they are pretty creative and the one I had was delicious.“
JStax 1377 days ago
76 /100 110 S SAN FRANCISCO ST
“Visited on a Wednesday around noon. There is a parking lot beside it, but it's a pay lot. Fairly large location. I sat at the bar and was the only person there for the duration of my visit. I had a flight of 6 and a pint. All pints were $6 regardless of beer. They had several Superstition meads and ciders on draft and one other guest beer.There is food available, but I didn't have any of it. Overall it is a decent place. Beer quality is average to good. I liked that they had a large variety of styles to choose from.“
JStax 1377 days ago
68 /100
Pay and Take (Beer Store)
“Stopped in on a Tuesday afternoon. Lots of coolers on the right side behind the bar. Kind of gets the vibes of a place that ought to be a bar AND convenience store. Decent beer selection on draft and comparable selection in bottles to go or for on site consumption. Friendly server. Overall a decent place.“
JStax 1378 days ago
88 /100 117 N BEAVER ST, STE A
“Lieu absolument magnifique avec une très belle déco qui apporte une ambiance chaleureuse. C'est vraiment très beau. Vu directe sur le four à bois, tout de carrelage en mosaïque vêtu, ainsi que sur la petite unité de brassage. Les bières tapent dans un vaste panel de styles différents, et s'avèrent être excellentes. Et il en est de même pour les pizzas qui étaient super bonnes. C'étaient même les meilleures pizzas que l'on ait mangé durant notre séjour de 3 semaines aux US. Personnel sympathique. Une valeur sûre de Flagstaff en compagnie de Mother Road !“
AssKicker 1519 days ago
“Brasserie/taproom légèrement à l'écart du centre-ville avec une chouette terrasse. Au moment de notre passage, un duo live jouait des reprises fort réussies à la guitare acoustique/contrebasse. L'ambiance est décontractée et agréable. L'intérieur est très aéré et la petite unité de brassage se trouve directement dans la pièce sans aucune séparation. Le gérant Oliver parle super bien français et se trouve être très sympathique (immense coïncidence, il a fait 4 mois de stage à Strasbourg). Les bières proposées sont quant à elles diverses et très réussies. Possibilité de commander des pizzas auprès d'une pizzeria située non-loin. Excellente surprise que fût Mother Road, je recommande chaudement !“
AssKicker 1519 days ago
46 /100 16 E ROUTE 66
“Bar pas mal old school à l'intérieur. Terrasse basique. Personnel peu aimable. Bières sans grand intérêt avec un choix peu palpitant. Autant dire qu'il y a mieux à faire à Flagstaff en terme de brasserie...“
AssKicker 1519 days ago
“Cadre extérieur montagnard sympathique, belle terrasse. L'intérieur est vaste, plutôt spatieux et joli. L'installation de brassage est visible. La serveuse était bien aimable. La bouffe est typiquement américaine, donc pas mal fat (mais le gras c'est la vie). Les bières sont plutôt nombreuses et variées. Sans être exhubérantes, elles ont le mérite d'être très bien réalisées. Par contre si le temps passé à Flagstaff vous est limité, je recommande quand même davantage Mother Road ou Dark Sky.“
AssKicker 1519 days ago
“Busy neat spot in the center of town. Parking is within walking distance. They do offer samplers. Food you order by phone from nearby restaurant. Food was great with massive portions. Beer was not bad. Very nice ambient.“
Radek Kliber 1595 days ago
8 /100 10 E ROUTE 66
“Now Closed“
BreweryTeam32 1712 days ago
50 /100 16 E ROUTE 66
“Kind of boring place with almost a dive bar feel to it, and not in a cool way. Not impressed.“
Kristophe 1902 days ago
50 /100 11 S BEAVER ST
“The beers here weren't really that good in my opinion. There are other places in town that are a lot better.“
Kristophe 1902 days ago
86 /100 117 N BEAVER ST, STE A
“Really liked Dark Sky Brewing. Visited during quiz night and had a good time. Beers were good and the atmosphere were great.“
Kristophe 1902 days ago
“Decent beers, friendly staff, reasonable prices. OK place but nothing special really.“
Kristophe 1902 days ago
“Loved this place! Great atmosphere, helpful staff, delicious beers and all in all a great place. No food but the pizzas next door are to die for.“
Kristophe 1902 days ago
76 /100 601 E PICCADILLY DR, #95
“Ambiance - this bar liquor store had it all. Booze, beer, and a bar. Wowser! Service - staff was really polite and helpful. Not abundantly knowledgeable about the beers. Selection - was of a high order and for an east coaster it had all the West Coast and SW you could ask for. Food - not sure they had any of that. Value - very good Overall - wish we had places like thus back home.“
DandyWolfFloyd 1944 days ago
68 /100
SoSoBa (Restaurant)
12 HISTORIC RTE 66 #104
“Ambiance - is very cool. Good tunes, crafting, and hip. Service - waiter was kind of aloof or not interested in helping us. I asked what the rotating sour was and the guy said raspberry. I said, who makes it he had no clue. But the exchange improved. Selection - was modest but of good quality. Food - ramen bowls were really tasty. Value - great prices Overall - it’s a good place. Would return.“
DandyWolfFloyd 1944 days ago
82 /100 1519 N MAIN ST, STE 102
“Visited on a Thursday early evening. The place is located a bit away from the more active parts of town, so it was fairly quiet, but plenty of people were around. The place was about half full. Most folks were seated outside because it was pretty nice out on the day of my visit. Thankfully I was able to grab a seat at the bar easily. They offer flights, so ordered one of each of their 8 taps. The beers here are predominantly Belgian influenced, which is right up my alley. They do them reasonable well, too. They also had a couple beers in bottles if you wanted to take some home with you. Service was very friendly and helpful. Overall I enjoyed my visit here a good bit, and if I would have had more time to spend in Flagstaff, I would have come back a time or two more.“
JStax 1971 days ago
72 /100
Pizzicletta (Restaurant)
“Visited on a Tuesday evening. The place is right next to Mother Road on Pike and is the place that you can order from if you are there. There is mostly outdoor seating, but if you like cramped restaurants you can sit at one of five or six tables inside. The restaurant serves brick oven pizzas and they are delicious. Prices are pretty reasonable. The beer selection is all local on draft with a bottle also available from AZ Wilderness, but it seemed a bit high. Draft prices were pretty good. Service was quick and pizza arrival was quicker than expected. I would definitely recommend stopping here for a pizza, especially if you are next door at Mother Road. You won't regret it.“
JStax 1971 days ago
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon. The brewery was pretty well hoppin when we got there around 5 PM. Metered street parking only. Most seating was outside, but some was available inside. The bar was for walkup orders only. Selection was a little sparse, but I think they do that on purpose. I had a pilsner and it was pretty good. Would have liked to have had more time here, but I took what I could get. The locals all told me this was the place to go, so wish I could have stayed longer. After Dark Star, this is where the quality beer was being served, though I didn't make it to every brewery.“
JStax 1971 days ago
40 /100 16 E ROUTE 66
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon. The bar was about empty when I arrived. It had the feel of an old school pub. They had four beers on tap of their own and the rest were guest drafts. They offer flights, which I ordered one of all of them. The quality was okay, but nothing to get excited about. Service was strange. I was able to order and get served without question, but my wife that was just hanging out with me not drinking, was asked to leave because she was asked for an ID and she had left it in the car. That's a bit fucked up if you ask me. At least be consistent! Anyway, if you are looking to tick some beer, you can do that here, but it's not going to be anything notable. Would recommend skipping if you only have time to go to two or three breweries.“
JStax 1971 days ago
76 /100 117 N BEAVER ST, STE A
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon. Street parking only available. Located on the newer side of Flagstaff. Walkable from other breweries easily. This is one of the more trendy, current breweries in the city. They had a lot of experimental stuff on draft ranging from the new garbage IPA to various fruited sour concoctions. The quality of everything I tried was good (except the Kool-Aid sour was kind of weird). Service was friendly and helpful. Only knock on them is their merch prices were out of control. $30 for a t-shirt is a bit much if you ask me. Beer prices were about normal, though. For beer in Flagstaff, this was the best brewery I visited. It at least was the one I enjoyed the most.“
JStax 1971 days ago
62 /100 11 S BEAVER ST
“Visited on a Tuesday afternoon. Located on the older side of town and just a couple blocks away from Lumberyard. There weren't many people inside, but everybody was friendly. The bartender was very helpful in letting me know that they were pretty much the same place as Lumberyard as far as beers are concerned. The brewer must be the same? I don't know. They did have a couple beers that Lumberyard didn't, so I tried those. The quality was okay, nothing spectacular. Prices were good, though. $1.50 for a sample pour.“
JStax 1971 days ago
“Visited on a Wednesday afternoon. Larger place. Looks nice from the outside. There is a large outside seating area and a middle sized inside seating area. Fairly empty bar. Ordered a flight of 5 and the beers ranged from bad to alright. Probably on the lower end of places to visit in Flagstaff.“
JStax 1974 days ago
“We stopped here on our drive from our Colorado home back to San Diego for dinner and a beverage. The patio was full but we found one open picnic table, and grabbed that. Unfortunately the servers did not enforce the "no smoking" so we quickly gathered our beers and found an open seat inside. Damn hipsters still think smoking is cool. The pizza place on the corner provides the food and the pizza was solid. Beers were fine.“
BeerandBlues2 1997 days ago
74 /100 16 E ROUTE 66
“Decent atmosphere, 5 beers on tap. Beer was average. We had good service.“
wihorock 2213 days ago
“Don't remember it having a huge range beyond their own beer, but really enjoyed my visit. Brilliant chicken wings, great ambience and service. Had about eight of their own beers on tap and do tasting flights. Fun place.“
kwik-lime 2277 days ago
66 /100 10 E ROUTE 66
“So, we came inside later in the evening, the bar was almost full. We sat at the bar, took really forever for waitress to notice us. She looked inexperienced. Asked about Superstition mead which was on the menu - they were out of it. Dragoon IPA tasted quite bad and if I had to point my finger it would be the bar. Headbanger Hard cider was a disaster. Live music in the corner, didn’t sound that good, but that’s least of their problems. They do have a good number of taps from local breweries, but if they are kept like Dragoon it’s no use. Wish we’ve finished our evening at Hops on Birch.“
Iznogud 2302 days ago
“Visited in the evening, the neighborhood seemed a bit dodgy, but maybe it was just combination of few intoxicated locals and dimmed street lights. Anyway a nice place - patio with wooden benches was almost full. There was even a small queue at the bar. Flights available. Pleasant atmosphere. Dog friendly. Beers are solid, some quite good even. Worth checking out.“
Iznogud 2302 days ago
66 /100
Majestic Mobil (Beer Store)
“Well, it is a gas station, but...they offer a pretty fair selection of local and regional micros.“
BeerandBlues2 2307 days ago
78 /100 117 N BEAVER ST, STE A
“Visited during walking tour across streets of Flagstaff. Bar was closing 22.00 and I entered somewhere around 21.00 which was pretty bad because there was many interesting experimental beers available. I assume this is quite new brewery and they have completely different approach to brewing than other breweries in Flagstaff. 15-20 own beers on tap and cheap flights available so if you want many interesting ticks come here. If you want best IPAs in Flagstaff go to Mother Road and if you like boring beers go to other breweries in Flagstaff.“
VastActiv 2471 days ago
86 /100 22 E BIRCH AVE
“Visited during walking tour across streets of Flagstaff. Great place. Pretty nice taplist with local Arizona beers and also beers from other states (got my first Montana tick here!!!). Good music, dirty cheap, good vibes and customer were mostly women for some reason. Extra points for playing one of my favorite songs: Ane Brun - All My Tears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNSBctmMI3k Unforgettable moment.“
VastActiv 2471 days ago